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Is A German Shepherd A Good Family Pet

How Much Do Liver German Shepherds Cost

Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

Liver German Shepherds could cost more than the average GSD price. Usually, people think otherwise as AKC views liver GSDs as a low variation of the breed. But, their rarity contributes to their expensive price.

Theres no definite price range for liver German Shepherd dogs.

The only guide is to expect more than the average cost of a GSD puppy. Heres the price in different currencies:

Euros 1,064.00

Note: This is simply an estimation from the current market of GSDs. You can anticipate less or more.

Now, predict that liver German Shepherd dogs can cost more than that.

Itll also depend on the breeder that youll get them from. Usually, respectable breeders charge more.


Thats because they must practice responsible breeding of these dogs.

As I said, only dogs with the recessive gene can produce liver-colored offspring. Thats why breeders must carefully analyze them before beginning to reproduce them.

Its a specific endeavor that requires more effort and attention.

Grooming Requirements Of The Hybrid

There are times when the hybrid sheds a lot and other times when it doesnt, shed much.

During the seasons it does a lot of shedding, the crossbreed should be brushed daily with a firm bristle brush in order to stay ahead of the hairs and Allow the coat to look healthy and shining.

When not shedding much, at least brush it once or twice a week. Bathing the dog daily should be avoided because it may trip the coat if its natural oils, so make sure you bath it only when bits necessary, thats when it gets really dirty and starts to Smell bad.

Its teeth should be brushed three times a week and nails should be clipped when they have grown too long.

The ears should be checked often and when durty they should be cleaned, this will help avoid ear infections.

At The End Of The Day Is A German Shepherd Dog Right For You

History and 100 years of experience proved that the German Shepherd Dog is a hard worker that also makes it a loyal family pet and guardian.

German Shepherd Dog owners should be prepared for an energetic dog that needs a job. Even if your GSD will be a pet, they were bred to work and will need an outlet for their energy and drive. Keep in mind that you will need to provide your dog with extensive physical and mental exercise every day. Do you have the time and energy to properly socialize and train your GSD? Do you have a steady income if any health issues arise? Do you have enough space for this large breed to flourish? Ask yourself these questions before getting a German Shepherd Dog.

The German Shepherd Dogs high profile in law enforcement, dog sports, media, and service work has shaped the love and attitude that has developed about this versatile breed. If you are ready to own a GSD, first find a responsible breeder. Your breeder should ask you questions about your lifestyle and answer your questions about the breed. If both you and the breeder are sure the German Shepherd Dog is right for you, enjoy an action-packed life with your new best friend!

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Biggest Pros And Cons Of Owning German Shepherd As Pet

Despite being a wonderful breed,

The German shepherd is not the breed for every family.

I happen to think that they are great dogs but please take a moment to consider the negative aspects of the breed as well as the positive.

This is one of the primary reasons why there are so many dogs in animal shelters.

Lets check out the pros and cons of german shepherd!

Theyre A Big Affectionate Baby

Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

Liver German Shepherds might look intimidating at first

With their unmatched beauty and majestic aura

But dont let that make you hesitant to approach them or take them home.

Theyre actually an affectionate dog breed.

Theyre also the kind of dog thatll suddenly sit on you

Yep, they would, even though theyre not a lap dog.

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Work Ethic Unique To The German Shepherd Dog

From the very beginning, a keen emphasis was placed on the unique character, trainability, and protective instincts found in these herding dogs. Their dependability and their special herding traits became legendary. Over time the breed began to be used for many other services. When blind Morris Frank returned from Switzerland in 1929 with his German Shepherd Dog Buddy, he opened the door for German Shepherd Dogs to be used as guide dogs for the blind. In a very short period of time, the breed would be associated with programs for the blind and for services involving many other disabilities. Their intelligence, trainability, and desire to work put German Shepherd Dog at the top of all lists. Some breeders began their own lines for temperament as opposed to conformation and physical appearance. It was not long before breeding programs throughout America began to selectively breed for service dog programs as their ultimate goal.

Do German Shepherd Ears Stand Up On Their Own Or Do They Have To Be Cut Or Taped To Make Them Stand Up

Ah, you’re thinking about cropping, a surgical procedure to make the ears stand up. That’s done with Doberman Pinschers, but not with German Shepherds. A Shepherd puppy’s ears prick up naturally they’re never cropped.

German Shepherd puppy with perfectly normal ears at this age. If the pup inherited normal genes, the other ear should come up shortly.

But German Shepherd puppies aren’t born with pricked ears. In some pups, the ears start to prick up at 6 or 8 weeks old, while others don’t start until 12 or 14 weeks old.

