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Can German Shepherds Eat Peanuts

Interested In Training Your German Shepherd The Right Way

german shepherd puppy || eating peanut butter

If you havent trained your German Shepherd properly, then this is the perfect time to start. Whatever bad behavior your shepherd has, whether its barking at night or other bad behaviors, using the right training program is the key to having an obedient and happy pup.

The training program I love and highly recommend is Brain Training For Dogs.

With Brain Training For Dogs youll save yourself a ton of time and effort. Instead of banging your head against the wall trying to figure out why your dog wont listen, youll follow a path that has been tried, tested, and most importantly, thats given proven results. Not to mention the fact, youll be able to fit the course around your schedule, not fit your schedule around a trainer or obedience class.

So instead of worrying about whether theyre going to be well-behaved or not, youll only have to worry about how much fun youll have with them!

And in most cases its still going to be:

  • Cheaper than hiring a professional.
  • Cheaper than replacing everything they might break.
  • And definitely cheaper than a lawsuit against you, if they decide to bite someone.

Just imagine how great it will feel to finally be able to trust your German Shepherd completely and never worry whether theyll be naughty or not. Instead, youll have the peace of mind that you have a well-behaved pup, and the boundaries you set for them, will always be there, EVEN IF YOURE NOT.

What Nut Is Poisonous Until Roasted

Roasting or steaming shelled cashews at high temperatures removes any urushiol that may have soaked through their shells and into the nuts, making them safe to consume. This is why cashews are not sold in stores with their shells still intact, as well as why theyre typically sold roasted or otherwise heat-exposed.

Hickory Nuts & Pecans

Did you know the most calorie-dense wild plant food is hickory nuts? So if you find yourself in the outdoors in the fall and you need an energy boost, you cant go wrong cracking open some hickory nuts with their oily, pecan flavor thats if you can get in them!

Pecans are a nut produced by a variety of the hickory tree. So, whats the deal with hickory nuts and their similarly flavored counterparts, the pecan? Can German Shepherds eat hickory nuts and pecans?

German Shepherds can not eat hickory nuts and pecans as they are mildly toxic due to the chemical juglone. Continued ingestion or consuming a large amount of these high-fat nuts can also lead to pancreatitis as dogs cannot properly digest the proteins in nuts. They can also cause obesity.

The full effect of hickory nut poisoning in dogs is unknown but eaten in large quantities, cause severe gastrointestinal upset. Also, these nuts are a choking risk and may cause a digestive blockage, especially if your dog swallows them whole.

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Can Dogs Eat Pistachios

Removed from their shells, pistachios can be okay for dogs, but are not recommended. Pistachios are not toxic to dogs, but have too high a fat content for dogs in large quantities. Do not give dogs pistachios that are still inside the shell, which, like other nuts in the shell, can cause digestive blockages that can be dangerous in their own right.

Can Dogs Eat Macadamia Nuts

Can German Shepherd Puppies Eat Peanut Butter? Advice ...

This is the most toxic nut when thinking, Can dogs eat nuts? Macadamia nuts are thegrapes and raisins of the nut kingdom. They are highly toxic to dogs, even in limited quantities, but no one is yet certain why. Of course, unless you live in Hawaii, Australia, or certain countries in Africa or South America, a dogs risk of accidental ingestion is probably small. A few macadamia nuts can cause real short-term neurological problems for dogs tremors, dizziness and even temporary paralysis. Your dog is better off without macadamia nuts.

It is important to remember that, voracious eaters as dogs can be, they are generally much smaller than people. This means that dogs will often have trouble processing and digesting things that present humans with relatively few issues. Based on our research, it seems the best course of action when it comes to dogs is to keep them away from nuts.

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This piece was originally published in 2014.

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Different Ways To Give Peanuts To Dogs

When giving peanuts to dogs, it will only be as a treat or small supplement to their normal diet. This diet will be based on their individual health needs. We can offer them a small handful of raw unsalted peanuts as a reward when training or exercising. This is a helpful tool when using positive reinforcement for a dog’s education. We can use about 10 g for large dogs and 2-5 g in smaller dogs .

Their consumption of peanuts should be moderated to around 2 or 3 times a week. Additionally, we should give them a little less food in their main mail. How much is removed depends on how many peanuts are given, but you will need to be careful in ensuring all of their nutritional needs are met. If the dog partakes in more exercise than usual, then you will not need to remove food.

Smart Uses Of Peanut Butter With Your German Shepherd

There is a good reason to make peanut butter a special treat.

When you have trained your German Shepherd, or any other dog, to associate peanut butter with special rewards, you can use it to take care of special needs.

Consider the problems of giving your dog a pill.

Sometimes dogs simply must have pain medication, or allergy medication, vitamin pills, or pills to help them sleep.

Pills arent chewy. They dont taste good. But if they are disguised in a ball of peanut butter, your German Shepherd may just gulp them down whole.

