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Can German Shepherds Live With Cats

German Shepherd Dog Personality

Can German Shepherds stay with Cats? Are they good with Cats?

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in America. These versatile dogs are intelligent and courageous. They are working dogs and tend to do very well at anything for which they are trained.

Despite their size, they can be sensitive and they dont like being on their own. They are very affectionate family members and good with kids as well as strangers. GSDs are also high energy and love to play. They need a lot of exercise to stay happy and minimise bad behaviour.

As working dogs, it is in the genes of a GSD to help herd and keep the flock in line. They often round around flocks of sheep making sure theyre all okay and in line. Indeed, they will nip at the ankles of any lamb who strays from the group. In this way, their behaviour can be similar to terrier dogs like Jack Russells who are bred to chase and catch animals.

So when a GSD sees a fluffy animal making quick moves eg a cat it will have a strong instinct to chase that creature and nip at its ankles. If youre a cat owner, you know this type of behaviour will not go down well with your favourite feline. This is also why some GSDs can become a bit obsessed with a cat and follow them around.

However, GSDs can be trained to manage this natural instinct to prey. This can be achieved through socialisation.

Discerning Cat FavouritesAlexeis Favourite Food

Face Time Within The House

After you have done this, move on to doing the same thing inside your house and with less of a barrier between the cat and the dog.

A good way to do this is by using a pet gate, or a baby gate, and have the animals stand on either side of it.

This allows them to see each other and even have light contact, but it will avert the possibility of aggressive contact from either animal.

Do this frequently, and give the animals treats during the process. You are building up to a barrier-free introduction.

Contact From A Distance

Dont go straight to a direct introduction that may not turn out well.

Allow them to get used to each other gradually. The keyword being gradual.

You can do something fun with both of them in the vicinity. For example, you can go to the park and allow them to do fun things with a sort of barrier between them.

A low fence or a glass barricade can serve as the barrier. You can also do other activities such as feeding them in an ample space or separate rooms with a door as a barrier.

To maximize this stage, let them associate their ability to stay quietly in the same vicinity with good things.

You can give extra treats to your dog, pat him/her. Actively communicate that they get extra appreciation and attention when they are behaving well.

Caress the cat and feed it extra if they are calm and friendly. Both animals are smart enough to know what is going on and will most likely want to get extra treats.

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The Personality Of Cats

It takes two to tango, or to get along. Your German shepherd can be as loving as possible, but what if the other party isnt friendly? The good news is that cats tend to be less intimidating than the GSD, at least from a pets perspective.

A lot of cats tend to be quite aloof, while others can be surprisingly affectionate. Either way, they shouldnt cause too many problems on their side.

However, if you have an impatient cat or one that does not like affection, it might not get along with a dog. After all, dogs tend to be quite physical with their affection. So a cat might end up losing patience over being licked or bothered.

In a study, researchers found the five main personality traits of cats, dubbed the Feline Five. The five include neuroticism, extraversion, dominance, impulsiveness, and agreeableness.

Top Tips To Help Your German Shepherd Dog And Cat Get Along

Can German Shepherds Live With Cats? [All To Know]
  • A GSD that has had a lot of exercise will be less likely to annoy a cat
  • GSDs respond very well to positive reinforcement so dont be stingy with praise and treats when they treat the cat well
  • Puppy School can be a great option for a new GSD that is struggling with its behaviour.
  • Dont yell or punish either animal if they growl or lunge. They are only acting on their instincts.
  • Give your GSD lots of attention. They can get jealous if they see you spending lots of time with the cat and less time with them.
  • Stay positive even if it is taking some time to move between the different stages. For different temperaments, the stages can take different amounts of time to complete.
  • If one of the animals starts reacting badly to the other move back to the previous stage.
  • If you have been trying to introduce the two animals for a considerable length of time without success consider taking them to a cat or dog trainer.
  • Ensure that each animal has their own space and that it can get away from each other. For cats, this needs to be high areas that a dog cant get to or a room that the dog isnt allowed to enter. For dogs, this could be the backyard or a large crate. It is key that both pets are able to leave a stressful situation and go somewhere safe asap.
  • Do respect the animal which has been in the house for the longest. The older pet will have the hardest time adjusting to this new situation. Puppies and kittens dont tend to be scared of anything unless they have had a bad experience.
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    Personality Of The German Shepherd

    The German Shepherd is a very intelligent herding dog and as mentioned earlier, has a natural instinct to chase, herd and protect. While your German Shepherd may not mean any harm and is just having fun, this can be quite scary for the cat thats being chased. While the German Shepherd will not chase a cat every time he sees one, it is very important to understand that chasing is an inherent characteristic of this breed.

