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What Size Kennel Does A German Shepherd Need

What Size Dog Crate Should You Get For A Labrador

Crate Train Your German Shepherd Puppy

In the majority of cases, a 42-inch crate is the perfect size for an adult Labrador.

But there are size differences between Labradors: English labs Vs American labs, and male vs female, so if youre buying for an adult Lab its always best to take the measurements as described above to find the correct size.

When you shop for a crate, the sizes are usually given as a length and weight. For example, 42 inch and suitable for dogs between 70 and 90 pounds.

With a 42 inch crate, the other dimensions are designed to suit and are almost always correct.

OUR EXPERIENCE: At home we have 36 inch and 42 inch crates for our Service Dogs in Training which are mostly Labs or Golden Retrievers. Based on our experience our SDiTs under 70 pounds usually fit in the 36 inch crates. Over 70 pounds usually require the 42 inch crate.

However, please do check the height and compare to the measurement taken above to be absolutely sure. Especially if buying an unconventional or custom-made one.

You can see a handpicked list of the best dog crates available for Labs by.

Best Dog Crate For German Shepherd: The Choice Is Yours

We hope that this article has given you a new perspective on the subject. We also hope that you will be able to make the best choice for you and your German Shepherd.

In many ways, your dog will view that crate as its territory. With all that your dog does for you, you owe it to them to give them the best territory that you can get.

What Our Customers Say

We dont like to brag, but we dont mind when our customers do. Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful pet owners.


Just purchased a 48 inch dog cage and got a pleasant shock at the quality and price and the ease it was to put it together.

Kimberley my sales assistant was so helpful and friendly I will recommend Somerzby to all my family and friends.


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Ecoflex Pet Crate/end Table

This one is listed as an alternative product because it isnt just meant for utilitarian use. Instead, this one is a combination of a dog crate and an end table, allowing it to serve as both crate and furniture.

The smoky grey color matches well with either light or dark colors, and the details are subtle enough to make you forget that its a dog pen.

In the wild, dogs tend to curl up in a dark, cozy den. This might be as simple as a hole dug in the earth or the overhang of a cliff.

Either way, this crate does a good job of simulating that environment. Dogs naturally want to curl up and go to sleep in this thing.

This one is made of a composite material, which is a nice way of saying that its high-grade plastic. This would give us some worries about its ability to hold a dog, but there is no good place for a dog to chew.

Thus, it would be very hard for them to gnaw their way out of this cage.

Assembly is fast and easy with this crate, so thats another benefit. Its easier to assemble than most pieces of furniture since it is made from only a few large pieces.

It would be nice to break down the whole thing for compact carrying, but you cant have everything in life.

The only issue here is security, as this one might not be strong enough to hold your dog.

Also, the latches are made of thin metal and look like they would be easily broken if a big German Shepherd threw its weight against its surface.

What Do You Put In A Dog Crate

Choosing a Crate for Your Dog  How to Size it Up
  • Put the crate in an area of your house where the family spends a lot of time, such as the family room. Put a soft blanket or towel in the crate.
  • To encourage your dog to enter the crate, drop small food treats near it, then just inside the door, and finally, all the way inside the crate.
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    How Big Can A German Shepherd Get

    The German shepherd or the Alsatian dog is the second most popular breed of dog. This breed of dog is intelligent, loyal, and fun to have.

    Captain Max von Stephanitz bred this medium-sized dog for herding purposes. Additionally, this multipurpose dog full of intelligence and keen senses of smell has found favor among police and armed forces over the years.

    Also, when it comes to size, the GSD is a medium-sized breed. That said, by the end of this article, you will have understood how big a female or a male GSD could get either during puppyhood or adulthood.

    So, if you have been wondering how big a German shepherd can get, you are in the right place.


  • The exit
  • Choose The Right Crate

    Crate training starts with choosing the right crate. With all the information and recommendations we have listed in this article, it should be easier to narrow down your choices.

    Wire crates are popular for most dogs however, if you plan on traveling, you want to find an enclosed crate that is durable and easy to transport.

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    Best Dog Crate For Travel

    If you need a dog crate big enough for your German Shepherd but also good for traveling, then consider this SportPet Designs Rolling Kennel.

    It comes in a variety of sizes, including X-Large and XX-Large, to accommodate your larger dog.

    It is airline-approved and meets IATA airline requirements, making it ideal for travel. It is suitable for dogs up to 140 pounds in weight.

    This rolling kennel includes a water dish and the metal bolts and nuts you need. It is made from a durable plastic material and is easy to assemble.

    The wheels on this rolling kennel are removable, and there are tie-down holes for the bungees, as required by airlines.

    For even more comfort, there is plenty of room to add a SportBed fleece bed , so your dog can be cozy in its kennel for the duration of your trip.