The technique for hiding a pill in peanut butter isnt very difficult:

  • Spoon out a ball of peanut butter
  • When your dog isnt watching you, put the pill or capsule in the middle of it
  • Pop the peanut butter in your dogs mouth and watch them swallow it whole
  • Crunchy peanut butter is better for hiding pills and capsules.

    If your dog doesnt spit out the pill or capsule, you can assume they were swallowed with the peanut butter.

    Its also helpful when your vet gives medications inside meat-flavored or fish-flavored capsules.

    Peanut butter can also be useful for helping your dog deal with loud noises, like fireworks or thunderstorms.

    Make a habit of rewarding your dog for good behavior with peanut butter.

    Then when a thunderstorm blows in or fireworks start, give your canine companion a nearly empty jar of peanut butter to lick out. The search for peanut butter distracts your dog from the noise.

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    Can They Eat Peanut Butter

    Most German Shepherds love peanut butter and it is a joy to watch them eat it. But should we give our dogs peanut butter?

    Dogs can eat peanut butter in moderation as long as it is organic and does not contain sweeteners such as xylitol as it is toxic to pets.

    These artificial sweeteners can cause your dogs blood sugar level to drop and can also cause acute liver failure. The first symptoms to look for are vomiting, lethargy, coordination problems, or seizures.

    Many dog owners like to give them peanut butter to help them administer the medicine by camouflaging the dose. I think this is a very good idea if your dog is having a hard time taking medication, however dont forget that peanut butter is loaded with calories and only small amounts should be given occasionally.

    Remember, dogs should get the majority of their daily calories from food, not treats. A rough guideline is that they shouldnt get more than 10% of their total calorie intake from candy.

    Can Peanut Butter Cause Obesity In German Shepherd Dogs

    What Can German Shepherds Not Eat: Never Feed These 12 Foods to Your GSD

    German Shepherds are true working dogs. Even those GSDs that are primarily bred to compete in dog shows still have the typical high energy levels and activity needs of their working dog origins.

    Because GSDs need to stay active, it can be tempting to use treats to distract your dog while you are busy. Over-feeding treats during training sessions is another common problem that GSD owners often run into.

    German Shepherds were not bred to eat large meals and lots of snacks, but they will happily do this if the occasion arises! Because these dogs have thick coats, it can be easy to not notice your dog is gaining weight.

    Obesity is a not-insignificant issue in this dog breed as a result. Peanut butter, like all nut butter, is very high in fat and can quickly pack on the pounds if fed too frequently.

    But dont let yourself get tempted to substitute those low fat peanut butter spreads made for people to eat. These processed foods may contain xylitol, mono and diglycerides, and other dangerous fillers or additives your dog cannot digest.

    It is better to simply limit your dogs servings of peanut butter to keep the pounds off.

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    Always Read Ingredient Lists

    This goes without saying: never assume that your dog can eat the same food as you do. Make a habit of reading ingredient labels, to know if there is any component that may potentially be allergenic for your pawed buddy. Some brands of peanut butter crackers may use xylitol, so make sure you keep such treats far away from the reach of your pooch.

    Can You Give Your German Shepherd Peanut Butter And Jelly

    Its generally not a good idea to give your german shepherd peanut butter and jelly. Jelly is a lot higher in sugar and preservatives that will lead to weight gain.

    As well as this, some fruits can be poisonous to your german shepherd, and potentially fatal.

    So if you do plan on feeding your german shepherd a treat, just stick to peanut butter, not peanut butter and jelly.

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    German Shepherd Puppy Diet: 1 Month Old

    From 3 to 4 weeks old, when it comes to feeding a German Shepherd puppy, we should start by letting them taste new foods and flavors. At this stage, the German Shepherd puppys diet plan requires them to eat a special wet food for puppies. At around 6 to 8 weeks old, a German Shepherd puppy should be given a little dry dog food with water, or unseasoned chicken stock between nursing sessions.

    From their eighth week onward, a German Shepherd should be weaned and start feeding on solid food with a special puppy feed. The best dog food for a German Shepherd puppy is breed specific, but this may not be available everywhere.

    In these cases, your veterinarian can create a proper food plan for your German Shepherd puppy. A professional will take into consideration a puppys feeding pattern, size and health status. At this stage, milk must be removed from the puppys diet as it could cause diarrhea. If by any chance your dog or puppy is suffering from a bad stomach, we recommend taking a look at our article on what to do if yourt dog has diarrhea.

    In addition, it is vital that puppies have constant access to clean fresh water.

    Nuts And Nut Products That German Shepherds Can Eat

    Can German Shepherd Puppies Eat Peanut Butter?  The Puppy Mag

    Nuts and nut products can be a great source of healthy fats and proteins. However, their high calory count means that they should only be fed to your German Shepherd in small amounts to prevent excess weight gain. If your dog is overweight or suffers from pancreatitis, etc., you should avoid nuts altogether.

