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What Kind Of Brush For German Shepherd

Short Hair Dog Brush & Long Hair Dog Brush

How to Brush and Deshed a German Shepherd

The best German Shepherd brush is always made of plastic bristles or wire metal bristles. They often come in very practical two-in-one style brushes. This essential tool for grooming and daily maintenance acts as a German Shepherd shedding brush to prevent excessive shedding and matting.

The plastic bristles help to distribute oil over the skin and are used for removing guard hairs that are loose and cover the softer undercoat, so its an ideal undercoat brush for German Shepherds. The wire bristles are used to detangle parts of the undercoat because they are able to reach deeper into the layers of the coat.

The Most Versatile Brush: Dakpets Dog Brush & Cat Brush

If youre a pet lover and you have both dogs and cats in your house, then this ones for you. This is not only for use on dogs, but for cats too. Thats how versatile this brush is. The DakPets Dog Brush & Cat Brush can reduce shedding by up to a whopping 95%. This measures 4-inches and is made from stainless steel. This gives you the assurance that this is made for durability. Its handle is also durable because its made of high-quality materials. And if you happen to be very cautious with your dogs health, youll also love this one.

Its because this helps avoid your dog getting allergies because the way its body is made to avoid any microbial growth. It doesnt matter if youre going to use this on a dog or cat. Or if your pet has a short hair, medium fur, or thick coat because this one will do pretty well with all those types.

Things We Liked
  • Its a great device because it works efficiently on your dog or cat. Its easy to use and its comfortable to hold.
  • Even though this one is an affordable brush, it still can go on par with the more expensive ones.
  • I find it very easy to pull off dead hair from my dog with this one.
Things We Didnt Like
  • The teeths size is a bit short. But it isnt really that much of a problem because this is made for all fur-types.

Best Brush For Long Haired German Shepherds

Not surprisingly, the most grooming is required for long coat German Shepherds. But with 3 or 4 essential tools you will still be able to groom your own dog and avoid paying a professional dog groomer to keep his coat healthy and clean.

The dog brush for a long haired German Shepherd is no different though for daily coat maintenance, and the same goes for the alternate use of a grooming glove or mitt for dogs with sensitive bodies. Of course during spring and fall the use of the undercoat rake remains mandatory to control excessive shedding.

One additional tool is required though the slicker brush. The slicker brush is made up of fine wire bristles that can capture excess dirt, dust and every small piece of dander in the fur of a long haired German Shepherd. The removal of this dirt results in a shiny smooth coat for your German Shepherd.

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Oster Shedmonster Best Overall

The Shedmonster can reduce your dogs shedding by up to 80 to 90 percent, regardless of if your German Shepherd has a fine/short fur or medium/long fur.

  • Suitable for German Shepherds of all fur types
  • Breaks up tangles and eliminates loose fur
  • Its smooth edges prevent skin irritation
  • Comfortable non-slip handle

There are several reasons why the Oster Shedmonster is my top pick for the best dog brush for German Shepherds. Firstly, it has a cool name that accurately depicts what it does. Second, its a multi-purpose tool thats suitable for detangling your dogs fur, de-shedding, and de-matting.

Using this brush frequently can mean fewer baths for your dog, thanks to its de-matting capability.

Did I also mention that its affordable, pet-friendly, and easy to use? I enjoy using it on my dog just as much as my dog enjoys it being used on her. Unless your dog is super-fussy, he/she will also enjoy the brushing experience with this product.

On the downside, you have to pull out the fur from the brush manually. This can be tedious if your dog is a heavy shedder.

Brush Stick For Fun & Dental Hygiene

Best Dog Brush for German Shepherd

For the clean and healthy teeth of your German shepherd! We made sure to turn everyday hygiene into something fun, something that every shepherd will love! Sometimes its really hard to take care of your shepherds hygiene This revolutionary toy for dogs is 2 in 1, a toy for dog tooth care, and a toy for fun!

Functional Dog Stick

Not only fun, but this stick-toy shaped with cotton rope is also the perfect chew toy while enhancing dental health, reducing boredom, destructive behavior, and improving IQ.

A Toothbrush And A Treat

Zigzag gap designed and shaped for functionality allows you to fill this toy with your shepherds favorite treat, whether is regular dog food, cream cheese, peanut butter, or toothpaste. Your pup will think its all a treat, but youll know that in fact, the GSD Colony dog toothbrush chew toy is working assiduously to keep those teeth clean.


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Brushing Your Dogs Teeth Is Necessary

This is perhaps the most important measure you can take to maintain teeth and gum health in dogs and humans alike. Some people might think it is silly to brush a dogs teeth, but it does make a huge difference to their general health and lifespan.

It is best to brush your German Shepherds teeth from a young age since many of these dogs do not appreciate their teeth being touched. This gives them an opportunity to become acclimated to your doing so.

