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How To Keep Your German Shepherd Entertained

Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

Keeping A German Shepherd Busy

Looking for some easy ways to keep your dog busy and entertained? Youve come to the right place.

Keeping your dog entertained can be a challenge. And trying to come up with new ways to keep your dog entertained can be more exhausting than actually getting up and doing it.

To help you out Ive put together a list of 33 simple ways to keep your dog busy indoors.

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It Improves Your Connection

Training or playing interactive games with your German Shepherd allows you to observe how they think, how they solve problems, the best ways for them to learn, and what motivates them.;

All of this will help you get to know your dog better and, consequently,;be better able to meet their intellectual needs. Additionally, it enhances your connection and allows you to communicate with each other more effectively.

A Note About German Shepherd Military Training

As you probably know, German Shepherds are one of the most common breeds utilized in police and military K9 units. All of the temperament characteristics weve mentioned in this article make them superstars in tracking suspects, locating missing persons, explosive and drug detection, and even attack.

The training techniques utilized for these types of work should be left to professionals in those fields.

Dabbling with targeted aggression is a very dangerous activity. It could lead to serious injury of people and dogs and could ultimately result in the removal of your dog.

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Play The Which Hand Game

If youve been thinking about teaching your dog some scent work games this is a great game to get you started. The only thing youll need is some dog treats, and if dont any on hand you can use some chopped up fruits & veggies or make your own homemade dog treats.

How to Play the Which Hand Game:

  • Place a treat in one of your hands.
  • Close your fists and hold them out in front of your dog.
  • Let the dog choose which hand its in.
  • When your dog sniffs or paws the correct hand open it up and give them the treat.
  • If he chooses incorrectly dont discourage him, it takes a few tries to catch on.
  • A gentle touch command will be helpful.

Tip: Chopped up carrots make excellent treats for scent work games and training. Theyre low in calories, easy to prepare, and dogs absolutely love them.

Do German Shepherds Get Bored Easily

How to keep your German Shepherd Entertained

Since German Shepherds are a tending breed, they may display this behavior when anxious. But they may also pace when bored. If your Shepherd is not showing any other signs of stress, he is probably bored. Sometimes, this behavior is followed by zoomies where your German Shepherd runs full speed through your house.

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Radio Might Be Better

Some dogs dont care for television, and thats okay. If they still seem to enjoy the background noise, try the radio instead.

You can either turn on regular radio stations, use online stations with specially created playlists, or you can queue up your own playlist on your computer or other device using songs your dog is used to hearing you listen to.

The options are limitless, and the familiarity will help soothe an upset or lonely dog.

Take a look at this article I wrote about German Shepherd depression it expands on the benefits of playing music for your German Shepherd, and how different types of music affect your dog.

Keeping A Gsd Busy Starts Before You Leave

Keeping a GSD busy while you are at work or school actually starts while youre still home.

In this phase, youll begin teaching your GSD puppy that its okay to be alone and what behaviors are expected of her while you are gone.

There are many ways to do this, but here are some suggestions to get you started.

When you leave toys, food, water, and soft bedding with your German Shepherd in his safe area, you are teaching him which objects are his, too.

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Aim For A Balance Between Physical And Mental Stimulation

As in humans, dogs need a balance of physical and mental exercise. While it cant replace their outdoor adventures entirely, we hope this list gives you some inspiration and helps to keep your pups entertained while were all cooped up a little more than wed like over the next few weeks.

Your Small Door team is here for you, and available 24/7 via the app if you have any questions or concerns about your pets health.

Our medical experts

Going On Scavenger Hunts


Scavenger hunts are similar to hide-and-seek, but involve things rather than people. Training them to play this game works best if you start with one of their favorite toys.

Place the toy somewhere in plain sight, hold your hand out, and command your GSD to find. When they take the toy to you, reward them with praises and treats. If theyre play-driven, you can throw the toy across the room for a quick game of fetch.

Repeat the same steps but try going further and further away from your dogs starting point. When youre confident in their understanding of the find command, you can make the task increasingly difficult by using some obstacles or hiding it in another room.

Make sure you reward them generously whenever theyre successful. At first, your dog might lose their way or become distracted. But as you keep practicing, their focus and scenting abilities sharpen and they become better and better at it.

Eventually, you can try this with other toys to transfer the command to anything you might want to;use during your scavenger hunt.

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Playing Red Light/green Light

Red light/green light is an excellent game to teach impulse control. Its basically just a fun way to reinforce your dogs obedience.

If your German Shepherd has already mastered their stationary commands as well as their release command , this game will be a breeze to learn.

