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German Shepherd Husky Puppies Mix

Siberian Husky Dog Breed Personality And Temperament

WE ADOPTED A PUPPY! Adopting a German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy

The Siberian Husky hails from a long line of sled dogs that were originally bred by the Chukchi people of Asia in incredibly cold and difficult weather conditions.

Today, the Siberian Husky is the 14th most popular companion canine breed in the United States.

These dogs are not well-suited to be guard dogs. They are accustomed to living in a pack situation with other Siberian Huskies and groups of people.

They are very social but also independent-minded as befits their job of pulling sleighs with a dog team.

This means a Siberian Husky puppy will need a different type of training and socialization to the German Shepherd.

For starters, unlike the German Shepherd, it is rare to find a Siberian Husky that can ever be let off-leash safely. Their instinct to run and run is simply too strong.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Breeders

There are adverts for puppies on specialist online breeder forums. German Shepherd Husky mix puppies also often crop up on Craigslist and other selling sites. But beware.

Some of these will be genuine sellers from loving homes. Others will be less concerned about animal welfare and more preoccupied with making money.

Our guide to finding your perfect puppy will help you start your search.

It shows you how to find responsible breeders. And how to avoid dodgy dealers and puppy mills.

Is A German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy Easy To Train

The German shepherd husky mix is an easily trainable puppy, being the result of two highly intelligent dogs. They are very motivated, super smart, clever, love to learn, and aim to please.German shepherd husky mix puppies are known as hybrid dogs. They are not mutt or mixed-breed dogs.

This dog is a cross between two purebred dogs and the result is a hybrid or totally new breed of dog. They are sometimes known as Gerberian Shepsky or a Shepador.

When training this breed of dog, you need to understand the behavior of both original dog breeds first.

To check your shepherds health status or their DNA checks, please visit the Embark vet website for all the help you may need.

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Socialize Your Shepsky Early With Exposure

Its not just humans that form character in the first years of life dogs do too! Because both Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds have a strong prey drive and will readily chase smaller animals or bark at strangers, socializing them early is non-negotiable.

As early as eight weeks of age, when you bring your Shepsky puppy home, and especially before week 12, begin to teach your puppy the difference between human and animal friends and possible threats. Also, teach the art of safe play with other pets and people without becoming aggressive.

You can use these ways to socialize your Gerberian Shepsky:

  • Introduce your Shepsky puppy to unknown friendly persons so he can learn to be calm in novel non-threatening situations.
  • Allow your Shepsky puppy to play with other puppies, dogs, and cats and correct aggressive behavior like biting and growling by removing the puppy from the playmates when it happens. Reinforce good behavior with a verbal reward, a pat, and a treat so your puppy knows thats the way to behave with playmates.
  • Feed your German Shepherd Husky mix puppy with other dogs and cats so your pet doesnt grow to be food aggressive.
  • Allow other family members and visitors to play with your Shepsky puppy. You can have them reward good behavior with treats so your puppy learns to associate people with positive experiences.

Overview: The German Shepherd Husky Mix At A Glance

My new puppy that I got last night! He

This hybrid is the ideal balance of two highly intelligent and regal looking pure breeds. Each litter typically produces 6-8 adorably fluffy puppies, each of which may look different. Some will inherit heterochromia or different colored eyes from their Husky parent, while others will receive the longer snout of their German Shepherd parent. Theyre all sure to have those charmingly alert ears common to both breeds!

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Siberian Husky German Shepherd Mix Price

The price of a Siberian Husky German Shepherd puppy is one of the defining factors for many owners who need a large breed. Getting a dog with a Siberian Husky or a German Shepherd descent can break the bank for many first-time owners.

Lucky for them, the Siberian Husky German Shepherd is a relatively affordable dog. You can get one from a trustworthy breeder for $400 to $500. This is much cheaper than the $1000 or more price tag of Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds.

Be warned, though. Dont get a Siberian Husky German Shepherd puppy with price that is too good to be true. Proper breeding costs a lot of money when it comes to veterinary care, health screening, vaccinations, flea treatments, deworming, and many other procedures to ensure that the puppy is healthy.

Not Sure You Want A German Shepherd? You Need To Check Out Alpha Paw Veterinarians Tell-All Breed Guides:

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  • Highly Intelligent And Obedient

    According to Stanley Coren, German Shepherds have exceptional working intelligence.

    However, obedience in the GSD is not blind but instead grows from mutual respect and consistent positivity-based training.

    Because German Shepherds are large, powerful, and strong-willed, some handlers resort to harsh practices to maintain control. Rough treatment can easily create a frustrated and dangerous German Shepherd.

    However, a well-trained German Shepherd seems like the poster child for obedience as he works seamlessly in a partnership with his owner.

