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How To Train A German Shepherd To Attack On Command

Establish A Strong Bond With Your Dog

How to Train your German Shepherd Puppy to Attack on Command? Effective Training Tips

Training your German Shepherd to listen to your command begins by establishing a strong bond with them. If your dog doesnt trust you enough, they wont willingly obey you as simple as that.

As we mentioned above, German Shepherds are extremely loyal dogs to their owners, so if you want to effectively train them to attack, or perform any task for that matter, youll need to create a connection based on trust and respect between you and your dog.

Pretty much like any social connection, you can establish a strong bond by spending quality time with your German Shepherd to earn their trust and loyalty. Here are a few suggestions to help you build a solid relationship with your dog:

  • Have your dog stay in a place where you spend a lot of time to let them feel comfortable around you.
  • Make the time to play with your dog, not less than around 20 minutes per day.
  • German Shepherds enjoy walks, so take your dog out for walks regularly.
  • Avoid getting angry, losing your temper, or acting hostile against your dog.
  • Reward your dog with treats to warm up to you.

Its best to start bonding with your dog when its young because its easier and will give you plenty of time to develop a strong relationship.

Attack Commands For German Shepherd Dogs

Its so unfortunate that German Shepherd is still considered an aggressive breed by many unaware people. Even after showing their extraordinary capabilities multiple times, they are not given the recognition they deserved.

Well, it all depends upon how owners keep their german shepherds. No breed is born aggressive, its a reaction to the environment they are kept in.

Build An Attachment With The Dog

When your German shepherd nips at you, give out a short yell. This high pitch yell, will make him understand that he has hurt you and your feelings. As this is very hard for him to digest, it will stop him from biting you the next time. Also, when teething the puppy may get the urge to bite a lot. In this case, you should provide chewy toys to the dog to help get over the irritation and the desire to bite at things at random.

You should grab the dog by the muzzle, and blow on his nose and using a firm voice say, no. You can even fold your arms and turn your back on him. Do not make any eye contact and ignore him for about 5 minutes. This shows him he has lost your affection and nothing else can prove to be more painful to him than this. Pet him again after 5 minutes and interact with him. Believe me, he will never forget how he hurt you and restrain himself from biting you again.

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Teach Them The Command

Once your German Shepherd is comfortable with basic commands, its time to try the attack command. The best process is to put on your gloves and tap on the face and nose of your dog. This action will cause annoyance, and eventually, they will respond by biting the gloves. When this happens, state the command attack.

Train Your Dog To Stop Attack

How To Train A German Shepherd To Attack On Command ...

Now, you want to train your GSD to stop attack on your command. Again choose a word for stop that nobody else can easily use.

As your dog responds to the stop command, give him treats.

Next, let your dog practice the attack and stop commands on a large padded doll or object.

Remember to reinforce his cooperation with treats!

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Training Helps In Building A Stronger Relationship

When you invest in training your German Shepherd dog, then that can have a lot of benefits for you and the dog.

One mutual benefit of training is that it can help you develop a relatively stronger bond with your canine friend.

It bound a well-trained dog to be more loyal and understanding towards its owners.

German Shepherd Attack Training Summary

In summary, German Shepherd attack training is no easy task and requires plenty of preparation, practice, and determination to achieve the result of attacking on command.

There exist a variety of ways to train a GSD to attack and you will need to exercise all of them to get the best results possible out of the training. However, it isnât for everyone because not only is it hard to do but the owner must remain consistent or else all efforts given would be wasted.

Overall, we should all look back at President Dwight D. Eisenhowerâs quote saying, âWhat counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight; itâs the size of the fight in the dog.â

And if you are up for the task to train your GSD to become quite a courageous guard dog â then it will take effort and teamwork from both of you to achieve your goal.

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Breeds And Other Considerations

Some dog trainers do not recommend personal protection training for Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Mastiffs, Dogo Argentinos, etc. These dog breeds will protect naturally, and additional training is not usually necessary.

On the other hand, it will do you absolutely no good to try to train a Basset Hound or a Chihuahua. So long as you can control the dog, I do not see a problem with training any of the other breeds.

Will Scare The Intruder Away

How to Train Your German Shepherd to Attack on Command

Another scenario, the dog will leap in, bark and make noise and scare the intruder away.

Dogs bark at unexpected sounds and objects. They are easily distracted.

