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Why Does My German Shepherd Pant All The Time

Why Is Your German Shepherd Whining

5 things to know before getting a female German Shepherd

Remember, dogs cant communicate with us like we can to each other. But they do have different forms of communication . Here are the most common motives behind whining.

They Want Something

One of the most common reasons your german shepherd is going to whine is because they want something. It could be some attention, a walk, or food and water. Whatever it is theyre letting you know they want it.

Remember, sometimes you should listen to them . Other times, youll need to take the time to teach them that whining isnt a good way for them to get what they want. Like if they want attention or to play.

Lastly, whining that they want something could indicate a problem. For example, if you notice them whining for food after theyve eaten they may still be hungry .

Theyre Trying To Alert You

German shepherds are bred to be herders. Part of their built-in instinct is to whine when theres something that could be a threat.

The only issue is that what you see as a threat and what they see as a threat are completely different. For example, they may whine when they see a cat or person outside your house or when a car drives past.

And while this is good behavior in a sense, it still good to only train your german shepherd to whine at things you actually need to be alerted too. Or in most cases, not at all.

To Try And Get Your Attention

Similar to when they want something, sometimes a german shepherd whining can be because they want your attention.

Theyre Greeting You

Theyre Scared

Why Is My Dog Panting And Shaking

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Typically, panting and shaking are normal dog behaviors and their causes are generally pretty clear. When dogs get hot, panting helps cool them down. Shaking can do the same and may also be exhibited when they get excited. Older and obese dogs tend to show these behaviors more often. They may pant and shake more as a result of general weakness in the diaphragm and intercostal muscles.

While dog panting and shaking is a typical response in these scenarios, the combination of the two may still mean there is something wrong and could be a sign of a serious canine health condition. Allow this article to serve as a guide to help you better understand what it means if your dog is panting or shaking. Lets dive deeper into some of the causes of each.

Heat Or Vigorous Exercise

The most common cause of panting in dogs is if they are hot or have just participated in vigorous exercise. As panting is the only way a dog has to cool down, it is a regular occurrence in the summer. Also, if they have just finished a run or a high-energy play session, they are likely to pant for the same reasons we breathe hard after going to the gym.The larger or fluffier a dog is, the more they may pant. German Shepherds are good examples of this because their thick coat is designed to keep heat in. If the dogs panting slows down once the activity has decreased and it gets cooler, then there is nothing to worry about.

How to Identify Heatstroke in Dogs

The one time you do want to worry about an overheated dog is during cases of heatstroke. Overheating is a medical emergency, whether it is in humans or animals. This sudden, severe cause for panting in dogs can be mitigated by a quick response from the owner, followed by a visit to the vet.Heatstroke can be caused by heightened physical activity in a hot environment, overexposure to sunlight, and/or too little water or shade. Physical symptoms besides heavy breathing can include:

  • Glassy eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Temperature above 104 degrees Fahrenheit

If you suspect your dog is suffering from heatstroke, call your vet right away. Additionally, following the below treatment steps at the first signs can help cool the dog and provide life-saving care:

Treating Heatstroke in Dogs

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The Stressed Or Worried Pup

The situation your puppy is in when she is panting, as well as her other actions, can be cues to the cause of the panting. If she’s licking her lips or hides her face under your arm or against your shoulder, she could be worried, stressed or even fearful. You may notice your pup pants during a thunderstorm or when she is at the vet’s office.

Why Is My Dog Panting Reasons Include Injury Disease And Anxiety

How to Stop My German Shepherd from Biting

Tank, my Lab, and I returned from our weekly agility class and plopped down in the living room to relax. Two hours later, I noticed that Tank was still panting as if he had just exercised. That didnt seem right. I watched him carefully the next day and saw he was panting heavily even after he just walked outside for a break. The veterinarian diagnosed laryngeal paralysis and recommended corrective surgery.

What if I hadnt noticed? Tank could have collapsed and died from lack of oxygen. Dogs pant all the time for various reasons. How do you figure out if something is actually wrong? Sometimes dogs pant because they are anxious about something, and other times panting can be a symptom of chronic disease. Heres what to know about why your dog might pant.

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Whining To Get Attention

In a scenario where the dog wants something, it may whine to get your attention.;German Shepherds are very active and friendly dogs. With their owners, they crave a lot of love, care, and attention throughout the day.

If you have not been giving it any attention, you may find the German Shepherd whining more than usual. However, if the dog has associated whining with attention, then it may end up whining to get the attention that it wants.;;

What Are The Conditions That Cause Polydipsia In German Shepherds

Although the chronic disease is relatively rare in German Shepherd puppies, some puppies are more predisposed to these conditions than others. A thorough evaluation by your vet will help diagnose these issues if present.

