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Do German Shepherds Need Coats

Is German Shepherd A Double


Yes, GSD has double coats. A double-coated dog means they have two layers of fur. These two coats are called top coat and undercoat.

The top coat is also known as guard hairs, which you can only see when you play with your dog. The undercoat is the coat that helps your dog to stay warm during the winter.

The outer part of the coat is harsher feeling and tough while the undercoat is thick. The coat is around the front legs and the face is tight and short.

Dogs with this coat will shed often, and if the hair is not clear it can mat tangle, and clumps can form.

The hair type also produces the oil, which may make the dog smell bad if you dont groom your GSD periodically.

If you are a beginner or just recently got a German Shepherd dog breed, here are a few tips about the basic grooming you can follow and include in your dogs grooming routine:

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The Bathe And Comb Method

This method is a simple bathe, comb, and spray method.

Here are the steps to follow

Step One Bathe your dog in warm water with good dog shampoo.

Although my dogs have healthy skin, I use shampoo for sensitive skin. This way I know their skin is being cared for in the best way.

Step Two Once theyre done in the tub, dry them well with a towel.

Step Three Spray them liberally with ShowSheen. .

But be warned

Do this outside. ShowSheen is very slippery. If you do it in your bathroom, youll slip, fall, and break a couple of bones. I promise!

Here’s how to groom a German Shepherd for summer using ShowSheen

As you groom your dog, work from back to front, ruffling their fur down to the skin and massaging it in.

This is a great opportunity to tell your dog how wonderful they are!

Step Four Once you’re done conditioning with ShowSheen, start brushing.

Again, work from back to front and then down the body. Work in small patches with the brush.

Start with a wide-toothed comb and work your way down.

You can use a de-shedding comb to make sure that you have gotten all the undercoat out.

Step Five Brush your dog weekly, or more often if necessary.

Find out about the best shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin.

How Cold Is Too Cold For German Shepherd

It always depends on how you raise your dog. It will depend on its health condition and diet.

German Shepherd Dogs have a thick coat, and it can help them to stay warm.

A healthy german shepherd Dog can easily tolerate a temperature above 0 or -5. You should take extra care if the temperature starts going down then 5.

If you see that your German shepherd dog feels cold on 0, then put a good coat on it.

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Long Haired German Shepherd Vs Short Haired: 5 Must Know Differences

The German Shepherd Dog is the second most popular breed of dog in America. Youve almost certainly seen them in dog parks, films or as working dogs.

What you may not have realized is that their coat comes in several different lengths.

Short-Haired German Shepherds are the classic GSD. These are the dogs you see working with the army, the police, or herding. Long Haired German Shepherds are somewhat rarer. Their coat is seen as a minor defect by the American Kennel Club, but they are still recognized by the association, and the coat issue is no more concerning than poorly shaped ears or incorrect tail carriage.

These differences, and 6 other key differences, will be discussed in this article to help you pick the perfect dog for you.

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What Type Of Brush Do I Need For A German Shepherd

German Shepherd Vs Shiloh Shepherd : Size, Temperament ...

While it is possible to use one type of brush for a German Shepherd dog, it is better to use a variety. Slicker brushes have little balls on the end of their bristles. These are ideal for the top coat and guard hair. It helps to keep the hair in condition and the dog will often enjoy being brushed with them as they feel therapeutic.

Undercoat brushes have finer teeth and are best at ensuring the undercoat is kept in best condition. These can be most useful during shedding season as they will be best at removing dead hair. Long hair dogs may need a different brush to medium dogs.

Dematting combs are special brushes which have metal teeth to help us work out tangles and knots. They will only need to be used when necessary. If we brush our German Shepherd regularly, the dog will not likely need a dematting comb.

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Professional Grooming For Your German Shepherd

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the options you have for at-home grooming, you can always put your Shepherds grooming in the hands of a professional.

There are plenty of professional grooming options for dog bathing, nail trims, ear cleanings, and brushing. Groomers can provide a high-quality spa experience for your dog!

The German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog is one of America’s most popular dog breeds for good reason. He’s an intelligent and capable working dog. His devotion and courage are unmatched. And he’s amazingly versatile, excelling at most anything he’s trained to do!

All Around Friendliness? Friendly with children?

It must also be noted **All dogs are individuals*** and there’s never a guarantee of how a dog will behave when raised. All dogs of any breed have strong jaws, sharp pointy teeth, and may bite in stressful circumstances. Young children and dogs of any breed should always be supervised by an adult and never left alone together, period. Children must also be taught how to behave around dogs and be respectful of them and their space just as the dog must learn how to be respectful of ours!