A little bit of bleeding during brushing is ok, but if it is heavy or ongoing, you might be brushing too hard. However, if your German Shepherd already has serious gum disease, then you need to reassess the situation.

If bleeding is occurring even during gentle brushing, then it is important to take your dog to the vet and have her gums checked. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

When it comes to how often your German Shepherds teeth should be brushed, it is a matter of the more, the better. Ideally, you would brush your German shepherds teeth every day.

Short of that, two or three times per week will also make a massive difference to your dogs health. Its worth noting that just because your dogs teeth get brushed doesnt mean that they dont need professional dental care also.

Try to have your dogs teeth looked at once a year by a vet. As we humans experience, even with regular brushing we can still sometimes be surprised by cavities and other dental issues that our dentists may uncover your dog is no different.

Understanding Your German Shepherds Coat

Most German shepherds have a double coat. The outer layer of fur is referred to as a top coat or guard coat. Although this hair is soft, its coarser and scratchier than the underlayer. Its also darker.

Experts call the underlayer the undercoat. Its soft and lighter in color than the guard coat.

The two layers of fur work together to help the dog maintain its body temperature. The combination of coat types protects the dog from water and harmful UV rays.

Some German shepherds have a single coat. These look smoother and less fluffy than double-coated canines. Some people call single-coat breeds smoothies. These canines do have an undercoat, but its so fine that its almost imperceptible.

Because a single coat is considered a flaw, most experts have tried to breed out that trait. Therefore, single-coat German shepherds are rare.

You might wonder why you see German shepherds with different coat lengths. Working German shepherds often have short or medium coats. Their fur wont hinder their activity while theyre performing their service.

German shepherds with medium coats have fur thats about one to two inches long. Some people call these dogs plush. Medium-length coats are the most desirable by American Kennel Club standards.

Long-haired German shepherds have the most rigorous grooming requirements. Their fur grows longer than two inches and can become matted and tangled fairly easily.

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What To Look For In A German Shepherd Brush

To summarize what we have learned, lets think about the most important qualities that a brush for a German Shepherd should have.

Consider this section as your checklist when shopping for a new brush:

  • Go for a brush with long bristles/pins so that they can reach all the way down to the skin. Otherwise, you will only be affecting the surface layer
  • Go for a brush that is durable enough to withstand the thick hair of this breed
  • Go for a brush that is comfortable in your hand and comfortable to use. Better ergonomics will usually add up to better brushing technique
  • If possible, go for a brush with retractable bristles. This will save you a lot of time
  • Avoid most short-toothed combs unless you have a short-haired German Shepherd

Soft-bristle brushes are workable but not the best choice. Instead, go for something with a little more penetration.

Are Long Coat German Shepherds Rare

How To Brush A Dog The Easy Way! Working Line German Shepherd Dog

Long haired German Shepherds are somewhat rare, although not so much that they are not easily recognized. The American Kennel Association sees their lack of a double coat as something of a breed defect but still recognizes them as an official breed. They are easy enough to find for anyone who wants to own one.

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Halova Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Bamboo Brush For Dogs

This product is a safe, comfortable, easy to use tool. It is a double-ended brush making it multipurpose. One side is gentle and meant for the undercoat while the other side is more firm for going deeper into the coat. The brush works great for the outer coat of the German Shepherd, leaving a shiny and tidy coat. If you want a brush that is going to make your German Shepherd tidy and clean, the HaloVa Pet Comb is a great choice. As an extra addition, the materials used for this grooming tool are environment-friendly.

Bamboo handle

Two-sided one side with bristles made of pig mane for a soft gentle touch and the other side has bristles made with plastic for sturdier use

Does not irritate the skin

Flexible bristles are able to reach obscure parts of the dog

Not durable bristles may easily come off since they are made with relatively weak material

Cannot detangle your German Shepherd

How To Groom A German Shepherd: 10 Top Tips

So, now youre armed with the best grooming tools for your German Shepherd, here are my 10 top tips I thought Id share:

  • Start grooming your German Shepherd from a young age, ideally as soon as you bring him home, at around 8-weeks. This will allow your young puppy to get used to the daily brush and his other grooming tools.
  • Teach your dog to be comfortable with being handled in general. Get to know the areas he likes to be touched and the ones he doesnt by petting him in different areas. This will put him at ease when it comes to grooming time. Most German Shepherds are affectionate and will tolerate being petted however, all dogs are different.
  • Make the grooming session enjoyable for your German Shepherd. If he is the nervous type, reassure him, speak calmly, and offer treats as rewards. He will learn to associate grooming with pleasant things.
  • If your dog isnt keen on grooming, exercise him first with a long walk and a fun game of fetch. He will be too tired to care when he sees you coming towards him with the brush, making your job a lot easier! I find this works for me, and I tend to get a quick brush when my girl is tired.
  • When your GSD is blowing his coat, you might want to de-shed him outside. I usually FURminate my girl in a nearby field during the heavy shedding periods. Theres no way all that fur is getting in my home!
  • Never let your dog play with your grooming kit to avoid any accidents. They are not toys! Keep them in a safe place and out of reach.

