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Can German Shepherds Live In Apartments

Give Your Dog Lots Of Exercise

Can German Shepherd Dogs live in an Apartment?

The first thing you need to do to live happily in an apartment with a German Shepherd is to give them plenty of exercise.; If you own a German Shepherd you know they have A LOT of energy.; A tired German Shepherd is a GSD that is less likely to drive you crazy or destroy the apartment.

A German Shepherd puppy is easier to tire out than an adult dog.; With a young puppy, you can go on a few short walks each day and have some indoor play sessions and they will be good.;

However, with teenage and adult German Shepherds they will need a more vigorous exercise regime to tire them out.; There are many ways to exercise your German Shepherd, from walking to running, to biking, to playing fetch.;

Find a few activities that your dog loves that will also tire them out in the process.; Then establish a daily exercise routine and be consistent for the best results.

What To Know About German Shepherds Living In Apartments

As this popular German Shepherd owner forum highlights, there are lots of GSDs living with their human carers all over the world in apartment spaces.

Just as not all German Shepherds are the same, so too not all apartments are the same.

Some apartments are very dog-friendly while others are not. Some apartments even offer enclosed dog park areas where dog owners can take their pups for potty time and play. Others offer no such amenities.

Some apartments may be conveniently located next to large open spaces or large dog parks, and this can make playtime and exercise so easy and convenient. But other apartments may be located in densely populated areas where green space is hard to find.

As you are probably starting to suspect, the key to successfully living with a German Shepherd in a small space like an apartment is making sure your dog gets their activity needs to be met no matter what.

As long as you have the time and interest to take your dog for walks, have play sessions, and thoroughly tire your German Shepherd out each day, it really doesnt matter if the place you both come home to is enormous or tiny.

German Shepherds Are Obedient And Easy To Train

German Shepherds have high intelligence, thus they can be trained for various purposes. German Shepherds are obedient, making them easier to train compared to other dog breeds. Not only do German Shepherd perform well in task training, obedience training wouldn’t be any problem for them as well. They will listen and obey to your commands.

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Average Shedding And Not

When living in an apartment and deciding on getting a dog, it is crucial to check how much the dog will shed during the year. Luckily, German Shepherds are easy to manage in that aspect.

They shed only a little bit every day but are known as heavy seasonal shedders, like most dogs. So proper brushing almost every single day is crucial.

In terms of bathing, we can follow the the less the better mantra.

frequent bathing can negatively affect the skin of a German Shepherd

Consideration #1 The Apartment

Can German Shepherds Live in Apartments?

The first thing you need to take into account is the type of apartment you have or will be living in.

Most apartments have a pet policy that includes a weight limit for the dogs, especially if youre living above someone else.

Another issue with finding the right apartment for a German Shepherd is that many apartments put shepherds on the restricted breed list, meaning:

The apartment owners forbid the renters from having German Shepherds on the property because they are believed to be an aggressive breed of dog.

Its best to find a dog-friendly building, but in the chance that you arent able to find a building that allows your German Shepherd, you may be able to work it out with the building manager.

If you express to the manager how friendly your dog is, or even take the time to let the manager meet the German Shepherd and get to know them before moving into the apartment, the manager may vouch for your dog and allow a pass.

The size of the apartment might play a part in whether you want to get a German Shepherd or not as well.

A larger apartment would obviously give your dog more space to roam around and stretch their legs, so to speak.

But most larger apartments are more expensive, so you can get around this by making sure to leave space in rooms such as a large dog bed for your German Shepherd to lounge out on or a large empty space on the floor for playtime with toys and the like.

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How Much Room Do German Shepherds Need

German Shepherds are enormous dogs so they will need to be provided with an enormous space as well. The ideal size would be approximately 20 feet by 50 feet as a minimum. The more space you have, the more you can do to keep your dog active and entertained. Setting up a small sand box to hide treats in is a great way to engage your German Shepherd and provide him with mental stimulation.

Problems Associated With Keeping Your German Shepherd Inside Your Apartment

Keeping a dog like a German shepherd in an apartment is without a problem. Here are the common problems we have identified:

  • Barking
  • Aggression
  • Destructive behaviour

You can prevent these problems if you walk your German shepherd daily. Spend time playing with your German shepherd. Some basic training also helps.

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Find Different Ways To Play Indoors

Another thing you will need to do a little differently in an apartment is playing. ;You dont want your large dog jumping up and down to catch a ball when someone is living in a unit below you.; This will probably lead to complaints to the landlord.