Often the ears don’t go up smoothly. In other words, they don’t suddenly pop straight up. Typically one ear will go up halfway, and stay like that for a few days. Then the other ear may start to prick while the first ear straightens all the way up. A few days later, just as the second ear straightens up, the first one suddenly flops back down.

This can be a trying time for new owners who worry that their pup’s ears will never stand properly. Rest assured, it’s normal for German Shepherd puppy ears to go up and down for a month or two, especially during the teething period.

Unfortunately, some puppies do inherit poor genes for ear strength and often those ears will never come all the way up. They’re called “soft ears.” Sometimes taping a weak ear can help it stand erect, but often not.

I had a German Shepherd with one soft ear. It flopped sideways on top of his head, while the other ear stood up beautifully. Of course I loved him dearly anyway!

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They Are Intelligent And Quick To Learn

Your pooch deserves some bragging rights for being smart!

So smart, in fact, that German Shepherds are ranked 3rd among the smartest dog breeds.

You have a very intelligent dog in your care. And you know what the best part is? Theyre easily trainable!

Heres a proven fact:

Your German Shepherd can do a trick after just a few repetitions. This is why German Shepherds are the top choice as police dogs and service work dogs.

Another reason why they thrive in these professions is because of one simple trait:

They are eager to please their owners. These dogs love to cooperate with and work alongside humans. It makes them happy to be around people. Not only that.

One cool thing about German Shepherds is their ability to solve problems.

They can stand back, assess a situation, and determine whether there is a threat. Then they act accordingly.

But these are not the only ways that German Shepherds display their intelligence. They are so smart they can read your emotions and act accordingly. They can smell the chemical changes in your body and know when youre sad. Or happy.

And they react by giving you a nudge. Its as if they want to say, Everythings going to be okay.

In the domestic setting, these traits make a German Shepherd a good family dog.

Are German Shepherds Good With Strangers

Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

German Shepherds can be good with strangers if they are taught to be. This is another time socialization is important. Introducing your dog to new people will help him be confident and friendly. Remember that your dog is loyal to you and the family and very protective of you.

When new people come over, your dog may be a little wary at first. If you let the dog know, with relaxed energy and a calm demeanor, that this stranger is a friend, eventually he should warm up to them. You may notice your dog acting very protective in the yard or barking out the window at people, but this doesnt mean he will be aggressive to strangers that you allow into your home. Your dog will determine from your energy if this person is a friend or foe.

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What Is The Dumbest Dog

The 10 Dumbest Dog Breeds and Why They’ve Been Characterized as DumbAfghan Hound. The Afghan Hound is the dumbest dog. … Basenji. Basenjis also make the list of dumbest dog breeds. … Bulldog. Bulldogs are known for their stubbornness. … Chow Chow. Chow Chows can also be difficult to train. … Borzoi. … Bloodhound. … Pekingese. … Beagle.Meer items…9 dec. 2019

They Are The Perfect Road Trip Companions

A road trip is more fun with your German Shepherd along.

So if youre going on a trip by yourself or with your family, take your dog with you.

They make great travel companions. In fact, some German Shepherds love riding in cars and traveling.

Even if your dog is not one of them, you can train them to love riding in a car. It takes time and patience. But once they are acclimated to the car, then youve got a travel buddy.

This is a great opportunity for some bonding time with your pooch. They also get to see a bigger world and meet other people and pets.

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German Shepherd Family Guard Dog

For family protection, German Shepherd dogs that are well trained can be an ideal choice.

German Shepherds have always excelled in military, bomb detection, police, and guard dog work.

GSDs have served side by side with soldiers, police officers, and civilian security officers for decades, distinguishing themselves as heroes.

They have even worked for organizations like the U.S. Secret Service and the Central Intelligence Agency .

Reasons Why German Shepherds Are Great Family Dogs


You might have already fallen in love with the idea of getting a German Shepherd. After all, they are beautiful, intelligent, and loyal dogs.

But you may have or soon plan on having a family, so you still have one major question are German Shepherds good family dogs?

My answer to you is an unequivocal yes, a German Shepherd is a great family pet, and will make a great new addition to your family.

So here are my top ten reasons why a German Sheperd is a great family dog.

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Are German Shepherds Dangerous

Due to their history as service and guard dogs, German Shepherds have an unfair reputation as being dangerous or aggressive. Whilst the breed can be very vocal and protective, they are not known to be aggressive by nature and are in fact loving and gentle dogs who crave companionship. Aggression is generally a behavioural issue that will arise if your dog is left alone too often, becomes bored, is not exercised enough or is improperly trained. When looking for a German Shepherd puppy, its important to see the puppy with its mother and within the litter to get a good idea of its temperament and the behaviour that your dog may inherit.

