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How To Trim A German Shepherds Nails

Reasons Why Long Nails Can Be Dangerous

Trimming the Nails of a German Shepherd Dog
  • Long nails can catch on things and tear. Since Shepherds are very active, this is a huge risk because they can tear out and bleed a bit, making the dog susceptible to infections.
  • Long nails change the alignment of the dogs foot. This can lead to problems with weight distribution and contribute to all manner of problems with posture. This can also lead to your dogs toes becoming splayed.
  • Long nails make the dogs toes more sensitive to pain. This can lead to them becoming overly wary of being active or playing with other dogs.

How To Trim Overgrown Dog Nails

Look, it happens, I know! You have every intention of trimming your dogs nails weekly, but other things pop up and proper dog grooming chores can get put off. And soon, you look down and notice long, curved daggers sticking out from your dogs paw. Well, its time to address your dogs long nails. Overgrown dog nails are extremely painful for your dog and it will only get worse if you dont trim them soon.

Dog nails become overgrown for two reasons: dogs hate having their nails trimmed or the pet owners havent trimmed them.

Types Of Dog Nail Clippers

There are a variety of options you can use to trim your dogs nails. While some people might prefer guillotine-style clippers, the spring-loaded scissor-style or plier-style nail clippers are favored by most veterinary professionals. These are especially helpful for dogs with thick, tough nails.

Some brands even have a guard so you dont accidentally cut the nail too short.

Scissor-style or plier-style nail clippers can be used for both small and large dogs, but you may find it easier to use nail clippers specifically made for cats or small dogs if you have a miniature pooch.

For very small or very young dogs, you can use human nail clippers, but its generally easier to see what you are doing with trimmers made specifically for dogs.

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Reasons Why German Shepherd Nails Need Trimming

It is part of your duty as a dog owner to groom your pet an help him live healthily. One way you can do that is by regularly cutting the nails of your german shepherd pup.

Here are some reasons why you should not fail to trim your pets nails.

  • Overgrown nails can easily split causing pain and injury and also setting the ground for infection. Long nails can easily wear and tear when they are cut up on things.
  • Long nails make an unpleasant sound , they can cause the dogs foot to have abnormal alignment leading to complications as posture and weight distribution is affected.
  • Overgrown nails can cause your pup pain, restricting his movement and affecting his daily activities. Your dog may feel pain around his nails and become very lazy to participate in regular walks and exercises.
  • Untrimmed Dogs nails can lead to slipping and falling while your dog is running or walking.
  • Trimmed nails keep your German shepherd dog healthy, happy and fit.

If You Just Havent Trimmed Them

Trimming German Shepherd Nails

Grab lots of super yummy treats or smear peanut butter inside a heavy plate. Now, grab your dog nail clippers and septic powder. Plan to clip your dogs nails back during your first session. If you trim too much nail, then youll end up quicking them . And know, quicking your dogs nails is extremely painful and will cause him to hate nail trims.

When trimming dog nails, look for the hollow area under your dogs nail. If its hollow underneath, then you can trim this portion off. When viewing your dogs nail underneath, youll notice a gray gummy substance. This is the quick. Never trim the quick. By trimming the hollow part, the gummy substance will recede back toward the paw.

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How To Clip Your German Shepherds Nails With A Clipper

Some dogs dont mind grooming sessions, while others run the other way. I personally got my dog accustomed to grooming as a puppy, but still, there are those occasional instances when its time for a bath or a nail trim, she just isnt in the mood.

Learning how to cut your dogs nails properly is key to accomplishing this task with as little frustration for both you and your pooch.

Here are step by step instructions on how to clip a dogs nails:

What Is Special About A Gsds Foot

A German Shepherd should have large, round, strong paws. As is true with many dogs, the GSD carries most of its weight on the front end. Since 60% of a German Shepherds bulk is in front of the last rib, the front paws are slightly larger than the rear feet. However, during movement 70% of the power of a German Shepherd comes from the hind end muscles, so the rear claws will wear faster than the front.

Canine nails, or claws, grow from the tip of the bones of the paw. Similar to your fingers and toes, the phalanges have three bones each. The last bone segment has the base of the claw embedded around the tip.

Another way to look at the dogs claw is to picture a small bone shaped like a small tooth or crescent at the tip, and the nail extends from it. Dogs claws are hard but are comprised of the fibrous protein keratin, according to

Similar to your nails, a dogs claw has an outer hard area called the shell and an inner soft area, the cuticle. The major difference is the nails shape. When you look at a dog with white nails, you can easily see the delineation where the quick ends within the shell.

Many German Shepherds have black nails, making it very difficult to tell where the sensitive basal part of the claw ends and where you should make your cut.

