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How To Train Your German Shepherd Not To Jump

Make Them Work For It

Training your German Shepherd to Stop Jumping

The next thing you need your dog to do is to realize that they need to do something if they want a treat. Start with something simple, like sitting or coming when called. As soon as they do it correctly, press the button then give them a treat.

Eventually, theyll learn that you expect them to work for their treats. Theyll start to look to you for direction and wait for your command so they can get their reward.

Remember When Training A German Shepherd Puppy:

  • Time out should not last over 1-2 minutes.
  • Watch for when your puppy is calm and quiet for a very brief period .
  • Then let them out quietly, without scolding them.

And dont close a door on a young puppy inside a room!

This can cause anxiety. Remember to use a pet gateto separate them off from the excitement that caused the unwanted behavior, while still allowing them to see you and not feel trapped.

Dont allow them out of time out while they are barking, whining, scratching, or otherwise acting out. This only serves to reinforce the unwanted bad behavior and doesnt discipline them effectively.

What To Do If Your Dog Is Jumping On Your Guests

As well as jumping on your the chances are your german shepherd is also going to jump and bite guests you invite to your house. Not only is this embarrassing, but if theyre scared of dogs it could frighten your guests.

If you have guests coming over then you should pre-warn them that youre trying to teach your dog to stop. And if they could, follow the training that youre doing, by offering your dog a treat when they sit patiently and wait.

Lastly, if your guests dont want to, when they enter, get your dogs attention with treats if he starts jumping up. Once youve got his attention follow the guidelines above. Once your dog sits down patiently you can then give them the treat and attention.

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Your Dog Has One Basic Need Understand This And Training Will Be A Breeze

See that cute puppy snuggled up on your sofa? See that old dog that needs to learn new tricks?

They look to you for guidance

And Heres the trick:

The most valuable thing you can do for your dog is to show him that you are a good leader. ;

If you’re thinking good leadership is establishing yourself as an alpha’ you’re wrong.

Your dog knows you’re not a dog and so will never see you as a dog or an alpha.

Being a good leader means your GSD can and will always look to you for guidance.

Think about it

If your pooch is looking to you for guidance they feel comfortable and safe and that creates an environment of trust.

Being a good leader is about using brains over brawn to teach your German Shepherd.

Quick Steps: How To Stop A German Shepherd From Jumping On You

German Shepherd Obedience Training 101
  • Teach your dog what you want them to do. ;A sit behavior works well.
  • Move away from your dog.
  • Always reward on the ground.
  • As your dog learns, delay the click until your dog reaches you and keeps all 4 paws on the ground.
  • If your dog does jump, ignore them, and calmly step to the side. ;It’s important not to reward them by saying no’ or down’.
  • Proof the behavior in other places.
  • Proof the behavior by raising the criteria with jump provoking situations.
  • Tip: To stop your dog from jumping while they’re still in training, keep them on a leash or in a playpen when you’re not able to work with them.

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    How To Train Your Dog Not To Jump On Guests

    Contributed by Irith Bloom, faculty at Victoria Stilwell Academy and certified animal trainer with multiple certifications, including CPDT-KSA, CDBC, VSPDT, KPA CTP, and CBATI.;

    My dog Franklin used to have a bad habit of jumping on guests when they entered my home. I found this embarrassing, even though I was lucky that most of my visitors were dog lovers who didnt really mind too much. Some guests, however, were not huge fans of dogs in general, and found being jumped on distasteful or even uncomfortable. I knew it was time for some dog training.

    When thinking about how to train a dog not to jump, its important to consider the purpose of the jumping, from the dogs point of view. For most excited dogs like Franklin, the goal of jumping on people is interaction. Jumping up lets excited dogs smell and see more of our bodies. Excited dogs often want attention, such as being petted or talked to. Unfortunately, many dogs have learned that jumping up is a great way to get attention, which was certainly the case for Franklin.

    In dog training or puppy training, the key is always to focus on reinforcing behavior that we like, and avoid reinforcement of behavior we dont like. Note that I didnt say punish or correct behavior we dont like. That is because in many cases, so-called punishment or correction can have the opposite effect from what we want.