    What Kind Of Kennel Should I Get For My Gsd

    German Shepherd Everything You Need to Know

    Because GSDs are naturally active working dogs, finding the right kennel to keep them secure can be a challenge. You want to find something thats big enough to house your dog comfortably, without giving too much space to encourage them from marking their space.

    Improper crate training with an anxious dog can lead to destructive behavior, and even worse a dog that chews on a metal crate only to find out the hard way that its not compatible with teeth. That can end up costing you thousands of dollars in vet bills if you arent cautious.

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    How Big Of A Crate Does A German Shepherd Need

    When buying a dog crate, the consensus is that you should err on the side of caution and opt for more space and a bigger crate. German Shepherds are a large breed, and the American Kennel Club states that they weigh between 65-90 pounds for a male and 50-70 pounds for females.

    However, you have to consider that this is only a rough guide as all dogs are different, just like you and me. When you get your pup, its hard to know exactly how big hell grow. I can certainly vouch for that, as my female German Shepherd weighs a whopping 88 pounds ! However, she isnt overweight she is just very tall.

    But to do good with your new companion, you must also keep your dogs age in mind when you ask, how big of a crate does a German Shepherd need?

    A fully grown adult German Shepherd needs a 48-inch size crate. The full dimensions will be 48 inches long, 33-inch in height, and 30-inch wide. An 8-week old puppy needs 3/4th that length and an increase of an inch a week until 12 weeks. You can use a sliding divider to increase this length.

    You can ignore this guideline if your German Shepherd is bigger and weighs more than 110 lbs , such as the mighty King Shepherd. Ultimately you want to give your dog enough room to stand and stretch.

    With that said, it might seem the safest to buy as big a crate as possible and pop your puppy in there. Although thats a great idea, unfortunately, it isnt that simple. While erring on the side of spaciousness is good, you should do it within reason.

    How Big Are German Shepherd Puppies

    An average weight of German Shepherd puppies, according to a giant census study of dogs in Italy, is about 503 grams or 1.1 lbs at birth. They can range from 0.8 lbs-1.3 lbs grams at birth.

    There are usually 6-8 puppies in a litter, and birth weight, as well as litter size, often depends on the mothers size as well as body shape.

    Dont be surprised if their individual sizes begin to show at this point some small pups may overtake the larger ones even though they cant see or hear yet!

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    Who Needs A German Shepherd Crate

    Some German Shepherd owners are hesitant to use a crate because they think its cruel to use a crate to confine their dogs, but actually, its not.

    Every German Shepherd owner should consider getting a crate for their dog, whether puppy or adult, breeder-raised or rescue. When not used as a punishment, a crate can offer many benefits.

    At least keeping your German shepherd in a crate is a far better option than let him loose while youre away from home. Crates help to make your German shepherd feel safe and secure, and halt him from getting to dangerous items or destroying furniture.

    Crates can also become like a den for dogs, a familiar place for your German shepherd to hang out or when he needs some alone time.

    Best Crate For A Young Labrador Puppy

    Do YOU know what the right size is for your dog

    Best Features

    • 24 crate thats perfect for Labrador puppys or small dogs up to approx. 25 pounds.
    • Removable, easy clean plastic tray so no hard work to keep it clean.
    • Crate can be folded with very little effort & it includes a carry handle for ease of portability.
    • No sharp edges and rounded corners for the safety of both yourself and your puppy.

    But this begs the question

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    Juvenile Period Weights And Heights

    At the start of the or juvenile. or ranking, period male and female German Shepherd puppies weigh 40% of their adult weight and are at 40% of their adult height.

    The juvenile period is also called the ranking period, because this is when puppies begin to understand submission and dominance.


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    Common Health Problems In German Shepherds

    German Shepherds are great dogs for the right owners, but they are at risk of certain conditions and illnesses common with the breed. Making sure the parents of your puppy have had the relevant health screening can reduce the chances of your puppy being affected by some of these upsetting conditions.

    German Shepherds are in a group of breeds classed as Category Three by The Kennel Club, which is the highest category of the health concerns due to their conformation. This means that these types of dog have been bred over many years to look a certain way, but that these changes to the way they look have started to cause them health problems. For German Shepherds, this is mostly due to the shape of their back legs and hips.

    Some of the conditions German Shepherds may develop include:

    This list is not exhaustive, and there are many other conditions that German Shepherds have been shown to be prone to.

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    Medications And Vet Visits

    • $50$300 per month

    Because German Shepherds were bred as working dogs, they are considered very healthy. At the minimum, you should take your German Shepherd for an annual visit, assuming it is healthy. The visit typically costs between $100 and $300.

    You also need to pay for fleas, tick, and heartworm prevention. Flea and tick prevention typically cost between $100 and $200, whereas heartworm prevention costs around $180. Most of these medications last for 1 to 3 months at a time.