The best way to play this is with a tug toy, rope toy, or flirt pole. Play with them as energetically as you can.

Then, say red light, stop playing, and command them to sit. Pause for about 2 seconds and say green light, give them their release command, and start playing again.

The goal of the game is to make sure they follow their commands even when theyre stimulated by play. As your GSD improves, lengthen the time between your red light and your green light.

Eventually, theyll know exactly what to do when its red light and green light, and you wont need to give them their specific commands.

Looking For More Boredom Busters For Your Dog

Does your dog get bored? If youre looking for more ways to keep your dog entertained be sure to check out our list of 26 simple ways to relieve dog boredom, how to keep your dog mentally stimulated, 5 quick ways to tire out your dog&10 fun brain games to play with your dog.

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Being An Emotional Support Dog

Unlike service dogs, emotional support dogs arent expected to perform specific tasks that address a disability.

Instead, they provide support by merely being present. Although this might seem insignificant, these dogs could be tremendously beneficial to people with anxiety, emotional, and psychiatric issues.

How you train your German Shepherd to provide emotional support will depend on the person that needs support and how best they can be comforted in times of emotional difficulty.

Generally, emotional support animals are trained for obedience and to keep their human company just as any other loyal and loving pet would.

Practice Short Bursts Of Obedience Training

How To Keep Your German Shepherd Entertained

Obedience training, in short sessions, works your dogs mind and body.

Obedience training will help keep your German Shepherd focused and happy. Training also helps give structure in his life, which your GSD thrives on.

Teach your dog new cues thatll be helpful to them and you in your everyday life:;

  • Sit
  • Near a cafe
  • At a dog-friendly store

Keep training upbeat and fun and spread out the training sessions into only 2 to 3-minute bursts, 3 to 4 times a day. Practice frequently by integrating your training into your routine, such as:

  • Lying down before their dinner
  • Coming to you and sitting for their leash to be clipped;
  • Sitting before you open the door

As long as you keep training exciting for them your German Shepherd is happy to participate!

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Can German Shepherds Be Left Alone What You Need To Know

Can German Shepherds be left alone? Yes, German Shepherds can be left alone for a certain period of time as long as their needs are well satisfied. Else they may develop undesirable behavior.

So, if you have a busy lifestyle and have no choice but to leave your German Shepherd for extended periods of time, youll have to find a way to address their needs and keep them entertained while youre away.

In this article, well look into just that as well as how long you can leave a German Shepherd alone, and what issues may arise when leaving your GSD alone for extended periods.

  • Can German Shepherds Be Left Alone?
  • Teach Your Dog To Chase Bubbles

    This is my favorite activity to keep my dog entertained when Im under the weather. Its such a simple way to keep my dog happy, entertained & exercised.

    I dont know why but some dogs are fascinated by catching bubbles. Theres even a wide selection of pet bubble making toys on the market. You dont have to go out and buy special bubbles either the bubbles that are available for children are nontoxic. If you have a child in the home heres some proof that babies, dogs and bubbles are the most adorable thing on the planet.

    If your dog has no idea what bubbles are heres a quick guide on how to teach your dog to chase bubbles. And seriously, a few 3-5 minute sessions of chasing bubbles can work wonders for your dog.

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    Chuckit Paraflight Dog Toy

    Price: $$

    • Can be used outdoors

    Our Overview

    No dog toy list is complete without a frisbee, and Chuckit is back with another top-quality toy that will keep your GSD healthy with plenty of running and jumping.

    Woven from tough nylon, the aerodynamic shape of this flying disc is meant to be lightweight. It can float, making it suitable for pool use as well.

    Although the brand claims it can stand up to chewing, the rubber edges tend to get bent when caught during a round of fetch. This can make it fly a bit wonky than in a straight line.

    Still, for the price and quality, this is a durable frisbee option.

    For pricing and availability .

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    Why Do German Shepherds Need A Job At Home

    German Shepherd highly entertained by water sprinkler

    I have seen more German Shepherds with behavior problems than other breeds. And in most cases, the reason for these behaviors was caused by a lack of stimulation and exercise in their daily lives.

    Not to mention, a lack of breed-specific German Shepherd activities.

    You could hire a dog walker to give your dog some extra attention, or

    You could spend more time bonding with them by getting involved in some fun German Shepherd job training!

    Give your German Shepherd a brain training program and the right type and kind of physical exercise for the German Shepherd Dogbreed to keep them satisfied in their lives.

    Good jobs for German Shepherds at home give both you and your dog an emotional boost that makes you feel happier for spending time with your dog while keeping them healthy and strong.