Dog Friendly? Good For Novice Owners? Adaptability? Sensitivity? G Tolerates Being Alone? Tolerates Cold Weather? Tolerates Hot Weather? Hair/fur shedding? Grooming? G

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How Much Do German Shepherds Shed

When looking at getting a German Shepherd, remember this: on a scale of one to ten, German Shepherd’s shedding rates about a nine. They shed their coat year-round, which is unlike many dog breeds who mainly shed a summer and winter coat.

While they do shed all year, when the days get shorter, their body will react to the amount of sunlight they are exposed to. While they grow the thicker winter coat in, the finer summer hairs will fall out. In the fall, there will be a period when your German Shepherd seems to shed quite a bit more than usual.

In the spring, German Shepherds have a period called “blowing out,” which is what happens when they lose that thick winter coat. It will be worse than the summer hair coming out because the winter coat is twice as thick.

If you notice that your dog is shedding more than usual when their seasonal coats are not being shed, do be aware that there can be medical reasons for this. Just follow up with your vet if you notice that along with excessive shedding, your dog is itching or getting bald spots.

How To Identify Abnormal Shedding

German Shepherd Shedding – My Dog is Blowing her Coat Here’s What I Recommend

If youre experiencing a GSD shedding season for the first time, it can seem abnormal and excessive. Dont worry! Its normal for them to lose tons of hair and fur at this time.

However, keep in mind that normal shedding doesnt produce any bald patches. If your dog is losing hair only in specific areas, or if theyre scratching excessively, you might want to get them checked for any allergic reactions, skin conditions, or other illnesses they might be suffering from.

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Flying One High Velocity 40 Hp Motor Dog Grooming Dryer

Since B-Air discontinued my favorite pick of the high-velocity dryer, I went on a mission to find another top-quality option. Thanks to Deborah for bringing this to my attention!


See the Flying One High Velocity 4.0 Hp Motor Dog Grooming Dryer on Amazon

The Flying One High-Velocity Dryer from Flying Pig Grooming!

This dryer is the flagship dryer on offer from this company and it’s definitely something to write home about!

  • 2 speed, 4 horsepower motor.
  • Robust steel frame.
  • Motor insulated for quieter operation.
  • Two nozzles Flat for drying sensitive areas. Round for dealing with heavy coats.
  • Air Volume: 240 CFM .
  • Heat settings: None, low or high.
  • Temperature: Variable between 85 and 165 Fahrenheit.
  • A removable, washable filter keeps the unit clean and running smoothly.
  • Easy to clean filter and casing.
  • 10-foot long hose for optimum flexibility.

Okay, I’ll say right off the bat that this dryer is in the higher price range.

But if you consider that your German Shepherd has a thick double coat that will need constant care, it makes sense to own a high-quality dryer like this one.

Other pooch parents are over the moon about the quality build, ease-of-use, and performance of this dryer.

And professional dog groomers are just as happy with this machine, which says a lot about its value.

If you’re in the market for a high-velocity dryer, this is the kind of decision you want to splurge on. I highly recommend this one from Flying Pig Grooming.

German Shepherd Health Issues

Unfortunately the long-haired German Shepherd is prone to suffering from the same health conditions and potential illnesses of it’s short-haired cousin. They are a medium sized herd dog which means they’re liable to suffer from hip or elbow dysplasia as they get older. Conditions like this are often down to genetics so its a good idea to look into the lineage of your pooch and try to find out how susceptible they are to dysplasia.

Although things like joint conditions are hereditary, there are certain things you can do to help reduce the effects and prolong the amount of time before they strike. Maintaining a healthy diet, rich in minerals and vitamins will help to increase the quality of your furry friends joints. It’s also important to keep their weight at a healthy level. German Shepherds who are overweight have been known to develop hip dysplasia earlier in life due to the extra strain put on their bones and joints.

Other illnesses that can develop in long-haired German Shepherds include digestion issues, eye diseases and skin conditions. These can be caused by bad breeding techniques but also as a result of careless grooming and a poor diet. Be sure to regularly groom your dog to help maintain a healthy coat, improve blood flow and reduce the risk of dry or irritated skin. Regular check-ups are also vital if you want to make sure your four-legged friend is kept happy and healthy.

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What Is Sable German Shepherds Breeding History And Where Does Sable German Shepherd Come From

The credit of bringing a German Shepherd dog or a Sable German Shepherd dog goes to General Max Von Stephanitz. Initially, German Shepherds were raised by Shepherds to keep an eye on their sheep. Thus, the German Shepherd was not typical of a pet dog breed or a military dog.

But, Max Von Stephanitz, a German General, gets attracted to this super adorable dog breed. He started crossbreeding a Hector named German Sh.

In his first year, Hector, after crossbreeding it with another dog breed, become the father of 84 mix-breed puppies. And this, way we get to know not only about German Shepherd but also German Shepherd mix-breed dogs.

