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What Size Dog Kennel For A German Shepherd

What Size Dog Kennel For A German Shepherd Puppy

Crate Train Your German Shepherd Puppy

For most purposes, a 42 inch crate will be the ideal size for a German Shepherd puppy. This is the size that most puppies up to a weight of 60 pounds will thrive in. Its large enough for them to stretch out, turn around, eat, sleep, and do their business in. Its also a good, safe space for a nervous or tired puppy to get some privacy in.

A heavy duty wire kennel is a good option to store your pup during travel. This is the kind of travel kennel that is recommended by most pet industry experts. The crate is also a good item to keep on hand in your home while your puppy is growing. After a long day of play, your German Shepherd pup can relax and sleep well inside of it.

The idea is to have a crate that your puppy can adapt to quickly. 42 inches will usually be enough for your puppy to move comfortably around in. If you have a larger adult crate, you can still make use of it. You will have to use a divider to take away some of the empty space that your pup isnt large enough to have access to yet.

Helps With Potty Training

Using a crate to potty train your puppy is a quicker way than other methods. Puppies naturally do not like to pee or poop where they sleep and will tend to hold it. Its also another reason to use a crate divider. If the crate is too big, the puppy may feel there is enough space to potty at the far end. You dont want him to treat the crate like the yard where he poops at one end and rests at the other.

How Much Is A Dog Crate

How much is a small dog crate? On average, a mid-range small dog crate is around $50USD however this price can dramatically increase with better quality products up to $245USD.

How much is a medium size dog crate? On average, a mid-range medium size dog crate is about $60USD however this price can go up to $325USD with higher quality or luxury dog crate brands.

How much is a large dog crate? On average, a mid-range large dog crate is about $80 USD however this price can dramatically change depending on the quality with a large luxury dog crate getting up to $400USD.

Our Top Recommendations For Dog Crates

1. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate
  • Carry handle and wheels makes transportation easy

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How To Determine The Correct German Shepherd Crate Size

One of the most important parts of choosing the best German Shepherd crate for your pup is to measure it properly. You want to purchase a well-ventilated, comfortable crate where your German Shepherd can stand up, turn around, and lie down.

However, this is a balancing act. You dont want your dogs crate to be too big. This is because dogs do not like to soil their own bedding, and this is why they will hold it while in a crate. They dont want to pee or poop in the place where they are sleeping.

If your crate is too big, though, your dog may be able to find a corner away from its bed to have an accident which will defeat the purpose, and encourage future accidents.

To measure your German Shepherd properly, heres what youll need to do.

  • To get the proper length, measure your German Shepherd from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail, and add 2-4 inches.
  • To get the proper height, sit your German Shepherd down, and measure from the head or tip of its ears to the ground.
  • To get the proper width, measure your German Shepherds body width, and add 4 inches

Using these dimensions, you can choose the right size of crate for your dog. Note, too, that most larger crates come with a divider. This divider can be used to make the crate smaller for a puppy, ensuring that you do not have to purchase multiple crates as your dog grows.

Frisco Indoor & Outdoor Soft Dog Crate

Best Dog Crate for German Shepherds: My Pick! â World of Dogz

Sizes Available: 21 inch, 26 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch and 40 inch

Best Soft Sided German Shepherd Crate Another Frisco model on the list with their Indoor & Outdoor Soft Dog Crate. If your dog loved the enclosed type of crates with a softer material, then this is definitely the model for you. Every size model of this crate is lightweight and easy to transport so its safe to take on family days out!


  • Easy to set up and fold down
  • Super comfortable for your dog


  • Has to be hand washed and this can take time
  • Especially destructive dogs may be able to tear the material

From soft-sided, lets move on to Plastic Crates.

Plastic crates can be the perfect way to crate dogs who are rowdy and need something a little more enclosed than wires. Our top pick for the best plastic crate on the market for German Shepherds is:

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Midwest Homes For Pets Dog Crate And Cover

First up, we chose the MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate with accompanying cover. This wire crate offers incredible versatility with an adjustable divider. This means you can purchase a crate bigger than what is necessary for your puppy, insert the divider to create a suitable size crate, and adjust as necessary as your puppy grows. Youll save money by purchasing only one crate.

Additionally, you can easily place a comfy bed or mat in this crate for your puppy. Just find a bed in accordance with the crate measurements and youre done! Your German Shepherd will have a cozy space of his own for naps and playtime.