    How To Train Sit For Greetings

    Another appropriate greeting behavior is sitting for pets and hellos. Like the training method above, your dog will learn that when their bum is on the floor, attention comes their way, but when they get up, it all stops. The following steps will teach sit for greetings:

  • Tether your dog to a doorknob or piece of furniture.
  • From several feet away, ask your dog to sit. When they do, calmly approach. If they stand up, turn and walk back to your starting point and ask for the sit again. If they stay sitting, go up to them and quietly praise and pet them. If they stay sitting, keep greeting. As soon as they stand up, turn and walk away.
  • As your dog begins to understand they need to sit to get your greeting, you can make your approaches more and more exciting.
  • Once your dog has mastered sit for greetings with you, go back to step one using friends and family members.
  • Remember, the more your dog practices sit, the easier this exercise will be for them. Theres no point in teaching sit for greetings if your dog is still struggling to sit without distractions. Sit should be your dogs way of saying please. Having them sit before going outside, getting their dinner, and so on makes sit for greetings easier to train.

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    Everyone Your Dog Meets Can Help Them Stop Jumping Up

    As well as being consistent yourself, you need to ensure that every person who interacts with your dog follows the same rule and ignores your dogs jumping up behaviour. You dont want all your hard work to go to waste! This includes everyone in the household and even people your dog meets when out and about. To make sure your dog doesnt get to practice jumping up at strangers at places like the park, you can use a longline Clip the longline onto your dogs harness, and if you see people in the distance, pick up the line and recall your dog back to you. That way your dog is under control and more likely to be able to focus on what you are asking them for When your dog shows appropriate, calm behaviour you should reward them.

    Socialize Your German Shepherd Dog

    How to Train your DOG NOT to JUMP
    • Socialize your dog ;is a very important aspect. Take your dog to Dog parks or in training classes with other pets. This is important because at the beginning your German Shepherd does not understand really what is good or what is bad. Socializing will help them clear their confusions and fears. For example, sometimes German shepherd runs away or bite for fear when they see something that is strange to them.
    • For a german shepherd puppy or adult, it will be of great help socializing with the family members. In the family, they will learn what they can do and what they cant and it will be useful to warn your German shepherd when they engage in some unwanted behavior. You can teach him some sounds or a simple yes or no so when they hear they can stop. It does not matter what kind of voice it is, so long it gets your dogs attention immediately. German shepherds will learn quickly to hear your voice and anytime you call them they will give you their attention immediately and stop doing something they should not. When your dog will get affection with your family he will protect them at all costs and believe me when I say all costs. Your familys safety will become a priority for the German shepherd. The more loyal is your dog to you better guard dog it will become.

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    Stop Rewarding The Jumping

    Every time your German Shepherd jumps on someone, that person needs to not give him attention! The best thing to do is turn around and walk away. Even if you shout down, no, and/or push him away negative attention is still attention. The trick is that every single person, 100 percent of the time, needs to do this. One person saying Oh, I dont mind! will make the behavior stronger. So insist upon your rules.

    Your Dog Is Not A Person Your Dog Is A Reflection Of You

    Your Dog is a Reflection of You!

    As humans, we personify everything we love including our beloved dogs. ;And in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    As long as we remember that our dogs operate on instincts. ;And our emotions affect those instincts.

    For example

    There’s this Staffie names Apollo that has hydrotherapy on the same day as Charley.

    Now, Apollo and Charley hate each other. ;None of us are sure why though!

    So, a few weeks ago Charley was at her weekly hydrotherapy session when Apollo strolled past her massage mat.

    The moment I saw him I tensed up. ;And within a split second Charley, who has just had hip surgery, jumped up on all fours and started barking madly.

    She’s never had a problem with any of;the other dogs around there. ;Even the owners 2 Jack Russell’s hang around her with no problems.

    Both myself and the therapist never saw it coming. ;But looking back now, I should have known

    Charley was reacting to her instincts.


    My emotions played a big role in her final reaction. ;Charley was responding to me, but the results were not positive. Because I was tense and worried.

    You may be wondering what you can do to encourage your GSD to respond to you in a positive way.

    This brings us to the next golden rule

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    Is It Our Fault

    Unfortunately, in most instances, jumping is a behavior that we have encouraged, sometimes without realizing it. German Shepherds, like most dogs, are opportunistic. If something gets them what theyre angling for, theyll do it repeatedly. So, if you have been giving your pup attention or food or other positive reinforcement when they jump on you, youll need to course-correct. Luckily, you can do this with a bit of training and management. Use one of these step-by-step methods to teach your German Shepherd to stop jumping on you and others.

    Your Dog Does Not Communicate Like A Human

    Will My German Shepherd Protect Me Without Training?  The ...

    Your German Shepherd will respond to many different stimuli. Your body language and tone of voice being the two most important.

    In time, your dog will understand certain commands such as sit, stay and come, drop etc.

    But, dogs only understand single direct commands. Use language your dog will understand. Calm, simple commands and body language will make your message crystal clear.

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    Where A German Shepherds Height Comes From

    German Shepherds are protection dogs. For decades, they have been bred for working and herding jobs. In order to meet the physical demands of these jobs, GSDs needed to be bred to be very athletic.

