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Do All German Shepherds Shed

How Big Do Black German Shepherds Get

How Often Do German Shepherds Need To Be Brushed?

They are a large-sized dog that grows up to the same size or even bigger than regular German Shepherds.

The adult male Black German Shepherd has a height between 24 to 26 inches . The females are smaller with a size ranging from 22 to 24 inches .

The male ones have an average weight between 65 to 90 pounds while the female is on the lighter side, weighing 50 to 75 pounds .

Young Black German Shepherds mature and reach their full-grown size between 18 months to 2 years of age.

Are Black Gsds Born Black

Theanswer to this question is, no, all German Shepherd dogs are not born black.However, some German Shepherd puppies will change color as they grow.

GermanShepherd dogs are born one of three colors, and may or may not change color asthey grow, depending on the color of their parents and their genetic lineage.

All German Shepherd puppies are born either black, grey or white.

Over time, the puppies will start to show their true colors, but only black German Shepherds will stay black, and white German Shepherds will maintain their white color.

Greypuppies will generally change color to blue or sable Shepherds, while blackpuppies can become change to be a number of different varieties of Shepherdssuch as black and tan or black and red.

It is important to note that a pair of black German Shepherd dogs can produce a mixed litter of black and black-tan puppies.

If you are looking for a black German Shepherd, you will want to make sure that your wait until the puppies are at least 8 weeks old before you pick your puppy.

Otherwise, you may end up with a dog that changes color.

Reasons German Shepherds Shed

There are many reasons German Shepherds shed including the seasons, their age, health, the quality of their diet, and hormone levels. Appropriate grooming, regular skin checks, and good flea, tick and worm treatments can all help to reduce shedding.

German Shepherd Coat

German Shepherds have what is commonly called a double coat. They have a thick and fluffy undercoat, that is usually white in color and has waterproof properties. This shows through when you part their hair. Their outer coat the guard coat- is a thick, coarse and straight coat, and lies flat against the body.

They can either be long or short coated, but all German Shepherds shed. In fact, all breeds shed. Some shed less than others, but there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic breed. We will cover that more later.

Your German Shepherd will shed all year long, however, he is technically a seasonal shedder. Shedding is affected by hormones and hormones are affected by light levels. As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, your German Shepherd will start growing his winter coat. To do that, he needs to lose the last of his summer coat. This burst of shedding happens at the beginning of fall and last several weeks.

Puppy Coat

Between the ages of 4 and 6 months, puppies will start to grow their adult coat. That means they have to lose their puppy coat. Like blowing out, puppy shedding can last for several weeks, but is a normal process.

Allergies or Intolerances
Pregnancy and Neutering

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German Shepherd Shedding: Do They Ever Stop

Find out everything you need to know about German Shepherd shedding, including how long it lasts, how bad is it, and know what you can do to keep it under control.

The German Shepherd is one of the mostpopular dog breeds for many reasons. And lets face it, who wouldnt want suchan intelligent, courageous, and loyal canine companion!

But before you bring a German Shepherdhome, you should know that their thick and plush double coat sheds, a lot!While having a dog that sheds might not be a deal-breaker, you should find outwhat exactly youre getting yourself into.

How bad is German Shepherd shedding? German Shepherds shed all year long, which has earned them the nickname German shedders. They also go through seasonal shedding twice a year, when they shed their undercoat, losing a huge amount of hair. Shedding cant be stopped, but it can be reduced with regular brushing and a high-quality diet.

To keep the shedding under control you will have to brush your German Shepherd at least three times a week and daily during the shedding season. However, excessive shedding can also be a sign of an underlying health condition so read on to find out more!

Differences Between The Black Gsd And The Standard Gsd

Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot?

Whats the same?

Most aspects of the black GSD are the same as the standard GSD. That includes their general size, intelligence and temperament.

Whats different?

The main difference between black and standard GSDs is that black GSDs tend to have straighter backs. Pure black German shepherds also tend to have longer manes and can be slightly larger than standard German shepherds.

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How To Get A Ton Of Dog Hair Out

German Shepherds are a double-coated breed. Meaning there is two layers of coat: the surface coat , and a thicker under-layer called the undercoat – and it’s the undercoat that is responsible for most of the hair around your home or car.

As a groomer I use a few different techniques for deshedding your dog:

The best bang for your buck is the amazing Undercoat Rake – it’s simply a soft-pinned comb that effectively loosens up all that undercoat hair .

We’ll also use deshedding shampoos and treatments.

And finally, a high velocity dryer to literally blow the remaining coat off. This usually leaves your dog shed-free for at least a few weeks.

The Health Of A Black German Shepherd Long Coat

The black German shepherd long coat faces the same health issues as other breeds of GSD.