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    What Are Some Common Types For German Shepherd Husky Mix

    The exact type of the dog is defined by the characteristics traits that it has in it: meaning that the greater genetic bend to one parent categorizes the type of this hybrid breed. However, based on the color, and traits there are the following common types for German Shepherd Husky Mix:

  • White German Shepherd Husky Mix: Just like the Gerberian Shepsky, these are also the mixed breed of German Shepherd and huskies, but the main difference lies in color, and that is white. The White German Shepherd Husky Mix name is set after its white color.
  • Black German Shepherd Husky Mix: It is a mixed breed of German Shepherd and the huskies and are black.
  • Pitbull German Shepherd Husky Mix: It is a mixed breed of German Shepherd, the huskies, and Pitbull. These short dogs are very popular these days and have all three dogs mixed traits.
  • Wolf German Shepherd Husky Mix: It is a mixed breed of German Shepherd, the huskies, and wolf. These are amazing dogs and are popular for their characteristics.
  • Rottweiler German Shepherd Husky Mix: It is a mixed breed of German Shepherd, the huskies, and the Rottweiler dogs in general and has all the best traits.
  • Husky Shepherds Excel At A Variety Of Tasks Jobs And Competitions

    German Shepherd Husky Mix: A Pet Parent’s Guide to The Gerberian Shepsky!

    ShepherdHusky mixes are fantastic for owners who need their dog to do specific tasks. And because theyre such well-rounded working dogs, they can rise to just about any challenge.

    And dont feel bad for expecting them to have a job it will help keep their minds busy, which will keep them happier and tire them out.

    Whether you want to enter agility trials or disc dog competitions, teach them to track people or work in search-and-rescue operations, or simply compete in mixed-breed dog shows, Gerberian Shepskies will rarely let you down . Just be sure that you get them started on their assigned jobs or sports early.

    They arent especially well-suited for bird-dog work, as their desire to retrieve is rarely very well developed. Some will play fetch with a tennis ball, but they rarely exhibit the compulsion to retrieve things the way Labrador Retrievers and other hunting breeds do.

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    See A German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy In Training

    In this owner-made YouTube video, you can watch a six-month-old German Shepherd Husky mix puppy showing off her training.

    From this video, it is easy to see just how smart this hybrid dog breed truly is and also how well these dogs respond to positive reinforcement-based training methods.

    While no dog alive today responds innately well to negative reinforcement training, very intelligent and people-focused dog breeds like the GSD and the Husky may actively rebel unless they are given a lot of praise from their trainers.

    Dont Overdo The Treats

    Some people are obsessed with giving their pets treats and may forget the same treats may become an issue. If overdone, the treats containing many calories may make your dog overweight.

    As time goes by, you need to reach a point whereby you will not need to use the treats for the dog to do any task.

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    Do Shepskies Get Cold

    Siberian Huskies were bred to deal with extreme cold, and German Shepherds also have a thick coat to deal with colder temperatures.

    This means their offspring are very well insulated against the cold, and you will almost never have to worry about them being uncomfortable in colder temperatures.

    Overheating, however, can be an issue, so always carry water when you go out. You will probably find that your Shepsky prefers to relax in cool, shady areas.

    German Shepherd And Husky Mix Training Suggestions

    German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies For Sale New York â Park Art

    A fairly intelligent breed interested in learning and in caring for their owner, a German Shepherd and Husky Mix is relatively easy to train. Not properly trained, these dogs can acquire habits that make the owners clench their teeth pull their hair out. From howling too much to knocking things over to chewing on shoes, there are many things you must keep your dog from doing.

    A German Shepherd and Husky Mix is very sensitive to vocal commands, making the training process more efficient and much easier. Start obedience training at an early age to prevent annoying habits from developing, and so that you and your pup both can live a happy life together.

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    Glance On The Shepsky Puppy History

    Designer breeders started purposely crossing German Shepherd and Siberian Husky in the late 1990s in North America, and the Shepsky dog breed was born. Breeders hoped to produce a super-hybrid working dog by combining the two parent breeds. As the demand for mixed-breed puppies increased, they continued to breed Shepskies. The American Canine Hybrid Club and the Dog Registry of America Inc both recognise the Shepsky.

    German Shepherd Husky Looks & Aesthetics

    As mentioned, a German Shepherd Husky can have any combination of the physical characteristics of their parents. This striking creature has a medium to long head and a strong, somewhat pointy muzzle. A German Shepherd Husky has pointy triangular ears and a set of alert almond-shaped eyes. Its not unusual for this mixed breed dog to have two different colored eyes. The puppies of these parent breeds are well-built, energetic, and athletic.

    German Shepherd Husky mixes are super fluffy and their beautiful coat contributes to their attractive appearance. Like German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies, this designer dog has a double coat. It has a tough top coat and an insulating layer of undercoat that is made up of short hair. The undercoat protects and keeps the dogs warm in cold regions. Some of their undercoat will shed during the months of summer, keeping them nice and cool during the hotter weather. All in all, the coat of German Shepherd Husky mixes is not only beautiful, but functional as well.

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    Husky German Shepherd Mixes Can Occasionally Be Escape Artists

    As mentioned before, many Siberian Huskies love to run off exploring sometimes for hours or days at a time. This willingness to wander can turn some Huskies into first-rate escape artists, who often find it easy to bust out of their crates.

    Some German Shepherds are also good at escaping, but they are generally more content to remain in their crate until their owner lets them out.