In addition to that, German Shepherds are big and could be scary to people with no knowledge about GSDs.

Most intruders will just get scared when they see a big scary dog staring at them, even if the dog is not gonna attack them.

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How To Train A German Shepard To Attack

What are you going to do when someone is going to attack you? Fight or flight? But if you are a German Shepard owner, you can train him to attack a person command. That great, huh? Training a German Shepard to an attack is time-consuming and you need more patience when compared to basic training. in this article, we are going to discuss how to train your dog to attack person on command?

Even though this article is specific for German Shepard, you can try these tips for any dog breed. The DNAs of every German Shepard are programmed to protect its owner.

How To Train A Dog To Attack With 16 Simple Easy Steps

No desirable outcome will happen without proper preparation

The first phase of these steps is the preparation ones, you should fully prepare yourself and your dog mentally and physically before you even start with the actual rigorous training ahead

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Think Long And Hard Before Training Your Dog To Attack

If you decide to go further, please realize that a dog that has been trained to attack is not a great pet to have around the house. There are many anecdotes about docile family attack dogs and there are also many anecdotes of attack dogs that have injured someone in their household . There is also the possibility that your dog might bite someone who is just coming up to talk to you; you can be sued and might lose everything you have because your dog is a trained attack animal.

The next time a different “stranger” approaches your dog and makes threatening gestures he will probably start barking even before you give him a command; if you want to proceed you should loosen your dog’s leash.

You can then allow him to go up and grab the stranger’s protected arm. If your dog does not approach the stranger, that person should put his padded arm close to the dog, threaten the dog, and encourage him to bite.

Important Note: If the dog cowers or shows fear of the stranger, he is not suitable as a personal protection dog.

German Shepherd Training Books

A German shepherd attacks on command during patrol dog ...

If youve decided to train your German Shepherd dog on your own, youll want a little bit of guidance. This is where training books come in. Dog training isnt always breed-specific, yet there are some things you may need to take into consideration when training your German Shepherd.

Training books geared toward the specific needs of German Shepherds can be an invaluable tool when training your dog. Some good examples are the German Shepherd Owners Guide: From Pup to Pal and the German Shepherd Handbook.

You can consult your breeder, local GSD club, or veterinarian for recommendations.

However, there are also a few good books online that may prove helpful, such as:

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German Shepherd Training: The 7 Golden Rules & Basic Commands

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Im sure youll agree when I say:

A well-trained dog is a pleasure to have around.

If you own an untrained pooch you know the frustration it causes.

Whether youve just brought home your first German Shepherd.

Or if youve finally decided its time to teach your old dog new tricks

Youve come to the right place to get the 101 on German Shepherd training.

It is a fact that German Shepherds are among the brightest and most intelligent working dogs.

Preceded only by the Border Collie and the Standard Poodle.

This is according to a book published by Stanley Coren in 1994 The Intelligence of Dogs.

You can read more about his study and the metrics here.

Thanks to their ability to understand new commands in less than 5 repetitions and obeying the first command 95% of the time or more.

And the desire to please you; most owners can succeed at training their dog on their own.

Because of their intelligence, German Shepherds can sometimes be stubborn. They need a firm hand and a smart approach to their training.

Training your German Shepherd is exciting. But sometimes dog training can seem overwhelming if you don’t even know where to begin.

So heres the deal:

Youve got to get inside your German shepherds head

And Im about to show you exactly how you can do this:

Teach Your Dog The Attack Command

Once your German Shepherd gets used to obeying basic commands, its time you take things to the next level and try the attack command.;

A simple yet effective way to initiate the attack command is to put on your gloves and tap your dogs face and nose. This action is meant to rile up your dog until they respond by biting the gloves. When this happens, vocalize the attack command.

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Black German Shepherd Training: Black German Shepherd Attack Training

September 5, 2021 By Andrina Lima

Black German Shepherd training usually does to make them attack after exercise, for security, to fight. Black German Shepherd looks like a fighter. Black German Shepherd has long necks, huge ears;, cushy ragged tails, domed heads, long gags, enormous dark-coloured eyes, and dark noses.

Dark German Shepherds pursue these physical attributes and characteristics also. Black German Shepherd training is a way to make them fight for different purposes.

Make Them Stop Barking On Command

GSD attack training || how to train a dog to attack on command || #gsd

Firstly, check for any unnecessary items or objects in your yard or household must be removed, which could stimulate barking.