    GSDs are one of the strongest dog breeds there are, which is why theyre a favorite choice for being police dogs or working in narcotics. If theres ever a bad guy jumping a fence, a German Shepherd can chase after them with ease.

    German Shepherds can jump as far as ten feet!

    German Shepherds are big dogs with a bunch of energy. Coupled with their athleticism, its natural for them to want to jump, whether around in the air or on things.

    While a GSD can jump up pretty high in the air, they can jump through the air even farther ! With German Shepherds that are going to live as family pets, its important as the owner to control their jumping behavior early in their puppy years or else theyre going to become crazy rockets when theyre adults.

    BONUS TIPS: Is your German Shepherd a picky eater? In working with our breeder, we found our dog much preferred Royal Canin dog food over the brand we were giving her. They offerpuppy food and adult food that is designed just for the German Shepherd. If you are considering a change of food, I would definitely give this one a try.

    Tip #: Stop Your German Shepherd Puppy From Pulling On The Leash Now

    Pulling on the leash is another of those dog behaviors that people think come out of the blue, but actually they happen because there was never formal training done. To prevent pulling on the leash all you have to do is make sure your puppy understands that he gets rewarded when the leash is loose. Pay close attention to what he does during those first few walks together and make sure you reward him for staying close to you!

    Got any German Shepherd puppy training tips to share with us?

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    Negative Aspects Of Brain Training For Dogs

    let me currently tell you regarding the important things that I did not such as concerning this item, the first thing that I would certainly discuss is the fact that it needs time as well as commitment for you to follow it, and for a person like me that gets lazy, I find it truly tough in some cases, yet I still do it.Apart from the reality that it requires a great deal of time and also commitment, there is no other issue that I have found considering that I started making use of the program till now at this time of writing this article.

    Whats The Best Way To Get Your Dog To Stop Jumping And Biting

    Stop Your German Shepherd From Jumping

    If you havent trained your german shepherd properly, then this is the perfect time to start. Whatever bad behavior your shepherd has, whether its jumping up and biting or anything else, using the right training program is the key to having an obedient and happy pup.

    The training program I love and highly recommend is Brain Training For Dogs.

    With Brain Training For Dogs, youll save yourself a ton of time and effort. Instead of banging your head against the wall trying to figure out why your dog wont listen, youll follow a path that has been tried, tested, and most importantly, thats given proven results. Not to mention the fact, youll be able to fit the course around your schedule, not fit your schedule around a trainer or obedience class.

    So instead of worrying about whether theyre going to be well-behaved or not, youll only have to worry about how much fun youll have with them!

    And in most cases its still going to be:

    • Cheaper than hiring a professional.
    • Cheaper than replacing everything they might break.
    • And definitely cheaper than a lawsuit against you, if they decide to bite someone.

    Just imagine how great it will feel to finally be able to introduce your pup to people without them jumping up and biting! Instead, youll have the peace of mind that you have a well-behaved pup, and the boundaries you set for them, will always be there, EVEN IF YOURE NOT.;

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    Ignore The Unnecessary Barking

    German Shepherd puppies bark, but there are positive ways to help train them to bark and whine less.

    Ignore your dogs barking until theyre quiet for 15 to 30 seconds if they are still a puppy. This means you dont give them any attention at all while theyre still barking.

    Dont talk to him, touch him, or even look at him. When they finally quiet down, even if only for a few seconds, reward them with a treat or praise.

    To have success, wait until they are quiet and stop barking, even if only for a few seconds in the beginning . If you yell at them to be quiet, they may learn they still get attention for you, even if its negative attention. Next time theyll bark for even longer because theyve learned that if they bark long enough, youll give him attention.

    If they continue barking and whining despite your inattention, figure out why theyre barking and either remove the item , or place them in another area that is quieter .

    For example:

    Puppies bark for a number of reasons. One of the hardest parts of German Shepherd training is knowing whats natural and normal and whats a problem behavior.

    But it does get easier to train your GSD over time as they learn what you expect.

    Why Dogs Greet By Jumping

    Dogs repeat behaviors that earn them rewards. And few things are more rewarding to your pet than your attention. Similarly, other family members, visitors, and strangers can all reinforce the behavior too. Even negative reactions like yelling at your dog or grabbing their paws are still attention and can reinforce the behavior. For many dogs, pushing them away is simply part of a wrestling game.

    To eliminate jumping from your dogs greeting repertoire, you need to eliminate the associated rewards. That means managing your dog so they dont get the chance to practice jumping while you teach them an alternative and more appropriate way to greet people.

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