Sable German Shepherd, on the other hand, has genes similar to that of Wolfs Ancestor. Thus, they are one of the pure German Shepherd breeds. Sable color signifies one of the true identities of the German Shepherds.

Is The German Shepherds Hair Soft

Do German Shepherds Shed? All You Need to Know  The ...

Their undercoat is the coat that is closest to their skin.

These are very soft and should be cleaned with a brush. The undercoat is important to your dog because it can help them stay warm when its cold. This is why German Shepherds are so good at functioning in all kinds of different weather conditions.

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Which Coat Is Best For German Shepherd

German Shepherds Dogs are undoubtedly the best and most loyal dogs in the world. One of these dogs solid and recognizable characteristics is their long, shiny coat, the so-called double-coated German Shepherd dogs.

German Shepherds are famous all over the world for their beautiful thick coats.

These beautiful coats are easily recognizable and have gained increased attention in the dog world. The most well-known and trendy color in German Shepherds is black and tan. Still, there are several different other coat colors you can find in the German Shepherd dog breeds.

German Shepherds Dogs can be thick, sable, saddleback, or two-tone. Coat colors extend from black, white, red, tan, blue, cream, liver, and silver.

You may have heard of some German Shepherd double coats when adopting a dog. Still, you need to know precisely double coats and single coats in the German Shepherd because its all associated with maintenance, temperament, shedding, and supplements you need to give for your dog.

So how do you tell the contrast or difference between a single coat and a double coat German Shepherd?

Are German Shepherds Good With Children

Yes, a German Shepherd is child-friendly and loves children when properly socialized and trained. They are a very intelligent breed that has been specially selected throughout history for their loyal and watchful temperament with their families.

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How To Groom A Long Haired German Shepherd

The long hair of this dog means that there is a lot of extra grooming that youll have to do compared to a standard German Shepherd. If youve never seen the amount of hair that a long-haired German Shepherd sheds, you may be in for a bit of a shock. After a full brushing youll be left with what looks like another dog on the floor, so be sure not to leave it too long between brushes.

Because of its length, your dogs hair can easily become matted and sticky if left uncleaned and ungroomed. This means youll need to keep on top of your poochs grooming schedule and make sure they’re brushed regularly to avoid irritation and overheating from a build-up of fur.

Long-haired German Shepherds constantly shed their fur so you may want to invest in a decent vacuum cleaner as youll be using it a lot. We all know how dog hairs have a habit of getting everywhere so make sure you have plenty of lint rollers to hand so you can de-fur your clothes before you head out.

As well as brushing your pooch its important to maintain well-trimmed nails, so regular manicures are vital. There are many health benefits to keeping your long-haired German Shepherds nails neat and trimmed. It can be an awkward task if youve never done it before so be sure to check out our guide above.

What Is The Temperament Of An Akita German Shepherds

German Shepherd Everything You Need to Know

A word often used to describe the personality of Akita German Shepherds is stoic. This may not seem like the best trait for a family dog, but dont worry. This breed is incredibly affectionate with family and quite loyal too.

That being said, they arent necessarily as playful or as goofy as other family dog breeds. For instance, they may not seek out as much for comfort and attention.

It can take Akita German Shepherds a while to get used to children. However, as long as they are introduced properly, this mixed breed should take to little ones rather readily. From then on, they should be quite calm with and around kids.

Still, it is a good idea not to leave your Akita German Shepherd alone with very young children.

These dogs do have a protective streak. Once they are bonded to you, they may spring into action into any human or animal that they consider a threat. This makes them great watchdogs. At the same time, it also means that you have to socialize them well to prevent them from becoming aggressive with all strangers.

Another important thing to know is that Akita German Shepherds are quite willful, bordering on stubborn. When you add their intelligence to the mix, you have a handful. These pups need someone who is able to take charge and show them whos the boss.

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Why Do German Shepherds Shed

The coats of German Shepherds can vary in length and color. There are German Shepherds with a short coat and an undercoat, medium coat with an undercoat, long coat with an undercoat, and a long coat without an undercoat. This dog breed has two layers of coat: a topcoat or guard coat and an undercoat. Its topcoat is usually thick, straight, flat, and coarse and lies close to the body. It can also be wavy and wiry in texture. On the other hand, the undercoat is soft and thicker than the topcoat.

Just like many other dog breeds, German Shepherds also experience shedding. There are a number of reasons why their hair falls off but the most common reason is to protect them from the changing seasons. Their coat serves as protection from the harsh weather, be it the cold or the heat of the sun. It acts as a regulator for their body temperature.

Another reason for their shedding is their overall health. There might be times when your German Shepherd can experience excessive shedding and this might be because of an underlying health reason such as stress, allergies, pain, hormonal changes, or fleas, parasites, or ticks. If your dogs excessive shedding is caused by one of these reasons, you should already consult your vet for a proper consultation and medication.


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