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Do You Capitalize German Shepherd

Capitalizing The Names Of Different Animal Breeds

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I’ve already looked around for an answer to this question, but many answers contradict each other. What I’d like to know is whether or not different animal breeds are capitalized in professional writing. If I’m writing about my dog, Loki, would I say that he’s a “samoyed” or a “Samoyed” pup?

  • GEdgarMay 13 ’12 at 23:33
  • Samoyed is a proper name it refers to a group of Uralic cultures and languages in Siberia. So it should be capitalized, just like the E in English setter. John LawlerMay 13 ’12 at 23:36
  • The easiest thing to do might be simply to look it up on Wikipedia and see if it’s capitalized there. zpletanMay 13 ’12 at 23:40
  • Easiest, but not necessarily what is commonly used. Doberman Pinscher gets two capital letters and in that article Old German Shepherd Dog gets four. Consequently we may need to know what the “professional writing” in the question actually means.

For our veterinary journals, we have a style guide that tells us which dog and cat breed names to capitalize. The list is based on entries in The American Heritage Dictionary . If the breed isn’t listed in that dictionary, we editors come to a consensus and add it to our style guide.

Capitalization Of Animal Names

Certain capitalization rules, such as the capitalization of animal names in English, can sometimes confuse native and non-native speakers alike. Spell check programs may help, but should not be trusted entirely. Working knowledge of capitalization rules can be more helpful in answering the question, Are animal names capitalized?

Capitalization Rules For Animal Names

When it comes to the capitalization of animal names, the difference can be tricky. The name of your pet would be capitalized, just as the name of a human would be:

  • Fido
  • Mystic
  • Brutus

However, the category of animals generally would not be capitalized, like dog, cat, rat, bunny, or horse. Those are always written in lowercase because they are a variety of species within that category of noun.

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Seskar Seal Dog Sources

I was thinking I will probably receive a quicker answer here than in the talk page of an individual article, so here’s my question. Do you think these sources can be considered reliable enough to be added to the source list of the Seskar Seal Dog article?

  • “The Finnish Spitz is the Favorite Finnish Breed in Finland”, published by Ilta-Sanomat – This is basically an article about internet voting organized by a Finnish newspaper, and it also mentions the Seskar Seal Dog among the breed options. Ilta-Sanomat is one of our biggest tabloids. However, there is no further information about the breed, it is only mentioned as one of the traditional Finnish dog breeds, so I am not sure if this source is worth of adding.
  • “Finnish Canines” written by Pekka Hänninen in the website of the Finnish Museum of Natural History, children’s section – The following text can be found in the section “Vanhat koirarodut” : “Useita rotuja, kuten seiskarinhyljekoira, on ehtinyt jo kadota, sillä niiden taitoja ei ole kehittyvässä maailmassa tarvittu.” . Although it gives a reference to reasons why the breed became extinct, I am not sure if the source itself can be considered trustworthy enough: Although the publisher is the Finnish Museum of Natural History together with the University of Helsinki, the page itself is from children’s section and is also written “for kids”, for instance it has very few sentences.

Canarian 19:04, 12 May 2014

Do You Capitalize The In A Title


Sentence case and title case: only capitalize the if its the first letter in the title or if it is part of a proper name such as that for a book or movie .

This same answer applies to questions about any articles including:

  • Do you capitalize the word a in a title?
  • Do you capitalize the word an in a title?

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Are Mastiffs Bully Breeds

Indeed, that is the case with many dog breeds, such as American Pit Bull Terriers, English Bulldogs, Bull Mastiffs, and Bull Terriers, but there are many other dogs, like Boxers, Boston Terriers, and American Staffordshire Terriers that are considered bully dog breeds without having the word “bull” in their names.

Are Dog Breed Names Capitalized

One question I see fairly often in proofreader, court reporter, and writing-related Facebook groups is Are dog breeds capitalized?

The short answer is, it depends.

If you are writing for an audience of dog lovers say, an article for a dog-related website, a sales letter targeting dog owners, or web copy for a breed association yes, capitalize each word in all breeds. Their dogs are important, and capital letters connote importance. A primary goal, obviously, is to win over the reader.

When it comes to capitalizing breed names for an audience of dog lovers, a great resource is the American Kennel Club breed list. The AKC even capitalizes the word dog! A German shepherd dog, according to the AKC, is a German Shepherd Dog.