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Tips For Trimming German Shepherd Nails

Sam Shepards

Sam Shephard is an experienced German Shepherd owner and has learned throughout the years how to optimize the breed’s health and wellness.

German Shepherds can grow some seriously long nails if you don’t trim them so regular trimming is a must.

If youve had your German Shepherd dog for some time, youve probably noticed that their nails, just like the nails of humans, are getting pretty long. If you live with your dog and have a hardwood floor, then youll certainly know what Im talking about.

Its important to know how to take care of your shepherds nails properly. If you dont, they run the risk of developing some sort of infection or getting ingrown nails. This wouldnt be fun for you or your dog.

In this article, were going to outline the best way for you to start trimming GSD nails and teach you some grooming tips and techniques for taking the best care of them. It can be a bit of a hassle the first couple of times youre trying to convince your shepherd to sit still so you can cut their nails, but after reading this article, you should know what to do.

German Shepherd Nail Trimming Tips

Aggressive German Shepherd Nail Trimming

There are many reasons why trimming your German Shepherds nails is important. Failing to trim your dogs nails as often as needed can in certain rare cases, cause irreversible damage.

In many cases, however, it can cause pain and sensitivity in your GSDs paws and this may cause them to be less active.

In other cases, if you do not trim your dogs nails, the nails can grow out long enough they splay to the side of the toes and keep going.

The nail forces the toes to turn in the direction the nail is curving in, splaying the foot as it goes. This is an example of irreversible damage that can be caused.

Not only is it important to trim your dogs nails, its important to know how to do it properly as well! In this guide, we provide some tips to help you keep your shepherds nails healthy.

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What To Do If You Cut The Quick

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Even if youre a practiced nail trimmer, accidents happen. If you nick your dogs quick, apply styptic powder to stop the bleeding. If you dont have styptic powder on hand, you can use corn starch or even a bit of flour. Cut quicks rarely require veterinary attention. Simply apply something to slow the bleeding, and be sure to give your dog lots of praise and treats.

If your dog is acting normal and doesnt mind having their paws handled, you can continue trimming their other nails. However, if they are nervous or fearful, stop for the day. You can always try again tomorrow.

How To Cut My German Shepherds Nails

How To Cut My German Shepherds Nails. I have heard they have nerves in their claws? Cutting the nails of a german shepherd is not a difficult task, it is easy and anyone can do it.

It’s just a fact of life that we’ve become accustomed to. But the truth is, with the right tools it’s pretty easy. Err on the side of leaving the nail too long. Nail cutting is essential because long nails resting on the floor can affect the dog’s posture and movement. If this is the case.

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Tips For Cutting Your Senior Dogs Nails

Now that we know why its important to clip your dogs nails regularly, here are some of our favorite tips to keep the process as stress-free as possible, for both of you:

  • Get a quality pair of clippers, and either sharpen or replace them regularly.
  • Use only scissor or plier type clippers, which come with a guide that helps you avoid cutting the quick.
  • Small size clippers will give you better control. Only giant breed dogs need large ones.
  • Hold your dogs paw firmly but gently, and avoid squeezing the toes, which can hurt and cause your dog to squirm even more.
  • Cut the nail at a 45-degree angle, taking off small amounts at a time.
  • If you accidentally cut the quick, stay calm panicking will only cause your dog to do the same. Even if theres quite a bit of blood, remember your dog will be alright. You can pack a pinch of cornstarch into the end of the nail to stop the bleeding.
  • Use lots of verbal praise and tasty treats throughout the process.
  • Trim your dogs nails outside or in a well-lit room, and use glasses if you need them.
  • If needed, enlist another person to help you with the task. Or if your dog is seriously squirmy, take them to a professional to get the job done safely.

Recent Articles

What To Know About German Shepherds And Their Nails

How To Cut German Shepherd Nails

German Shepherd Dogs are medium-large sized of the canine breed that belongs to the herding/ Guarding category of working dogs. They are more like security breeds, very intelligent, energetic and versatile. The German Shepherd breed was birthed in Germany to guard a shepherds flocks.

The shepherd dogs have a lot of agility, strength, elasticity and long, elegant strides due to their physical body built. They are long around the range of between 22 and 26 inches, proportional to its height.

Over the years the shepherd dogs have been used different capacities by humans, such as guard dog, police dog, war dog, guide dog, search-and-rescue breed, explosives- and narcotics-detecting breed and show dogs.

As part of the breeding process, you must enroll your shepherd pup on frequent exercise and training sessions to keep his physical, mental body fitness normal.

You should brush its coat once or twice a week to keep him clean and healthy. Clean and trim his nails regularly to avoid nailbed infection, cracks or splits, and other nail disorders.

