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How To Stop My German Shepherd From Barking

My German Shepherd Is Barking At Strangers

How to STOP barking dog on leash! My german shepherd is aggressive towards other dogs

Similar the above.

This could be due to:

Wanting to greet the person

Territorial behavior like warning a stranger or the postman to leave the premises

Fear of humans

Your dog sees the human as a threat to themselves or you

Socialisation and basic obedience should deal with most of this.

If not, you may choose to see a professional if the barking becomes really irritating, or aggressive.

They Can Hear Something

When your dog is barking at night, a lot of the time its because they can hear something. German Shepherds are excellent guard dogs, however, when guarding your house its not uncommon for them to bark.

And on top of barking, they may also whine, howl, and growl.

If you notice the barking getting more and more intense, then that often means the perceived threat is moving closer and closer.

While you may see this as a nuisance and annoying, its also nice to know that theyre only trying to protect you! The most common noises that will cause them to go into a frenzy are animal noises.

While they arent as common in towns its much more common in the country and suburban areas that wildlife will agitate your german shepherd. Deer, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, and birds can all set them off!

And remember, wherever you are, cats and other dogs can also cause your german shepherd to bark!

Barking At Everyone On Walks


Hahaha wow. If your dog barks at everything and you are actually proud of that then I feel sorry for you…. And your neighbors.

Jlmaiorana said:Tried ecollar teainer and all positive trainer. Gonna meet in the middle with Leeburg style. She barks at people in general. Up close her ears go back and she wants to lunge at them playfully. Trying to socialize as much as possible.

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Get Your German Shepherds Attention Before They Have A Chance To Bark At Strangers

Timing is everything, so have your treats readily available to offer your dog.

You are looking to get their attention away from the distraction.

If your dog is so focused on the stranger they cant pay attention to the super tasty treat right in front of their nose, then move away from the stranger because youve surpassed your dogs threshold.

Many times, I have my German Shepherd perform the sit when were coming upon strangers and I think shes about to bark. I take a few feet back from the sidewalk with her and this distracts her to perform another activity, walking away and the sit, while she eats the treats and the stranger walks past.

Check out the following for thebest German Shepherd training commands for the ultimate in behavior modification.

Remember that learning a new behavior takes time, especially a self-rewarding behavior like barking. This means your dog may take weeks and weeks of training to curb its desire to bark at strangers.

Keep rewarding them with pea-size pieces of soft treats when outdoors and when they look at you and sit , instead of barking.

Have patience and dont lose your temper.

Eventually, youll be able to have your dog closer and closer to strangers without them barking.

German Shepherd Barking At Strangers

How to Get a German Shepherd to Stop Barking

Theres nothing more embarrassing than a german shepherd barking at strangers. Not only are they incredibly loud, but because theyre so big they can also scare a lot of people.

While you know theyre not going to do any harm to people, other people arent so sure. And it can often result in people trying to avoid you.

If you want to stop your german shepherd from barking then keep reading to find out the 3 best ways to fix it, as well as the situations you should use each training method.

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    Possible Reasons For Your German Shepherds Barking

    When trying to figure out why your German Shepherd is barking its important to consider the location that it is barking, the time that it is barking and if other people or animals are present when its barking.


    A common cause for German Shepherds to bark is excitement. When theyre anticipating something is about to happen that they enjoy theyll often bark to make sure it happens. Scenarios, when this might happen, is when it hears you approaching the door, if you have a dog walker who just pulled up outside or if youre about to walk it yourself.

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    Nerves or fear

    The cause of the barking could be due to it being nervous or fearful about something. It could be that something has happened in its past that it doesnt want to happen again so its barking to make it stop. It could also be that its nervous about a place that it is going such as the vet and it doesnt want to go.

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    Its still young

    Its common for German Shepherd puppies to bark more. If your German Shepherd is still young then it should reduce its barking as it gets older.

    With that being said, its important that you start to train it while it is still young so that it will be better behaved an adult and so that youll be able to control when it barks.


    Territorial barking



    Your German Shepherd Is Lonely

    German Shepherd dogs dont tend to do very well when they are left alone for hours at a time, especially if this pattern is consistent.

    This is a dog breed that truly has been bred and developed to live and work alongside their people.

    Some dog owners think it is sufficient to get a lonely German Shepherd another dog to have as a playmate. Unfortunately, this doesnt work for the GSD because these dogs are true people dogs. They want to be with you.

    For this reason, it is important not to bring a German Shepherd into your home and life if you are not able to be present and available to your dog for the majority of each day.

