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German Shepherd Beagle Mix For Sale

Exercise And Living Conditions

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German shepherd beagle mix puppies are full of energy packs and need to be exercised daily to keep their body maintained. If you dont give the proper exercise to your dog, there are so many chances that your dog get a heart attack.

Shepherd beagle mix needs a lot of exercises at least 1 hour daily, and then there is no need to worry about your dogs health. Also, the dog does not need a large amount of area for living as other large dogs.

Three Reasons Not To Buy A German Shepherd Beagle Mix

1. This Breed requires constant Play and Activity

If you arent able to commit at least two hours of play and exercise in the mixed breed, this dog isnt one you should choose. This German Shepherd mixed with a Beagle requires regular exercise and its not only about going for a stroll. It needs to play and exercise outside where it can experience mentally and physically stimulated.

2. This Mixed Breed Dog may Hear a loud howl

Due to its Beagle heritage the dog can be very loud when it is in need of attention or when its boring. If youre someone who isnt able to stand the constant sound of loud howling, or if you are living in a shared home or a dwelling, then this dog isnt for you.

3. This Mixed Breed Breed Requires An Active Pet

If youre someone who likes to watch television as well as play online games all day long, you may miss out on the Beagle German Shepherd. The dog requires an active, dedicated pet owner since exercise, physical activity, and playing are built-in within its genes.

How To Train A German Shepherd Beagle Mix

This dogs strong and independent personality can easily lead to stubbornness during dog training, so they require lots of patience and understanding.

Though thankfully their loyal nature makes them a natural people pleaser.

When your pup has done a good job give them plenty of kisses and cuddles to show them how happy you are. Make sure not to let your dog pick up on your frustration it is better to walk away and try again later than to let your pup think you are angry with them.

Many pups start off very shy and suspicious of others which leads to nuisance barking.

You can enroll your puppy in a class full of other pups for them to play with or take them around to meet others in your own neighborhood.

Your best bet will be to do both.

Because of their high intelligence they do not tolerate boredom an unhappy, neglected dog is a very destructive one.

Do not expect your dog to play on their own.

You will need to keep your dogs big brain at work.

A scavenger hunt is a wonderful idea for tapping into the Beagle German Shepherd mixes hunting instinct. Hide and scatter toys around the yard and let your dog hunt for each toy.

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What Is A Beagle Shepherd

A Beagle Shepherd is a Beagle and German Shepherd mix breed. This hybrid usually does not have any defining physical features as their appearance varies significantly from one dog to another, but they tend to classify as a medium-sized dog.

In terms of how big do German Shepherd Beagle mixes get, this hybrid can stand as tall as 2 ft and can weigh up to 70 lbs .

German Shepherd Beagle cross coat colors include solid black, silver, liver, tan, red, brown, white or a combination of any two colors. A Beagle Shepherds eye color is usually light or dark brown.

Beagle German Shepherd Mix Facts

German Shepherd Beagle Mix Puppies

A mixed breed like the Beagle German Shepherd has different needs than its purebred parents. I came up with a special guide to better understand what this designer mixed breed is, how to care for it and how to train it. With this guide, Im sure that your pup will become a happy, healthy, disciplined and adorable dog.


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Exercise & Living Position

Mixed Beagle Shepherds are full of energy and require daily exercise. They need a lot of mental and physical stimulation for a balanced dog personality. Otherwise, a board Beagle Shepherd can ruin your furniture.

Also, these mixed shepherd beagles have high smelling instinct. Often, in training sessions the off-leashed dog can follow their own.

For a healthy mixed beagle dog, you must take him out for an hour daily. Although, German Shepherd Beagle Mix are a large dogs but they can easily fit in a small home. Just you need to take them for daily exercises.

Those houses having a large backyard can make their dogs happy and playful easily. In an open space, they can easily stretch their legs and remain a perfect and healthy dog with little efforts.

Moreover, they are sensitive dogs, therefore, one must provide them a comfortable and peaceful living conditions.

