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What Does A 5 Month Old German Shepherd Look Like

They Look You In The Eyes

5 Month Old German Shepherd “Ava” | Tallahassee Dog Trainers | North Florida Dog Trainers

Another;study;led by Japan-based researchers determined that when dogs and their humans engage in eye contact, it leads to a boost in oxytocin in both parties. Oxytocin is generally regarded as the cuddle hormone because it is responsible for feelings of comfort in both dogs and humans.

Additionally, the more oxytocin a dog has, the more likely they are to gaze at you. So, when your GSD stares at you, it is because they love you, and your presence makes them feel good.

Where To Get A German Shepherd Puppy

Never buy a German Shepherd puppy from a pet store or from an Internet site that will ship a pup to you without asking you any questions beyond “Check or charge?” These puppies come from puppy mills. They will not only be sickly, but they will have missed a major learning period for basic training and will be harder to train and more uncontrollable.

The best German Shepherd puppies come from breeders, animal shelters, or rescuers. German Shepherds are most often abandoned when they are six months old and past the cute stage.

How Do I Make Sure My German Shepherd Is Healthy

Preventive care is key in helping your German Shepherd live a healthy and long life. Taking your German Shepherd to regular veterinary appointments is one of the best things you can do to ensure that they are healthy and feeling their best. An experienced veterinarian can assess your pets health, make general health and wellness recommendations, and look out for common, breed-specific conditions.

German Shepherds are particularly prone to a condition called gastric dilatation-volvulus or bloat due to their large size, deep chests, and high energy level. They are also more susceptible to gastrointestinal tract and hip issues. A veterinarian should regularly assess your pet for these health problems and run tests for anything they may be more prone to due to their breed. Preventive care is truly a must for your dogs overall welfare to ensure they are able to live long healthy lives with you and your family.

Regular vet visits are crucial to your pets ongoing health and longevity. Its also essential to plan for the cost of accidents or illnesses. Treatment for many conditions, including bloat and GI issues, can cost thousands of dollars.

Only 19.44% of pet owners say theyd be able to cover a $5,000 expense out of pocket. Dog health costs are also more expensive than other pet healthcare costs due to dogs being larger in size. Since larger pets have higher healthcare costs, the German Shepherd breed is one of the most popular dog breeds to have pet insurance.

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German Shepherd Height Charts

You can use this chart to check to see if your German Shepherds growth is on track. As with weight, there will be some dogs that fall outside of the ranges listed here, but thats normal as long as your dog is otherwise healthy.

Male German Shepherd Growth/Height Chart

22 24 / 55 60 cm 100%

Things To Keep In Mind When Exercising A Young Gsd

5 months
  • Spread activity throughout the day Bruce Lee once said, I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. When you make a single session small enough, you can afford to repeat the session throughout the day with enough consistency to make an impact. Add steps to your little puppys day without making it a Rocky training montage.;
  • Avoid high places The growth plates section makes it self-evident that you should keep your dog from jumping. So definitely no skipping rope for your chubby best friend.;
  • Play seeking gamesDetection exercises allow you to sneak in extra steps while also helping your GSD develop better cognition. Interestingly, such games also decrease running speed as dogs are more deliberate in processing where the hidden prize is.

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Can Dwarf German Shepherds Join Dog Competitions

In general, there are no dog shows for dwarf dogs; however, there are a couple of other competitions available for them.

Some of these include Barn Hunt, Dog Agility, Nose Work, Lure Coursing, Dog Obedience, and more. While dwarf dogs are not known for performing well in competitions, these options are always open to them. After all, competitions are not just about winning.

All of these competitions have different rules and regulations as to what kind of dog can join.

Some are exclusive to a particular dog breed while some are open to all. If you canât find a dog competition your dwarf GSD can join, you can always organize one!

If You Are Looking For A Purebred Dog You Need To Make Sure That It Comes From Good Family Background

These dogs are bred for a reason, so they should have the right genes and have been raised by the right people. There are some breeds of dogs that are known to be more aggressive than other breeds and are considered to be bad dogs. However, there are also some of these breeds that are considered to be very intelligent and well-mannered, making them perfect companions for many families.

Your German Shepherd will be going through many changes at first and some of these changes may include not having a lot of energy, shedding excess hair, and eating a lot more than normal. However, these things will eventually go away as your dog gets older, so dont worry. If you can handle this part of life, then you can enjoy it without worrying about your dog and you can start taking care of her properly as soon as possible.

When it comes to feeding your new family pet, it is important to make sure that you start slowly and stick to a diet that your dog will like. It is recommended that you do not give her raw food, as she may suffer from allergies or even be allergic to the food itself.

