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Why Does My German Shepherd Groan

Your Dog Has Stomach Problems

Why Do German Shepherds Groan: GSD Vocalizations and What They Mean

Its common to touch a dogs belly when picking them up.

But a dog with a stomach problem might groan because of pain.

Common stomach problems in dogs are


This refers to a condition of inflammation in a dogs colon or large intestines. Common causes of this are eating inedible objects, worms, and food allergies.

Symptoms of colitis are:

Why Are German Shepherds So Vocal

As a herding breed that tends to be protective and territorial, the German Shepherd can be excessive in barking, groaning, whining, and moaning. But these German Shepherd behaviors may also be triggered by positive situations and other breed-related temperament traits such as its friendly family-dog nature.

Also, leaving your dog consistently alone at home and for long periods may cause him to be vocal. The German Shepherd is among the top 10 dogs most prone to separation anxiety. As such, your GSD may also groan, whine, or moan to express his loneliness.

As a rough guideline, your German Shepherd may manifest any of these behaviors for one or more of the following ten reasons shown on the table.

German Shepherd Behavior

Why Do German Shepherds Not Like To Be Hugged

The act of hugging dogs became controversial because a casual, observational study revealed that it gives dogs anxiety. Indeed, dogs may not like hugs because it practically immobilizes them and makes them feel unprotected. But, many dog parents especially those with German Shepherds would attest to the fact that their pups enjoy hugs.

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Why Do German Shepherds Groan

German Shepherds can groan simply because they are excited, wants attention, stretch, well relaxed, or lazy, however, all those are okay factors of your German Shepherd groaning, your GSD could possibly be groaning because he or she is in pain or is afraid of something as well.

These dogs will groan for numerous amounts of things thats why I say its typically normal for your German Shepherd dog to groan.

Why Does My German Shepherd Grunt Moan And Groan

Why does my German Shepherd grunt, moan and groan?

This post will show you why your German Shepherd has been grunting, groaning or moaning and what you can do about it.

So, why does my German Shepherd grunt, groan and moan? Possible reasons are that it is excited, it wants your attention, its ill or injured, its doing it as a warning, its protecting its food or possessions, its bored, its frightened or it is being aggressive.

There are a number of things that you can consider when trying to figure out why your German Shepherd does it. Depending on the cause, there are also a number of things that you can do about it.

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What To Do If Your German Shepherd Has Hip Displasia

But the prime most important thing is that, physical exercise or work will worsen up the conditions. However, Hydrotherapy sessions can help your GSD puppy recover from the the hip displasia. Check out the other common genetic ailments in German Shepherds. Nice stuff! Im enjoying reading your blog here!

Recent Posts

Why Does A Dog Moan When Lying Down

The most common sounds of pleasure are moans and sighs, although dogs also use whines and growls to communicate happiness. Low-pitched moans are very common in puppies and are signs of contentment. Another sound of contentment is the sigh, usually accompanied by the dog lying down with its head on its forepaws.

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What Do German Shepherds Do To Get Attention

If you miss the signals, your GSD will soon demand rubs and scratches by pawing at your hand or even sitting on you while looking up at you to make sure they get your attention. Dont worry! It may sound like a chore, but its actually one of the most adorable things about living with a German Shepherd.

Make Sure They Arent Ill Or In Pain:

Why is my German Shepherd dog groaning while he is taking a shower

You will definitely want to make sure that they arent ill or in any type of pain. There could be several causes for sickness or pain. You can assess their body and look for any marks or wounds to their skin. You can also check their mouth to see if they swallowed anything funny.

Some possibilities for illness or pain:

  • Disease or underlying health issue
  • Wounded from another animal or hit by a car
  • They ingested something they shouldnt have
  • Sore from a skin allergy
  • These are just a few examples. If you feel like your German Shepherd is ill or in any pain, please take them to a veterinarian immediately.

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    Ask Dr Jenn: Why Does My Dog Make Loud Sighing Grumbling And Groaning Noises

    Does your dog grumble and sigh amidst his or her daily activities? Find out what they might be telling you

    Reading time: 3 Minutes

    Q: Why does my dog make loud sighing, grumbling, and groaning noises?

    A: These noises could be due to a number of reasons. If your dog has always made sounds like this when curling up with you, the sighs and groans can be a sign of contentment. He may be telling you Im so happy right now. Or he may be trying to get your attention and guilt trip you into pets, belly rubs and scratches.

    In another case, your four-legged friend may just be sleepy. For instance, my dog, Apollo, is a deep sleeper. Hell whine, growl, and groan in his sleep as if hes reacting to something in his dreams! Sometimes his feet even twitch and his legs paddle like hes running wild. Thats when I know its a really good dream and its best not to wake him. That said, maybe your dog is just off in La La Land, running through a field and chasing rabbits! In this case, there is no need to worry. Let the sleeping dog lie.

