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Which Is Better Golden Retriever Or German Shepherd

So Which Is The Best Option For Your Family

German Shepherd Vs Golden Retriever Which is Better? Dog vs Dog

It is clear that there are many similarities and differences in this debate of Golden Retriever vs German Shepherd.

For the most part the personality traits and health concern are the same, as are their dietary needs. Yet, there are little differences that set them apart, such as the separation anxiety of the Goldie, the intelligence of the GSD, the shedding of the GSD and the Goldies gentle spirit.

Each breed has its desirable qualities and both make great family pets. Unsurprisingly, this is also true of their offspring in cross breeding.

In the end, if they both seem appealing, it may be worth heading to a shelter and letting the dog pick you, not the other way around.

German Shepherd Vs Labrador Retriever Who Wins

If youre thinking about adding another dog or possibly your first dog to your family, then chances are that by now, youve narrowed down your options. German Shepherd vs Labrador is a common conundrum to find yourself debating.

These are two dog breeds that are commonly found in the workforce and show ring As well as being much loved pets. They are also the first and second most popular dog breeds, respectively.

Though these breeds are found in many a household across the world, there are some pretty big differences between the two. If you are considering buying or adopting Germans Shepherd vs Labrador, then its important that you recognize the differences. These mainly concern their temperaments and possible health problems. But they also vary in suitability as working partners, show partners or pets. Lets dive right in, shall we?

Golden Retriever Vs German Shepherd: Which Pet Is Best

June 28, 2018 By Shannon Cutts

The choice between a Golden retriever vs German shepherd dog is sure not an easy one.

Both of these dog breeds have a long and noble lineage of living and working side by side with their people, which means that whichever dog you choose, you will be welcoming a wonderful new canine companion into your family.

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Coat Including Shedding And Brushing

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers have a double coat, and it is typically long. The fur is dense and water repellent and includes a good undercoat. Goldens are seasonal shedders. Meaning they do regularly shed throughout the year and do require weekly brushing. However, they typically blow their coats twice per year spring and fall and require daily brushing during those times.;

German Shepherd;

German Shepherds, like the Golden, have a double coat. Their coat is shorter, aa medium length, and the fur is typically more coarse. Like the Golden, they also experience seasonal sheds where they blow their coats twice per year. Similarly, weekly brushing is required during normal sheds and then daily or a few times per week during their seasonal sheds.;

Owner Consideration:;Both the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever possess double coats and undergo seasonal sheds. While the Goldens coat is longer and may require a little more brushing during its seasonal sheds, both dogs will require weekly brushing throughout the year. So, be prepared for hair in the house and regularly brushing whichever dog you choose.;

All This Talk Of Behavioral Issues Leads Us To The Issue Of Training These Dogs

German Shepherd Vs Golden Retriever Which is Better? Dog ...

How difficult is it to get a well-behaved, obedient German Shepherd or Golden Retriever?

Neither are difficult to train, but the GSD is easier. This is largely due to the Golden Retriever vs German Shepherd intelligence.

The great thing about the GSD is that they are known for their intelligence and ability to pick up commands quickly. They can listen well and respond with little need for repetition. This is part of the reason why they are used in so many important roles and compete so well in agility.

Still, those that, for whatever reason, find themselves struggling to train either breed should turn to some online guides for help. One of the best in this area is Doggy Dan the online dog trainer. That is because this online guide is a great tool for a range of breeds and their issues. It provides step-by-step guidance on a number of potential problems and allows users to work where they want, in their own time.

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Goldie Gsd Or Perhaps A Golden Shepherd

There is lot to consider here when weighing up the pros and cons of each breed, and there may already be a clear winner to many new owners based on a specific problem or positive personality trait.

However, there may also be those that struggle to make their minds up because there are so many potentially positive aspects to owning both the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever.

This therefore raises questions over a German Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix. Is there such a thing as a German;Retriever and, more importantly, is it a good cross?

The German Retriever or Golden Shepherd is a cross breed with a lot of appeal. It takes many of the positive traits of both dogs and creates an interesting mix.

The look of this dog is striking. The body tends to resemble that of a German Shepherds, but they also have a head that is much more like that of a Golden Retriever. This is also seen in the short, droopy ears.

Coat colors are also more varied, with the chance of black, cream, yellow, tan, white, golden and blue.

While these physical features are a positive sign, there are still some health issues due to the shared genetic traits. They can struggle with dysplasia, eye problems and digestive issues. There are also reports of OCD, Von Willebrands Disease, epilepsy and cancer.

Golden Shepherd Puppy Image Source

The final important issue here for new owners is that they share the coat type of the German Shepherd, these means that they are a frequent, heavy shedder.;

Can Golden Retriever Live Alone For 8 Hours

Another important thing is they are not at being alone for a long time. As Golden Retriever work as your companion, similarly, they need companions too. Moreover, they need plenty of space to plat and stay as they are the happy-go-lucky type of breed. They need care; they are not going to sit straight till night or cannot wait for you for a long time at the door.