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Pushiness With Other Dogs

Play becomes rougher as your dog tries to dominate the situation. They will rough house with more force, pushing at other dogs in hormonal play.

Some GSDs will challenge other males as they reach this sexual maturity.

You must be ever watchful to avoid these confrontations that can cause injuries!

Your larger puppy may now rush up to other dogs as they develop more boldness and their hormones fluctuate. A once-shy dog is now a brash go-getter that doesnt totally understand socially acceptable dog encounters, but isnt afraid of sticking its face right up to another strange dog!

Socialization Stage: 4 To 8 Weeks Old

5 month old German Shepherd Puppy DAILY TRAINING

At 4 weeks old your new born puppies will begin to move around more and will start socializing too. By the time the mothers milk production slows and between 4 to 8 weeks your German Shepherd puppy is weaned onto semi-soft mushy foods.

6 to 8 weeks is the time when your German shepherd puppies teeth will be all grown and the teething process starts. It is also the period when your puppy will start bonding and start developing mentally.

Some GSD puppy tends to fear with the things all new around them however by the 50th day your German Shepherd puppy will begin to show the adult brain waves.

When the puppy is 6-8 weeks old, you should consider giving them vaccinations for Distemper and Parainfluenza. You can also vaccinate them with Bordetella vaccination.

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Do German Shepherds Still Grow After Being Neutered

A common question among puppy owners is whether your German Shepherd will continue to grow after being neutered or spayed. The question is not so simple to answer. If you neuter your puppy, your puppy will continue to grow until he is an adult.

However, new science has indicated that if you neuter your puppy before he is fully grown, there is a greater risk that your puppy will develop hip dysplasia, arthritis, and even cancer in some dogs.

So, while neutering your German Shepherd when hes young will not stop him from growing, it might harm them in other ways.

Make Sure The Puppy Is Active

You want to make sure that the puppy that you are considering is as active as his or her siblings and seems physically up to speed with them. Also, make sure that the puppy seems to play well with you. If the puppy distances himself and tries to avoid affection or being held, you may want to consider another puppy because a puppy that doesn’t like affection is likely to grow into an adult that doesn’t like affection.

Then again, a German Shepherd puppy who is okay with being alone might make a good guard dog. It is important to figure out what you want in your dog and then evaluate the puppy to see if it fits into your expectations so that you and your puppy will both be happy and content.

Looking at these few things will help make sure that your purchase is the right one and that you can avoid problems later down the road. Once you have considered everything and you have carefully examined the puppy and its personality, the adoption process should be a smooth and happy experience for everyone involved. Take your time and never make any snap decisions.

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German Shepherd Signs Of Affection

German Shepherds are mostly known for their intelligence, courage, and agility. However, most GSD parents will attest to the fact that theyre incredibly affectionate.

If they could speak, theyd probably tell you they love you and appreciate you a thousand times a day. But since they cant verbalize their feelings, they show their affection in multiple non-verbal ways.

Of course, different dogs will show their love in different ways. Here are some of the most common German Shepherd signs of affection:

Common Health Problems In German Shepherds

5 months old german shepherd stud

German Shepherds are great dogs for the right owners, but they are at risk of certain conditions and illnesses common with the breed. Making sure the parents of your puppy have had the relevant health screening can reduce the chances of your puppy being affected by some of these upsetting conditions.

German Shepherds are in a group of breeds classed as Category Three by The Kennel Club, which is the highest category of the health concerns due to their conformation. This means that these types of dog have been bred over many years to look a certain way, but that these changes to the way they look have started to cause them health problems. For German Shepherds, this is mostly due to the shape of their back legs and hips.

Some of the conditions German Shepherds may develop include:

This list is not exhaustive, and there are many other conditions that German Shepherds have been shown to be prone to.

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German Shepherd Puppy Diet: 2 Months Old

At two months of age, you can start to slowly decrease the moistening of your German Shepherd’s dry food. Eventually, the puppy will be used to eating the food completely dry.

Following the German Shepherd puppy food chart, from 2 until 4 months old, a puppy will eat 4 or 5 times a day. This has to be carried out with one very important addition: discipline. A puppy needs to learn that it will not be fed constantly throughout the day, but at specific times. This is part of a puppys socialization and early education.

We start of by placing a bowl of food down for 10 minutes, this should give the puppy enough time to finish its meal. After 10 minutes, we suggest taking the bowl of food away, even if your puppy hasn’t finished eating.

A puppy’s food bowl must only be available to the dog for 10 minutes. This 10 minutes should be enough time for the puppy to eat all of its provided food. As already mentioned, after 10 minutes, you should take the food bowl away, even if the puppy hasn’t finished eating. This pattern will introduce the puppy’s food schedule and allow it an opportunity to become accustomed to particular feeding times.

