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Good Toys For German Shepherds

Best Toys For German Shepherds & Their Exercise Needs

Adorable toddler shares her toys with German shepherd guard dog

German shepherd dogs regularly make the AKCs list of the most popular dog breeds. They are loyal, courageous, smart, and very protective of their human friends. They are herding dogs that bond strongly with their human companions.

Youll fall in love with this dog breed, and youll want to make sure he leads a happy, healthy, and fun life that includes lots of toys!

As German shepherd owners know, GSDs are large dogs that require virtually indestructible everything! They are aggressive chewers with lots of energy so finding the right durable toys is important.

As a large breed dog, the German shepherd requires lots of playtime and some high-quality, long-lasting toys to keep his attention. German shepherd puppies may turn to destructive behavior if they dont have some durable puppy toys that keep them occupied while their human friends are away.

Otterly Pets Assorted Medium To Large Rope Dog Toys

Price: $$

  • Toy type: Indestructible interactive chewing tugging
  • Made from all natural, non toxic cotton fibers
  • Can be used indoors & outdoors

Our Overview

You cant go wrong with a good old fashioned chew rope its one of the best toys for German Shepherd puppies.

We love this one because there is a variety pack of goodies made from non toxic materials, so it wont harm your dog. Just watch out for pulled fibers and remove them quickly before your dog can swallow them.

Manufactured from braided cotton and thick plastic, you get a hardy toy that is built for tugging and chewing. You can be sure this durable product will last and its great for dental health. It cleans teeth, massages gums and helps thwart destructive behavior around the house.

Simple and sturdy, the rope is a great first-time toy for GSD owners.

For pricing and availability .

Plush Hide And Seek Puzzle

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Many puppies enjoy puzzles, but most are made for adult dogs. With this cute, plushy dog toy, even little puppies can start playing with puzzles! We love this toy because it has soft, cuddly squeaky toys that can be used alone or with you.

This puzzle toy for puppies has several levels of difficulty to help teach your German Shepherd to seek and find, retrieve, and work out solutions all on her own.

For interactive and bonding playtime, toss the inner toysaround and watch your puppy chase them. Stuff them inside the bigger toy andhelp her figure out how to get them out. Hide them under blankets and encourageyour pup to explore and find them.

Even better? You can choose between squirrels in a treetrunk, bees in a hive, birds in a cute little house, hedgehogs in a log, or arainbow with some magical friends. Many of these styles come in multiple sizes,too.

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Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy:

The Benebone Wishbone is made in such a way that your dog can hold the toy and would be able to chew it all day long. The manufacturers of Benebone have only made sure to use healthy ingredients so that they have an amazing play time. The Wishbone can be found in 3 different sizes so that you can accommodate all ages of German Shepherd.

How Much Is Toys For German Shepherd

11 Best Dog Toys For German Shepherds

toys for german shepherd come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays. You dont know how much something costs because the pricing range is so vast. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as toys for german shepherd.

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Trustworthy Dog Toy Manufacturers

I’ve made a lot of bad toy-buying decisions so I know it’s tough to find the perfect toys for a heavy-on-toys GSD.

I’ve found that high-quality toys come from a handful of manufacturers. And if they offer some kind of guarantee they already have my attention.

So before we get to the good stuff

Here’s a quick run-down of the dog toy makers and the guarantees they offer.

When Do I Need To Replace Their Toys

Once theyve chipped it and has become small enough to swallow, you must replace it with a new one, lest they accidentally choke on it. You can also replace their toys if they manage to chew enough for it to form spikes that can harm their mouths.

Fabric, rope, and plush toys should be replaced If theyve tattered and have pieces dangling about. These might be ripped away and swallowed by your dog, so always be vigilant when giving your dog these types of toys.

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Best Enrichment Toy: Kong Extreme Dog Toy

The KONG Classic rubber chew toy helps satisfy dogs instinctual needs and provides mental stimulation. The KONG Classic black rubber formula is created for tough chewing dogs.

