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How Bad Do German Shepherds Shed

How Often Do Chow Chows Shed

German Shepherds Shed Hair

Every single day. Literally. Chow Chows will shed fur daily, and it will happen no matter how well you care for them, or how much you groom them, etc.

Shedding will be a daily focus for any responsible dog parent. Twice a year, youll notice that your Chows daily rate will double or triple, as well.

Thinking Of Getting A German Shepherd

German Shepherds are very loyal, brave, and easily trained dogs, however, they are also known to be prolific shedders. For some, shedding can be a daunting experience, but if you are a dog lover, you should already accept that it is a part of your dogs life. With proper grooming practice and using only the best grooming tools, dealing with your German Shepherds shedding will not be a big problem for you.

How Often Do You Have To Cut The Nails

Black German shepherds need to have their nails trimmed or ground down at least once a month. A minor trim every week or two is a good way to keep your dog well-groomed. Nails that get too long can cause pain and structural issues. Also, the dewclaws, which kind of resemble thumbs on the dogs wrists, can get caught on things and tear if they arent trimmed regularly. Theres also a chance that the dewclaws could become ingrown and infected without care. You can learn to trim your dogs nails using simple tools, or take them to a groomer or vet for a trim.

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So I Understand How To Combat Coat Blow But What About Regular Shedding

Shedding takes place not only because of the changing seasons and a dogs need to rid itself of last seasons coat, but also simply a need to rid the dogs coat of damaged or unnecessary hair.

You should keep in mind that all dogs shed, even though German Shepherds are known for their penchant for shedding.

Even though you cannot totally prevent shedding in the German Shepherd , you CAN reduce the amount of shedding so that you can manage it.

Perhaps the best way to combat shedding is to commit to regular brushing. Regular brushing on a daily basis can help to loosen damaged or extra hairs.

Furthermore, you can control exactly where these hairs go on a brush rather than just simply on your furniture or clothing.

Although some experts say it is just fine to brush three or four times per week, I recommend daily brushing on a hardwood or tiled area where you can sweep up any stray hairs.

Previously, the slicker brush was recommended for combating Coat Blow, and this is true. However, for daily brushing, you can use a combination of a slicker brush, a pin brush, and a finishing comb in order to remove as much loose hair and the undercoat during Coat Blow as possible.

If you will begin with a pin or slicker brush every day then finish up with the comb, you will be able to keep the coat clean and healthier looking. An added benefit to this practice is that dirt is greatly removed from the coat, leaving the hair cleaner and shinier.

What Does It Mean That The German Shepherd Blows His Coat

News From The Hill: Do German Shepherds Shed?

When a dog blows his coat, this means that at least twice a year, the dog will undergo a huge shedding during which all his hair will be shed at once.

Now, this does not mean that the dog will be hairless. What that means is that all the winter fur will be shed as new spring and summer fur replaces the old coat.

Some individuals refer to this as getting a new coat. Again, the German Shepherd will not be without fur during this time. However, you will notice much more hair than usual on your furniture or maybe on your clothes.

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Massage For Stress And Shedding Reduction

  • Sit next to your dog on the floor in a quiet, comfortable room.
  • Using very light hands, stroke your dog softly from head to tail for 15 minutes.
  • Do this every week.
  • Not only is this relaxing for your dog, but petting a dog is shown to decrease your blood pressure and increases bonding.
  • Its also a great time to notice any health concerns in their body, like lumps or bumps, sore areas, or unusual smells.

Use these double-duty grooming gloves for extra hair removal. The innovative design features the perfect combination of rubber nodules on the fingers and palm, which feels like a massage, and helps to promote bonding.


Theres even more to these practical grooming gloves!

They work specifically as a heavy-duty de-shedder to capture hard to reach hair. And, the hair wont stick to the gloves whether used wet or dry.

Plus, its a useful tool to have since it is so gentle even puppies enjoy being brushed!

While this seems like a simple shedding solution, proving a massage with the right type of grooming tool reduces stress in your German Shepherd and goes a long way to keep them healthy.

What Is An Outer Coat

Known as guard hairs, the outer coat of the German Shepherd features longer hairs that are coarser in texture. This outer layer of fur is responsible for repelling dirt and keeping the much denser undercoat protected from moisture.

This outer coat sheds constantly. Youll find it appears as single hairs, not the clumps associated with the undercoat. These guard hairs adhere to clothing and furniture just as easily and require proper grooming techniques to control.

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Feed A Shed Control Nutritional Supplement

Shed-X claims to stop excessive shedding in only 3 to 6 weeks!

Created by a certified veterinarian, the Shed-X Dermalex Shed Control Nutritional Supplement reduces and even eliminates excessive shedding. The specially formulated nutrients focus on an optimum coat and skin health for fast-acting results.