How To Raise A German Shepherd Puppy

There are fewer things in life more irresistible than a German Shepherd puppy, but you should never bring one home on impulse. This needs to be a careful decision. Bringing a puppy home is the same as bringing home a human child, except German Shepherds mature faster and are more loyal. Although German Shepherds are a big responsibility, their friendship is priceless.

  • A German Shepherd, on average, will cost about $3,000 a year in food, grooming supplies, and vet care. This is far less than your car, but it’s still something to keep in mind.
  • Because of their fast growth, German Shepherd puppies need their diets closely regulated to avoid potential health problems.
  • They will also need positive reinforcement from day one. Never train a German Shepherd puppy by force. Most dog bites are from scared dogs, not dogs that are attacking.
  • You must first research the breed so you know everything you can about German Shepherds. These dogs have an image problem; some people think they are inherently vicious when, in fact, they aren’t. They were never bred to fight other animals or human beings. They were bred to be extremely obedient and willing to please. So, if you ever read about a German Shepherd attacking a human being, it was because the dog was trained to attack, not because the dog is mean. Care and training are all-important if you want to succeed with a German Shepherd.

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How To Transition To An Adult Large Breed Dog Food

In the majority of cases, you will continue to feed your dog an appropriate whole and complete large-breed puppy food until their first birthday unless your dogs veterinarian specifically recommends otherwise.

When you do begin the transition from puppy food to adult dog food, this can deliver a temporary shock to your dogs digestive system.

As Whole Dog Journal points out, you can lessen this somewhat by changing your puppys food more frequently starting earlier in life.

However, even switching food more often wont completely eliminate the potential for some level of temporary gastric distress at a big food switch like going from puppy food to adult dog food.

So here is how to make the switch so it is a lot easier on your dogs gastrointestinal tract:

  • Plan the transition to take place over at least 10 days.
  • Start by mixing 90 percent old food with 10 percent new food.
  • Do this for one to two days.
  • Then switch to 80 percent old food mixed with 10 percent new food.
  • Do this for one to two days.
  • Continue until you are at 100 percent new food.

This system can ease digestive upset and temporary elimination issues that may arise when there is a big food switch.

As the Central Texas Veterinary Hospital explains, German Shepherds as a breed can be particularly prone to issues of a sensitive stomach, which makes planning for a slow food transition especially critical to success for this breed.

Meet Their Exercise Needs

Handsome 5 Month Old German Shepherd Puppy | Storm | Dog Training In London

Begin adding in more exercise and intensity, but dont run or jog on any hard surfaces until around 18-months to be sure your GSDs growth plates fuse properly.

Increase exercise slowly to avoid an injury that comes from too much impact on unfused joints and bones. Fetch-type toys can be a good release of energy and help build endurance and stamina.

Want to know how to exercise your GSD properly? Need ideas on proven ways to burn your dogs energy safely?

Read this German Shepherd puppy safe and healthy exercise routine for the advice you need to get a happy, healthy puppy.

A German Shepherd at 6 months old is active and needs you to help them find the right activities to keep them healthy and out of trouble.

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Size Factors To Consider Before Getting A German Shepherd

If youve looked up GSD sizes and growth charts before getting a puppy, youre in the right spot to make a sound decision as long as you know what to expect. With my experience with German Shepherds, I want you to know a few other things that come with these dogs immense size.

Check out this article, Will Two Female German Shepherds Get Along? to learn whether you should choose two dogs of the same sex.

Start With The Dog Breed Standard

According to the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, the German Shepherd as a breed typically stands between 22 and 24 inches tall for female adult dogs and 24 to 26 inches tall for male adult dogs.

No weight range is given for the official dog breed standard. However, the standard does say the dog typically measures between 8.5 and 10 inches from the dogs breastbone to pelvis .

So these can give you some good starting measurements.

The American Kennel Club gives a weight range of 50 to 90 pounds, with about 10 pounds difference between adult females and adult males.

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German Shepherd Height Chart

24 26 / 60 65 cm 22 24 / 55 60 cm

When looking at the German Shepherd height chart, you will get a good idea on how quickly they grow and what you can generally expect as far as their height goes.

Looking at the German Shepherd height chart, you will notice that the puppies double in height between months 1 and 3 and again between months 2 and 4.The first 4 months of your puppys life is when you will see the largest amount of growth.

The height growth rate will slow down by 6 months. While your dog is nowhere near his final size, the amount that he grows each month will gradually reduce, so he will be growly less dramatically, while still growing.

This will help especially with feeding since you will be able to get him on a fixed amount after he has done his largest growth periods. You will notice on the charts that they keep going up until 3 years, taking into account any last bit of growth.


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