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What Size Crate For Male German Shepherd

How To Care For A German Shepherd In Heat

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Now that you know what a heat cycle is , its time to learn how to care for your German Shepherd during her heat cycle.

Before we get started, please stick around until the end of the article.

Well also cover what to do for your male German Shepherd if hes sensing a female in heat. Your sweet little boy needs some help, too!

First and foremost, there isnt a lot of intervention needed when a healthy German Shepherd goes into heat. Not for her body at least.

Her body knows what its doing. Even if its just starting out and making a few newbie mistakes, itll get the hang of things without your help.

What you can do, however, is be an emotional support human for your dog. Its the least we can do, right?

How Big Should A Dog Crate Be

It is important to get the size of your dogs crate right. It shouldnt be too cramped, but it shouldnt offer too much space, either.

Your dog should be able to turn around easily and sit up without hitting her head on the top. She should also be able to stretch out her legs when lying on her side. Dogs need leg room, too!

Dog owners often buy crates that are too large to give their dog lots of extra space, but this actually detracts from the crates usefulness as a training tool. For example, crates can be used for house training, but if your dog has too much room in her crate, she could end up using one corner as a bathroom.

Whats more, crates can give your pooch a feeling of security, which your dog wont be feeling if she has lots of empty space around her.

So, what size dog crate do you need?

What Size Crate For German Shepherds

Now weve looked at a few options and discussed the best uses and size for a crate, we would love to hear from you.

What German Shepherd crate size did you choose?

If youve used any great crate brands, make sure to let us know in the comments.

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Why Use A Divider

Dividers are usually sheets of plastic or metal caging that can be used to separate your dogs crate into smaller sections.

Using a divider will allow you to tailor your crate to the exact size you need. And to change it accordingly as your dog grows!

This will save you a lot of money in the long run, as you wont need to replace your dogs crate each time he outgrows it.

Plus, it means your dog wont be in a crate that is too big for him, which can be messy!

So what size crate is best for a German Shepherd puppy? The same as an adult!

Keep Them On The Same Food They Were Eating Prior To Adoption

German Shepherd Dog Crate

When you adopt a German Shepherd puppy from Vom Springer, youll be given a bag of Nutri Source puppy food to bring home with you. Keep your pup on this food for an extended period time, as switching them to another food too quickly can cause them to get sick. We recommend continuing to use Nutri Source throughout their lives , but if you do want to try a different brand, then make the transition slowly.;

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What About German Shepherds In Heat

Like every other female unspayed dog, German Shepherds will all go through their heat cycle. The only difference is that due to their size, this large breed is likely to have to wait a bit longer for their first heat cycle to arrive.;

It is always recommended to keep an eye on your female German Shepherd for signs of the estrus cycle from when she reaches 4 months old. However, it is likely that your dog wont enter her first cycle until shes around 1, maybe even 2, years old. This is purely due to the size of the dog and is nothing to worry about.;

Where Did The King Shepherd Originate

As his name suggests, the King Shepherd is a king-sized Shepherd hybrid. This large breed was developed by Americans Shelley Watts-Cross and David Turkheimer.

The King Shepherd was initially bred from American and European German Shepherds, Alaskan Malamutes and Great Pyrenees. They started breeding them in the early 1990s, however, an official breed club was only established in 1995. And the rest as they say, is canine history.

The King Shepherd won an instant appeal for his high intelligence, unfailing loyalty, vigorous effort, and his attractive appearance.

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How Easy Is The King Shepherd To Train

We know by now that this is a super smart canine, but despite this, initial training will require a lot of patience, consistency, and persistence, as is with any other dog.

However, as King Shepherds are so eager to please you, training will be really fun and your new canine companion will get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Once trained, your King Shepherd retains the lessons taught. As long as you also remember and implement what you learned in obedience classes, then you are in for years of loyal companionship.

Follow the training progress of this five-and-a-half-month-old King Shepherd

How To Determine The Correct German Shepherd Crate Size

Impact Stationary Dog Crate for German Shepherd – Review

One of the most important parts of choosing the best German Shepherd crate for your pup is to measure it properly. You want to purchase a well-ventilated, comfortable crate where your German Shepherd can stand up, turn around, and lie down.

However, this is a balancing act. You dont want your dogs crate to be too big. This is because dogs do not like to soil their own bedding, and this is why they will hold it while in a crate. They dont want to pee or poop in the place where they are sleeping.

If your crate is too big, though, your dog may be able to find a corner away from its bed to have an accident which will defeat the purpose, and encourage future accidents.