Then start coaching on how to cease barking on your command. To avoid the common barking nuisance, it is especially important that they understand stopping growling as soon as you order them to.

A fulfilled Quiet or Enough command must be followed by immediate praise and a small treat.

Simultaneously teach them to Speak or Bark with a reward in some other way. This practice will give you control over their barking out of nowhere or at anybody unfamiliar.

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Why Are German Shepherds Not Calm Out Of Control Or Aggressive

Owner-directed Aggression

GSDs may growl, lift a lip, snarl, snap, or bite to prove theyre in charge of a situation. This occurs when they feel their position is being challenged primarily by their owners or children. For example, This is often the case with children under six years of age. German Shepherds can attack children who behave inappropriately such as interacting with the GSD while the GSD is eating or pulling the GSDs tail.

Protective Aggression

A German Shepherd can become aggressive to a stranger because he perceives the stranger as a threat to his owner and his territory. Even though the owner doesnt consider the stranger as a threat, the German Shepherd can attack the stranger.

Fear Aggression

A German Shepherd may be aggressive when he is punished or abused by his handler. If you put your GSD away in a closed space, he will feel left behind and scared. This will lead to lack of trust so he will fight or be aggressive when he is faced with the same scary situation.

Dog-to-dog Aggression

Unsocialized GSDs usually show excessive aggression towards other dogs. An unsocialized GSD will struggle in accepting change such as meeting and interacting with other animals like dogs appropriately.

Obedience Training is an effective way to make your GSD calm. Experts agree this is better rather than enforcing BSL.

Training Your Dog To Follow Basic Commands

When training your GSD to follow basic commands, it is best to start early when they a puppy with a few light training. Begin by potty training your little pup and setting rules for them to follow and create boundaries.

If you consider training collars, talk to your veterinarian as he can tell you which is the right for your GSD. A few important commands your dog should follow are to sit, lie, heel without a leash or bark and leave it on command.

If your GSD is not responding to your training, you can hire professional help or halt these lessons for a while. Do not resort to violence when teaching your GSD basic commands.

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German Dog Commands To Train Your Dog

Using German dog commands to train your pet can be both effective and fun. You get to practice a foreign language and your dog may be able to pay more attention to words that are only used to address him.

German is the most popular foreign language to use for dog commands. This may be due to the fact that in the early 1900s, in Germany, there were great efforts to train dogs for police work and also to be used during the war. And many of those projects were very successful, so much that even today we want to keep using that language to communicate with our pet dogs.

It doesn’t really matter for the dog, though. You can choose any foreign language, not just German dog commands. What matters is that you are using sounds that are unique and appear only when talking to your canine best friend.

If you want to learn how to teach your canine friend an obedience command find all the information you need here “Dog Training Commands”.

Your Dog Has One Basic Need Understand This And Training Will Be A Breeze

How To Train A German Shepherd To Attack In 7 Steps ...

See that cute puppy snuggled up on your sofa? See that old dog that needs to learn new tricks?

They look to you for guidance

And Heres the trick:

The most valuable thing you can do for your dog is to show him that you are a good leader. ;

If you’re thinking good leadership is establishing yourself as an alpha’ you’re wrong.

Your dog knows you’re not a dog and so will never see you as a dog or an alpha.

Being a good leader means your GSD can and will always look to you for guidance.

Think about it

If your pooch is looking to you for guidance they feel comfortable and safe and that creates an environment of trust.

Being a good leader is about using brains over brawn to teach your German Shepherd.

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Teach Your Dog To Bark On Command

Encourage your dog to bark at the approach of any stranger. A dog that barks at a stranger can be more effective than a dog that responds to an attack command but does not bark.

Some dogs are not good at learning this command. I have a Pit Bull that I trained to bark at the word “urubu” since she gets excited and barks at them on the beach. Now, when I want her to bark, I just say the word urubu.

Take note of what your dog does naturally and sometimes he will respond.

Barking comes naturally to many dogs, but you may need to teach your dog to stop barking when given a command. When he has barked once or twice, you can tell him to sit and then order him to stop. If he does not stop, order the dog down. It is very difficult for a dog to bark when he is on the ground.

Important Note: If your dog will not bark on command and does not even bark at strangers, he is not a good choice for a protection dog.


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