KONG Extreme and other tough rubber toys that let you hide treats and other food are ideal for German Shepherds dogs and puppies. The KONG Extreme Wobbler Dog Toy has been the gold dog toy for more than 30 years. The most interesting feature of the dog toy is that it is extremely bouncy. Hence, the dogs will find the toy very interesting to play with. These toys are tough enough to withstand large breed dogs like the GSD and keep them busy looking for the hidden treats inside!

Plus, they have no small parts and are easy to clean. They are perfect for stimulating games of fetch too and used for separation anxiety.

This toy has been recommended by veterinarians, dog trainers and dog enthusiasts across the world and its pretty much a guaranteed indestructible dog toy for your beloved German Shepherd.

German Shepherd Exercise Needs

Top 5 Best Toys for German Shepherd Review

While were on the subject of dog toys for your German shepherd, its important to know a little about their exercise needs. German shepherds are extremely active large dogs. They need a lot of exercise to stay happy and prevent boredom.

They have a reputation for being somewhat high-strung, and without plenty of activity to keep them occupied, they might resort to destructive behavior to get your attention. Thats why youll want to make sure youve got lots of fun toys to occupy your GSDs time.

Your German shepherd dog will need a minimum of 2 hours of exercise each day. Ideally, that includes some walks around the neighborhood or out in nature. Its good for your both.

You also want to provide some off-leash exercise time within a safe area. As with all large breeds, its a good idea to engage them in obedience training, and you might want to provide them with some specialized training as can be done with the obstacle course toy weve highlighted below.

Many veterinarians also recommend that you dont do the two hours of exercise all at once. Rather, its a good idea to spread that out over the course of the day.

Your German shepherd will be a loyal friend who will just love spending lots of time with you exploring and playing. The toys weve highlighted above are an excellent way to engage your best friend in some quality playtime.

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Multipet Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toy

Best Plush Toy

The Multipet Lamb Chop Plush toy enables you to experience intimate fetch sessions with your beloved puppy. The super-soft toy helps your puppy experience a stress-free playtime. This product comes in 6-, 10-, and 24-inch sizes for your German Shepherd. The plush toy also contains squeakers on the inside to enhance the fun for your puppy and keep it entertained for more extended periods.

Not only does this toy make a great play time resource, but it can also be great for cuddling. After your puppy gets tired from playing with it, the rest time can be equally gratifying because it can hold it close.

West Paw Quizl Dog Toy

Best Interactive Puzzle Toy

The West Paw Quizl Dog Toy earned the best interactive puzzle toy because of its complex, intriguing design. This product comes with two-in-one benefits because not only is it treat-dispensing, but it is also scent-releasing. The toy includes a center slit, which provides your dog a scent of the tasty treat inside. Your German Shepherd will need to maneuver its way inside to get its reward.

Because the West Paw Quizl stimulates multiple senses for your German Shepherd, your friend will stay entertained for a long time and become healthier doing it. The puzzle aspect of the treatment helps to mentally stimulate your dog, extend the play session, and prolong the life of your treats. The product is also convenient for the owners because it can get cleaned in the dishwasher and recycled as well.

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Buying Guide: How To Choose The Right One

To choose the right product for a German Shepherd, you need to understand that a pet toy should stimulate mental, physical, olfactory, visual, and tactile sensations.

When buying a toy for a dog, pay attention to some factors:

  • Availability of ways to mentally stimulate your pet. If the toy cant stimulate the mental capacity, it wont bring any development for it. The dog can quickly lose interest in such a device.
  • Safety. The toy should not have sharp edges or corners or small parts that the dog can swallow.
  • Materials. Materials should be eco-friendly, such as wood, bamboo, cardboard, or paper. A toy made of such materials after breaking down will not pollute the environment.