    However, things can occasionally get worse when you combine the ease with which Huskies often escape, with the greater strength and intelligence of German Shepherds .

    So, anytime you consider adding a Gerberian Shepsky to your family, youll want to make sure you invest in a heavy-duty, escape-proof crate. Its also a good idea to double- and triple-check the fence in your yard for gaps or weaknesses.

    Exercise Requirement For Shepsky Puppy

    Buying A German Shepherd husky Mix Puppy!

    The Gerberian Shepsky could be the dog for you if you can devote a few hours a day to exercising the dog, have a firm training hand, and live in a cool environment. Gerberian Shepskies are huge dogs that require a lot of physical activity. In addition to having a yard, you should take your adult dog for at least one or two hour-long walks every day.

    Puppies require less activity than adult dogs. Increase the 5 minute exercise according to his age. This means a 5 month old puppy needs 25 minutes of exercise per day and a 6 month old puppy needs 30 minutes of exercise per day. These dogs crave attention and suffer from separation anxiety, so expect to have your dog by your side at all times.

    Allow your Shepsky puppy to run, leap, or play on hard surfaces like pavement only once theyve reached the age of two years and their joints have fully matured. However, puppies are allowed to play on grass, and puppy agility, with its inch-high jumps, is permitted.

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    Taking Care Of A German Shepherd Husky Mix

    They are energetic dogs that require a lot of exercises, grooming, and mental stimulation.

    Providing them with opportunities to socialize with other pets and children when they are puppies is also important. They love playing with others and need to learn how to play and interact with others at an earlier age.

    Sled Dog Vs Sheepdog Genes

    If they are more Husky than German Shepherd, your pup might want to run for hours every day. And may show less interest in learning games. But if their personality more resembles a German Shepherd, they might enjoy advanced obedience classes. Or scent work activities. Either of which will help to give them a satisfying sense of purpose.

    German Shepherd training is something you will need to keep up with for their lifetime. And their mix is likely to be no different. Whichever breed they take after most closely, they will need lots of socialization from a young age. We are talking of at least two hours exercise a day as adults. Together with ongoing training sessions through the dogs life.

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    Will A German Shepherd Husky Fit With A Family

    One of the more significant concerns when it comes to considering a more extensive, mixed breed, is how they interact with children in a family. Luckily, the German Shepherd Husky mix is overall very gentle with children but temperamental and sturdy to stand whatever goofy acts children will play upon them.

    However, you will still need to ensure that your pup gets adequate and proper training during his growth as a puppy to reinforce proper socialization skills.

    How Much Do German Shepherd Husky Puppies Cost

    Chloe the White Fluffy Shepherd Puppy ~ Adopted!

    Mixed breed dogs tend to be sold for less than purebred dogs.

    However, the minimum price for a German Shepherd Husky mix is $500 $1,000.

    Would I advise you to buy a mixed breed from a breeder? Definitely not.

    There are far too many mixed breeds sitting in shelters and waiting to be chosen.

    If you do decide to go with a breeder nonetheless, make sure youre in for a behavioral surprise and only buy from breeders that test their dogs for health.

    As long as there are no other breeds or diseases in their ancestry, you should be fine.

    Beware of breeders that charge a premium for the popular two-colored eyes that come from the Husky.

    Make sure to check out my breeder questions before you fall victim to scammers or backyard breeders.

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    Do Gerberian Shepskies Shed A Lot

    Yes, German Shepherd Husky mixes shed a lot, and there is no getting around it. Both parent breeds have a thick winter coat that is prone to shedding, so this is a common characteristic in their offspring.

    If you are looking for a medium-sized low shedding dog, consider something with the Poodle breed in the mix, such as a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle. Poodles have a low-shedding coat that they typically pass on to their crossbred offspring.

    German Shepherd Husky Mixes Have A Few Health Concerns

    It is a general belief that a crossbred dog is a healthier dog compared to a pedigree dog. The Shepskys parents, however, are prone to a range of different degenerative and hereditary conditions that could potentially pass on to your hybrid. In spite of this, they have a relatively long lifespananywhere from 10 to 14 years.

    The German Shepherd parent breed is prone to a lot of ailments, especially elbow and hip dysplasia. Bloating and pancreatic inefficiencies are also common illnesses, with epilepsy and back problems also being noted.

    For the Shepsky, getting their eyes checked is important as both parent breeds have known eye issues, and it is common for the hybrids to develop issues too. They are also prone to the same elbow and hip issues as their German Shepherd parent.

    A fair amount of exercise and a good quality bed, preferably an orthopedic one, should help prevent any joint pain or issues. A German Shepherd Husky mix is slightly more susceptible to epilepsy than most of the other breeds that are known. It is still a rare illness to develop, so dont worry too muchthere is also medication available to help if needed.

    This hybrid is known to have dental issues, hence the need for frequent teeth cleaning. Unfortunately, cancer is another health concern that is a consistent diagnosis for this crossbreed. Their huge ears are adorable, but because of their size, ear infections are a common ailment. Nevertheless, this is avoidable with regular ear cleaning.

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