  • Some health issues especially regarded as skeleton inherited from their father or mother these are called genetic diseases.
  • The developed health problem is those issues that are not related to genes. These problems result from rash breeding procedures, carelessness in hygiene, and inappropriate diet for example, eye issues, digestive issues, and skin diseases.

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Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot How Much

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The German Shepherd is the second-most-popular dog in the United States, behind only the Labrador Retriever. They can make great family pets and can be an excellent addition to any home that has the time and energy to meet their needs.

If youre looking at bringing home a German Shepherd, you probably have a lot of questions. At the top of your list might be: Do German Shepherds shed?

Lets talk about if, when, and how much German Shepherds shed along with grooming and nutrition solutions you can use to reduce how much fur flies around your house.

Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot Here Are 5 Easy Solutions

How Often do German Shepherds Shed Hair?

German Shepherds are known for a lot of things their fierce loyalty, their incredible sense of smell, their excellence as working dogs, and their shedding.

So, if your question is do german shepherds shed? Yes, German Shepherds shed, and they shed a lot. German Shepherds shed naturally two times per year with the changing of seasons, but they could also shed for other reasons.

Their shedding is one of the things you need to keep in mind while adopting or buying a German Shepherd puppy.

When getting a new family member there are a lot of things to keep in mind: what breed would be suitable for your family, what age should you adopt them at, do they lose a lot of hair, e.t.c

If you have decided to go to adopt a GSD, then lucky you!

They are super loyal and dorky dogs that are used in many, many different feels. The police, military, firefighters, and people with disabilities benefit greatly from this unique dog breed.

Thankfully, there are ways to handle this shedding, so lets get to it.

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Try Out A German Shepherd Shedding Suit

Finally, if your German Shepherd can handle the potential embarrassment of wearing what amounts to long underwear, consider an .

They come in a variety of sizes and snazzy colors, so theres a onesie for every dog. Justtry not to laugh too hard when you put this thing on or your German Shepherds pride will be forever injured.

Jokes aside, the onesies are a good way to contain shedding for a short period of time, such as riding in the car or if someone with a pet allergy is visiting. The tight fit can also help alleviate anxiety, so its a double-whammy of benefits.

Still, its important to remember that the dog onesie should only be a temporary solution to short-term problems. The use of a onesie over a long period of time may be harmful as it could restrict healthy airflow to the skin and fur.

Is There A Permanent German Shepherd Shedding Solution

While theres no permanent German Shepherd shedding solution there are tips to decrease hair fall.

No, unfortunately, theres not a permanent shedding solution for your German Shepherd since they lose hair every day, all year round. However, many of the shedding solutions listed give you the steps you need to understand how to stop German Shepherd hair fall in huge amounts.

Weather, season, your dogs health, and even your home environment play a significant role in how much your dog sheds, but these tips provide a German Shepherd shedding solution that decreases hair loss.

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My Experience With German Shepherd Temperament

Temperament and behavior stem from what the breed was designed for

To understand a breed’s temperament and behavior, ask, “What was he developed to do?” Whichever traits help him accomplish his intended work have likely been “hard-wired” into his genes not perfectly, but generally.

The German Shepherd was developed from various sheepherding dogs. So you would expect sheepherding traits such as athleticism, a compulsion to chase things that move, and swift responsiveness to their human shepherd/master.

German Shepherds were also developed as military messenger and sentry dogs, and as personal protection and police dogs. So expect traits such as aloofness toward strangers and protective/territorial instincts.

The breed also excels at search and rescue, bomb and drug detection, and guiding the blind. Certainly you would expect high intelligence, high self-confidence, trainability, and an ability to focus.

All of those traits are what you get in an ideal German Shepherd. One of the most capable and trainable breeds in all of dogdom, an ideal German Shepherd, when properly raised by a confident owner, can be a magnificent companion. There’s a good reason my first dogs were German Shepherds!

Unfortunately, it can be difficult today to find a German Shepherd with an ideal temperament. Or at least an ideal temperament to be a good family companion.

Different lines have different temperaments

My recommendation for a good family dog

I hope you can see….

Do Senior German Shepherds Shed

Do German Shepherds Shed? What You Need To Know

Senior German Shepherds shed, and as they get older, they lose more and more hair.

This is a natural process that older dogs go through when their hair is becoming weaker and looser.

Keep brushing your senior dog every day or every few days otherwise, the coat gets matted, and it will probably take hours to brush the whole coat.

Regular brushing is also important if your dog has health concerns, such as hip problems and difficulty standing still for longer periods.