    You should shell all nuts before giving them to your German Shepherd. Avoid salted, glazed, caramelized, or spiced nuts entirely, no matter what type of nut it is. Nuts are also potential choking hazards, so you should only feed them to your German Shepherd one at a time.

    People who own nut trees often struggle to control their German Shepherds weight because they self-supplement their diets with the buts that fall off the tree. If you own a nut tree, you should be diligent about raking up the nuts and collecting them before your dog can eat them all.

    Nuts/Nut Product

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    So Why Are Walnuts Bad For Dogs

    • Most nuts are bad for dogs and can be very harmful. You and I have already learned that macadamia and black walnuts can be highly toxic. Additionally, all types of nuts contain high amounts of fats and oils that can cause an upset stomach as your German Shepherd has a hard time digesting the fat.
    • Some dogs can also develop pancreatitis due to the high fat and oil content. This is a very painful condition and although your dog may be treated for pancreatitis, severe forms can prove fatal.
    • If your German Shepherd must eat walnuts once they have become moldy on the ground, then this becomes an additional hazard as foods like moldy walnuts contain mycotoxins that can cause weakness or lethargy.Some nuts can also clog your dogs intestinal tract, especially if your dog swallows whole large nuts like walnuts or pecans. This can make life-saving surgery necessary.

    If you ask yourself as I do, what is the meaning of intestinal tract ? Heres your biology lesson: A dogs intestinal tract includes the mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, and even the rectum and anus.

    How Much Peanut Butter Can My Dog Eat

    If you are giving your German Shepherd some peanut butter treats, you should always remember the 10 percent rule. Treats should only constitute up to 10 percent of your dogs daily calorie consumption, so stick to small amounts.

    If you are uncertain what your dogs daily calorie consumption should be, consult your local veterinarian. This will change as your dog grows and ages, so the allowable peanut butter amounts can also change.

    Too much peanut butter can cause your German Shepherd to gain weight. German Shepherds are a big breed of dog and should be kept in the lower range of appropriate weights to preserve their joint and general health, especially while they are still growing.

    If your dog starts gaining weight, discontinue the peanut butter treats before you reduce their regular food. If your dog is already overweight, avoid giving them peanut butter at all.

    For more information about watching your German Shepherds weight, be sure to read this excellent article that weve written for you linked just below:

    Additionally, dont make peanut butter your German Shepherds only treat alternate with healthier options. Doing this limits your dogs peanut butter intake but also gives variety to their diet.

    Another suggestion is to bake your own dog treats, using peanut butter as a flavor. In this way, you can spread a small amount of peanut butter over more treats.

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    What Amount Of Peanut Butter Is Good For Dogs

    Peanut butter is a type of calorie-rich food. It contains enormous amounts of protein and fats. While these 2 ingredients are the most essential components in a dogs food, they should be given at healthy amounts. Too much protein and fats increase the chances of your German shepherd developing health issues such as obesity, a condition that creates a favorable ground for other life-threatening conditions such as high blood pressure, hyperthermia, hip dysplasia, and many others. Having that said, what amount of peanut butter is good for your lovely GSD?

    Well, it depends on the age of the dog. For GSD puppies, peanut butter isnt good for them. The reason here is because the young canines have stringent dietary requirements and their digestive system is still developing. Therefore, giving them peanut butter may cause several issues with their digestive system and health as a whole. Nevertheless, for the large pups with over 50 pounds of weight, a tablespoonful of peanut butter a day should work well for them. However, if its the first time you are feeding your canine peanut butter, its wise that you start with small amounts for the first few times and see how they will respond to it before you can increase the amount to the recommended quantity.

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    Dogs Eat Peanut Butter

    It is not harmful to German Shepherds to eat peanut butter. However, peanut butter should be given in moderation because it is high in calories. Some individual German Shepherds may be allergic to peanut butter as well, so it is best to be cautious at first.

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    Important Information For Pet Owners

    According to search engine analysis, one of the most-frequently searched topics online is âdogs and nuts.â

    Pet owners are clearly interested in knowing which nuts are dangerous for their dogs to eat. This is a good thing, because many commonly-eaten nuts can be harmful to dogs, including almonds, walnuts, pistachios, macadamia and pecans.

    But what about good, old-fashioned peanuts? Are peanuts safe for dogs to eat?

    Hes Not Active Enough Throughout The Day

    German Shepherds are fit, working dogs that love physical exercise. German Shepherds ideally need around 2 hours or more of exercise per day. Because German Shepherds have been such a highly active breed for most of their existence, their bodies and metabolisms have adjusted accordingly, meaning theyre very efficient at using food for sustained energy. Therefore, if your German Shepherd isnt being physically worked enough, he just isnt going to have an appetiteExercise is so important for athletic working breeds like GSDs that their overall health really depends on it. Appetite is just one of many things closely linked to exercise.

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