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How Often Should I Cut My Senior Dogs Nails

  • How Often Should I Cut My Senior Dogs Nails?
  • Plenty of pet parents and their dogs are less than thrilled about the prospect of regular nail trimmings. But did you know that cutting your dogs nails is one of the most basic and effective things you can do to help maintain their joint and bone health? Especially as your dog enters their senior years and becomes more prone to joint diseases like arthritis, trimming their nails regularly and often enough is paramount to keeping unnecessary stress of their aging joints.

    Even if youve been cutting your dogs nails their whole life, it can be hard to determine if youre doing it often enough as they age and their activity level and lifestyle change. Heres everything you need to know about the frequency of nail trimmings for your senior dog, why its important, and a few tips to make the process easier for both of you.

    What Affects Senior Dog Nail Growth And Trimming Frequency

    Many factors affect how fast your individual senior dogs nails grow, so unfortunately there is no quick answer for how often you should cut them. While on average;most dogs will need to have their nails trimmed every 1-2 months, it can be more frequently even as often as once per week for senior dogs.

    There are two main factors to take into account when determining how quickly your senior dogs nails are growing, and how often youll need to trim them. These include:;;

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    Dremel Cordless Grinding Tool

    Dremel is a very well known name in the dog grinder market. Accordingly, their products are highly trusted and high quality.

    This grinder has two speeds to allow you to comfortably grind your dogs nails at your own pace.

    No more worrying about being close to an outlet or your dog getting tangled up in the cord, as the Dremel runs on battery power. The 60-grit sanding drum is easy to insert and take out of the tool. It is powerful enough to get the job done but gentle enough to be harmless and comfortable for your German Shepherd.

    What I Love:

    Find The Dog Nail Clipper You Like

    German Shepherd Nail Clipping/Cutting Tips and Tricks

    There are a few styles and types of dog nail cutters on the market. You may need to try a few before you find what works best for you.

    Guillotine nail clippers make claw placement easy, especially for small dogs, but aren’t always the best for medium and large breeds.;The shape of these clippers can crush the nail as it cuts, leading to splintering at the edges.;

    If you choose this style of the clipper, make sure you are prepared to either trim or file the sides of the nails to prevent the sharp edges from being a hazard for both you and your pet.;

    Scissor-style dog nail trimmers, like Furminator Nail Clippers, work well for all types of dogs. Go slowly with this type of nail trimmer. Many of these come with nail guides, but these can be deceiving. Always judge by your pets quick not a predetermined guide.

    Nail grinders;are a newer type of pet nail trimmer. This style of dog nail clipper can be the easiest for novice pet owners and excitable dogs. Since grinders only remove a little at a time, there is less chance that accidents will occur. This makes grinders a safe choice for even new dog owners.

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    To Get A Clearer Picture Keep On Reading

    If raised and trained properly, they can make. * if nail trimming is completely new to you, don’t be afraid to ask your veterinarian or a when trimming your german shepherds nails, other products to use in place of the styptic powder are: When using the rounded fingernail clippers, you still need to cut the nails at an angle, since. German shepherd commands in german.

    ’rounding them off is likely to cause ‘the only people allowed to cut them in a curve are ballet dancers because they have to stand up on their points.

    Cutting The Nails Of A German Shepherd Is Not A Difficult Task It Is Easy And Anyone Can Do It

    How to trim a german shepherds nails. A few dogs who exercise frequently on sidewalks or pavement keep their nails short naturally but this is not usually the case. To trim your germa shepherd nails you need a nail clipper preferably a guillotine type files grinder styptic powder emergency kits and your dog s favorite treats then follow the steps below as you read further. Cutting dog nails is fairly easy if you know how to do it without causing stress or hurting your friend. Start small one toe at a time and always use a sharp clipping tool.

    Cutting german shepherd nails like a vet. To cut the nails of a german shepherd you will need guillotine type nail clippers styptic powder and files for trimming and finishing nails. Try to clip your dog s nails regularly. How to trim your dog s nails choose the best nail clipper.

    For larger dogs such as german shepherds a millers forge trimmer or scissor type clippers are recommended because they are larger and exert more force than guillotine style clippers.

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    How To Stop A Dogs Toenail From Bleeding

    A bleeding toenail can be very distressing for you and your dog. Heres how to stop the bleeding.

    Styptic powder can be used to help stop the nail from bleeding by helping the blood to clot. If you dont have styptic powder, flour or cornstarch can also be used to stop a dogs nail from bleeding and can be applied the same way as styptic powder.

  • Pour a small amount on the tip of your finger and press the powder into the nail tip.

  • Pressure can be applied for a few seconds to allow the styptic powder to stick.

  • If the bleeding does not stop after several minutes, call your veterinarian for further recommendations.


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