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German Shepherd And Lab Mix

What Do German Shepherd Lab Mix Puppies Need


Labs are very bouncy puppies who love to chew. German Shepherds require intense socialization to reduce the possibility of their guarding you or your property. Both parent breeds have dense double coats that require weekly grooming at minimum. If the hybrid puppy inherits its German Shepherd parents longer coat, then this grooming requirement will increase.

In short, this mix could be a good family dog if its parents have been health-tested. And if you have the time, energy and space to commit to socializing, training and exercising them well.

Different Features Of This Breed:

  • Appearance:

Each puppys look may be a unique mixture of the discern breeds because of the crossbreeding. Husky Lab Mixs coat can come in various colors. Consequently, they also can be a lovable mixture of colors, like Siberian Huskies recognize. Heterochromia is some other regular characteristic.

Also, because Labradors and Huskies are near in size, your husky Germanshepherd lab mix puppy will mature right into a medium-sized canine. Its ears can slump like a Labradors or stand directly like a Huskies. Theyll be an incredible canine in both cases, sure to draw everyones attention.

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  • Various Coats and Colors:

Expect your breed to have a coloration aggregate of each parent. There may be diverse coats on those puppies.

Additionally, the puppy is probably stable colored, like a Labrador, or a stunning combo of hues, like a Husky. The husky german shepherd mix coat is generally directly and brief to medium length.

Also, like a Husky, this lovable creature sheds greater than the regular canine. Huskies have coats to maintain the heat in a frigid climate. If your dog inherits this coat, its going to shed its undercoat two times a year to possess you busy brushing them and the floor.

  • Character and demeanor:

The Husky Lab Mix is the result of the union of unique dog breeds. Also, they can inherit features from each in their mother and father because theyre mixed species.

Reasons Why You Shouldnt Get A German Shepherd Lab Mix

1. This Mixed Breed Needs Specialized Training If you are quite busy and you barely have time for yourself, your family and your home, then dont get a German Shepherd mixed with a Lab breed. This dog needs constant training and even highly-specialized training. Regular dominance-based training wont work. You must be creative and think of ways to stimulate this mixed breed.

2. This Mixed Breed Dog Has Very High Activity Levels

If you get tired quickly or you dont like physical activity then better look for another dog. The Lab combined with a German Shepherd needs A LOT of exercises. You need to take it out for long walks, play games with it and train it regularly. Overlooking any of these can lead to a bored and destructive dog.

3. This Dog Could Be In Your Face

One interesting characteristic of a Labrador Retriever is that it tends to be everywhere you are and do everything you do. This in your face behavior could be too much for some dog owners. If you cant tolerate this then this mixed breed dog may not be the kind for you.

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German Shepherd Lab Mix Health Problems

The Lab German Shepherd mix may be affected by many health problems that are found from its parent breeds, however, if a dog has poor health, lack of exercise and has not visited a vet from the time you took it home, then he more susceptible to some medical conditions.

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • PRA or Progressive Retinal Atrophy or blindness
  • Ear infections
  • It is critical to take your puppy to a vet as soon as it gets home. There is no way to find out if your puppy will develop any of these conditions. All you can do is to take care of your dog properly to prevent some of these severe medical conditions.

    German Shepradors Have Famous Parent Breeds

    German Shepherd Lab Mix

    Having two famous parents makes it hard for German Shepradors to have a life outside of the limelight. This is why this designer dog breed has also been wanted by many fanciers and dog lovers.

    German Shepherds starred in various movies like The Terminator while Labrador Retrievers graced films such as , among others. Both breeds even have films named after them.

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    Pros And Cons Of Owning A Lab Shepherd Mix

    If youre still feeling indecisive about owning a Lab Shepherd mix, then this pros-and-cons list surely comes in handy! This will help you figure out if this mix is really for you or if you should check out other crosses.

    Owning a Lab Shepherd mix comes with advantages such as the following:

    • Good temperament: German Shepherd Lab mixes are kind, loyal, affectionate, and friendly dogs. They get along well with other dogs, pets, children, and even strangers, especially if they have early socialization and proper training. They are amazing companions at home and outdoors.
    • Highly intelligent and active: Training these energetic and smart dogs is easy because they are naturally working dogs that love to stay active mentally and physically. If you are an active person, then having a Lab German Shepherd puppy will absolutely be a good addition to your life.
    • Excellent family and guard dogs: The loyalty and protectiveness of German Shepradors are impressive. These loving dogs will do their best to protect and please their dog owners. If you like a dog that is devoted to you or your family, then this pooch has got your back!

    On the other hand, here are some of the cons of owning a Lab German Shepherd mix:

    From looking at the list above, we cant deny that the Lab Shepherd mix has inherited most of the best qualities from its parent breeds. However, the disadvantages are also not too petty to just be ignored.

    The Temperament Of The Black Labrador

    These sweet-natured furballs are generally pretty active. They love to play and learn. They especially love meeting new people, and they have a strong sense of family loyalty. These good-tempered hounds can be proud members of your family for 12 years or even longer, with a healthy diet with the right exercise regime.

