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Can You Shave A German Shepherd

What Is A German Shepherds Coat Like

Can You Shave Your German Shepherd Dog and When Should You

German Shepherds have thick, luxurious, double-layer coats. The fur you see at first glance is the coarse outer coat, which is often the signature black and tan colors.

However, the AKC outlines that German Shepherds can also be white, black, gray, blue, liver, sable, or a variety of bi-color options. These colored outer guard hairs protect your dog from cuts, sunburn, and so on.

Less obvious is their fluffy white inner coat, which is only visible when you part your German Shepherds fur with your hands or a brush. This coat serves as an insulator, growing in thick in the winter to keep your German Shepherd warm and then being replaced by a thinner coat in the summer to provide a natural cooling mechanism.

Historically this was critical since German Shepherds were outside much of the time herding livestock.

Their outer coat is medium to long, and can either be straight or a bit wavy. Most German Shepherds have medium length coats, but theres actually a recessive gene that can cause longer, fluffier hair. In some cases , long-haired German Shepherds have only a single layer coat.

Although the AKC accepts the long-haired variation, its considered a defect but shh, dont tell your extra-floofy German Shepherds that. Hes perfect just the way he is!

Circulation Of Cool Air Inside

If youre keeping your dog inside, its essential that you make sure cool air is circulating through your house. Keeping the windows and doors open when possible is best for achieving this, with fans also effective.

When youre at home, keeping both the back door and front windows open will create a really efficient air circulation system.

Do This Instead Of Shaving Your German Shepherd

If youre worried for your German Shepherd, especially in the summer, you can do these things:

  • If theyre outside, keep them in shaded areas.
  • Keep them in a room with a fan or air-conditioning.
  • Keep them cool by providing them with clean water to drink.
  • For training or exercise, take them out in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Brush and comb them regularly. It keeps away mats and minimizes shedding as well.

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German Shepherd Blowing Coat

The first rule of owning a German Shepherd is understanding his shedding habits. Twice a year, specifically in the spring and fall, your German Shepherd will blow his coat.

At the change of seasons, your German Shepherds coats switch so they can adapt to the new conditions. This shedding is a completely natural process as your dog responds to the changing of daylight hours. This transition allows them to be comfortable all year long.

For about two weeks each time, his thick undercoat will begin coming out in clumps. The shedding will be quite intense during this time whilst he molts all of his dead undercoat.

You will easily know when this is about to occur as you will notice the clumps of fur falling from your GSD. His coat wont look too great for a little while, and it may look a little shabby, but it will grow back pretty quickly and look even better than ever!

Are You Supposed To Shave A Double Coated Dog

Can You Shave A German Shepherd? Good Idea or Not

Shaving a double-coated breed can really ruin the coat. If you do shave your double coated dog, the new hair will grow back but the undercoat will grow first. The texture of the soft undercoat will absorb the suns rays, making your dog hotter in summer. Shaving a double coated dog does not reduce shedding.

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Should I Shave My German Shepherd

No, you shouldnt shave or clip your German Shepherd routinely for grooming or because you think theyre too hot. The coat takes too long to grow back, may grow back shorter, may grow in a lighter color, puts them at risk for bites and parasites, and provides a necessary and natural heating and cooling system in the elements which you alter when you shave them.

You should only shave for medical reasons as per your vet.

It’ll Save You Green Backs

It’s a definite money-saver over the life span of your dog. German Shepherd’s can live to the ripe old age of 15.

And although there is an upfront investment for grooming equipment, it won’t be long before you win that money back.

Grooming costs are based on how much fur your dog has. You have a German Shepherd and that equals A LOT of fur.

Here’s an example for 2019:

For a German Shepherd with a double coat that needs regular grooming from an experienced, professional groomer who knows their stuff the prices go something like this

Bath: $40

Extra Brush Out: $16

That’s a whopping $164 per visit to the groomer per month!

And with a high maintenance coat like the German Shepherd’s, your GSD will need a minimum of 2 visits per month from the start of Spring to the end of Summer. That’s roughly 5 months.

If you have one dog, that adds up to $1620 per year!

So, you see, home-grooming makes a lot of financial sense!

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Groom And Bathe Your German Shepherd 3

So, I already went over that your German Shepherd will blow his coat twice a year once in the fall, once in the spring. Though you cant stop the fur clumps from eventually coming out, you can help to get rid of more of it at once by bathing and grooming him during these periods.

Rather than allowing his undercoat to gradually fall out as the two-week blowing period progresses, you can loosen up any remaining fur and get rid of it at bathing time.

Never over-bathe as this strips your German Shepherds natural oils causing dry skin which then causes further shedding.

There are also specific de-shedding dog shampoos and conditioners you can get to release the undercoat during the bath. You can even find ones enriched with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, such as the FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo that help reduce shedding from Amazon, and Ill cover the benefits of these at number 7 below.