    In another, more serious scenario, if your dog is a little older or the groaning noises are something new, your dog may be trying to tell you something is wrong. Some dogs will groan, whimper, or sigh as a sign of pain. As dogs age, it is common for them to develop arthritis along the spine and hips. Meaning curling up may suddenly be uncomfortable.

    Should You Ignore A Whining German Shepherd Dog

    Yes, you should ignore a whining German shepherd dog if he ONLY whines to get undeserved attention.

    You can do this by walking away from him without turning your face towards him. Grab a remote and watch your TV. Or, just fold your hands, place your legs on the table and then take a small nap.

    The aim is to make him know youre not bothered by his cry.

    It can be irritating, I know. But have some self-control and ignore it for some days. Its for your own good, not unless if you want to reinforce the behavior and deal with the habit forever.

    Its time to hear from you:

    Why has your German shepherd been whining? Whats the strategy that works best in stopping him from whining?

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    Some Interesting Facts About German Shepherd Dogs:

    There are many popular breeds of dogs. Some are strong some are cute, while others are huge. Out of these breeds, the German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds. In fact, this breed of dog is the 2nd most popular dog in the US. These particular reeds of dogs rely on their nose to explore the world. You may have seen them sniffing on your windows, walls, and whatever comes near them. This is why such breeds of dogs are kept for sniffing bombs and drugs by the police force as they are best in detecting things.

    Another fact of a German shepherd dog is its smartness. It is also possible that they are far smarter than several human beings. These dogs are intelligent and are capable of learning new things easily. There are even such dogs who were not trained, but they learned the things just by looking. They also have a desire to help humans in their work. If you have or planning to keep a German Shepherd dog, make sure that they need plenty of toys and brain games to keep their mental state healthy. These dogs are confident and are not easily scared in any situation.

    This is why this breed of dog is kept as a watchdog or as a guardian in fields and houses. He can forcefully attack any intruder who tries to enter their territory. German shepherd breeds of dogs have natural protective skills, which are not common in several other breeds of dogs. All you need to do is to train them and properly socialize them and let the dog use its natural instincts to make a decision.

    Should You Be Concerned About Your Dogs Groaning

    Why does my German Shepherd grunt, moan and groan ...

    Normally, no! Groaning is just a normal way German Shepherds communicate. However, if your dog is groaning excessively, you may want to take a deeper dive to see if there is something else causing the groaning.

    Here are some things to consider when trying to determine if you should worry about GSD groaning:

    • What situation was occurring when your dog stated groaning? Usually, you can figure out the cause of your dogs behavior from the circumstances surrounding when the behavior occurred. Were they excited, nervous, just waking up, etc.?
    • Does your dog groan once and a while, or all the time? The frequency of groaning is key to determining whether it is a problem or harmless. It is 100% normal for your dog to groan sometimes. However, if they are groaning all day, then the groaning could be a sign that they are in pain or something is bothering them.
    • What is your dogs demeanor when groaning? You know your dog, so you should be able to tell if your dog is groaning from enjoyment, versus groaning out of discomfort. If you dogs demeanor while groaning gives you pause, it doesnt hurt to get your dog checked out by a professional just to make sure they are ok.

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    Ascites In Dogs Or Fluid In The Abdomen

    Ascites, or fluid buildup in the abdomen, is the most common medical reason why dogs groan when they lay themselves down. Trapped fluid causes dogs to vocalize as they struggle to get comfy.

    Pressure on the lungs and stomach can also lead to difficulty breathing and regular vomiting. Most dogs love a good belly rub, but if your dog begins to shrink from your loving touch, he may be experiencing this issue.

    Why does fluid pool inside a dogs body? In puppies, it can be caused by accidental injury, like bumping into furniture or fences, during excited play. Older dogs might develop ascites from other conditions, such as kidney or liver damage, cancer or heart disease.

    If your dogs tummy appears suddenly swollen or distended, make an appointment with your vet.

    Theyre Always Happy To See You

    Most dogs youve formed a bond with will show excitement when seeing you after a while of being apart. German Shepherds are especially known for this.

    They may jump up at you, lick your face, and run around aimlessly at your presence. They may even whine from their inability to contain their excitement. No matter the temperament of your GSD, theyll surely have their own way of telling you how happy they are to see you, even if youve only been away for a few minutes.

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    What Does It Mean When A German Shepherd Howls

    A German Shepherds howls due to injury, sickness, separation anxiety, communication, or defence. As German Shepherds are descendants of the wolves, howling comes naturally to them. So, from defining territory and seeking attention to loneliness, the German Shepherds can howl for all of these reasons.