To measure your German Shepherd properly, heres what youll need to do.

  • To get the proper length, measure your German Shepherd from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail, and add 2-4 inches.
  • To get the proper height, sit your German Shepherd down, and measure from the head or tip of its ears to the ground.
  • To get the proper width, measure your German Shepherds body width, and add 4 inches

Using these dimensions, you can choose the right size of crate for your dog. Note, too, that most larger crates come with a divider. This divider can be used to make the crate smaller for a puppy, ensuring that you do not have to purchase multiple crates as your dog grows.

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Metal Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Best match: destructive doggos

For all the doggy parents dealing with destructive dogs, I sympathize with you and hereby offer you a solution! These crates are intended for the heavy chewers, diggers, and talented escape artists. Huskies, we are looking at you

Heavy duty dog crates can be expensive, and they arent the most beautiful, but they are certainly worth it if your dog has these naughty habits. By buying one that cant be destroyed, youll be saving yourself a lot of money and stress!

Some of these models are also approved for airline travel, so you dont have to worry about your dog getting up to no good while youre in the air. Plus, if she already uses this crate at home, she will be accustomed to it and more relaxed while traveling.

Pros of Heavy Duty Crates:

  • Very durable – can contain most destructive or escape artist-type dogs
  • Some are approved for airline travel if your dog is already used to the crate that will make travel easier

Cons of Heavy Duty Crates:

  • Expensive
  • Not the most attractive – but your dog will sure look tough in front of her friends!

>>For our pick of the best heavy-duty dog crates, please click;here.

The King Shepherd Is Famous For His Temperament

Weve just had a look at the German Shepherd temperament, so now lets take a look at this mighty dogs personality. King Shepherds will worm their way into your heart with their winning ways.

They are extremely loving and steadfastly loyal, as we mentioned earlier. Its mild, kind and playful too.

King Shepherds are hard workers which comes from their shepherd instinct. They are eager to please and are quick to grasp what you want them to do.

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Which Crate Should I Pick

German Shepherds are very social, affectionate, and strong enough to rip apart delicate boundaries that cordon them from their favorite pastime: playing with you. A metal wireframe checks two boxes with the same pen as it allows your dog to feel like hes a part of the surrounding social scene because of high visibility.

So, if we concentrate on metal wire crates, heres what Id pick

The best dog crate for German Shepherds is the;MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate;as its strong, durable, and ideal for large dogs. This all-inclusive crate has everything you need, as it includes a handy divider panel and a portable plastic tray, meaning youve nothing else to buy.

Other Features And Convenience

German Shepherd Dog Crate Size

The playpen comes with a carry mechanism that makes it look like a large laptop bag and features outer pockets and even a water bottle holder. Since the whole thing is made of fabric and inbuilt support, theres no assembly needed. That, however, isnt a differentiating factor since many other options on this list require no assembly.

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Male Vs Female German Shepherd

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According to American Kennel Club, GSDs rank second as the most popular dogs because of their extraordinary characteristics. Theyre faithful, obedient, brave and intelligent, regardless of the gender. Though male and female GSDs have similarities, they also have relevant differences. If youre thinking of buying either a male or a female GSD, take note of the following differences so you can choose which one is a good match for your lifestyle and preference.

Running The Dog How Much

The running distance depends upon the training given to the German shepherd. A healthy German shepherd can run a distance of 5-30miles per hour on average. Above this running limit, it is too much for the dog to run a greater distance. Some of the factors are as follows, which influences the running speed of the dog. 1. the health of the dog, 2. level of training and 3. age of the dog.

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When Your Dog Dislikes Traveling By Car

Everybody imagines that dogs automatically enjoy traveling by car but this is not always the case. Some dogs may never enjoy the car but most can be trained to ultimately enjoy the ride.

Unfortunately, many of your pups first car trips are to the veterinarian for vaccinations, getting an identity chip implanted, and having a wellness check, which usually includes taking your German Shepherds temperature. None of this is pleasant.

If your puppy does not travel well, you will have to acclimate them to the car. This takes time and patience but it will be well worth the effort once you have a happy traveling companion.

Here are some tips to get your dog used to the car:

  • Start by letting your puppy sit in the crate in a stationary car for 10 minutes until they are calm and settled. Take your pup out, give lots of praise and perhaps a treat. Find out more about crate training too.
  • Once the puppy starts to see the car as a friend go for very short drives even down a driveway is enough to begin with. Do this for a few times then, if all is well, gradually increase the length of the journey. Dont forget to praise and give a treat.
  • Put safe toys in the crate to take your pups mind off the journey.
  • Continue to make each trip enjoyable and soon your German Shepherd puppy will be thrilled to accompany you.