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    How Do I Teach A German Shepherd To Bark On Command

    Teaching your GSD to bark on command is a good way to ward off any people or animals looking for trouble. Start by observing the situations that trigger the bark. For example, you notice that he barks whenever you give him a toy. To start training him, put a barrier between you and your GSD then offer him the toy playfully. He will attempt to get the toy but he cant get it because of the barrier. He will naturally bark when that happens. As soon as he barks, give him a treat and say speak. Keep repeating this process until he associates his bark with your speak command. Once she understands the meaning of speak, offer a toy without a barrier. When he barks, give him a treat and say speak. GSDs are intelligent beings so your GSD will figure it out fast.

    Training your GSD to stop barking or to bark on command is essential for GSDs especially those with barking issues. Follow the tips above and soon you can control your GSDs barking. Not only you, but also your neighbors will be happy.

    Start Obedience Training Early

    How to Train a Barking Anxious German Shepherd Dog with a Prong Collar

    The best way to have control over your GSDs barking habits is to include it in its obedience training lessons. If your pup doesnt bark, it doesnt mean that you can sit back and relax. Its territorial instincts can kick in at any point and then youll be left with no option but to suffer. Obedience training is the best type of training that turns a wild GSD into a home dog. Due to the success of obedience training methods, many people around the world prefer buying GSDs for their homes.

    • Use a clicker to train your dog to bark and when to stop.
    • Say No when you dog barks without your consent.
    • If your dog is exhibiting good manners during the training, praise it.
    • Keep the barking to commands only, which means that allow your dog to bark when you give it a heads-up.
    • Set rules for barking.
    • Make your GSD learn to alert you to certain conditions. For example if a stranger enters your property, if someone breaks into your home, if someone in the family is hurt, etc.
    • This training method will help you use your dogs barking for appropriate things only.

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    Step 6 Desensitize Your German Shepherd To Barking At Strangers With Positive Training

    If your German Shepherd barks at strangers when he is outside the house, for example, during walks, then begin a desensitization program.

    This is a way to find their threshold and to work on decreasing the distance to the stimulus .

    Use treats that are soft, like cheese, tiny pieces of fresh-cooked chicken, or even homemade dog training fudge. Reserve these treats only for outside training times, which makes them more high value to your GSD.

    Use one of these treats that are highly scented to catch your German Shepherds attention before they bark.

    They emit a heavy aroma, and this helps get your dogs attention.

    Learn how to read your dogs body language and watch for any signs that suggest they are about to bark.

    Be on the lookout for:

    • a stiff body
    • hair standing erect on the back and shoulders
    • attentive staring at the stranger or nuisance object

    When you see your dog showing these signs, move away from the stimulus .

    Hold the treat in front of their nose so they can smell and see the treat. As he looks at the treat and walks past or away from the stranger, give him the treat before he has time to bark.

    Your German Shepherd Is Excited

    Just like kids, puppies can easily become over-excited. As puppies, German Shepherds may bark when they get worked up through play, training sessions or exercise.

    Even as adults, if your GSD gets very excited about something or someone, including a favorite visitor, a tasty treat or the presence of another dog or animal, you can expect to hear some vigorous barking.

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    Things That Will Never Get German Shepherd Barking Under Control

    Punishing your dog by hitting, kicking or a raised hand in the ready to smack’ position. This will scare your dog and cause mistrust.

    And in the case of attention-seeking barking, it will only reinforce the behavior.

    Shouting at your dog will make him think you’re joining in with the barking. Shouting will not make your dog stop barking.

    In most cases, your dog will turn a deaf ear and continue barking.

    Using a bark collar. This will cause your dog considerable pain and discomfort. It is not a proven method to stop barking.

    It will also cause negative feelings in your dog. These feelings can be associated with a person or animal present when the shock is applied. This equals aggression.

    Invest In Obedience Training

    How Often Do German Shepherds Bark?  Embora Pets

    If your dog does not stop barking when you tell him to , it is time for more obedience training.

    Dogs are going to bark itâs what they do. They should be obedient enough, however, to back off when given the command. If he doesnât do that, he needs to be taught a command that gets him to do that.

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    Use The Following Steps To Increase Your Dogs Attentiveness

    STEP 1 Pick a toy that is only used for this special training game so they focus on your cues more easily. Some toys that your dog may love are toys that squeak, crinkle, make noises of other kinds, or smells interesting.

    STEP 2 Now, act energetically by jumping up and down, making unique noises, or slapping your hand against your leg. Your German Shepherd is much more likely to pay attention to you if youre energetic and excited.

    STEP 3 As your dog looks to you, begin to run away. German Shepherds have a high prey drive and love to chase. So, running in the opposite direction convinces your GSD to chase after you, especially if you have their favorite toy in your hand.