To make the crate feel even more den-like, we recommend the MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Cover. As ancestors of wolves, dogs like an enclosed space similar to an underground den. Did you ever notice that your dog likes to sleep in a corner or with their back against a wall? Dogs position themselves this way so they can easily watch for predators in front of them without having to worry about something sneaking up from behind. Your German Shepherd doesnt really need to watch for predators in your home, but the instinct is still in their brain. Therefore, this crate cover protects their back and their sides. They can rest easy with a watchful eye on the doorway of the crate.

What Size Crate For A German Shepherd

The size of your dog crate should be big enough for your dog to:

  • Turn around completely.
  • Sit up without crouching his head.
  • Lie on his side with paws stretched out.

So, youre going to need a pretty big crate for a German Shepherd. As a minimum you are likely to need a 42 crate.

Most people find that 48 is best. Especially if they have a larger, or male German Shepherd.

However, you might even need to go for a slightly larger option. Dog crates come in a huge variety of sizes, even up to 72.

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How Big Should A Dog Crate Be

It is important to get the size of your dogs crate right. It shouldnt be too cramped, but it shouldnt offer too much space, either.

Your dog should be able to turn around easily and sit up without hitting her head on the top. She should also be able to stretch out her legs when lying on her side. Dogs need leg room, too!

Dog owners often buy crates that are too large to give their dog lots of extra space, but this actually detracts from the crates usefulness as a training tool. For example, crates can be used for house training, but if your dog has too much room in her crate, she could end up using one corner as a bathroom.

Whats more, crates can give your pooch a feeling of security, which your dog wont be feeling if she has lots of empty space around her.

So, what size dog crate do you need?

How Do You Crate Train A German Shepherd 5 Easy Steps

Impact Stationary Dog Crate for German Shepherd – Review

Let me say one thing so I dont have to repeat it during each step.

Slow is good, very slow is better.

Do not move onto the next step unless your dog is completely relaxed and comfortable.

Keep each training session short, about 5 minutes. You dont want them bored, or losing focus.

If at any point he shows signs of stress, fear, anxiety, or just plain disinterest, stop what youre doing.

When you pick up the training again later, start at the point where everything was still good, and take it from there.

I know youre going to ask how long it takes, and my answer always is

It takes as long as it takes

Some dogs will walk right into the crate, make themselves at home, and you wont need to read the rest of this article.

Other dogs will take a long time, and thats when your patience and commitment will be tested.

Okay, lets go!

Step One

The first thing you want to do is have a good supply of high value treats. High value is something your dog loves but doesnt typically get.

Because training requires a fair amount of treats, make sure you keep the pieces small, low fat, and healthy. If your dog is more motivated by toys, start with a favorite.

Sit on the floor next to the crate, door open, and put a treat just inside at the front, while hes watching you. When he eats it/plays with it, praise him like crazy.

Youll gradually move the treat further and further to the back of the crate until he has to go all the way in to get it.

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Step Five

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What To Look For When Choosing An Outdoor Dog Kennels For A German Shepherd

Here are some things to consider when buying a Dog Kennel for your German Shepherd:

Purpose. Before you buy, consider what kennel you need in advance. Do you need a crate for outdoor, your backyard, or just a few occasions?

Durability. If you are buying online, read some reviews and check out the kennel structure. Good German Shepherd kennels should be sturdy and have door hinges made to withstand dog escape attempts and prevent bending.

They should also have locks that prevent them from being damaged by your German shepherd, but you can quickly and easily unlock and unlock them.

Portability. A good dog kennel no matter how big it is, it should be easy to collapse and assemble, and easy to carry.

Easy to clean. Choose a crate that you can clean without much trouble.

Here are Our top Picks for the Outdoor Dog Kennels for German shepherds

  • This large dog kennel provides ample exercise space while the chain link mesh all around helps prevent mischief and unexpected accidents while enabling ventilation.
  • Thanks to the sturdy and heavy-duty galvanized steel construction, this high-quality dog kennel is durable and built to last. The included top canopy, made of 100% polyethylene, is fire-resistant and UV protected, providing protection from sun, rain, snow, and other weather conditions.
  • The hinged door ensures extra security and safety for your dogs thanks to the lockable latch system. It is easy to assemble.

Frisco Double Door Folding Kennel

  • Made of durable wire.
  • Foldable and easy to carry.
  • Easy-clean plastic pan.

The Frisco Folding Metal Dog Crate is another good pick for a German Shepherd. The latch is more secure than the MidWest Homes product below, and the crate comes in multiple sizes to best fit your dog. This is also an option if you are looking to crate a husky.