    Are German Shepherds Good With Cats

    Theres a huge misconception that dogs and cats are rivals and that German Shepherds are especially difficult to integrate with cats simply because they are working dogs. But, keep in mind that GSDs are intelligent, highly trainable, and incredibly social. Just as with other dogs and any other animal they can share a home with a cat peacefully. Its even possible for a German Shepherd and a cat to be the best of friends.

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    Are German Shepherds Good With Cats More About German Shepherd Dogs

    Different breeds of cats and dogs have different temperaments or tendencies. However, the reality is that any pets ability to get along with others will depend on their training particularly for dogs. Individual temperaments will play a role as well but are more likely to effect how long it takes the two to get on or how well they get on rather than whether they can get on at all.

    As this is a cat blog, lets start with understanding a bit more about the personality of German Shepherd dogs and how socialisation works for them and why it is important.

    Why Some People Might Consider Leaving A German Shepherd Outside

    High Prey Drive GSD Learning To Get Along With Cats

    Depending on your lifestyle, you might find having extra space for a German Shepherd convenient. Many people consider backyards an ideal space for exercising German Shepherds.

    You can keep their activity levels high without letting daily walks interrupt your work schedule.

    Having a big backyard might encourage owners to place or build an outdoor kennel.

    Depending on the location, the kennel should accommodate the breeds size. This kennel should also be sturdy to withstand winter and summer climates.

    Other owners might leave them outside due to excessive shedding that affects peoples allergies.

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    Can They Cohabitate With Cats

    With all that instinctive prey drive and protective qualities, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to add a cat into the mix. On paper, it would seem like these two animals could never co-exist in the same home. But, you would be surprised at what’s possible.

    Thanks to their high intelligence levels, German Shepherds are smart enough to know when to be gentle and when they need to go on the defensive.

    It’s what makes this breed so special. They can fight alongside police in one minute and quickly adapt to family home life the next.

    It is possible for German Shepherds to live with cats. Some can grow to downright love their feline family members. However, getting to that point will require some work.

    German Shepherds And Cats Can Get Along

    If a German shepherd meets a stranger cat, who knows what will happen. Unless your dog has been specifically socialized with cats, they make act aggressively.

    However, German shepherds that are raised in a home with cats tend to get along just fine with them due to their unwavering loyalty and devotion to the pack. In fact, Rover calls them one of the top five most loyal dog breeds!

    German shepherds also have a natural protective instinct, which makes them much more likely to keep the cat safe than to do harm to it. But of course, the dog must be very familiar with the cat and see the animal as a pack member.

    Because of these two signature traits that define the German shepherd, it can be easy to make the two get along. Or at the very least, cohabit in a civil manner.

    Of course, there are plenty of variables, including the personality of your cat. And a lot of it depends on how well and often you socialize your dog with the cat.

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    How To Get Your German Shepherd To Resist The Instincts

    While some dogs seem to prefer meeting new humans and animals more than others, all of them can be trained to respond to these situations appropriately. This training is known as socializing and can be either an easy or difficult process depending on how you complete it.

    Everyone gets scared or worried when doing new things or meeting new people, including your German Shepherd. The longer you spend completing an activity and getting used to it, is how you begin to relax when partaking in it. This is exactly what socializing is when introducing your German Shepherd to new animals, people, and settings, preferably from a young age. A German Shepherd that never goes and out sees the world certainly wont react well to a new cat in the family, which is why you MUST successfully socialize your pup.

    To do this, you must expose your German Shepherd at a young age to the other previously mentioned things that they are not used to being around. It is important not to overwhelm your pooch, and you can make sure you dont do this by starting slow and slowly working your way up until they are more comfortable in these new environments. It is known that German Shepherds are most open to socializing in the first three months of their life, which is why you must act quickly, so you dont get a grumpy and confused dog later on down the line.

    Start Visiting Doggy Play Groups

    German Shepherds &  Cats: Can They Get Along &  Play Together?

    Just as I mentioned above, you wont really know what breed your husky gets along with the most until they meet face to face. While most other huskies get along with labradors, your husky might not. The only way youll know is by having some real interaction in some doggy playgroups, or at your local park where there are other dogs.Doggy playgroups are becoming more and more popular every year. Theyre awesome for building socializing skills and they provide extremely valuable mental stimulation.You can find out if there are any doggy playgroups near to you with a quick Google search. If none appear in your local area, search for local dog parks as an alternative. Try your best to initiate some interaction with other dogs and their owners. You can then gauge how your husky reacts to whatever dog they have.