More quiet ways of play are activities that require your dog to use more mental energy than physical energy.;Puzzle toys and mental exercises are great ways to keep German Shepherds entertained indoors but not cause a lot of ruckus.

Although a German Shepherd needs physical exercise, they also need to have their mind engaged on a regular basis.; If you have owned a German Shepherd you know their minds are always going, and they will try and outsmart you if you let them.; So mental games and toys are a way of stimulating their mind and tiring them out.

Of course, your dog still needs plenty of outdoor exercise. ;These indoor activities are just a way to keep them occupied, mentally engaged, and quiet while in the apartment.;

A Dog That Is Probably Smarter Than Us

Can I have a German Shepherd in apartment

You see, dogs have a different kind of intelligence when compared to humans. Thus, we can say that some breeds seem smarter than their owners.

Thats just the case with German Shepherds. Moreover, thats why humans love to give them serious jobs, either in police or military.

A great thing about their intelligence is that we can train them quite easily. They will be potty-trained in the blink of an eye, for example.

We probably wont have to use a tough love approach on them. Whats more, they will quickly learn tricks, where they should go when we are mad and whether or not they can jump on the bed.

However, proper training is crucial, and it needs to start as soon as we get a German Shepherd.

Its evident that its far easier to train them in a garden. But if we want to keep this breed in an apartment, we will have to manage with what weve got.

the training might last a bit longer,

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Weather And German Shepherds

Another thing to consider is the weather where you live. German Shepherds can usually handle the cold pretty well, but you have to be willing to endure it as you take it out for walks and exercise.

It can be harder for an owner in the winter to want to come home after a long day of work and take their dog outside for a while, especially if there is snow and its dark. This is necessary, however, so that it doesnt get bored and act out.

In the summer, a German Shepherd has a harder time. Its typically fine outside for a little while so long as it has plenty of water and shade. If you dont like the heat, youll still have to spend time in it to allow your dog to play.

Mornings and evenings may be good times in the summer to exercise and walk a German Shepherd, so its not too unbearable. But you also need to consider the temperature in your apartment.

Last summer, I visited my sister in New York City. She doesnt have any pets, which was a good thing in this case. It was an incredibly hot and humid summer, with temperatures upward of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Her AC unit was also old and didnt work very well, so inside of her apartment was also extremely hot and humid- at moments it felt worse than outside because at least outside had some wind.

This could be dangerous for a German Shepherd. If youre gone for a long time and it is stuck inside a very hot apartment, it could suffer. It may not be as bad as being stuck in hot cars, but its still something to watch out for.

Can A German Shepherd Live In An Apartment

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Can a German Shepherd live in an apartment? It can be done, but you have to follow up the following tips and tricks. read on to find out.

Apartment living with a German Shepherd isnt as hard as many people believe. In fact, they really are one of the best apartment dogs if you make sure their basic needs are met. The fact is, size rarely makes a difference in how well a breed can thrive in an apartment. Its more about how well the owner manages their breeds physical needs that determine their success. This is especially true of the German Shepherd. Lets take a look at how to make German Shepherd apartment life a lot easier on both of you.

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What Will The Neighbors Think

This is an important consideration when thinking of having a German Shepherd in an apartment.

While you may not care what other people think, per se, you should get a good idea of how you think your neighbors may respond to a large dog.

Unfortunately, and understandably, many people who are not familiar with dogs are frightened of them.

This can be especially true with large breed dogs that are considered an aggressive breed. The prospect of even being near one can be very frightening to some people.

So if your new neighbors have been going about their lives without any other dogs around, and especially if they have small children, a German Shepherd showing up on the scene may be a very unwelcome surprise.

While you may not technically be breaching any lease provision, there is something to be said about the social environment that you live in. An apartment is your home, and you want it to be a pleasant home.

Often times neighbors may complain to a landlord about a large dog and even exaggerate or seemingly fabricate their claims. I have personally experienced this.

But this is often not their personal fault, but instead a result of their fear, which creates a bias against a certain type of dog. They may not mean to exaggerate or make anything up, but they actually sometimes perceive a harmless situation as the opposite.

Its also a good idea to speak with the landlord and get an idea of how many dogs are in the building, and if there are any other large breed dogs.

Can German Shepherds Be Left Alone

Can German Shepherds Live In Apartments

German Shepherds are dogs that need attention and they love to be around their people. They are also very intelligent dogs that need to be mentally stimulated if not easily bored.