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Pat Your Pet Grooming Gloves

The Pat Your Pet Grooming Gloves feature rubber tips that not only remove loose fur but also provide gentle relaxing massage. Your German Shepherd will feel like hes getting petted, not like hes being groomed. Fur wont go flying as you run your hands down your dogs body.

Some spots can be tricky to groom, such as the face. Thats not really a place you want to use a wire bristle brush. But the gentle rubber tips remove loose fur with just the brush of a finger.

Not only dry brushing, these gloves can be used for bathing as well. Lets say your German Shepherd splashes around in a lovely mud puddle and comes home caked in dirt. These gloves will gently work the dried mud out of his fur in no time and with no pain.

Just peel the fur off when youre done and youre good to go!

Q: How Can I Minimize Shedding

Pin on Dog Product

A: Shedding can be minimized by brushing with any of the brushes mentioned above. Feeding your German Shepherd a healthy diet improves healthy hair growth. Supplements can be included in the diet. Bathing your German Shepherd can also help. Fleas are tiny creatures which can do great damage to your dogs hair. You might want to check that as well.

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Slicker Brushes Pin Brushes And Bristle Brushes

These kinds of tools are used to brush the outer coat of your German Shepherds fur. The spaces in between the teeth of the brush are usually farther apart to comb through debris that is stuck on the outer coat.

Regularly brushing your GSDs outer coat with these brushes will bring out its natural oils and make it look healthier and smoother.

Top 6 Types Of Grooming Tool

Basic brushes are either made of metal wire bristles or plastic bristles. The wire bristles reach a little deeper into the coat to remove and detangle the undercoat. The plastic bristles remove lose guard hairs and distribute skin oil . As pictured below, you can get 2-in-1 brushes for more convenience.

This type of brush is best for daily maintenance brushing, whether your German Shepherd has a medium coat or a long coat. This brush is an essential grooming tool. Daily brushing prevents matting and extreme shedding.

Slicker brushes are designed for long coat German Shepherds. The wire bristles are finer than a basic brush. The fine bristles are perfect for keeping that long, flowing fur in top shiny condition. They reach the smallest bits of dust and dirt that might get in your dogs fur.

The nice thing about slicker brushes is many of them are self-cleaning! When youre done brushing your pooch, you just press a button on the brush and the fur falls off into the trash!

Combs are ideal for smoothing a long coat German Shepherd on a daily basis. The comb guides his fur so it lays in the right direction and free of minor tangles. Be sure not t yank the comb through large knots in your poochs fur. That will hurt your dog when his fur gets ripped out. If you find large tangles, utilize a de-matting tool.

The teeth of the tool are made of sharp stainless steel so that tangles remove easily without pulling on delicate fur and causing pain to your German Shepherd.

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German Shepherd Shedding Season

Luckily, German Shepherds are relatively low maintenance when it comes to grooming for much of the year . I usually brush Allie once a week, and her coat looks clean, shiny, and beautiful.

But during shedding season, once a week just wont cut it!

So, what is this German Shepherd shedding season?

German Shepherds blow their coat twice a year in spring and in fall. As the days get shorter and winter approaches, your German Shepherd will get ready for the colder weather by growing their winter coat. That means those old summer hairs have got to go theyre pushed out by the new growth and scattered all around your house!

Then, in the spring, as the days get longer, your German Shepherd will blow their coat again to get rid of that extra winter coat insulation.

Some Tips To Help Your Puppy Deal With Teething

How to Brush German Shepherd Puppy Amy and Chief

While your puppy is teething, they will likely feel chronic pain due to baby and adult teeth cycling in and out of their mouth.

With a few toys or treats, you could reduce gum redness or even prevent your puppy from chewing on your furniture.

Use some of these tips and remedies to help ease your puppys pain while they are teething:

  • Rub ice cubes on their gums. Freeze a broth your puppy loves and gently brush an ice cube against their reddened gums to provide relief.
  • Non-caffeinated tea. Giving your puppy a chilled tea might help them relax. For example, a herb like chamomile is safe for dogs.
  • Natural puppy teething gel. These products help soothe your puppys sore gums, reduces pain, and may prevent unwanted chewing.
  • Edible Chews. Avoid chews containing additives and opt for chews with natural ingredients. Also, you want to ensure they are not too thick. You want a chewable that will not shatter in your puppys mouth, but you do not want your puppy to break their teeth when gnawing on the chew.

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