So Are German Shepherds Good With Kids

The German Shepherd is a friendly and playful dog and these qualities make them a good fit for children of all ages. When socialized from an early age as a puppy, they easily grow attached to children as well as the entire family.

They are protective of young children and enjoy being with them which makes them good guard dogs.

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Teach Your Children To Be Shepherd Savvy

Your dog needs training so theylearn to regulate their behavior around your family. Fortunately, this breed is one of the smartest dogs in the world and responds well to obedience commands.

German Shepherds get along with children when both the child and dog take active and successful steps to live with one another. Success starts with adult planning, participation, and direction.

First, parents teach the GSD how to act in a controlled manner through home obedience, also known as German Shepherd lure and reward training. Second, parents must teach children how to control the trained dog.

Training is a family effort but must start with the adults.

Are German Shepherds Easy To Train

Are German Shepherds good family pets?

Some are easy to train, while others are more moderate.

As we’ve seen, different lines have different temperaments. German Shepherds from working lines are typically more assertive and stronger-willed. A “tougher” German Shepherd will be more challenging to train unless you pay closer attention to building the right Leader-Follower relationship with the dog.

That doesn’t mean “softer” German Shepherds are automatically easy to train. Some dogs with soft temperaments are skittish or shy, making them just as challenging as a strong-tempered dog.

In general, though, a sound-tempered German Shepherd who is a good fit for family life should be easy to train. Just establish the right Leader-Follower relationship and the dog will be happy to work with you.

This is taught in my puppy training book, Respect Training For Puppies .

Or see my advice on dog training

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Can German Shepherds Be High Maintenance

Yes. German Shepherds can be considered a high maintenance dog breed. This is because they require regular grooming to keep their skin and coat as healthy as possible.

Regular grooming also helps ensure the fur doesnt become matted or tangled. They can also be considered high maintenance simply because they suffer from separation anxiety.

When they are stressed and left alone, they may exhibit destructive behaviors that include chewing, biting on the furniture, barking aggressively, and even hurting themselves in attempts to escape.

To help with separation anxiety, you need to make sure your German Shepherd gets plenty of exercise on a daily basis.

On the other side of this, they are not as high maintenance when it comes to obedience and training, still making them a great family dog.

German Shepherds thrive on activities and mental and physical stimulation, so just a minimum level of basic training will not be enough for them.

However, the family can work together to train their new German Shepherd pup and combined, will have enough energy to work off with them.

Why Should I Not Get A German Shepherd

Dogs are very good pets they are loyal, protective, affectionate, and playful. However, getting a dog can be very difficult because there are many breeds, and its important to get the right one for your lifestyle. German Shepherds are smart, obedient, and protective dogs that can do very well in the right environment however, they are not for everyone. Here are some reasons why you should not get a German Shepherd. * German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs, but their energy, strength, and natural need to protect can make them hard to train. You need to be patient and consistent when you train them. * Most dogs should be fed dry dog food, but German Shepherds should be fed food that is high in protein. * German Shepherds are great dogs, but tend to get very serious if you try to take them for walks in areas that are not familiar to them. * German Shepherds can be aggressive towards other animals, so if you have other animals, this might not be the best dog for you..

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Are German Shepherds Smart

According to the author of The Intelligence of Dogs,, Stanley Coren, Ph.D., ranks the German Shepherd as the third smartest dog breed. This study took a look at more than 100 dog breeds as they were judged by 200 dog obedience judges while learning new commands. Dogs were ranked based on their ability to perform commands 95% of the time or better based on less than five command repetitions.

The incredible level of intelligence in the German Shepherd, a level only bested by the Border Collie and the Poodle, makes this breed incredibly versatile. An ability to quickly pick up new commands and an intense desire to please its master means that this breed is the perfect candidate for any number of professional positions available to canines. This trait is perhaps why this is the breed of choice for both military and police work worldwide.

When theyre serving professionally, the German Shepherd can take part in police work, guard dog work, sheepdog work, service dog work, military work, and search and rescue work. German Shepherds also frequently participate in dog sports, including obedience, tracking, flyball, ring sport, and agility.

The Importance Of Socializing A German Shepherd

" The family"  :)

All dogs require socialization and training.

But when youre dealing with a dog thats as physically powerful and mentally adept as the German Shepherd, you cant emphasize the importance enough, especially when children are involved.

This study discovered that children are the most common victims of reported dog bites to people and that dog owners were often unaware of the factors that increased the risk of dog bites to children.

Socialization needs to begin early.

This means taking your German Shepherd puppy out and introducing them to the world.

You want your pup to have positive interactions with as many different types of people, pets, and places as possible.

The more socialized your dog is, the less likely they will show signs of aggression and other unwanted behaviors.

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