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Why A German Shepherd Is Shedding Excessively

Excessive shedding in German shepherds can be a signal indicating multiple medical conditions and disorders:

  • Bad Diet
  • Low hydration: Leads to dry skin, dry skin stimulates hair loss
  • Stress: increases hormone imbalances and consequently shedding
  • Exercise level and time spent indoor/outdoor: low activity level increases hair loss
  • Hormonal change
  • Kidney, liver, thyroid related diseases
  • Pregnancy/lactation

What Are The Best Ways To Minimize Shedding

For those wanting German Shepherds that don’t shed, you’ll need to redirect your sights to another breed if you don’t think you can handle the shedding! If you want to know how to stop German shepherd shedding, you once again may want to consider a different breed, however, there are certain things you can do to decrease shedding. Here are the best things you can do to try to reduce shedding in German shepherds:

Change Your Dogs Diet

One of the main reasons for heavy shedding is feeding your dog cheap dog food thats not nutritionally balanced. Such dog foods usually contain large amounts of grain and corn, which are not digested well by canines. These types of foods also dont reflect well through the skin. In fact, it can be a cause of your dogs itchy skin.

If you suspect your dog food is cheap and not well-balanced, try a new brand but be sure to buy one that has real meat as the first ingredient. Another wonderful choice is beginning your dog on a raw food diet. Youll just have to research and learn how to give your dog the right amounts of food to ensure they get the vitamins and minerals necessary for their health needs.

Healthy diets not only reduce shedding, but also help with dry skin and improves the immune system. This is probably the most effective way to cut down on your German shepherds shedding, but be sure to change the diet gradually. Changing your dogs diet too quickly can lead to stomach upset and other issues.

Add Oils to Your Dogs Food

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German Shepherds Are Known As A Mouthy Breed

They tend to use their mouths as an appendage thanks to their herding heritage. Its even right there in their name, ShepHERD. This mouthing behavior is natural, so expect your GSD to mouth you and chew anything that will fit inside their mouth. However, that doesnt mean you should allow it. What might be cute in your small puppy will get more powerful as your dog grows up. Training your dog not to bite your hand or the chew on the furniture is essential with this breed. Teach your German Shepherd to channel those instincts safely and appropriately.

When Do German Shepherds Lose Their Puppy Coat

Frequently Asked Friday – German Shepherd Shedding!

German Shepherd puppies lose their puppy fur and gradually grow an adult double coat when they are approximately two years old.

According to The American Kennel Club, its different for each puppy, but generally, they grow an adult double coat completely by the time they are two years old.

For individual puppies, this process of changing from fur to an adult coat can finish much quicker.

Puppies dont require brushing until they are about 3 months old, and after that, the owner can start doing it a little bit every day.

Brushing stimulates the skin to release natural oils, keeps the fur healthy, and helps grow a healthy double coat once it starts growing.

Tip 1: Start brushing your puppy while it is eating. It wont pay much attention to it and will get used to it more quickly.

Tip 2: After your German Shepherd puppy is at least three months old, start brushing it a little bit every day. Start brushing from the paws and work your way up using the brush and the comb right after for each part of the fur you brush.

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What Is A German Shepherd’s Temperament Like

There is no doubting a German Shepherd’s intelligence, but with that comes a high level of confidence and a good amount of aloofness. Since these dogs tend to be loyal and protective, they are generally wary of strangers. That makes them a perfect watchdog, but their suspicious and reserved nature can make them feel unfriendly towards guests. Even so, with training, they make great, loyal family pets, and if you introduce them to other animals and children early they’ll get along extremely well. Those bred in the US tend to be more calm.

Are Black German Shepherds Good Family Dogs

Black German shepherds are amazing family dogs! Theyre smart, social and love company. These dogs soak up attention from loved ones, and the more people who are around to play with them and interact, the better. They also love exercise and make great pals to take along on family hikes. German shepherds appreciate companionship and wont do well if theyre always left alone.

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When Do German Shepherds Stop Shedding

Excessive seasonal shedding in German Shepherds stops a few weeks after the spring or falls starts.

This natural phenomenon is called coat blowing,which eliminates the old one and exchanges it for a new one.

Some German Shepherds lose their undercoats slower or faster, and its unique to each dog.

The reality is that German Shepherds dont stop shedding, but they shed much less during the non-seasonal shedding months, typically in June, July, August, December, January, and February.

How Often Do You Have To Cut The Nails

Do German Shepherds Shed? All You Need to Know

Black German shepherds need to have their nails trimmed or ground down at least once a month. A minor trim every week or two is a good way to keep your dog well-groomed. Nails that get too long can cause pain and structural issues. Also, the dewclaws, which kind of resemble thumbs on the dogs wrists, can get caught on things and tear if they arent trimmed regularly. Theres also a chance that the dewclaws could become ingrown and infected without care. You can learn to trim your dogs nails using simple tools, or take them to a groomer or vet for a trim.

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