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Choosing Between A Golden Retriever Vs German Shepherd

If youre looking at adding a new medium-sized dog to your family, then the German Shepherd Dog and the Golden Retriever have both probably caught your eye.

As two of the most popular breeds in the USA, theres plenty of reasons why theyre both in the Top 5 year after year.

But what are their differences? In this article, well take a look at both breeds, and compare them side by side.

From the origins of each breed, to their health, temperament, and exercise requirements, well take a detailed look at their characteristics.

Our aim is to help you decide which of these wonderful breeds might suit your home the best.

Do You Have Experience Or Access To A Professional Dog Trainer

Which Is A Better Pet- Golden Retriever vs German Shepherd

German Shepherd Golden Retrievers arent the easiest dog for a beginner. That doesnt mean you cant get one, but you should be aware that they require proper training.

Professional dog trainers are an excellent choice for people who need extra help. Golden Shepherds are energetic and can be a handful, so why not hire someone to come over and assist with the training process?

Having access to a dog expert can be invaluable, especially if they specialize in Golden Shepherds . Proper training will go a long way in terms of these mixes reaching their full potential as loyal and obedient dogs.

However, if you feel that you are up to the task of training a Golden Shepherd on your own, be sure to implement the following guidelines:

  • Focus on reward-based training rather than scolding. Dogs dont understand anger it makes them feel fearful, guilty, and confused, and doesnt establish long-term good behavior.
  • Reward your puppy with praise and treats. Both breeds in this mix form close bonds with their owners. If you show youre happy with them on a consistent basis, theyre more likely to maintain good behavior.
  • Use puppy potty pads to train their bathroom habits. Place pads close to a doggy door or in the youd like them to go potty. After a couple of days, move the pad closer to the final destination. Continue this process until they know where to go, then remove the pad. Youll be surprised how effective this technique is!

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Finding The Best Breeders For These Pups Whichever Pure Breed Or Cross Breed You Go For

All this talk of cross breeds and pure breeds leads us nicely onto the issue of finding a good breeder.

Whichever option you choose here in the debate over the German Shepherd vs Golden Retriever or even the GSD/retreiver cross you have to look for a breeder that is reliable and responsible with their breeding practices.

It is important that the litter comes from healthy stock with good genetics.

Those that are in the market for a show dog will have to be a little more picky on the linage, at the same time ensuring that the dog is not overbred and suffering for it. The responsible ones will let you see the litter, the parents and answer any questions about their health and linage.

Watch out for the ones deliberately selling rare forms, like the blue and white shepherd. While there are some examples of these dogs that are completely healthy, some are overbred with bad practices because they seem exotic and can make breeders some extra cash.

On that note, you also want to consider the prices asked for by these breeders. There is no reason why a standard retriever or GSD should be that expensive this is an accessible breed with no strange benefits.

At the same time, beware of a puppy going for a price that seems too good to be true. Question why the breeder is so keen to shift this dog, is it one with genetic defeats that mean it doesnt meet AKC standards, is it simply a weak little runt.

What Is A German Shepherd Golden Retriever

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever, also known as a Golden Shepherd, is a mixed breed dog. The breed comes from a cross between the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever.

Since these breeds have differing sizes, temperaments, and other basic features, they provide an interesting look into the effects of cross-breeding.

A German Shepherd Golden Retriever is often recognized by the following physical traits:

  • Broad faces with narrow snouts
  • All-around broad features from the tail to the shoulders
  • Large paws
  • Mid-to-long hair, depending on the parents
  • Depending on the parent dogs, a German Shepherd Golden Retriever could have pointed or drooped ears. In some cases, they have short, pointed, or long, drooping ears.

Known as a designer breed for many pet owners, the Golden Shepherd is typically found at the high end of the pay range compared to other dogs. You can expect to pay anywhere between $450 and $1,200 for this stunning mix.

However, you might be lucky enough to find them for much cheaper, as youll learn near the end of the page. Without further ado, lets dive into the history and interesting facts about this one-of-a-kind breed.

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What About The German Shepherd

The history of the German Shepherd Dog can also be traced back to one man, and his desire to breed the ideal dog. The goal this time was its suitability for herding.

In the late 19th Century, Max von Stephanitz, a German Cavalry Officer, started crossing different strains of German herding dogs. He spent 35 years refining the GSD, generation by generation.

This breed started to become well known in the USA in the 1900s. Thanks to their intelligent natures, GSDs were the perfect breed to star in films with the German Shepherd Dogs Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart starring in many films, and making the breed both desirable and popular.

While their original aim was working on the pastures of Germany herding sheep, the GSD has shown their versatility by becoming arguably the ultimate working dog.