    Why Does My German Shepherd Grunt

    Why Does My German Shepherd Stretch So Much? 5 Different Types of GSD Stretches and Their Meanings

    So, why does my German Shepherd grunt, groan and moan? Possible reasons are that it is excited, it wants your attention, it’s ill or injured, it’s doing it as a warning, it’s protecting its food or possessions, it’s bored, it’s frightened or it is being aggressive.

    9 other answers

    Since your German Shepherd might also grunt, groan or moan because it wants attention it would also help to make sure to give it attention throughout the day. If you tend to leave it alone for long time periods such as for work then it might help to try and come back quickly during your lunch break. Get the help of a dog behaviorist

    Why does my dog grunt and groan? Why does my dog make grunting noises when I pet him? Why does my dog grunt when I pet him? Why does my dog snort like a pig? How do I know if my dogs in pain? What does it mean when a dog snorts repeatedly? Why do dogs grunt and moan? How do I get my dog to stop reverse sneezing? Why does my dog snort like he …

    What Does It Sound Like When a German Shepherd Groans? For first-time German Shepherd dog owners, you may not be sure that what you are hearing from your dog is a groan, a moan, a whine, a whimper, or something else entirely. To further complication side identification, German Shepherds are also known to howl.

    May 24, 2020 – This post will show you how to tell if your German Shepherd loves you and how to get it to love you more.

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    Are German Shepherds Vocal

    German Shepherds are one of Americas most popular dog breeds. If youre new to the breed and youre thinking of getting one, you may have a few questions, one of which being are they vocal dogs?

    Usually yes! But this isnt necessarily a bad thing, so long as you know how to handle it. So lets take a look at everything you need to know about German Shepherds & their voices.

    The Bottom Line On Dog Groaning Moaning Or Sighing

    Weve all had the experience of sitting down at the end of a workday and uttering a long sigh or groan of relief. Our dogs might not be gainfully employed, but they take just as much satisfaction from settling into their favorite spots.

    For the most part, dog groaning, moaning, sighing and grunting are standard dog expressions. Moderation can keep your dogs groans worry-free!

    Prevent growing pains from being too severe by limiting your puppys exercise until hes physically mature.

    Overweight and obese dogs are at greater risk for joint pain, so give your dog small, regular meals and fewer treats. Too much of a good thing roughhousing or food can make joint, bone and internal problems worse then they need to be.

    Tell us: Is your dog groaning, moaning or sighing when he lies down?

    Thumbnail: Photography miodrag ignjatovic | Getty Images.

    This post was originally published in 2016.

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    How Wild Wolves Use Sounds To Communicate

    As the International Wolf Center explains, sounds are one of the three primary communication methods wolves use to stay in touch over long distances.

    The other two methods are marking and body language.

    Wolves are famous for their haunting howls, of course, but they are equally as likely to whimper, growl, grunt, moan or cry or even bark to make their message clear.

    Based on what the International Wolf Center shares about common sounds, the howl is probably the closest sound to the grunt that most German Shepherd dogs make. The howl can be used for both defensive and social purposes.

    In the same way, as you saw in the two videos you watched here earlier, the German Shepherds appeared to be using their vocalizations for social and bonding purposes, and specifically to tell their people what they wanted.

    Assess Their Laying Spot

    Why Do German Shepherds Groan?

    It seems that your German Shepherd doesnt trust the safety of his bed or lying spot. It will also circle the spot to ensure there are no vermin or harmful objects that will make your pets rest uncomfortable.

    There is little scientific data to prove the above 3 examples except for the idea that dogs circle before lying down to make a nest. This small study of 62 dogs implied that dogs are more likely to circle before lying down when given a soft, uneven surface to make a temporary nest to sleep in.

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    Soft Noises While Asleep

    When a pup makes soft grumbles, yaps, or whimpers while snoozing, its not cause for alarm. This mix of noises simply means that a dog is in a deep stage of sleep, similar to our REM sleep, says Dr. Bernal. You may notice its also accompanied by a faster breathing rate and twitching of the muscles, limbs, or eyelids.Your dogs favorite sleeping position, on the other hand, can tell you a lot.

    How Do You Tell If Your German Shepherd Loves You

    Here are some of the most common German Shepherd signs of affection:

    • 1) They cant help but kiss or lick you.
    • 2) They like staying close to you.
    • 3) They often snuggle or cuddle.
    • 4) They lean on you.
    • 5) They allow you to hug them.
    • 6) They ask for rubs.
    • 7) Theyre always happy to see you.
    • 8) They keep wanting to play.

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    Your German Shepherd Is Injured And Is In Pain

    Groaning may be an indication that your GSD is hurt in some way.

    Even if you cant see any visible injury, these active and athletic dogs can be more prone to muscle strains and sprains, and abrasions that may get hidden under their thick fur.

    Watch to see if the groaning sound seems to happen only when your dog does certain things, like trying to lay down on one side or putting weight on a certain paw.


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