Cushings disease, according to Blue Cross, is a hormonal disorder where a dogs body makes too much cortisol, caused by either a benign tumor or steroid treatment.

Dogs with Cushings disease will often have excessive thirst and urination issues, along with other symptoms that include fatigue and hair loss. Daily medication might be necessary.

VCA defines diabetes as a disease where the pancreas cannot properly regulate insulin. Increased thirst and urination are common symptoms.

Dogs with diabetes will require insulin shots to survive. Unlike diabetes in humans, canine diabetes responds poorly to oral medications.

A uterine infection in dogs, also known as pyometra, has symptoms that include excessive water consumption. Spaying, as long as the uterus and ovaries have been wholly removed, eliminates this health threat.

Because pyometra, according to the ACVS, is life-threatening, prompt care from a veterinarian is essential to recovery.

Kidney problems include several chronic or acute conditions that impact the kidneys. An increased intake of water amounts is one of the most common signs of kidney disease. Other symptoms might vary based on the specific kidney disorder.

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Theyre Herding The Family

As I have mentioned, German Shepherds were bred as herding dogs.

From the fields to the households, this innate need to herd remains in their genes.

Only now they dont have sheep or livestock to herd. As a result, they see you and your family as the herd.

They follow you around because they want to herd the family in one place say, the living room.

So Why Is My Dog Panting

Things to know as a new German Shepherd owner | Mistakes made by new owners

Here are some of the most common, and normal, reasons for a dog panting;

If your dog is hot

Dogs dont sweat effectively like humans so panting is the only real way they can lose heat. A thick coat, and a tendency to continue running around despite feeling too hot, doesnt help. Your dog will pant to lose heat until their normal body temperature is restored.

In a hot environment, if panting becomes excessive, this may be a sign of heatstroke. Drooling, vomiting, diarrhoea, and restlessness may be other signs. Cease any activity, find a cool spot in shade, and give your dog water. If possible, shower them with cool water. Always call your vet for advice if you think your dog may have heatstroke. It can be rapidly fatal without action.

If your dog is anxious

Panting can be a natural response to fear and anxiety. Your pet may pant in response to a visit to the vets, a thunderstorm or some other stressful event.

Although this a perfectly normal response, its a sign that they arent coping with their situation. A visit to the vets is a rare event and your pets panting should stop after the visit. Using; treats and fusses to build positive memories around the building and people may help to ease your pets fears in the long run.

If your dog is exercising

Panting is often a normal response to exercise or excitement.

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Why Is Your German Shepherd Panting At Night

If your german shepherd is panting at night, then finding out why is vital to figuring out how to stop it.

Here are all the different reasons that your german shepherd might be panting at night.

Theyre Too Hot

One of the main ways your german shepherd will cool themselves down when theyre too hot is by panting.

If you notice that theyre always panting at night, then check the temperature of your house. Remember, even if you think its a little bit cold, your pup has a thick double coat that could be making them too hot.

Of course, this is much more likely to happen in the summer months, but it can happen all year round.

Some other times this might happen is if youve just let them go for a run, or theyre sat near something thats hot.

One of my dogs used to sleep right next to the fire, and no matter how hot it got she wouldnt move until I moved her.

Theyre Stressed

Another common cause of panting is when your pup is stressed. However, finding out why theyre stressed can be difficult. If your dog is stressed then it could be caused by a change in their environment . And normally its something they arent happy with.

And the most important thing to remember about dog stress is that it may not make sense to you. Something that seems perfectly normal and not out of the ordinary to you, could be stressing your german shepherd out.


When your german shepherd is suffering from allergies you may notice they itch and scratch as well as lick and chew their paws.

They Imprinted On You

Imprinting was discovered by ethologist Konrad Lorenz. He experimented on baby geese and found out they imprinted on him.

In other words, the geese recognized him as their parent or person of trust.

This was because he was the first moving object that the geese saw when they hatched.

Apparently, imprinting happens in other animals, too, such as dogs. A puppy;imprints;between 3 and 12 weeks old.

Note:;When they imprint on you, they will form an attachment for you. Thus, they will follow you everywhere.

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Use Desensitization And Counterconditioning

Certain things trigger your dogs separation anxiety.

For example, putting on your shoes and grabbing your bag means youre about to leave.

You can use this to slowly desensitize your dog to these actions. The goal is to make these actions irrelevant.