The current trend in English is toward a more sparing use of capitalization. So if your audience is not primarily dog lovers, capitalize only the elements in the dog breed names that are derived from proper nouns. These generally will be a specific geographic region , a people group , or the name of a person involved with the dog breeds development .

Foreign words in dog breed names that do not translate to proper nouns in English do not warrant capitalization. Take the vizsla. It sounds foreign and fancy like it should be capitalized but it simply means beagle in Hungarian.

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Policy On External Links

Can people please take a look at this discussion about external links on dog breed pages? I agree with the suggestion that there should be clear guidelines from the project as to what external links are appropriate and what links should not be included. Doug Weller 15:27, 30 August 2008

Also discussed in Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Dogs the solution may be use Template:Dmoz for groups of links. Why it is called “DMOZ” is not clear and how to use it is even less clear. I have no idea what the template does. Long lists of links must be submitted one at a time, and then wait to be reviewed There does not appear to be a need for any “dog” editors. The whole thing is labyrinthine and exhausting. Any other ideas?–Hafwyn 22:43, 22 September 2008

Capitalisation Of Names Of Breeds

A day in the life of a German Shepherd | Questions about German Shepherds

I’m confused about the capitalisation of dog breeds. The book I have capitalises all words for some breeds , the first only for others and none for others . Any idea how this should work? sannse 08:31 Feb 15, 2003

I think the breed name should at least have the first letter of the name capitalized, e.g. Otterhound, but for cases like Karelian bear dog I think you need to look around at a couple sources and see if the bear dog part is a normative part of the name. If it is indeed normative, I say capitalize each word. matt 20:17 Feb 17, 2003
The common names of animals are not capitalized unless they contain a proper noun. If the breed name includes a proper noun, like Dane, or a capitalised adjective, like German, then the words preceding it must be capitalised, but following words should not Great Dane is the best example of that exceptiion. For example:

  • German shepherd dog
  • Labrador retriever
  • Cardigan Welsh corgi
Although it is true that the sources spell it Cardigan Welsh Corgi, that is a colloquialism reserved for kennel clubs and dog enthusiasts, which are most of the sources. However, it is not encyclopedic in encyclopedic writing, only proper nouns are capitalized. The word corgi is not a proper noun, so would not be. To draw a comparison, one would not write Whitetail Deer or Pug- it’s whitetail deer and pug.
I must confess that Great Dane looks better to my eye, but consistency overrides. Ronstew 18:08, 27 July 2010

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Do You Capitalize The Second Word In A Hyphenated Title

Sentence case: dont capitalize the second word in a hyphenated word unless its a proper noun, because it would never be the first word in the title.

Title case: capitalize words following hyphens if you would capitalize them if they stood alone. For example, in the title 7 Decision-Making Tools, making gets capitalized because its a verb that would get capitalized in a title alone. In the title 11 Ways to Increase Year-to-Year Profits, todoesnt get capitalized because its a preposition that would not normally be capitalized in a title.

Should You Capitalize German Shepherd In A Sentence

Every word in a proper noun requires an upper-case initial. Thatapplies to titles and place names and so on. Exceptions aresometimes made for common connectives such as “in”, “of”, “the” and”at” inside titles such as “The Catcher in the Rye” and “The Dukesof Hazard”.

So your puppy requires *3* capitals, because the proper noun forits breed is German Shepherd Dog.

A German shepherd, on the other hand, is a person who tendssheep, and is either working in Germany or was born there. The word”shepherd” in that case is a common noun, but “German” remains aproper noun.

In “Dogue de Bordeaux”, the “de” is French for “of”, so need nothave a capital letter.

Les P, owner of GSD_Friendly:

“In GSDs” as of 1967

props to

I did not write this, and i do not take credit for anything,just posting it up on this,

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Do You Capitalize The Word And In A Title

Sentence case and title case: only capitalize and if its the first letter in the title or if it is part of a proper name such as that for a book or movie .

This is because and is a conjunction and is less than five letters. This is the same answer for all short conjunctions, so it would answer any of the following questions too.

  • Do you capitalize the word or in a title?
  • Do you capitalize the word yet in a title?
  • Do you capitalize the word nor in a title?

Exceptions To The Dog Breed Capitalization Rule

Labace: Should You Capitalize Dog Breed Names

A Great Dane, breaks this dog breed capitalization rule for the sake of clarity. Following the rule, if one were to write of the adventures of a great Dane, its unclear whether these are the adventures of a dog or of an important person from Denmark.