Its also quite common for German Shepherds to develop separation anxiety when left alone for long periods. This can lead to excessive destructive behaviors and barking.

This does not mean that they cannot be left alone. But there are some considerations and precautions you have to take before leaving your dog home alone.

In general, an adult German Shepherd can stay alone for up to six hours, although some may be alone for up to eight hours.

But a German Shepherd puppy should not be alone for more than two hours because they cant hold their bladder for long and are not used to being alone.

Since they are very energetic and very intelligent dogs, its a breed that is easily bored when they are left alone. A bored German Shepherd is going to look for ways to burn his energy and entertain himself.

Some tips to help your dog better manage the time hes alone are:

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How Do You Mentally Stimulate A German Shepherd

There are many ways to mentally stimulate a German Shepherd from obedience classes, learning new tricks, agility, obstacle courses, fetch, tug-of-war, hide n seek, dog sports, puzzle or interactive toys, automatic ball launchers, chew toys, long-lasting healthy chew treats, and bones.

Below are some examples of these:

Apartment Living With Any Dog Is All About Management

First, let me say that properly meeting your dogs physical and mental needs is key when it comes to any breed living in an apartment. Whether you have a ginormous Mastiff or a tiny Chihuahua, you have to address your dogs individual needs to give them the best apartment living situation. Exercise, separation issues, mental stimulation all of these things have to be addressed.

But were talking about German Shepherds today, so lets take a look at what it takes to make apartment living with a German Shepherd a success.


  • Finding an Apartment
  • First things first. Youll have to find an apartment that accepts a dog as large as a German Shepherd. Youll have a few things stacked against you on this front. For starters, many apartment complexes have size and weight limits. In addition to that, many complexes put German Shepherds into the aggressive category, which means they wont allow them in any of their apartments. This is ridiculous, but what can you do?

    I dont think I have to stress to you how important it is to be upfront and honest about your dog breed when applying for an apartment. Ive known a few people who thought they could just fib a bit and sneak a banned breed in after they signed all the paperwork. German Shepherds are very distinct breeds. No one is going to believe that hes just an overgrown chihuahua! Youll be busted the first time you take him for a walk.

  • Exercise
  • Mental Stimulation
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    Can German Shepherd Live In An Apartment

    Having a dog is great! Dogs are cute and loyal, usually greeting you at the door when you come home. If your dog has a tail, its usually wagging a mile-a-minute, and they are very excited to see you as soon as you step inside the room.

    German Shepherds are no different. These smart and loyal canines make great companions and family pets. They are great dogs to come home to every day.

    If you live in an apartment or condominium, you may wonder, Can a German Shepherd live in an apartment?

    The answer is Yes, a German Shepherd can live in an apartment. In fact, many families have one or more German Shepherds in an apartment where they live comfortably and thrive.

    However, you need to make sure that some of the things and criteria are taken care of when keeping a German Shepherd breed in an apartment . For example, you need to make sure they get enough physical activity and mental stimulation.

  • Dos & Donts for Living in an Apartment with a German Shepherd
  • Not Enough Space To Play

    German Shepherd *can you have one in an apartment?

    Another potential reason German Shepherds may not do well in apartments is the lack of room to play.;

    Of course, if you rent a very large apartment this can be less of an issue.; However, a studio, one-bedroom, or even two-bedroom standard sized apartment can be a little tight for a large active dog.

    If you arent aware, German Shepherds play hard!; When a toy comes out, they go a little crazy and like to run around and jump.; So not having much space can make it harder for them to play indoors.;

    As stated above, this is where mental activities and outdoor exercise come in to keep your German Shepherd active when you are living in an apartment.;

    However, sometimes there will days where because of the weather, you cant go outside to give your dog the proper amount of exercise.; Those are days when having the ability to play inside can help.

    If you have the ability to rent a slightly larger apartment on the first floor, that will be better because it will provide your German Shepherd with more room to play, and because no one will be below you, so your dog romping around wont annoy anyone else.

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    How Will You Handle With The Hair Shedding Of A German Shepherd

    Even if you take a lot of time out of your daily routine and spend it with your German Shepherd to keep him physically active and mentally stimulated, there is still a problem associated with him in apartment life.

    German Shepherds are infamous as the breed that shed a lot. Some people even name them as German Shedders.

    This is because they have a double coat of hair, and whenever the season changes from fall to spring, they shed a lot.

    So the problem is that you have to vacuum and clean a lot if you have a German shepherd in your apartment. Also, if someone in your household has allergies, their shedding can make it worse.


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