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When Do German Shepherds Ears Stand Up

Taping German Shepherd Ears

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Taping is by far the most common practice when it comes to correcting German Shepherd ears. Recommended by vets and breeders, taping is a painless and non-surgical approach that should get your dogs ears to perk up.

Please note, while taping can help your dogs ears to stand up, it cant beat genetics, and might not always work. So if you dont see any change after some time, you should stop and just accept your dog the way he is, floppy ears and all.

German Shepherd Puppy Ear Stages

Dont you love the quintessential look of a German Shepherd? Bright eyes, strong profiles, and of course, those perky, attentive ears!

When you first bring your German Shepherd puppy home, its ears will probably be floppy and droopy at times, those ears may try to make a stand, only to fall back down again. What gives!?

A dogs ears are made of cartilage, and that cartilage must grow strong enough to hold up the weight of those big ears. As your German Shepherd grows and gets the right nutrition , the cartilage gets stronger and stronger. And voila straight, pointy German Shepherd ears!

But is it really that simple? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no.

Many GSD owners worry their puppys ears just arent doing the right thing and wonder if theres anything they can do to help. This article covers all you need to know about your German Shepherd puppys ear stages and what to do if those ears arent standing up.

Age Of Gsd Ears Standing Up

The owners of German Shepherd know that the ears of a German Shepherd are floppy when it is young. People buying a young German Shepherd often get worried about the ears being floppy and not standing straight.

It takes a German Shepherds ears to stand up after 20 weeks. It is because that a German Shepherd being a puppy is very weak and their cartilage is not strong enough to take the burden of their big ears. At the age of 5 months, the cartilage starts getting stronger after a proper diet.

This is the time when the ears of a German Shepherd puppy start turning into pointy from floppy. Whenever they respond to a noise or a strangers voice, their ears rise but quickly fall back to floppy. If the ears of a German Shepherd start standing up during the first five months, then they will be perfectly standing for the rest of their life.

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German Shepherd Ear Stages

As a new owner of a German Shepherd dog, you may wonder if your puppy is developing typically. If you read books or manuals and your puppy doesnt quite fit the descriptions, dont panic. If you also see that your dogs ears remain wobbly after some stage, be patient. You should let the ears develop on their own and after some time, if you dont see any difference, know that you can help in the process.

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Tapping German Shepherd Dogs

33 Best Photos German Shepherd Puppy Ears Stand Up

Tapping is a common practice to make the ears of a German Shepherd. This method is mostly used for the dogs used for shows and competitions.

The German Shepherd kept as a pet at home is not experimented with by this method. People just love to have a dog like German Shepherd. Floppy ears dont make any difference for them.

So there is no reason for using the taping method for your dogs ears if you have no concern about how the ears of your dog look like.

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When Do German Shepherd Ears Stand Up Heres What You Should Know

The large erect ears make every German Shepherd remarkably unique. It is a physical trademark that makes them quite noticeable among all the other large breeds. Whether you own a German Shepherd or not, those ears could be one of the distinct traits youll first see.

But if you are reading this article right at this very moment, you probably have got a German Shepherd of your own and youre wondering when those ears really stand up.

How long should you wait before their ears stand up? Should you worry too soon or should you do something about right away? Dont worry. Weve got you covered.

  • 4 Conclusion
  • Why And When You Should Tape Your German Shepherds Ears

    Lets talk about what causes German Shepherd ears to naturally stand up. Every dog has a center part of the ear structure called the Pinna.;The Pinna is mostly made up of cartilage which will harden as the dog grows. In some dogs like Boston Terriers and German Shepherds, the pinna is much thicker which allows the ears to stand up naturally. In dogs like the Basset Hound, the pinna is thinner and longer which causes them to have floppy ears.

    The German Shepherds pinna usually starts to harden at 6 to 7 months and completes at 9 months. From the time of 5 months, you will see their ears perk up and then go back down several times. Dont be alarmed during this period because this is usually caused by teething.

    Taping is most beneficial during the 7 to 8 month time period for German Shepherds, so the recommendation is that at 7 months you can try taping their ears if they have not stood up on their own by then. I would recommend ruling out other causes before deciding to tape their ears.

    Taking your dog to the Veterinarian to have a workup, because parasites such as tape or roundworms can cause your puppy to not absorb essential minerals and nutrients which can result in their ears not standing up.

    Once you have had them checked by your Veterinarian, you could try adding some calcium supplement to their diet which will help the cartilage to harden. Sometimes this combined with taping will produce the best results.