There are several native Japanese dog breeds that are capitalized, including the portion of the name that simply means dog in Japanese. This is because Japan has officially declared the breeds as National Natural Monuments. And Presa Canario is capitalized by Spanish royal decree.

Since the question Are dog breeds capitalized? appears to be a common one, Ive created a list of about 350 dog breeds with this capitalization rule applied.

Note: Remember that the fundamental goal of writing is to communicate, so readability trumps all rules. If not capping a portion of the name challenges readability, cap it. Also, there are one or two breed names that I would capitalize because I believe the M-W editors got it wrong. In those cases, it is noted in the comments column. However you choose to capitalize dog breeds, remain consistent within the document.

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Common And Proper Nouns

As a refresher, a common noun refers to a generic person, place or thing within a group. You wouldn’t capitalize nouns like a teacher, student, city, or country. On the other hand, a proper noun refers to a unique person, place or thing. Using the same examples, you would capitalize proper nouns like Mrs. Smith, Jerry, Los Angeles, and Mexico.

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Capitalisation Of Breed Names

Please see/join the discussion at the Manual of Style. Phaunt 10:29, 20 December 2007

I found this – Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style/Archive – but no discussion of capitalisation of dog breed names. Was there some consensus?–Hafwyn 16:51, 29 May 2008
In the article about Pit Bull, User:The Blade of the Northern Lights changed the capitalization of dog breeds to lower case . However, dog breeds are capitalized everywhere else in Wikipedia. Please give your input here and/or at Talk:Pit Bull#Capitalization of dog breed. Andreas 13:06, 16 August 2010
I can’t find any WP policy on this, but as far as I can see formal breed names of all domesticated animals are nearly always capitalised here and elsewhere . Conversely types of dog are not generally capitalised . The article states that “pit bull” is “a term commonly used to describe several breeds of dog…”. That sounds like a type and so I would not capitalise it however the other names mentioned in the article are formal breed names and those ought to be capitalised.

Is Is German Shepherd Capitalized Dogs Breeds

How to teach any dog to FETCH!

Is german shepherd capitalized. They focused on local herding dogs because there was not yet a prototype. In this case the proper noun is capitalized along with any word preceding but not following it. In such cases only the proper noun or adjective is capitalized.

Although the website for the American Kennel Club and dog-specific publications such as Bark magazine and Dogster seem to capitalize all the words in breed names the Associated Presss rule for dog and cat breeds is to capitalize the part of the name derived from a proper noun and lowercase the part of the name derived from a common noun. The part of the breed that is derived from a proper noun is capitalized whereas a part derived from a common noun is not. The rule for capitalization of dog breeds is that if the breed is named after a place name or a person the breed is capitalized.

The German Shepherd was originally developed by a German man named Captain Max von Stephanitz. The common names of animals are not capitalized unless they contain a proper noun. The Phylax Society collected a group of individuals who wanted to standardize German canine lines in the 1800s.

The part of the breed that is derived from a proper noun is capitalized whereas a part derived from a common noun is not. The German shepherd is a large dog with a strong skeleton and well-developed muscular physique. Its German Shepherd both the G and the S are capitalized.

Interesting Facts About The Loyal German Shepherd Cesar S Way


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Always Read The Instructions

The rules above are all general in nature. Always read the client instructions and review the style guides for projects youre working on. Some clients prefer capitalizing all words, regardless of parts of speech, and some like sentence case for some headers and title case for others. Reading and following the instructions goes a long way toward making clients happy with your work.

ALSO:10 Things to Know Before You Start Writing

And if youre a client or brand and youre not sure what decision to make regarding capitalization, consider this. Search engines and most readers dont care if you follow APA manual, Chicago style or your own hybrid. They do care about consistency and quality, though, so choose some rules and stick to them.

Request For Comment: Capitalization Of Common Names Of Animal Species

Hello WikiProject members and others. As part of a discussion at WikiProject Animals, a number of editors have indicated that the presentation of the current guidelines on the capitalization of common names of species is somewhat unclear.

We wish to clarify and confirm existing uncontroversial guidelines and conventions, and present them in a “quick-reference” table format, for inclusion into the guidelines for the capitalization of common names of species.

Please take a moment to visit the draft, and comment at talk. Your input is requested to determine whether or not this table is needed, and to ensure that it is done in the best way possible. Thank you. Anna Frodesiak 03:43, 16 September 2011

Would someone from this project please take a look at Georgian Shepherd Dog. It’s been heavily edited by a new user and doen’t conform with Wikipedia’s style and tone.–GrapedApe 13:16, 6 January 2012

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