Alternative Ways To Keep Your German Shepherd Cool:


As weve discovered shaving your German Shepherd is not a good idea. Here are some ideas on how to help keep them cool on a hot day:

Fresh water: constant access to fresh water is a necessity when keeping your German Shepherd cool. Is it a good idea to keep the water in a shaded area to help keep it cool. This also helps to lure your pooch away from the suns rays.

Add ice to their water bowl. A fast and effective way to cool your German Shepherd is to add a few ice cubes to a shallow water bowl. Make sure there isnt too much water in this bowl as ingesting too much cold water quickly can cause your German Shepherd to bloat. For more information please see our article on bloat in German Shepherds- everything you need to know.

Grooming: Regularly grooming your German Shepherd helps to keep them cool as any matted fur will stop air flow and trap heat.

Shade: It is important to ensure your German Shepherd has access to shade at all times. If your German Shepherd cannot escape the suns rays they can begin to overheat quickly. If your Yard has little to no shade at certain times of the day it is worth investing in a canopy or creating a shaded area which your German Shepherd can easily retreat to.

If you have the space long term you could look at planting some fast-growing trees. For more information on fast growing shade trees please see this article.

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How Often Should A German Shepherd Be Groomed

Your German Shepherd should be brushed 3-4 times a week, eradicating any loose, dead hairs and keeping the fur soft and shiny. Like other breeds, you should be careful of overbathing your German Shepherd, too many baths can cause dry, irritated skin which leaves them exposed to other health issues. With the German Shepherd breed you should also be checking their toenails at least once a week, otherwise you could be leaving your pup prone to injury.

How Often Do You Groom A German Shepherd

Whether medium or longhair, a German Shepherd will need a moderate amount of grooming. Some dogs are very prone to tangling and have fine hair which required daily brushing. A German Shepherd should be brushed about 3 times a week. There are different reasons we need to brush a German Shepherds coat:

  • One of the main reasons for brushing their coat is because they will drop dead hair. If this is not brushed, it will collect in their coat and threaten their hygiene. It will also lead to hair accumulation on furnishings and floors in the home. Dogs will molt much more hair during shedding seasons.
  • Brushing also helps us to distribute the natural oils of a dogs coat to protect them from the elements and other threats to its condition.
  • When we brush a German Shepherds coat we can check for injury and parasites. We may not be able to spot a small wound, skin condition or parasites such as fleas from looking at them. Once we get in close by brushing we can monitor for issues which threaten their well-being.
  • Brushing a dogs coat helps to remove tangles and knots. This is something which will affect long haired dogs more.
  • When we brush our German Shepherds hair we also encourage our bond. If they are sheepish about brushing, we need to get them used to the practice. In doing so, we foster a sense of security with them.

If you want more advice, you can take a look at our article on how to brush a dogs hair properly.

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Why Do Groomers Shave Georgian Shepherd

Why do groomers shave german shepherd dog? The topcoat protects your German Shepherd from dirt and sun exposure, while the undercoat protects from the cold. Now, there are two main reasons for cutting a German Shepherd ‘s coat: give relief to them during the hot months of summer, and to control your german shepherds shedding.

Why do groomers shave german shepherd dog? The topcoat protects your German Shepherd from dirt and sun exposure, while the undercoat protects from the cold. Now, there are two main reasons for cutting a German Shepherd’s coat: give relief to them during the hot months of summer, and to control your german shepherds shedding.

Flying One High Velocity 40 Hp Motor Dog Grooming Dryer

Can You Shave Your German Shepherd Dog? Read First ...

Since B-Air discontinued my favorite pick of the high-velocity dryer, I went on a mission to find another top-quality option. Thanks to Deborah for bringing this to my attention!


See the Flying One High Velocity 4.0 Hp Motor Dog Grooming Dryer on Amazon

The Flying One High-Velocity Dryer from Flying Pig Grooming!

This dryer is the flagship dryer on offer from this company and it’s definitely something to write home about!

  • 2 speed, 4 horsepower motor.
  • Robust steel frame.
  • Motor insulated for quieter operation.
  • Two nozzles Flat for drying sensitive areas. Round for dealing with heavy coats.
  • Air Volume: 240 CFM .
  • Heat settings: None, low or high.
  • Temperature: Variable between 85 and 165 Fahrenheit.
  • A removable, washable filter keeps the unit clean and running smoothly.
  • Easy to clean filter and casing.
  • 10-foot long hose for optimum flexibility.

Okay, I’ll say right off the bat that this dryer is in the higher price range.

But if you consider that your German Shepherd has a thick double coat that will need constant care, it makes sense to own a high-quality dryer like this one.

Other pooch parents are over the moon about the quality build, ease-of-use, and performance of this dryer.

And professional dog groomers are just as happy with this machine, which says a lot about its value.