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    What To Do When Your Gsd Pricks Up His Ears

    When your GSD pricks up his ears, you should prioritize this ear position above all others because it can mean your dog may be about to become aggressive towards another person or dog he feels threatened by, especially if he displays other body language referred to above.

    Use a Leash

    If you take your German Shepherd for a walk and notice his ears perk up even momentarily, you should put him on a leash. You most likely already have him on a leash as per dog walking best practices. If thats the case, make sure youre holding it tightly, and he cant feel free to chase or succumb to his prey drive.

    Pause and Disrupt

    Your GSD might act as an alarm and alert you to something he finds threatening. In some cases, this can be to protect you and your property. But in other instances, it can simply be a false alarm. You can interrupt your dog by engaging him whenever he pricks up his ears.;

    I wouldnt advise using treats to hack your dogs alertness, as that only incentivizes him to give false alarms. Simply changing the direction of your walk or bringing up a new activity can interrupt your canines focus sufficiently.

    Is It Bad If German Shepherd Ears Dont Stand Up

    How to make German Shepherd ears Stand Up?

    Every puppy, even puppies from the same litter, will develop differently. Some dogs may take up to seven months. If their ears do not stand up by the time they are eight to nine months old, they are probably never going to stand up because this is the time when most German Shepherds ears take permanent form.

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    Is Taping Dog Ears Safe

    When done right, taping is a painless and safe method that can help your dogs ears to stand up. The idea behind taping is to help the cartilage to form properly and become strong enough to hold the weight of a dogs ears.

    While painless, taping can cause discomfort and irritate your dog, so you should consider if its really worth it. Bear in mind that nothing is stronger than genetics and that taping might not work for your pooch.

    When Do German Shepherd Ears Stand Up

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    German Shepherd puppies have flappy ears, and as they grow, their ears will eventually stand up. However, not all German Shepherd dogs ears stand up at the same time others would, and a delay can be caused by various reasons.;

    So, exactly when do german shepherd ears stand up?

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    Supply The Proper Nutrition

    The best dog food for German Shepherd puppies includes all the essential nutrients such as vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals. Protein should also be abundant in every food as it is the most important part of a puppys diet. This should take place in the earliest months of your puppy. If youre consistent with the proper diet, your puppy will definitely develop those ears perfectly in the long run.

    Health Concerns Associated With Floppy Ears On A German Shepherd

    When Will My German Shepherd

    When a dogs ears lay flat, less air can circulate through their ears, and more moisture can build up. This can lead to a couple of issues, including:

    • Need for more frequent cleaning: It is always essential to clean your dogs ears, whether they are pointy or not, but if your dog has floppy ears, they will need to have their ears cleaned more often than dogs with pointy ears.
    • Higher risk of ear infections: Even with frequent cleanings, floppy-eared dogs are prone to ear infections due to the heat and moisture trapped by their ears lying down.
    • High risk of ear injuries: Having floppy ears also leaves your dogs ears more vulnerable to potential harm. Their ears are more likely to get caught in something or to get bitten and torn when playing or fighting.
    • High risk of hearing damage: If an ear infection or injury is severe enough, your dog could experience hearing damage and even total hearing loss.

    Floppy dog ears may be cute, but they do require extra care and attentiveness than pointy dog ears.

    Ideally, your German Shepherds ears will naturally become pointy as they get older, but there are some things you can do to encourage this process.

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    Why Does This Process Delay

    In many cases, the process of ears standing up straight delays for a while. The process is different for different dogs. Even the puppies of the same litter can have different times for the ears to stand up.

    Some puppies take seven months to stand up their ears straight. The ears of a German Shepherd take a permanent shape till the 8th and 9th months. If the ears of a puppy do not stand up till the 9th month, then they wont stand up ever.

    75% of the German Shepherds make their ears stand up during the first 3 to 10 months. Out of every 5 German Shepherds, one dog never gets its ears to stand up which makes it almost 18% of the total German Shepherds. This percentage is quite high and shocking.

    What Kind Of Ears Will My German Shepherd Have

    Anyone who has seen an adult German Shepherd dog can tell you that this breed is easily recognizable for its erect ears and noble expression. However, its a less known fact that all German Shepherd puppies are born with floppy ears.

    According to the breeds standard, German Shepherds should have erect ears of medium size, which are carried upright and aligned. The ears should also be pointed and with the auricle facing forward .

    Although the standard calls for erect ears, its not uncommon for adult German Shepherds to have dropped or floppy ears. Keep in mind that dogs with cropped or hanging ears will be disqualified and wont be able to compete in dog shows .