    How Do You Crate Train A German Shepherd Puppy

    German Shepherd Puppy Crate Training Tips and Advice | How to get fast results within a week?

    How to Train Your GSD to Live in a Crate?

  • Dont let your puppy sleep with you in bed or else it will not like sleeping inside the crate.
  • Get a good sized crate.
  • Keep your GSD pup inside the crate at night time.
  • Add a few toys to the crate so that your puppy feels happy.
  • Keep the crate in a specified place.
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    Go Up A Size In Kennels For Smaller Dogs

    The smallest dog kennels measure about 24 inches long, with slightly larger kennels measuring up to 30 inches long. Keep in mind that each manufacturer is a bit different as far as kennel lengths and size categories go, so you can give or take a couple inches with the length measurement of each size.

    These kennels fit smaller breeds of dogs that weigh fewer than 35 to 40 pounds, such as the Jack Russell terrier, Maltese, miniature poodle, and French bulldog, among other small breeds. These small kennels also work well for puppies, if you only plan to use the crate while your dog is a puppy.

    If youre not sure what size to get, its safer to go up a size. You can always put in a kennel mat or other small dog furniture to take up some room.

    Dog Crate Sizes For Xxl Giant Dog Breeds

    Extra, Extra Large Dog Crate Is The Best Size Dog Crate For:

    • Afghan

    Check out our other picks for best quality and value wire dog crates.

    Wire dog crates are possibly the most used, the most commonly seen and generally speaking what people think of when you mention a dog crate.

    They come with a single door as standard, but some models have multiple doors for greater access.

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    How Much Exercise Does A German Shepherd Terrier Need

    Now, German Shepherd Terriers will often have a lot of energy. They also have the genes of working dogs. Due to this, you do have to make sure that they are getting plenty of physical activity every day.

    Try to make sure that your pup gets around an hour of exercise each day. Of course, you will have to adjust this to your pups needs. For instance, if your dog still has tons of energy after a workout, you may need to give them more exercise. If they appear too tired, then they may require less.

    While your dog will appreciate a long, vigorous walk, it is important to break this up with other activities as well. Play fetch, Frisbee, and other games that will stimulate and entertain your pup.

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    Can A Dog Crate Be Too Big

    5 Best German Shepherd Crates (2021)

    If your dogs crate is too big, he may feel that he can eliminate at one end and still keep his living area clean. The ideal size is just big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down in comfortably, and just long enough so that his nose and rear end dont touch each end of the crate.

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    Is A 42 Inch Crate Big Enough For A German Shepherd

    Crateinch cratesufficientGerman Shepherds42inch crateGerman ShepherdsGerman ShepherdGerman Shepherdinchinchinch

    . Similarly, you may ask, how big of a dog crate do I need for a German shepherd?

    The recommended crate size is 48 inches. The right size crate will allow them to stretch out and stand at their average full height.

    Also Know, how do I know what size crate to get for my dog? Take their length and add 4 inches to find the length their crate should be. Next, have them sit and measure the distance from their head to the floor. Add 4 inches to this and you’ve found the height of your dog’s crate. Width isn’t as precise, so just make sure they have enough room to turn around in.

    Similarly, you may ask, what is the best crate for a German shepherd?

    The top rated German Shepherd crates are:

    • AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate with Paw Protector.
    • Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel.
    • EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate.
    • Sliverylake XXL Dog Cage Crate Kennel Heavy Duty.
    • Zinger Winger DX5000 Deluxe 5000 escape artist Aluminum Crate.

    What size crate should I get for a lab?

    When choosing a crate for a fully grown Labrador, you’ll need to buy a 36-inch or 42-inch crate. The advertised size refers to the length of the crate. The width and height will vary slightly, depending on the make. If your adult Labrador is very large, you should choose a 42-inch crate.

    Can A German Shepherd Be Left Alone In Their Kennel

    Its not recommended that you confine your German Shepherd or any dog in their kennel all day while youre gone. Instead, we suggest leaving their kennel open and keeping them in a room or an area where there isnt much furniture they can jump on to get away.

    If you have to put them in a crate, you should set up a timer to go off every hour or so that lets them out of it and then puts them back in. This will help keep them from getting into major trouble when theyre left unattended for a long time.

    If you have to leave your German Shepherd crated while youre gone, then make sure that youve given them some things to do and places to go in their kennel that are more interesting than simply sitting there and trying to get out.

    For example, you can try lining the bottom of their kennel with a few treats or buying them a new toy, so theyre excited when they get put back into it.

    Another option is leaving the TV or radio on in the room when youre gone, but be sure to check with your vet to see if this is safe for your dog. Its not as simple as it may seem, and some dogs will become too attached to the noise and wont adjust well when its turned off.

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