If you’re in the market for a high-velocity dryer, this is the kind of decision you want to splurge on. I highly recommend this one from Flying Pig Grooming.

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Trim Rather Than Fully Shave

If necessary, you should only consider trimming hairs here and there on a German shepherd, rather than giving it a full grooming session where you remove all that luscious fur that they need for a variety of reasons.

Although there are many fine dog hair clippers available on the market today, there are not really any that would constitute as being the best dog hair clippers for German Shepherds.

However, we understand that German Shepherds do get rather hot in the summer and do produce a lot of shed hair. Thats why weve put together a brief guide about what you can do instead of reaching for those clippers.

How Do You Cut A German Shepherds Coat

Not all breeds of dogs are the same. You need to consider what is good for your German Shepherd. And the main factor to consider is that they are a double-coated breed of dog. The growth of their topcoat and undercoat vary. The topcoat protects your German Shepherd from dirt and sun exposure, while the undercoat protects from the cold.

Now, there are two main reasons for cutting a German Shepherds coat: give relief to them during the hot months of summer, and to control your german shepherds shedding. Read more about how to control the shedding and how to properly trim a German Shepherds coat.

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Shaving Leaves Your Dog Cold In The Winter And Hot In The Summer

The undercoat and guard hair insulate them from cold air, but also create a ventilation system to help cool them in the summer. Think of their double coat as a self-adjusting heating and cooling system.

In the summer, shaving them puts your dog at risk of overheating. This is because the different fur layers act as an air conditioning system by allowing air to circulate against the skin, which provides a cooling effect.

Without the longer hairs to help circulate the air against the skin, the suns rays burn into your German Shepherds shaved body directly.

The longer guard hair keep the cool air against the skin, and the hot hair away from the skin. This helps prevent overheating.

Unless your vet advises you, its better to find other options to help with your dogs thick coat. Dogs left exposed to the elements are more at risk for health issues and additional skin problems.

Shaving Can Lead To Skin Problems:

Shaving off German Shepherd dog’s fur

Without a dense coat there to protect their skin, your dogs body is exposed to more things. This includes the sun! Just like humans dogs can get sunburn. Dogs only have about half as many layers as humans have, making their burns worse. Humans have 16 20 layers, and dogs only have 6 10.

Sunburns can lead to hot spots, skin, irritation, and even skin cancer! Make sure if your dog does get burnt to keep them from licking the burns. Use a dog cone if necessary. Licking those burns can make it a lot worse. Your dog may experience dandruff and flaking for a while, even when their fur has grown back.

If you do shave your German Shepherd for the summer, play and exercise out of the sun as much as you can.

More about hot spots:

Hot spots are when your dog scratches their skin so much that it leaves red irritated lesions on the skin. These are somewhat like wounds. Yet they can not only be caused by burns but also bugs. Now that your dogs coat is gone, bugs can just bite your shepherds skin. After getting those bites your dog will scratch like crazy. This will form these hot spots.

These hot spots can also lead to alopecia areata, which is patchy hair loss. We dont want that!

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To Shave Or Not To Shave Your German Shepherd

Dont shave your German Shepherd unless your dog needs a shave for medical reasons or your vet must do it.

While their hair will grow back, it may not grow back as you imagine, will look or feel different, expose your dog to the elements, and prevent them from naturally cooling themselves. Shaving a German Shepherd is a risk. Know these risks and your options.

If you like your Shepherds coat the way it looks but are worried about your dog in the summer heat, then use other alternatives to keep them cool.

Why risk having a dog that might grow in a poor coat or worse -a dog now exposed to heatstroke and parasites- when you can offer them other forms of heat relief?

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She Is Already Quick Haired However She Has A Thick Coat

Am i able to shave my german shepherd canine. The coat takes too lengthy to develop again could develop again shorter could develop in a lighter coloration places them in danger for bites and parasites and gives a vital and pure heating and cooling system within the components which you alter once you shave them. German Shepherd Ear Care and Dental Care. Shaving just isnt a good suggestion.

Ought to You Shave Your German Shepherd. Shaving her wont remedy the shedding. Your canine will nonetheless shed and after shaving its going to simply be shorter hair that theyre shedding.

Am i able to shave my german shepherd with clippers. Its pretty scorching right here. No you shouldnt shave a German Shepherd until its for a well being or medical purpose similar to shaving a scorching spot to deal with it.

And hes at all times panting loads and sitting in entrance of the fan. Can I shave my German Shepherds hair. As a result of their prime guard layer has been eliminated the half that doesnt shed the undercoat is allowed to develop uninhibited which might result in extra shedding.

My terrier combine I simply received shaved down and my nice dane has a really quick coat so I dont have to fret about them an excessive amount of. I really feel actually unhealthy for him. I considered doing this to my rescue.

Their fur is an insulation for the warmth and the chilly and acts like a incubator. Shaving works nice for a single coated canine. I stay in India.

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