Which Is A Better Guard Dog

Golden Retriever vs German Shepherd

This is yet another difficult question to tackle. We first have to ask ourselves whether Golden Retrievers are actually good guard dogs.

Goldens are not the number one choice for guard dogs as they are extremely sweet and friendly. So much so that it wont be shocking to find them wagging their tails and playing with strangers. However, they possess instinctual traits that will allow them to become formidable guard dogs if they are properly trained.

You cant really compare Golden Retrievers with dogs like Dobermans and Rottweilers in terms of guarding. But they can make pretty good guardians if given the right training.

Here are some qualities which make Goldens eligible to become guard dogs:

  • Medium-sized dogs.
  • Very loyal to their owners.
  • Protective by instinct.
  • Very obedient and intelligent.
  • Have a very high energy level.

While they are not naturally guard dogs, they can be made into one with a bit of work. They can become the perfect blend of cuddle buddies and protectors. Both males and females can excel at being protectors; you just have to be willing to put in the work to make them one.

Admittedly, it will not be an easy task for you, and the reasons are glaring. Goldens, by default, are very friendly. They love everyone and do not even bark much. They like to be friends with just about anyone, and getting them to become anything less or more than friends will take a whole lot.

The most important task you just have to teach him/her is how to bark at the right people .

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How Much Is A German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Expect to pay around $500 to $800 for a Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix puppy. That is just a general amount range for this breed. Still, it can be more expensive depending on the bloodline of the parent breeds, the popularity of the kennel, the breeders location, and even the availability of puppies.

Crossing Goldens and GSDs together can produce 6 to 10 pups in a litter.

German Shepherd Vs Lab Coat

Both Labradors and GSDs have double coats a soft undercoat that is beneath a rougher top coat. But when it comes to German Shepherd vs Labrador coat colors, there is a big difference.

Labs come in three colors, brown , black or yellow. Although these are seen in many shades, they are all solid. German Shepherds have patterned coats as well as plain coats, and these come in varying length.

All Labradors have a short and thick coat, while German Shepherds have a short or long coat. If you are looking for dramatic fur, then a longhaired German Shepherd is probably going to be more up your alley. But he will also need a lot more grooming.

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Which Breed Makes A Better Pet

So, Golden Retriever vs German Shepherd, which is best? This decision really comes down to your own personal preferences. Theres no denying that both of these breeds make wonderful family pets.

Active families with an interest in agility or obedience will find the GSD a rewarding pet.

Those with lots of visitors and a love of walking or hiking may well suit a Golden.

If you own either of these breeds, wed love to hear from you in the comments below!

German Shepherd Vs Husky Bonus Tip: How To Pick The Right Dog

German Shepherd vs Golden Retriever | Which Dog is Best for You?

When youre looking for a dog but dont know what breed to get, these nine easy questions can help quickly narrow down your search and find a four-legged friend who perfectly fits your lifestyle.

This guide will help you in the German Shepherd vs Golden Retriever debate and give you a clearer idea of which one is for you.

1. Why Do You Want a Dog?

First things first, lets talk about why you want a dog. This will guide you more than you realize!

For example, do you love cuddling up on the couch and want a furball to curl up in your lap and keep you company? Or do you want an energetic and enthusiastic dog who fits your active lifestyle?

Stop for a minute, close your eyes and think about it.

2. What Type of Dog Did You Have Growing up?

Believe it or not, the dog you grew up with often have an impact on what type of dog you want when youre older.

Thats certainly not to say you couldnt pick a different type of dog by any means. Its just that people often have a comfort level with the type of canine they were conditioned to growing up.

3. Do You Have Any Allergies?

Dogs can be awful for allergies. But fortunately, there are many hypoallergenic dog breeds that make it easier for allergies sufferers.

Always learn more about the breed before bringing it into your home.

4. Whos in Your Household?

Another important thing to think about is who is in your household.

Is it just you? Or do you have a partner? Roommates? Children?

5. Where Do You Live?

9. Breed Finder

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Facts About German Shepherd:

  • Another famous breed about which everyone is well aware of is a German shepherd.;
  • Although its a beautiful kind but not for everyone, it would be best to think about which German shepherd you would like to have.
  • They come in a variety such as Black, Sable, Saddle Coat, or white German Shepherd Dog.
  • Shepherds are knowledgeable and are famous as the third smartest breed of dogs following Border Collies and Poodles.;
  • They are quick learners and can learn commands in just after 5-7 repetitions.
  • German shepherds are excellent watchdogs as these dogs are very protective of their possessions, especially their territory and personals.;
  • Their primary purpose becomes to please their trainers or masters.;
  • They become the ideal dog. Besides, they are very energetic; that is another reason they are well suited as police, guide, military and search and rescue purposes.
  • They are very loyal. It is in German shepherds temperament to be dependable with proper teachings.;
  • They are all-weather dogs too. They have a thick coating of fur that helps them to abide in all weather.

Also read about miniature German shepherd.


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