    If your GSD puppy has been obtained from a reputable breeder and not a puppy mill, you can expect your pups ears to stand up and remain erect after he finishes teething.

    On the other hand, bad breeding practices, trauma, or health problems can account for floppy ears in German Shepherds.

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    Is Taping A German Shepherds Ears Bad For Them

    If you use the right tape to stand up your German Shepherds ears then, no, it isnt bad.

    However, if you injure their ears because youve taped them improperly or inserted anything too far into their ear canal then, yes, this isnt healthy and is bad for them.

    When in doubt, get your vet to show you what to do for their ears.

    Your puppy might become annoyed with the tape on their ears, so they may need close supervision and even some distraction during the taping process.

    German Shepherd Ear Health

    When Will My German Shepherd’s Ears Stand Up?!

    Like all other purebred dogs, German Shepherds are prone to certain genetic health problems. This breed doesnt suffer from any inherited ear problems, however German Shepherds that have allergies can experience recurring ear infections.

    If this is the case, the most important thing is to discover the allergen and limit your dogs exposure to it. By doing so, you will also minimize the chance of painful ear infections.

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    Ears Standing And Relaxed:

    This German Shepherd Ears Meaning is most common. One of the reasons German Shepherds are recognized and highly regarded is because of their big pronounced ears. Before they are a year old those big floppy ears start to stand up. People even go as far as taping their German Shepherds ears to get that familiar look we have all grown used to.

    The most common position for a German Shepherds ear to be in is standing up and relaxed. This normally means that they are calm, friendly and relaxed in their environment. This is a good sign that your dog is comfortable with his surroundings and happy in general.

    Taking Care Of Your German Shepherds Ears

    As with any other dog, you should care and examine your German Shepherds ears regularly. Examine your dogs ears once a week and use a vet-approved ear cleaning solution to remove any waxy buildup, dirt, or debris.

    To clean your dogs ears, squeeze a few drops of ear cleaning solution directly into the ear canal and massage the base of the ear. Use a cotton ball to wipe out all the dirt and the excess cleaning solution.

    Dont use ear swabs and dont push anything inside your dogs ear since this can lead to injury and deafness. If you dont feel comfortable cleaning your dogs ears, you can ask your vet to show you how or let him do it for of you.

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    How Old Is Your German Shepherd

    Youve got to be reasonable. You shouldnt be panicking too soon when your puppy is still in its early months. A lot of changes can occur during the first 4 or 5 months and even during its first few weeks. So, you need to be very patient.

    There are times when their ears would go up and down during 6 or 7 months old. The other ear might go upright while the other one is down. Do know that every puppy has its own maturity level or growth development.

    Do German Shepherds Sleep With Their Ears Up

    When does a German Shepherd puppies ears stand up?

    This depends on your dog. Some German Shepherds will have their ears up even when sleeping, while others will be lowered slightly. Therefore, theres no reason to worry if you notice your dogs ears are not upright while your dog sleeps.

    Given what different ear positions communicate, is there any disadvantage if your German Shepherds ears do not stand up?

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    Vitamin D For German Shepherd Ears

    Unlike vitamin C, vitamin D is a different story. Your pup can produce some of their own vitamin D by basking in the sun, but thats not enough to meet their nutritional requirements.

    To help meet their vitamin D requirements, you need to add vitamin D to their foods. Most commercial dog foods nowadays add vitamin D to their formula to ensure that dogs get the required amount of vitamin D that they need.

    If you resort to feeding your pup with 100% natural diet foods, you need to add vitamin D to your pups diet since vitamin D deficiency is quite common in German Shepherds that eat home-prepared foods.

    Why Does It Take Five To Eight Months For Your Gsds Ears To Stand Up Naturally

    German Shepherd puppies need time to develop healthy cartilage that can hold up the weight of their ears. When they are finished teething, usually, youll start to see their ears beginning to perk up and flop down back and forth.

    If their ears can permanently become straight just before the end of the five months , then their ears will be straight and pointy otherwise they might get floppy ears for the rest of their life.

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    Calcium For German Shepherd Ears

    To meet your pups daily calcium needs, you may want to give them chicken necks once a day.

    Chicken necks have an excellent bone to meat ratio; they are enough to supply your pups calcium needs without needing any additional calcium supplement.

    Contrary to popular opinion, you dont need to supplement your puppy with an additional calcium supplement. Excess calcium can potentially cause a permanent skeletal problem.

    Calcium also wont help German Shepherd puppies ears to go up because calcium does not affect the ears cartilage.


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