In only 3 to 4 weeks A more manageable and healthier coat with less hair fall, while your German Shepherd enjoys the tasty flavor and essential fatty acids to reduce itchy, scaly skin.

Fortified with Zinc to promote and strengthen your dogs immune system, the 100% natural shed control supplement is simple to give.

Simply add to your dogs food daily to enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary shedding solution for your German Shepherd.

Prevent And Treat Skin Diseases

Why does my German Shepherd shed so muchð?º

Allergic dermatitis, folliculitis, seborrhea, ringworm, mange, and acral lick granuloma are just a few of the skin diseases dogs may develop. Brush your dog every day and use that time to check him over for any irregularities.

Also, watch your dog go about his day if he seems like he is not himself, or he is biting/licking himself constantly, it could be a skin disease that needs to be treated. Check your dog over and call the vet if you suspect something is off.

Regular visits to the vet for checkups to make sure your German Shepherd is free of fleas, ticks, and other parasites. Ensuring you keep their skin free of these annoyances will improve their overall skin health and decrease allergic reactions. And, it is also another way to help keep excessive shedding at bay.

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Create A Dedicated Fur Space

Obviously, its not fair to scold your dog for shedding all over your house when its something he cant control and its something you signed up for when you brought home a German Shepherd.

So, to reduce potential frustration for both of you, dedicate one area of your home where your dog can shed without reprimand, thats away from the main area of the house that you want to keep as fur-free as possible.

This can be as simple as a dog bed and a cozy blanket thats tucked away somewhere unobtrusive. That way you wont be walking through the area too frequently and can avoid stirring up a fur tornado with every pass.

Benefits Of Managing A German Shepherd Losing Hair

If your German Shepherd is losing hair, then you need to take immediate action to manage the issue.

When your German Shepherd loses too much hair it can become a nuisance since it seems itll never stop.

But spending time grooming your GSD has benefits beyond reducing the amount of hair loss in your home. Taking the time to brush and groom your dog is fun and gives you time to bond together.

Its also a great chance to check your dogs skin and fur for:

  • New bumps
  • Hot spots
  • or dry skin

The result of managing your German Shepherds hair loss is a happy, healthy dog and much less shedding around the house.

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What Time Of Year Do German Shepherds Shed

Your German Shepherd will shed in the late fall when the days get shorter. They will be losing their summer coat which is a finer hair. In the spring, your German Shepherd will have their “blow out” shedding. It will be the clumpy, thick hair from the thick winter coat. In addition, they will also shed all year round because of their double coat.

Give Your Dog An Omega

15 Things You Should Never Say To A German Shepherd Owner ...

Omega-3 is a fatty acid that helps improve your dogs skin and coat. While most dog foods claim to include omega-3, its often damaged during the cooking process. Its also important for your dog to get the right ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, and most dog foods are proportionately too high in omega-6.

Want to learn more about omega-3 and fish oil supplements? Check out our guide to the best fish oils supplements for dogs here.

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German Shepherds Are Members Of The Herding Group

So, if you own this breed, youre no stranger to a nose nudging you. Whether its a nose in the back, a nose on your leg, or even a nose in your face, your dog is just doing what comes naturally. Although this breed isnt often used to herd anymore, that herding heritage remains. So, along with the herding traits of independent thinking and intelligence, its perfectly normal for your GSD to herd human family members. Your dog might also show following ahead behavior walking in front of you while looking back to ensure youre walking in the right direction.

Do German Shepherds Shed More About Shedding In This Breed

January 23, 2019 By

Do german shepherds shed?

There are plenty of reasons why the German Shepherd ranks as one of Americas most popular breeds.

Known for being loyal, courageous, and confident, this iconic dog possesses a noble bearing and a fearless stance.

Muscular and agile, the German Shepherd stands up to 26 inches, with an outline of smooth, graceful curves.

Since this highly intelligent dog can be trained to do just about anything, they lead the pack when it comes to service work.

Theyre ideally suited for many roles, including guide dog, police and military work, search and rescue, drug detection, and protection.

While their coats can be long or short, theyre almost always double-coated.

If youre thinking of bringing this beautiful dog into your life, you probably have a lot of questions.

At the top of the list might be, Do German Shepherds shed?

In this article, well focus on the answer to that question and give you plenty of information about why dogs shed, when they shed, and how to deal with all that fur.

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Do German Shepherd Ears Stand Up On Their Own Or Do They Have To Be Cut Or Taped To Make Them Stand Up

Ah, you’re thinking about cropping, a surgical procedure to make the ears stand up. That’s done with Doberman Pinschers, but not with German Shepherds. A Shepherd puppy’s ears prick up naturally they’re never cropped.

German Shepherd puppy with perfectly normal ears at this age. If the pup inherited normal genes, the other ear should come up shortly.