Beagle Shepherd Parent Breeds

A designer dog is any mix between two purebred parents. For any mixed breed to be classified as designer, the parents would have to be bred pure for generations up until the point of being bred with another breed. A true purebred dog will have puppies that have the same characteristics and temperament like their parents.

One of the more positive things that come with owning a mixed breed is their resilience. German shepherds are known for having various health problems such as hip dysplasia. Mixing with the Beagle makes it less likely they will develop these issues. Their mix also gives them one of the best sense of smell of any designer breed.

The German Shepherd and Beagle complement each other very well. The German Shepherd is one of the more popular dogs hitting number 2 most popular in the world, while the Beagle is 6th. These two breeds offer the best of both worlds with equal parts smart and fun.

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Another Thing To Watch Out For When Considering Getting A Beagle Is The Health Concerns That Might Arise If The Beagle Gets Ill Or Is Infected

Because they have such a short attention span, they can get sick from something as simple as being bitten. Make sure you check their ears regularly to see if they are not getting any kind of flea problem.

Also, you may want to take the time to know how the beagle is going to react to other dogs and their owners. Many dogs are very territorial, and it can be a big problem if the beagle will not be treated in the same way as some people.

So if you decide to buy a beagle, take the time to find a responsible owner who will be patient and gentle with the beagle. It may take time to get to know a beagle, but once you do, the dog will be your best friend.

Reasons Why You Should Get A Beagle Mixed With German Shepherd

German Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

1. This Mixed Breed Dog Is Very Clever

You can teach this dog to perform all kinds of tricks and even move on to professional training. Theres so much that this mixed breed can do and these can only happen if it finds a patient, devoted owner like you.

2. This Mixed Breed Dog Will Make You Active And Healthy

If you are looking for a training partner, then youll find it in a Beagle German Shepherd mix. Your little one will be your exercise partner for life. It will motivate you with its endless energy and its endearing nature. Now you can jog, run, ride a bike or get up and move with a devoted partner.

3. This Mixed Breed Dog Is Very Clever

This mixed breed dog is a combination of very intelligent parent breeds. It can learn new tricks fast and will always want to please its master. As long as you interact with your dog strictly each day, this will learn from you and build trust with you. You may also opt to enroll your dog to professional training to further enhance its intelligence and behavior.

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You Need To Make Sure That The Dog Has Been Crate Trained This Ensures That If They Ever Leave The House They Will Never Run Out Of The House Again Without Having To Spend All Night Crying

The German shepherd beagle is one of the most intelligent breeds out there, and if you choose a good breeder, they will be able to train the beagle to follow your commands. They do have a high level of intelligence. You can always make a mistake and get a German shepherd that does not know its way around the house.

A beagle makes a great dog for children and should only be owned by those who are capable of taking care of it. Children should also be kept away from the beagle. A puppy that grows up with children can become aggressive towards them and cause them harm.

The dog has a short attention span. They need to have their exercise outside of playing, as well. Just because they are small doesnt mean they wont enjoy long walks, because they will be playing for hours every day, running and jumping. You should take your time with the beagle because they are a little slower than other breeds, and they can get bored easily.

Is A German Shepherd Beagle Mix The Right Dog For You

We hope this article has offered you a good idea of the type of dog the German Shepherd Beagle Mix is. By this stage, you may well be wondering if its the best canine companion for you and your current situation.

We believe the Beagle Shep is the ideal type of dog for many people, including:

Caring family environments whereby every member has the time, dedication, and energy to commit to the mix. It includes children who have been taught the correct way to behave around dogs in general.

This crossbreed is also suitable for the owners that are willing to meet the German Shepherd Beagle Mixs high exercise requirements.

It means being able to take them on a couple of walks throughout the day. It also means creating an ideal environment whereby they are kept entertained and stimulated for much of the day.

German Shepherd Beagle Mix is also a fantastic dog for homes that have at least one person who is around for a large proportion of the day. Or, with one person who spends many hours at home during the day.

German Shepherd Beagle Mixes are highly sociable and dont like being left alone. This dog thrives on being near their human owner. So, theyre better dogs when they have someone with them for a large chunk of their day.

Thus, this crossbreed wont manage if you crate them for long stretches of the day. Neither will they cope well if left home alone for more than four hours daily.

