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How Big Of A Crate For German Shepherd

Frisco Fold & Carry Double Door Dog Crate

Crate Train Your German Shepherd Puppy

Sizes Available: 22 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch and 48 inch.

In our humble opinion, the Fold & Carry model dog crate from Frisco has all of the exceptional qualities needed to house a German Shepherd safely and securely. One of the best features in this model is the divider , which allows you to section off the crate so you can use it as your dog grows from pup to adult.This wired crate is perfect for German Shepherds. Its just the right size, its strong, its durable, its super easy to clean up, and is perfect for those that love to travel as it folds right down.Heres a quick list of the pros and cons, so you can easily see all you need to know about this Frisco model crate:


  • Comes with an easy-to-clean, durable plastic pan
  • Adjustable handles / folds down for travel


  • Wired crates can be loud if your dog moves around a lot
  • Latches can be fiddly to open at first
  • Can bend if folded down wrong

Now that weve told you our overall favorite crate for German Shepherds, lets see what else is available on the market. Were going to take a look at a few more of the top rated crates out there and see what all their pros and cons are.

Soft-sided crates can be tricky to come across for larger breeds like the German Shepherd. We managed to find the perfect model, though, so dont worry. This is our top pick:

How To Use A Crate

A crate should be used as an aid and not seen as a cage to lock up your German Shepherd. After all, a dog does not benefit from spending most of its life on a few square centimeters. Naturally, this should not be the intention to purchase a dog.

You can let a dog stay in a crate when it comes to the night or for a small number of hours that you are away during the day. If someone is away from home for a longer period of time, we recommend giving the dog an extra space in the house or ensuring that someone comes in between to let your dog out and give it attention.

Never use the crate as a place to punish your dog.;Never send your German Shepherd angry to the crate, because then he will see it as a nasty place.;You can also make the crate more pleasant with, for example, a nice soft pillow.

It can also help to put a blanket over the crate so that your dog feels it even more like a shelter.;Ideal for relaxing.;Giving a treat every now and then is of course always a smart move.;For example, do this if your German Shepherd is well behaved or when you are away from home and your German Shepherd could use some distraction.

Never put a toy or a chew bone in the dog crate when you leave home.;Your dog can choke on this, with all the consequences that entail.

Dog Crate Sizes & Dimensions

Dog crates are available in these sizes: X-Small; Small; Medium; Large: X-Large; XX-Large; Giant

Each manufacturers products are often of slightly different dimensions, and there can be anywhere between 1 and 3 or 4 inches difference between two crates that are both labeled as the same size .

Also, not ALL ranges will come in the X-small or XX-Large/Giant options and one brand’s ‘X-Large’ may be another’s XX-Large or Giant, you need to look closely at the labels!

Here’s a quick look at the average dimensions and weight guidelines for the set of dog crate sizes given above

X-Small – 22″L x 16″H – 1 to 10lbs

Small – 24″L x 20″H – 11 to 25lbs

Medium – 30″L x 24″H – 26 to 40lbs

Large – 36″L x 27″H – 41 to 70lbs

X-Large – 42″L x 31″H – 71 to 90lbs

XX-Large – 48″L x 33″H – 91 to 150lbs

Giant – 53″L x 45″H – 100lbs plus

Although many crates will also give you info. on the breeds each size is suitable for, this is really only useful when you’re trying to figure out what dog crate size you need for an adult or almost-fully-grown dog.

One that would fit an adult dog of any breed is going to be much too big for the same breed as a ‘baby’.

When you’re shopping for a puppy’s crate, matching the crate’s size to your puppy’s current length, height and weight is the only way to make sure you choose one which works.

But, if you are looking to buy a crate for an almost-grown or adult dog, here’s a rough guide to which size of breed the standard crate sizes will fit……

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Our Favorite Gsd Crates

Now that you have a nice overview of what to look for and how to implement some crate training basics, lets look at which models are our favorites for the German Shepherd.; These crates can also double up for other busy shepherds, like the Dutch Shepherd or the Belgian Malinois. Dogs love their dens, but you want to make sure you select the right one to match your dogs activity levels.

This list below should get you started on your dog crating journey.; While this list is not all-inclusive by any means, we feel its a great start, and should give you five viable options as you train your pup.; Weve also included a handy FAQ about crating your GSD if you have additional questions.; Lets dive in!

Heavy Duty Dog Cage By Lucky Dog

Best Dog Crate for German Shepherds: My Favorite Pick ...