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    What Personalities Best Suit A German Shepherd

    There are many more breeds that suit German Shepherds aside from the list above. Any breed that has the following personalities will likely get along well with your GSD. But please understand, all dogs are individual and as I mentioned earlier, even GSDs can change greatly from one another.

    The best companion breeds for German Shepherds will have the following personality traits:

    • Desire to be worked, have a job to fulfill
    • Enjoys occasional rough play
    • Requires medium to high exercise
    • Not territorial

    Breeds that display most of the above qualities will likely get on well with a German Shepherd.

    How To Introduce A New Kitten To My German Shepherd Puppy

    Introducing a kitten to a puppy can be eventful, and it isnt easy to entirely plan out the meeting.

    Your kitten can be suddenly frightened by your puppy and run away, which can trigger the German Shepherd to chase him.

    If your dog is still a puppy, you might have started their training not too long ago.

    In this case, you cant be sure that they will remain by your foot and dedicate your full attention to you no matter their surroundings.

    Its always a good idea to keep the animal separate for a time, allowing each to get used to the others smell and sounds.

    Keep your dog on a leash, and hold onto the kitten.

    Dont let your dog paw at the kitten and separate them if one seems to be getting too excited.

    Because youll want to keep both animals safe and in harmony in the household, you might consider waiting until your German Shepherd has completed the recommended training before bringing in something so unpredictable.

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    Do German Shepherds Eat Cats After Killing Them

    No German Shepherd and other pet dogs do have prey drive, but they dont eat cats and other prey unless they are hungry enough and are not well trained not to devour the prey. On the other hand, stray dogs have a strong prey drive means they chase, hunt, and kill cats from the urge to eat them.

    Pet dogs are a very great example of prey drive without eating it.

    Because 99.9% of pet dogs are probably well fed at home, so wouldnt need to eat the cat and other small rodents at all.

    Although, the instinct to Chase, Kill and Eat prey isnt just only one instinct. Its actually three, and they are separate as well.

    As most of the pet dogs enjoy all three acts independently, so they are their own reward.

    They will chase a great many more things than they will kill, and kill more things than they will eat .

    Eating is not the driving motivation for pet dogs behind chasing or killing. And this is not only exclusive to dogs it is a trait found in all predators, including cats.

    Price And Costs Of A German Shepherd Husky Mix

    German Shepherds Live with a CAT!? CAT VLOG Ralli has to Visit the Vet

    A German Shepherd Husky Mix will typically cost around $350 â $900 for the puppy alone.

    Medical costs per year will amount to $500-$600.

    Miscellaneous costs, including training, food, toys, and professional grooming will add up to an extra $1000 per year, given that these are not concerning medical issues.

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    German Shepherd Husky Mix

    Having trouble deciding between a German Shepherd dog and a Siberian Husky?

    Consider the German Shepherd Husky mix. Also known by the portmanteau Gerberian Shepsky, these unique designer dogs combine the very best traits of both beloved dog breeds.

    Theyre wonderful crossbreed thats loyal, intelligent, and very active. While they may not be recognized by the American Kennel Club, these dogs are quite popular among dog owners.

    If youre thinking about adding a Gerberian Shepsky to your family, we have you covered. In this guide, well go over all of the personality traits, physical characteristics, and care requirements you can expect from this unique crossbreed.

    German Shepherd And Cats

    Whether you are a cat owner or a canine owner, you may be concerned about combining your cats natural instinctive behavior with the rambunctiously vibrant energy of a German Shepherd. Unfortunately, your concern is accurate, as German Shepherds can cause serious injury to cats if something goes wrong.

    However, even well-trained dogs have the potential to injure a cat in certain situations. However, this goes for all breeds, not just German Shepherd.

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    Will Your German Shepherd Husky Mix Get Along With Children And Other Dogs

    Although your GSD Husky mix could potentially inherit some aggression from the German Shepherd, most well-socialized Shepskies will get along with other dogs.

    Siberian Huskies do not often show aggression against fellow canids. Tiny dogs could pose a problem if your pet perceives them as prey.

    Also highly dependent on extensive socialization, your Shepsky should get along with children. The hybrids playful personality makes them great companions for children over the age of eight or nine years old.

    As with any larger dog, small children are at risk of injury from the exuberant nature of the Shepsky. Your German Shepherd mix could run over a toddler or may exhibit nipping and herding tendencies.

    Keep in mind that mixed breeds are responsible for a large proportion of serious dog bites, and the most common victims are children under nine years old.

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