    The American Labrador, or hunting Lab, is built with a daintier frame and tends to possess a bigger drive for retrieving. These doggos are successful at field trials and competitive activities such as hunting.

    Some Labs, however, are bred specifically for the show ring. In the USA these are known as English Labs, and in the UK they are called Show Labs. This type tends to weigh more and be a lot chunkier in appearance than those bred for hunting and retrieving duties.

    Black Labradors are an asset in hunting and sporting communities, and although the popular choice was black, that has shifted slightly in recent years. Where hunting dog owners still do prefer a black coat, those wanting a Lab as a pet or in a show, certainly have a preference for a lighter shade. Breeders today sell predominantly lighter coloured Labs, such as yellow, fox red, and chocolate.

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    Hip And Elbow Dysplasia

    Canine dysplasia is common among German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers. This malformation in the joints causes pain and inflammation that can leave your dog feeling miserable.

    It may start at a very early age, which is why some breeders will have hip and elbow evaluations done prior to placing the puppies in a home. While this initial test cant guarantee that your dog wont develop dysplasia later in life, it is the best guarantee you can have of a healthy puppy upfront.

    German Shepherd Lab Mix And Families

    Black Lab and German Shepherd Mix (1 year 6mo) Update

    Lab German Shepherds can be great family dogs because these dogs love to be with their masters and to please them every way they can.

    These are patient with children and will never roughhouse or bite. They can even tolerate toddlers and very intense games like dress up and role play games.

    Lab German Shepherd mix dogs will love to be with other pets and even other dogs. They are not domineering and will never cause a fight.

    The Lab German Shepherd mix may become anti-social and may become aggressive with people or other dogs when they are not introduced to people and other pets early on. Your dog should be trained first and exposed to other dogs and people to prevent this untoward behavior.

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    Health Issues Of The Sheprador

    Its not a secret that mixed breeds inherit the health issues from their parent breeds. Therefore its essential to know what health concerns Labrador and the German Shepherd face so as to be best prepared with your Sheprador.

    Like most cross breeds, mixed breeds are usually healthier than their purebred parents. Its also usually a gamble when it comes to the health issues as it depends which parent they take after more in that specific area.

    For example, the German Shepherds backs slope down towards the tail. So if your Sheprador takes after their German Shepherd parent then you may encounter spinal problems that lead to arthritis and hip dysplasia as they get older.

    The silver lining is that the good health of the Labrador balances out the potentially compromised health that German Shepherds sometimes have, and the result is a stellar, mostly-healthy Sheprador pup.

    All of the following health issues can be present in your Sheprador:

    The Black Labrador Retriever

    It is important to have a good understanding of the temperament of both the Labrador and the German Shepherd. This will help you to recognize the nature of the Sheprador a little better.

    Although they are now extinct, the St Johns Water Dog is the breed that eventually led to the creation of the Black Labrador Retriever. Members of the English aristocracy had St Johns Waterdogs and initiated a breeding program. This gave us the Labrador we have come to know and love in modern-day society.

    Black Lab puppies can be identified as either English or American Black Lab types. Your black Lab pup could weigh as much as 80lbs, reaching heights of 24 inches. Although these figures may vary because of your furry friends lineage, your pup could be a tad smaller than this once theyre all grown up.

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    German Shepherd Lab Mix Origin And History: Where Does The Labrashepherd Come From

    The German Shepherd and Lab mix is considered a relatively new mixed breed believed to first exist during the 1990s. Its parent breeds are both beloved and popular for their intelligence, strength, and temperament.

    The crossbreeding of German Shepherds and Labradors was intended to combine their best traits and create a genetically sound family dog with watchdog capabilities. From then on, the demand for Labrashepherds has been soaring.

    To better understand this mixed breed, its best to look at the history of each parent breed. German Shepherds originated in Germany in the late 1800s and are known as the most intelligent, obedient, and responsive shepherd dogs.

    Meanwhile, Labrador Retrievers originated in the 1500s from Newfoundlands water dogs. These working dogs helped in waterfowl hunting. During the 19th century, the Labrador breed was standardized and refined.

    As a result of two famous working dog breeds with respective worthwhile origins, it is not unusual to think and expect highly of the German Shepherd Lab mix.

    Besides its history, theres so much more to know and love about this mix, so keep reading!

    As a mixed-breed dog, the exact appearance of a German Sheprador is uncertain. It can take after either of its parent breeds. Although one things for sure, its size will usually be medium to large.

    Generally, a German Shepherd Labrador mix has an athletic body, brawny legs, and a long back.

    Heres what a black Lab German Shepherd mix looks like:

    Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets

    German Shepherd Lab Mix: A Complete Guide to the Sheprador

    As a general rule, the German Shepherd Lab does get along very well with other family pets. While some of this comes from their sweet temperaments, its also vital that they are socialized at a young age and introduced to other dogs and smaller pets. They do typically enjoy a good romp with other dogs at the park.