But German Shepherd puppies aren’t born with pricked ears. In some pups, the ears start to prick up at 6 or 8 weeks old, while others don’t start until 12 or 14 weeks old.

Often the ears don’t go up smoothly. In other words, they don’t suddenly pop straight up. Typically one ear will go up halfway, and stay like that for a few days. Then the other ear may start to prick while the first ear straightens all the way up. A few days later, just as the second ear straightens up, the first one suddenly flops back down.

This can be a trying time for new owners who worry that their pup’s ears will never stand properly. Rest assured, it’s normal for German Shepherd puppy ears to go up and down for a month or two, especially during the teething period.

Unfortunately, some puppies do inherit poor genes for ear strength and often those ears will never come all the way up. They’re called “soft ears.” Sometimes taping a weak ear can help it stand erect, but often not.

I had a German Shepherd with one soft ear. It flopped sideways on top of his head, while the other ear stood up beautifully. Of course I loved him dearly anyway!

Do German Shepherds Shed Differently

Frequently Asked Friday – German Shepherd Shedding!

The fact is that German Shepherds are shedding machines! The short-haired German Shepherd has more hair than a long-haired GSD. For that reason, they are going to shed more than a long-haired, but that does not mean that a long-haired German Shepherd is not going to shed heavily.

German Shepherds of any variety are large animals. As with most canines, your German Shepherd is going to have a hefty amount of shedding. Most dogs with a double coat will require regular brushing to keep the second coat down to a minimum and reduce shedding.

Although a short-haired German Shepherd will shed more, the difference is not that much. A long-haired German Shepherd will have its fair share of shedding as well. It may seem like a German Shepherd with a longer coat sheds more, but the hairs often get caught in the coat due to the length. Both types of German Shepherds shed all year long, and particularly have two stretches during the year where shedding is extremely heavy.

There is also the plush coat German Shepherd to be considered as well. Similar to a long-haired German Shepherd, their coat is mostly considered a genetic accident, and the American Kennel Club does not recognize them because of that. German Shepherds, in general, are heavy shedders and are not recommended for people with pet allergies.

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How Sociable Are German Shepherds

Are they friendly with strangers?

Most German Shepherds are reserved with strangers. As the breed’s national club says, a good German Shepherd has:

“a certain aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships. The dog must be approachable, quietly standing its ground and showing confidence and willingness to meet overtures without itself making them.”

As you might imagine, this can be a fine line to walk. Without proper guidance from the owner, a German Shepherd’s natural aloofness can morph over the line to suspiciousness, distrust, and even aggression or fearfulness.

When you own an aloof breed, you need to socialize the dog thoroughly. This means a careful program of teaching him to pay attention to you and mind you in the presence of other people and other dogs. He doesn’t have to like them, but he must accept them.

One thing I should mention: many German Shepherds who bark and lunge at strangers or other dogs aren’t being either protective or aggressive. Rather, this kind of reactivity can be the dog’s attempt to hide his own insecurities behind a blustering facade.

There are also legal liabilities to consider when you acquire a German Shepherd. For example, your homeowner insurance policy might be cancelled or the rates hiked, because people are often quicker to sue if a “guard dog breed” does anything even remotely questionable.

Are German Shepherds good with children?

Are German Shepherds good with other pets?

Wrapping Up German Shepherd Shedding

In short, yes, German Shepherds do shed, but there are things you can do to reduce the impact of their shedding around your home. Unless you absolutely cant stand the idea of having dog hair in your home, you shouldnt let their shedding hold you back from bringing a GSD into your home if you think theyre the best breed for your family.

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Do Mini German Shepherds Shed

Do German Shepherds Shed?

  • German Shepherds sport an outer coat and an undercoat.
  • While German Shepherds do indeed shed year round, expect the heaviest coat dump in the summertime and the least during winter.
  • A German Shepherd doesn’t need to be bathed weekly, but this breed’s dense coat benefits from a monthly washing.

Can I Shave My Shepherd To Reduce Shedding

Do German Shepherds Shed?

When youre fed up with your German Shepherds shedding, it can be tempting to give up on regular grooming and shave them down to reduce how much hair is around your house. This is a very bad idea for a number of reasons.

  • German Shepherds need their fur to protect them from the elements. In addition to opening your dog up to the chance of getting sunburned, shaving a GSD can also increase their risk of having a heat stroke because youve taken away one of the methods they use for regulating their temperature.
  • Repeated shaving can damage your German Shepherds coat. This is especially true if your dog has or develops certain health conditions. Post-clipping alopecia is a real problem among double-coated dogs and may cause the hair to grow back patchy, cottony, or not at all.
  • Your German Shepherd will still shed the hairs will just be smaller. While this may seem like a good thing, take it from a former groomer short hairs cause dog hair splinters more than naturally shed hairs, and those splinters can embed themselves in your clothing and furniture, making it harder to remove them.

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