    STEP 4 Now, reward your dog with their special toy when they catch up to you. Toss their toy for them and enjoy a bit of playtime with them. Keep the energy upbeat and positive. The playtime with the toy is the reward instead of a food treat and encourages your dog to stay near you.

    STEP 5 Continue to play the catch-reward-play game throughout the day. Your German Shepherd will begin to form the habit of paying attention to you when you are consistent in your training and in your rewards.

    STEP 6 Eventually, move on to using a cue word to get your dogs attention, such as in the focus or capture methods.

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    Bring The Dog To Another Room

    You may have to keep the dog away from new people at first. You can put a lease on if the doorbell rings, and lead the dog to another room. You can then get to the door. If your German Shepherd stops barking, you can bring him out then to greet the stranger. The dog will learn that not all strangers are bad. I cant emphasize this enough, building relationship and learning together with your dog are the only ways to teach the dog good behaviors.

    Remember, German Shepherds have a certain instinct that makes them have a proclivity to do certain work. You can train your dog to be a guard dog as well as a household pet. If you want to just have a pet, then you can teach the dog all the above ways to be calm.

    Chances are if you ever are in danger, protective instincts will kick in as well. However, its nice to just enjoy companionship without always being on edge in the meantime.

    Most of the above mentioned tips involve using dominance and rewards, in fact, there is a better way to effectively stop a German Shepherd barking by using just 5 Simple Unique Exercises.

    Check out Button Link Below, these exercises are designed specifically to show you how to train your dog properly to Finally Put an End to Your Dogs Obsessive, Annoying and Frustrating German Shepherd Barking Habits.

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    Learn The Reasons Why Is Your German Shepherd Barking

    German Shepherd Dogs bark for different reasons, and if you can identify the reason behind your dogs barking, it will be easier to stop it.

    Frequent reasons for a dogs barking include: protecting his territory, alerting you of a danger, or expressing anxiety or other emotions.

    Some dogs bark to demand attention from their owners. Others learn to bark as a way to ask for something, usually food.

    Many breeds have been genetically selected as guard dogs as they have a strong tendency to bark as a first warning signal.

    In fact, the German shepherd was created as a herding dog that would sound alarms if any danger occurred within its flock.

    S I Used To Alter Charley’s Excessive Barking

    GERMAN SHEPHERD TRAINING! My German Shepherd Won’t Stop Barking!
    • Get your dog excited. Throw his toy, jump up and down or make barking noises. The point here is to get him over-the-top excited!
    • Once your dog is barking open and close your hand as shown in the pictures this is your hand signal. Do this while saying the word speak’.

    Teach speak’ with hand signals and curb German Shepherd barking

    German Shepherd Barking: Use Hand Signals to teach your dog to speak

    Note: This is one of the few times giving a hand signal and a voice command from the start is a good idea.

    Your German Shepherd will soon make the connection. You can learn more about .

    Note: If it takes a while just be patient and persistent. Some dogs are shy when it comes to barking at their owners.

    Once your dog gets it’, the next step is not to reward for more than one bark at a time. Mark and reward are important to show him you only want one bark.

    Once your dog fully understands the speak command’ it’s time to teach the opposite cue, quiet’.

    • Follow the same steps by getting your dog excited and revved up. This will make him bark.
    • Once your dog is barking put your open hand just in front of his nose. Now say the word quiet’ in a firm but kind voice.
    • The second your dog stops barking mark and reward his behavior.

    Your German Shepherd will soon have the a-ha moment’. He’ll quickly make the connection that quiet’ and your hand signal means stop barking’.

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    German Shepherd Barking At Other Dogs 7 Tips For Prevention

    Theres nothing worse than taking your dog for a walk, and in the back of your mind fearing your german shepherd barking at other dogs. If this sounds like you then dont worry. There are lots of tips and tricks you can do to stop this happening.

    In this article, youre going to learn lots of different ways to stop your german shepherd barking at other dogs as well as why it happens in the first place. So keep reading!

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  • Why Your German Shepherd Barks So Much

    German Shepherds can be very loud dogs and youll often want to get yours to be quieter. This post will help you to figure out why your German Shepherd barks a lot and what to do about it.

    So, why does your German Shepherd bark so much? The main causes are excitement, protection of territory and owners, fear, being young, pain and boredom. Its important to consider the time, place and situation where your German Shepherd is barking when trying to figure out the root cause.

    And how to reduce your German Shepherds barking? The most common approaches are to prevent the barking scenarios from being able to occur, giving it lots of exercise , using treats to get it to pay attention to you instead of barking and socializing it and training it from an early age.

    There are actually a lot of factors to consider when youre trying to reduce your German Shepherds barking. The best approach for you to take will depend on what is causing your German Shepherd to bark.

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