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    German Shepherd And Lab Mix Health Concerns

    There are always a few health concerns that you have to look out for even if the dog was crossed to outbreed any health issues.

    The German shepherd Labrador mix is no exception to that as this dog is prone to some of the health problems such as

    • Hip and elbow dysplasia is an inherited condition that occurs when the joints fail to fit snugly.
    • Allergies commonly occur in these mixes.
    • Gastric dilation volvulus also is known as bloat and is a condition that occurs when a dog is fed on large quantities of food at once making the stomach dilate.

    German Shepherd Lab Mix Size And Lifespan

    Sheprador will be in the medium to large size as the German Shepherd is a large dog and the Labrador retriever is an average-sized dog. So, this breed can stand tall from 20 to 26 inches.

    Regarding weight, it will be quite hefty. A German shepherd can weigh around 49 to 88 lbs, whereas the Labrador retriever weighs between 55 and 80 lbs. So, the Labrador shepherd weighs anywhere between 45 and 95 pounds.

    Generally, females of this German Shepherd mix weigh less than the males. Male Shepradors weigh between 45 and 95 lbs and the females weigh between 35 and 45 lbs.

    But, the Labrador shepherd is considered as the large dog and it doesnt suit apartments.

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    Dietary Requirements Of The Sheprador

    In order to ensure you have a Sheprador with a happy and healthy life, you should be sure that you feed your pooch the right dog food. Not all dog food on the market is high quality so carefully selecting the right brand is important.

    In general, a good rule of thumb is to opt for food with all-natural ingredients, and high fiber dog food that includes fruits and vegetables. Also, make sure they have a diet high in protein. You should also avoid food with filler ingredients, artificial flavoring, and preservatives.

    Its a good idea to invest in some dog supplements like omegas as well as high protein dog treats to ensure all their health targets are met.

    The Labrador side of these hounds will certainly mean they come with a big appetite and love for snacking. Due to this, Shepradors are very prone to weight gain and overeating. So its important to practice strict portion control and structured meal times with your pooch. To avoid gulping down their dinner, it may be best to invest in a slow feeder.

    Its also advisable not to leave food out during the day, but to rather implement a routine and eating schedule to ensure your pup remains healthy and lean. If Shepradors are allowed to become overweight, they will suffer from joint problems, hip dysplasia, and later on, arthritis.

    Is A German Shepherd Lab Mix Right For Me

    German Shepherd / Labrador mix (Sheprador) 6 weeks to 4 months

    The German shepherd lab mix is an incredibly friendly, loyal, intelligent, and loving companion dog. As it generally inherits the positive traits of their parents, it is the right dog for you in many ways.

    The Sheprador is

    A wonderful watchdog: It is an excellent watchdog that is aware of its surroundings and deals with anger toward the family members. It inherited the characteristics and barking traits of German Shepherd that help this breed to be a great watchdog.

    Courageous dog: German shepherds are the popular K-9 dogs with its natural guarding and protective instincts. So, Sheprador is a loyal and brave dog by nature but reserved with strangers.

    A great family pet: A kind and friendly dog like the Labradors, it loves to be around people and spends time with the family.

    Also a watchdog, this breed will behave well with children if given proper socialization training. So, it is certain that this kind, loving and friendly dog will look after your family with the utmost care.

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    Brief History Of The German Shepherd Lab Mix :

    The German Shepherd Lab mix first came about the 1980s after many mix breeds already walked the streets.

    The breed is now recognized by the Dog Registry of America, Inc. and the International Designer Canine Registry .

    To dive in deeper, Its interesting to have a look at the history of parent breeds.

    German Shepherd Chocolate Lab Mix Weight Height And Lifespan

    It is almost difficult and impossible to provide the exact information on how much a German Shepherd Chocolate Lab Mix is going to weigh and what will be the exact height and life span of German Shepherd Chocolate Lab Mix. But, by looking at its parent size, weight, and lifespan, we can guess and get a rough idea of what we are going to experience from a German Shepherd Chocolate Lab Mix. This information is not going to be exact about German Shepherd Chocolate Lab Mix but it will be almost correct or close to the exact information. Lets take a look at its parent characteristics before German Shepherd Chocolate Lab Mix.

    The chocolate lab comes with a height of 1 foot 1 inch tall at the shoulder 21 foot 9 inches tall. They can also weigh around 55 pounds to 80 lbs approx. They come with the lifespan of 10 to 12 years

    German Shepherd comes with a height of 24 inches to 26 inches tall at the shoulder and can weigh around 65 Lbs to 85 LBS approx. German Shepherd comes with a lifespan of 9 years to 13 years.

    Now just after knowing the characteristics of its parent, we can expect that a German Shepherd Chocolate Lab Mix is going to come in a height of 1 foot 8 inches to 2 foot 2 inches tall at the shoulder and can also weigh around 50 pounds to 70 pounds. The life span is also going to be between 9 years to 12 years.

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