    Jobs to give your German Shepherd arent optional!

    They need a job because that is what they were bred to do


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    Give Toys To Your German Shepherd

    As long as the toy ischewable and safe to bite, you can give it to your dog to play with. Toys are away to keep your German Shepherds mentally stimulated and entertained, whichwill provide a distraction from his mischief.

    Just make sure to returnearly so you can be his fetching companion. German Shepherds are fast learners,and so do they like to please. Once he learns how to play fetch, this willsurely be your go-to game any day, any time.

    Give Your Dog Regular Grooming Sessions

    Although your dog wont find a grooming session as exciting as a game of tug it is something that needs to be done from time to time. Our dogs need to be brushed, bathed, have their teeth brushed, and have their nails trimmed when they start to get long.

    Some dogs tolerate grooming better than others, and the more you practice using positive rewards the easier it will become. Dont be afraid to hand out lots of treats during a grooming session you want to ensure your dog will associate grooming habits with a positive experience.

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    Dont Leave Your Pet Unattended

    Make sure that;you are aware of where your pet is at all times, and dont leave it playing outside un-attended. Over 50% of dogs are stolen from gardens and other play areas of the homes, when they are left un-attended.

    It only takes a few minutes for an enterprising thief to sneak into your home and lift your dog.

    Stay Calm When You Leave

    This post will show you how you can keep your German ...

    When the big day comes and you actually have to leave for real, your dog may not be the only one thats upset or worried.

    Since dogs are pack animals, they can sense your stress level and your anxiety.

    Try to remain calm. Dont act like its the end of the world as you walk through the door.

    If youre in tears, your dog is going to start acting up, too. Instead of being dramatic about it, just give your dog a normal amount of affection, put him in his safe zone or crate, and then leave.

    Do not look back, do not open the door to check on him; just go. The calmer you are during departure, the less likely it will be that your dog will become anxious.

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    Bone & Joint Protection

    Many dog owners associate bone and joint disease with senior dogs, but the truth is that it is often genetic, and symptoms can start presenting themselves both in young and older dogs. German Shepherds are prone to joint problems, so prevention is crucial when wanting to care properly for your pup.

    Since the GSD is a large breed dog, they mature more slowly than other smaller breeds, which includes the bones and joints. A young German Shepherd should be kept from jumping up and down on tall surfaces, to avoid causing irreparable damage as their bones are still soft, and once they grow older it is a good idea to start them on a supplement with glucosamine and chondroitin to improve and maintain bone- and joint health.

    Nutrition & Healthy Food

    The importance of a healthy diet is not specific to the German Shepherd, but due to its size and intelligence the downsides of feeding low-quality food might be more evident than in some other dog breeds. They need a precise balance of protein, carbs, fiber and more; something you wont find in most grocery store dog food brands, which are usually packed with fillers and artificial ingredients. Such a diet will leave your dog at risk for infections, allergies, poor coat quality, and even early death, as they simply do not provide your pup with enough nutrients.

    Do proper research before deciding on a food brand; read the ingredients list, look for online dog food reviews, ask for recommendations at your local pet store and do a google search for accredited dog food comparison websites, to find the best product for your GSD.

    Most of the protein content should come from meat, so always check that real meat and/or meat meal is listed among the first ingredients in the list of contents. This cannot be stretched enough, as you will quickly notice that low-quality brands list mostly grains and other fillers, such as corn, rather than any real source of nutrients.

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    Nina Ottoson Dog Brick Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

    The;Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Dog Toy by Outward Hound teaches your dog to use his nose to hunt for food. The compartments hide kibble, treats, or other tasty tidbits. Some compartments slide while others flip open. Your dog will love to search for food and immediately get his reward. The puzzle toy is convenient for you because your dog is mentally stimulated without requiring your constant presence. You can give him the Puzzle Brick while youre at work and he will be happily entertained!

    The Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Puzzle Brick works for both puppy German Shepherds and adult German Shepherds. You can fill the compartments with kibble, diced baby carrots, pieces of cooked chicken, or healthy treats.

    Similar Toys to Consider:

    Kong Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy: This rewarding toy entertains your dog simply by wobbling around on the floor and dispensing tidbits of food as it moves. Its bottom-heavy, so itll stay upright unless the dog moves it around with his paw or nose. Its another great option for your German Shepherd to entertain himself while you are busy.

    Tether Tug Ultimate Dog Rope: This interactive tug toy lets your German Shepherd play tug with himself or another doggy friend. The flexible pole snaps back into place when he lets go of the rope. Your German Shepherd can play his favorite game while you are busy in the backyard.


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