The Lucky Dog Outdoor Kennel is useful for giving your German Shepherd outdoor time without worrying about him running away. The cover offers great protection from sun and rain, but be sure to keep your dog indoors during severe weather. With thick coats, German Shepherds can overheat quickly and need to be inside in air conditioning. Definitely do not leave your German Shepherd outside in harsh weather while youre not home.

Make sure your German Shepherd has fresh, cold water while he is in his kennel. Water is important at all times. Give him a large bowl and maybe throw some ice cubes in it!

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Crate Training A German Shepherd Puppy At Night

It is perfectly normal to feel anxious, or even a little bit unsure, when figuring how crate training a German Shepherd puppy at night.

But these easy steps should help.

Lets recap

Youve decided to keep the crate in the bedroom, at least for a little while, until your puppy is sleeping through the night.

Handling Middle Of The Night Pee/poop Breaks

Accept the fact theyre going to happen. Puppies just cant hold it too long.

Avoid stumbling around in the dark. Gather all the things youll need in one place sweater, jacket, shoes, flashlight, leash, poop bags

Its about getting the job done, and back to bed. Take him out, say go pee , then in. Thats it.

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Summary Important German Shepherd Puppy Crate Training Steps

1. Find a crate Consider the size, material, and style

2. Introduce your new German Shepherd puppy to the crate Spend time with your puppy around the kennel and place her inside at intervals with the door open initially

3. Pick a nighttime and daytime location for the crate

4. Accustom your puppy to spending the night in the crate Place by your bed and set alarms to feed and take your puppy outside at set intervals. Duration lengthens as your puppy matures.

5. Prepare for training with a positive attitude Ignore whining for attention but learn to recognize cries of distress

6. Utilize one or more crate training methods and pick a command Find what motivates your German Shepherd puppy, like food treats, toys, or games

Crate training your German Shepherd is a helpful skill that will last a lifetime, even if you discard the kennel after housebreaking.

A good rule of thumb, according to, is to get rid of the crate when your puppy has managed to go for two months with no bathroom accidents.

Dispensing with a kennel can mean many things to different owners. You may never bring out the crate again unless your dog needs to board a flight.

Some people still feel more comfortable crating their German Shepherd when they leave for a few hours. Others like the idea that their German Shepherd still sleeps in the kennel as an adult.

You may even give your German Shepherd the option to use her crate by leaving the door open at all times.

At What Age Can A Puppy Stay In Crate All Day

Crate training a German Shepherd puppy idea!!!

Puppies under six months of age shouldnt stay in a crate for more than three or four hours at a time. They cant control their bladders or bowels for that long. The same goes for adult dogs being housetrained. Crate your dog until they are able to be alone in the house without accidents or destructive habits.

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Frisco Soft Sided Crate

The Frisco Soft Sided dog crate is another Frisco product that makes our list. The crate is double-doored with a mesh window, so your dog wont feel trapped inside.

Although this is one of the more comfortable dog crates on our list, it wont be ideal for all German Shepherd owners. Dogs that arent properly crate trained will probably want to break out and can do so by chewing through the mesh.

If you follow our tips on crate training your dog, you shouldnt have a problem with the Frisco Folding Soft Dog Crate. Those who have dogs that fall into the escape artist category will likely want a product with a bit more durability.

We love that this GSD crate is budget-friendly, and is both soft and comfortable.; This is a crate that youll primarily use for transport, or while you are home.; Its not recommended that you use this crate while you are away from your home.; The fact that its lightweight makes it easy to transport, and it also comes with a one year warranty.

What Else Do I Need For Crate Training

Ok, new crate for your puppy check! But what else do you need?

  • Bedding

When I first started crate training Allie, I bought a nice, fluffy bed for her to sleep on while in her crate bad idea! I came home to a snowstorm of stuffing and a destroyed doggy bed. For a puppy, I recommend buying something a bit more durable and a bit less fluffy. A thinner crate mat is a great option its still soft but has less stuffing to entice a young puppy to chew. Its also machine washable and easy to clean.

  • Toys

Toys are great for a puppy learning to love its crate. It gives your pup something to do and teaches it that crate time is fun! Just remember, eventually, your puppy will be left unsupervised in its crate for extended periods of time. So any toys you choose for its crate must be safe!

Kong toys are perfect for crate training theyre super durable and can outlast even the most destructive pup.

Allie loved gnawing on her Kong while in her crate. I would stuff it with frozen peanut butter the perfect toy/treat combo to keep her happily occupied!

  • Treats

Speaking of treats, make sure to keep plenty of treats on hand to use as rewards. In our step-by-step crate training section, well talk about using food and treats as a tasty enticement during training.