    What Happens When My Dog Gets Old

    German Shepherd puppy | Heavy bone Huge size | 46 days old GSD puppy | #BanarasDogKennel #BDK

    Unlike humans, dogs dont go through menopause. She will go in and out of the heat for the rest of her life. The only difference is, any form of regularity with previous heat cycles will go out of the window. Forget everything you thought you knew about how long each cycle lasts.;

    After around 6 years, your German Shepherd is likely to have shorter heat cycles. This is especially the case if she has been pregnant before. If she becomes pregnant during the shorter heat cycles, this wont change the health of the puppies compared to a longer heat cycle.;

    As with all mammals, female dogs will become less fertile as they age. This doesnt mean their heat cycles will stop. This is because German Shepherds are born with all the eggs they will need in their lifetime, so they wont produce any more as they age. Instead, the eggs will begin to age and die off if they havent been used, resulting in shorter heat cycles due to less fertility.;

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    Things To Pack When Planning Your Road Trip

    Once your German Shepherd is crate trained and has basic training it may be time for your puppys road first trip. If you have children, youll already know how much baggage you have to take in the car with you! Your puppy is no different and you should take:

    • Crate
    • Health certificates if you are traveling out-of-state.

    The First Ride Home: Making It Safe And Secure

    If youre a first-time dog owner, you often forget that the dog also needs to be secured when driving in a car.

    The most important thing to have with you when you go pick up your German Shepherd is a carrying crate in which to bring him home.;

    Heres a travel crate big enough to fit a 30-50 lb puppy, which is suitable for your GSD puppy up to 6 months:

    This ride will probably be the very first ride for your pup.

    And puppies tend to be known for having a sensitive stomach and a moving car might make them vomit.

    And trust me, its a lot better if theyre in a crate rather than on your lap when that happens.

    Another reason, for the German Shepherd puppy to be in their crate is that a puppy tends to be quite nervous and squirmy during their first car ride. They are in a strange place with a stranger who wouldnt be a bit nervous?

    Accidents could occur if puppies crawl under the brake pedal, knocked the gearshift, and simply taking the drivers eyes off the road.

    The ride home is not necessarily a bonding moment, the only thing that matters is that everybody gets home safe.

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    We All Have Health Issues Even King Shepherds

    Like the rest of us, King Shepherds may have some health problems.

    Dont panic. But it pays to be informed. Because your King Shepherd is a crossbreed, they may have health problems associated with both of his parents.

    The good news is that hybrids like King Shepherds have what vets call hybrid vigor. This means they can be delightfully hardy and healthy.

    However, King Shepherds like other big dogs may be prone to such medical conditions as joint dysplasia, Von Willebrands disease, hypothyroidism. They may also inherit allergies and eye diseases, degenerative myelopathy, pancreatic problems and thrombopathia.

    Dog Crate Sizes Chart For All Popular Breeds

    What crate size?

    This is a dog crate size guide for common dog breeds, designed to help you choose the right size crate for your pet. But first, let me tell you two things:

  • I have provided a weight and height bracket for each section, so you have a rough idea of which category your dog is likely to fall under.
  • Your dogs gender – as well as the possibility of mixed ancestry – affects her size. So, bear in mind that he or she may need a bigger or smaller crate than what is listed here.
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    The 5 Best Dog Crates Those Are Most Suitable For German Shepherds

    Crate for German Shepherd: When looking for the best dog crate for your German shepherd, you can find hundreds of different options. Here is our guide to finding the best one for your German Shepherd Dog and our recommendations.

    This guide is intended to make choosing a good dog crate for your German shepherd and also to make your research easy and simple.

    Some great things to consider when choosing the best dog crate for your German Shepherd puppy or full grown-up dog:

    • Proper crate size, dimensions, and dimensions
    • Design for flexibility, comfort, and safety
    • The durable and sturdy structure that can stand up to some wear
    • Proper crate type
    • Appropriate materials
    • How the dog crate fits in with your plans for training your German Shepherd dog or puppy

    What Do German Shepherd Puppies Like To Play With

    The;best toys for young German Shepherds;are interactive ones that stimulate their senses. Especially exciting are treat dispensers and squeaky toys while teething toys provide tons of comfort. They also love balls that they can grasp and chase after.

    But GSD puppies dont just love toys and things. They also love playing with people and other animals. Its best to start socializing your pup as early as possible so they can enjoy being their playful selves with others.

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