Heres a suggestion:

Put on your shoes, grab your bag, then go sit on the couch. Do this a few times.

Counterconditioning, on the other hand, also works wonders. Its showing your dog that positive things happen when you do the actions.

Try putting on your shoes, then give your dog a tasty treat. Immediately leave for a few seconds.

Repeat a few times. Then lengthen the time that youre gone.

When Panting A Lot Is Normal

Do German Shepherds Like To Cuddle? (And Why They Don

If your German Shepherd has been panting a lot then it may be quite concerning for you.

Below, I will mention some instances where panting more than usual would be normal for a German Shepherd.

It is hot

If it pants more than usual when it is hot outside then this would be a normal time for a German Shepherd to pant a lot. However, if it has been out in the sun for a long time and it has started panting a lot more than usual then this would be a sign of heatstroke and you should cool it down and take it to a vet.

It has just been running

Another time where it is normal for a German Shepherd to pant more is right after it has been doing exercise.

It is excited

German Shepherds and most other dogs will pant more when they are excited and this should not be a cause for concern on its own.

It is acting normally otherwise

If your German Shepherd has not started to act differently suddenly then that would also be a sign that the panting is normal.

However, if it is acting normally, it could still be the case that there is something wrong. This would be more likely if it does it in the scenarios that will be mentioned below.

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Many Dogs Pant When They Play

Panting may simply be a sign of happiness in your dog. If so, the rest of your dog’s body language will reflect this happy mood. The tail will usually be wagging in a happy way. Your dog’s body and facial features will be somewhat relaxed. The eyes will appear bright and happy. Once things calm down, the panting will slow down and eventually stop. Continued mild panting with an open mouth and bright eyes is normal in a relaxed, content dog. In fact, many people consider this to be a doggie smile.

They Are Simply Clingy And Needy

If you have a dog that follows you all the time, even in the bathroom, you have a clingy dog.

They are clingy for a lot of reasons .

For instance, they had experienced something awful in the past. And it made them want to be near their owners all the time.

Their clinginess could also be caused by hearing and vision loss. They want to be near their owners to feel comfortable and secure.

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German Shepherd Whine When They Cannot See You

German Shepherds have very strong guarding and herding instincts; this is why they are the official guard, guide, search and rescue, and military dog. While at home, German Shepherds are very territorial.

It will follow its owner around the house and when it is locked in a room, the German Shepherd whines until it is opened for.

This is because it has an overwhelming urge to protect its owners. Hence, another reason your German Shepherd whines is when they cannot see you.;

You may have noticed this behavior in public. Your German Shepherd may turn and discover you are no longer in their line of sight; this may be very distressing for the dog as it cannot protect you. The dog may vocalize this distress by continuously whining.;

Fever Infection Or Intoxication

3 SIMPLE WAYS TO STOP PUPPY BITING! – Training German Shepherd not to Bite.

In some cases, panting and shaking may be the result of a canine fever or an infection in dogs. In others, maybe your dog has ingested something toxic, such as food or chemicals. If its a fever or infection and gets to a point where your dog is shaking and panting, he may have developed hyperthermia. Shaking and panting helps lower body temperature. In either scenario, the shaking and panting should not be ignored. Contact your vet immediately.

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My Dog Is Panting A Lot What Does It Mean

If your dogs panting a lot and theyre not warm and dont need to cool their body down, it could indicate a larger problem. Additionally, if their pants sound louder or harsher or they appear to be exerting more effort than usual, you should seek veterinary attention immediately as it could be a sign of one of the following problems:

Why Your German Shepherd Pants At Night

Each of the different reasons why your German Shepherd pants at night will likely come with a number of clues in the way that it does it.

In the following sections, Ill show you a number of reasons why it might be doing it, things to consider and what you can do about it.

Its hot

The reason why it pants a lot could be that it gets hot at night. This would be more likely to be the reason if the room that it sleeps in is normally quite hot. In this case, it would help to let it sleep in a cooler room or to try to cool the room down itself.

It has just been active

If your German Shepherd tends to get exercise in the evening or it tends to become very active in the evening then it would be likely to be the cause of the panting. In this case, it would not be an issue to be concerned with.


The reason why it has been panting a lot at night could be that it is anxious. This would be more likely if it started doing it when something happened that might make it anxious or if there is something in its environment that could make it anxious. It could be that someone mistreated it, there tends to be loud noises such as wind or sirens or that it has recently moved homes and it is unsure of its environment.

It is dreaming

Illness or injury

In this case, the best option for you would be to take it to a vet.


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