  • Crate Cover

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How Do You Crate Train A German Shepherd 5 Easy Steps

Let me say one thing so I dont have to repeat it during each step.

Slow is good, very slow is better.

Do not move onto the next step unless your dog is completely relaxed and comfortable.

Keep each training session short, about 5 minutes. You dont want them bored, or losing focus.

If at any point he shows signs of stress, fear, anxiety, or just plain disinterest, stop what youre doing.

When you pick up the training again later, start at the point where everything was still good, and take it from there.

I know youre going to ask how long it takes, and my answer always is

It takes as long as it takes

Some dogs will walk right into the crate, make themselves at home, and you wont need to read the rest of this article.

Other dogs will take a long time, and thats when your patience and commitment will be tested.

Okay, lets go!

Step One

The first thing you want to do is have a good supply of high value treats. High value is something your dog loves but doesnt typically get. ;

Because training requires a fair amount of treats, make sure you keep the pieces small, low fat, and healthy. If your dog is more motivated by toys, start with a favorite.

Sit on the floor next to the crate, door open, and put a treat just inside at the front, while hes watching you. When he eats it/plays with it, praise him like crazy.

Youll gradually move the treat further and further to the back of the crate until he has to go all the way in to get it.

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Step Five

About The German Shepherd

Choosing a Crate for Your Dog  How to Size it Up

Have you got a new German Shepherd puppy coming into your life? It makes sense that youre searching for what size crate is best for a German Shepherd puppy!

This breed is increasingly popular. In fact, it ranks second out of 195 breeds according to the AKC!

German Shepherd dogs are known for their obedience, intelligence, and loyalty. These lovable personalities make training much easier, so its natural to think about crate training.

We will look a bit closer at crate training later. But first lets get back to the best size crate for a German Shepherd.

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German Shepherd Puppy Crate

What size crate for German Shepherd puppies? We know 42 48 is best for an adult GSD. But what about a puppy?

German Shepherd puppies need a crate that is the right size for them. Too small and they will be uncomfortable and unhappy. Too big and they will soil their crate.

Puppies grow quickly. So, getting the exact right size crate will get expensive if youre having to change it every few weeks.

The best solution is to start with the size you think you will eventually need when your GSD is fully grown.

Many crates come with a crate divider that you can use until they are an adult.

Helps With Potty Training

Using a crate to potty train your puppy is a quicker way than other methods. Puppies naturally do not like to pee or poop where they sleep and will tend to hold it. Its also another reason to use a crate divider. If the crate is too big, the puppy may feel there is enough space to potty at the far end. You dont want him to treat the crate like the yard where he poops at one end and rests at the other.

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Overall Best Dog Crates For German Shepherds

Our 2021 Picks: Best Dog Crates for German Shepherds
  • Divider panel included
  • Easy-to-clean plastic pan

Overall Best Crate For A German Shepherd If youre looking for the best dog crate for your German Shepherd, it doesnt get much better than this single door dog crate from Frisco. Its simple, affordable, and comes with all of the features and extras that youll need to crate train your German Shepherd puppy. The included plastic pan is easy to clean, and a divider panel lets you divide the crate, and allow it to grow with your dog. It folds and has adjustable handles, making it easy to move and transport, and it has a secure, double-latch system to ensure that your German Shepherd wont accidentally escape its crate.


  • Affordable and offers great value for the price
  • Available in sizes of up to 48 inches to accommodate larger German Shepherds
  • Secure latching system for your dogs safety


  • Soft-sided design with strong metal structure
  • Reinforced corners for a long lifespan
  • Multiple ventilation screens for comfort
  • Secure zipping mechanism


  • Easy to fold and transport
  • Provides a dark, denlike environment for your German Shepherds comfort


  • Foldable for simple storage, transportation
  • Includes leak-proof pan, carrying handle, divider


  • Made from high-grade steel wire for strength, durability
  • Rounded corners keep your dog safe
  • Divider panel is easy to move and remove


Where To Put A Dog Crate

Impact Dog Crate vs Petmate crate for German Shepherd.

We recommend placing a crate in a quiet place in the house. Your dog can retreat to his own place without being disturbed. It is also important for a puppy that the crate is in a quiet place. For example, if the crate is in the living room where there is a lot of movement, he is continuously stimulated.

A puppy is of course very curious and will find it difficult to sleep peacefully. And rest is very important for a puppy.

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Is It Bad To Leave My Dog In His Crate All Day

Dont leave your dog in the crate too long. A dog whos crated all day and night doesnt get enough exercise or human interaction and can become depressed or anxious. The crate should always have a comfortable bed and the door left open when youre home so your dog can enter it when they need a safe space.


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