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Puppy German Shepherd Beagle Mix

It is very hard to find a protective and working dog breed, except this one which is great news. According to their size, they are large dogs. But, they can live in a small house by doing their daily exercise. Lets go and check out their breed overview chart

Height 22 to 25 inches

Weight 20 to 70 pounds

Colors Blue, Liver, Red, Brown, White, Tan, and Black

Eye Colors Black, Dark blue, Brown, Silver, Red, Grey, and Mix colors

Grooming 2 times a day

Price 400$ to 700$

Lifespan 14 to 15 years

Coat Double and Single Coated Skin

Training Easy

Let us find that if this dog breed is perfect for you or not?

What Is A German Shepherd Beagle Mix

german shepherd beagle mix

A German Shepherd Beagle Mix is created by breeding a German Shepherd with a Beagle. You may come across the term Beagle Shep as an alternate name for this beautiful crossbreed.

A mixed breed, otherwise called the designer dog, is a result of a mixing of two purebred parents.

Not much is known about the actual date of origin of the German Shepherd Beagle Mix.

It is, however, assumed that the crossbreeding of these two dogs began a couple of decades ago. Breed experts also suggest that the USA may have been the first to breed such a mix because its a cross that is more common in the United States.

Whatever the origins of this crossbreed are, the primary purpose of the combination is clear. Most owners and breed experts will tell you this is purely about breeding a delightful companion dog.

Yet, its hard to deny that the stunning physical attributes of this mix may also play a vital factor for this mix to come to existence.

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Fun Facts About Beagle Mixes

  • Some common nicknames include Beagle Shep and Beagleman.
  • The origins of this mix are completely unknown. It is speculated that it came about as part of the designer dog craze in the 1970s and 1980s.
  • Their hardworking nature combined with their loyal and loving disposition make it a great choice for a therapy or emotional support dog.
  • The breeds guard dog tendencies are inherited from its German Shepherd side.
  • These dogs have very acute hearing and are very sensitive to the many sounds of the great outdoors.
  • Beagle German Shepherd Mix Origins

    The origin of the German shepherd beagle mix dates back to the late 1990s or early 2000s. Beagle shepherds are a relatively new breed and have not yet been studied as extensively as their parents, German shepherds and beagles.

    German shepherd beagle dogs are designer breed dogs, which means both parents are purebred. In order to better understand the key characteristics of this mix, it can be helpful to learn more about the two parent breeds.

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    Cost Of A German Shepherd Beagle Mix Puppy

    A healthy German Shepherd Beagle Mix puppy costs around $500 and $800. Puppy mills may sell puppies at low costs, but the puppies will not be healthy. If you buy from responsible, reputable breeders, the prices might be high, but they will provide health clearance certificates. You can also adopt a Beagle Shepherd puppy from various rescue groups.

    To Buy a Puppy Online: Buy a Puppy Online

    Are These Dogs Good For Families

    German Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

    Yes, generally, Beagle-Shepherd mixes are great family dogs. They do best with active families that enjoy being active, especially being outdoors. Theyre tolerant with children and love to play, so theyre great for families with active but respectful kids. Theyre also very affectionate, bonding closely with their families.

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    List Of Mix Breed Dogs

    “PomaPoo Family-Left to right-Daddy Sysco at 1 year old, 13 week old puppies Kiki and Nala, Mama Honey at 1 year old.”

    • Mixed Breed Dogs
    • Cross Breed Dogs

    Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets

    Beagle-Shepherd mixes can get along with other dogs as long as they are frequently socialized as puppies. Some Beagle-Shepherds will be more comfortable with other dogs, while others may prefer human company. The best option is to raise another dog with your Beagle-Shepherd puppy, which will help them bond and learn to live in harmony.

    The problem may lie with cats and small animals. Beagles and German Shepherds both have prey drives, so small animals like bunnies might be too tempting. Cats and Beagle-Shepherds can learn to live peacefully, but slow introductions are important to prevent fighting and territorial issues. If you have a household with cats or small animals, you might want to consider a different mixed breed.

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