The divider in the crate is optional as well, so you can use this one for both adult German Shepherds and puppies. As is the case with most wire crates, you can fold this one to make storage and transport a bit easier.

The crate is extremely secure. Its a great selection for even the most restless German Shepherds that try to escape from even more heavy duty dog crates. Its equipped with a customizable divider, meaning you can use it from puppyhood through your Shepherds senior years.

We love that this crate is easy to clean through the removable tray at the bottom. Its collapsable and easy to transport/store. Its available in both 36 and 42 inches, making it perfect for GSDs. The secure latches also make it difficult for dogs to escape from.

We love that this crate is easy to clean by removing the tray at the bottom. Its collapsable and easy to transport/store. It comes in a variety of sizes, including both 36, 42 and 48 inches. The secure latches make it a great option for escape artist GSDs.

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Can You Kennel A German Shepherd

You can kennel a German Shepherd just as easily as you can any other dog. The secret is to give them plenty of items to occupy their attention. Make sure they have plenty of food and water. Leave a few snacks in there for them to find. Also make sure there is a warm blanket for them to lie down on when they need a bit of rest.

The size of the kennel you leave your dog in matters. Make sure a puppy has 42 inches to stretch out in. An adult will need a total of 48 inches. The size of the kennel that you provide will determine how long they can stay in without complaint.

How To Determine The Proper German Shepherd Crate Size

German Shepherd Dog Crate Size

One of the most important parts about purchasing a suitable crate for your German Shepherd is making sure you get one thats the right size for your pet. This breed of dog can be super active and excitable, so they need a little room to move around within the crate.

To ensure you get the right size crate for your dog , dont just estimate your dogs size and guess which will be best. Heres how to measure up your pet:

  • Measure from the nose to the tail to get the length .
  • Measure from the tip of erect ears to the floor for the height of the crate.
  • Lastly, measure the widest part of your dog and add a few inches to get the width.
  • Once youve got these numbers, itll be easy to see which crates are suitable for your dog and which will allow them a little freedom of movement while also still being secure and enclosed enough to keep your dog safe.

    Now that you know how to measure your dog, lets take a look at the very best options out there on the market.

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    Is Big Always Best

    If crates come in such huge sizes, why not just get the biggest crate possible for your dog?

    For some people, it is a matter of space. The bigger the dog crate, the harder it can be to find space for it in your home.

    However, a crate that is too big for your dog can be problematic for other reasons. If you are housetraining your dog, he may use half of a big crate as a toilet, rather than using it just for sleeping.

    We will tackle how you can stop this in puppies later.

    Crate training your dog will be much easier if you choose one that fits him properly.

    But, now weve looked at the best size of crate for a German Shepherd, lets look at what crates are used for.

    You May Initially Feel Bad

    Even though you know that crating is good for your German Shepherd and he doesnt even feel bad, youll still find this information cerebral. It takes a while to set in, and you may initially feel guilty as if youre imprisoning your dog. This drawback is significant enough for many people that they would rather risk raising a German Shepherd with little discipline and self-control than put one in a crate.

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    Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table

    This wood crate will make a bold statement in your home. Instead of an eyesore in your living space, you will have an elegant, multi-use piece of furniture. Place this beauty beside your couch or recliner so your German Shepherd can relax near you while you relax in your favorite spot.

    We chose this crate for its high durability. However, judging by reviews, we do not recommend this crate for heavy-chewers with crate anxiety. If youve properly crate trained your German Shepherd, you have nothing to worry about. But if your pooch happens to be an escape artist, this may not be the crate for him. Dogs may chew through the wood rails and gain freedom.

    How Do I Choose The Right Size Crate

    Hobby German Shepherd Breeding Kennel Tour

    Height: To determine the height of the crate you will need, measure your dog from the top of the head to the ground. If your dog has naturally erect ears, measure from the tip of the ears. Width: To obtain the width of your crate, add approximately 2 inches for smaller breeds and 4 inches for larger breeds.

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    Is My $900 Plus Investment For The Outdoor Dog Kennel Is Right

    German shepherds are known to be very active and clever dogs they can easily break the barriers in case of any separation anxiety or in other circumstances.

    • This will be a onetime investment.
    • You can accommodate 2 to 3 dogs comfortably

    The included top roof canopy, made of 100% polyethylene, is fire-resistant and UV protected, providing protection from


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