When choosing an ordinary model for a puppy or an adult German Shepherd, you should not buy a childs toy. Such toys are not adapted to be gnawed, bitten, scratched, and stretched. Toys for children can be filled with foam, plastic, and other small fillers that the puppy can swallow. Special toys for puppies and adult dogs are made of durable materials that are designed not to break during even the most intense game.

Regularly check the integrity of the toys. If you find that the toy is damaged, be sure to replace it. In no case should you allow the dog to swallow the gnawed partsthis can lead to gastrointestinal tract problems.

Overall Best Dog Toy For German Shepherd Puppies

8 Great Toys For German Shepherd Dogs

The puppy years are a critical time to teach your puppy good play and toy habits. Chewing is also a concern, especially as puppies go through teething. For these situations, KONG toys can be indispensable. Designed as a hyper durable chewing toy, the puppy variation has a lot in common with the adult version of these toys while having a softer texture for developing puppy teeth.

Because of the durable construction, this chew toy should last even if your pup chews a lot. Additionally, you can put small snacks or pastes like peanut butter inside, which will come out over time when chewed. This feature makes the toy especially engaging for pups, catching their attention. The toy is also safe to put inside the freezer before play, which helps alleviate teething pains.

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Chew Toys For Gsd Puppies

The puppy kongs are for the very first few weeks. Youll need the large size puppy kong* for your GSD

Your puppy will outgrow them quite quickly and move on to the full size version.

But it is well worth having a couple of puppy kongs ready when you bring him home.

Smear a little puppy food inside and pop them in the freezer.

Your little one will enjoy gnawing on them, and they will help to sooth his gums while teething.

This soft, yet very durable toy* is great for puppies who are extra hard on chew toys!

A tennis ball with a squeaker ball underneath are covered in high-quality nylon that wont be easily permeated.

Nylon ropes hanging from the bottom make it useful for tossing and tugging.

These octopus-like toys are available in small, large, and X-large sizes.

Your GSD puppy will probably be happy with the large version.

If there was ever an adorable squeaker toy*, this one is it!

The pig-shaped toy is made of non-toxic material that provides a superior bounce for self-play as well as games of fetch. You can select from pink, purple, orange, or blue whichever one fits your lively pups personality!

Zippy Paws No Stuffing Plush Toy

Price: $

  • Made from high quality cloth fiber no stuffing
  • Can be used indoors & outdoors

Our Overview

When your GSD isnt busy tearing up the training course, shes going to want to curl up at home with a comfort buddy. Thats where this adorable plush squeaky toy comes in.

Besides an unbeatable low price, this manufacturer thought of everything when it comes to plush toys for dogs. There are 10 squeakers inside the toy, ensuring hours of play time. We also love the fact that there is no stuffing, making it safe and easy to clean.

Best of all, you can choose your dog breed! So, your dog can have a mini German Shepherd stuffed animal to sleep with in her crate and keep her company.

For pricing and availability .

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Starmark Treat Dispensing Bob

Best Treat Dispenser Toy

Many owners use treat dispensing toys for two reasons: along with being a great way to reward your pup for good behavior, these interactive toys will stimulate your German Shepherd with mental and physical activity too.

The Starmark Treat Dispensing Bob-a-Lot Toy gives you the best of both worlds. Not only will it engage your Shepherd for hours, but it will also promote natural foraging and hunting behaviors too. You can easily change the level of difficulty by adjusting how the treats are released, and then effortlessly clean the dual chambers with a washcloth when playtime is over.

Best Intermediate Puzzle Toys For German Shepherds

An impawssible choice! Excited German Shepherd dog dives into box of pet toys

If your dog is already experienced with beginner puzzle toys or you want to take the time to teach them a more challenging game, then these intermediate or Level 2 games are for you.

They are a great addition to your game library!

And, they help keep your curious puppy from becoming bored of their easier games while preparing them for their next challenge.

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For The German Shepherd Who Loves To Lick Toys Instead Of Chew

Does your German Shepherd prefer to lick snacks out of their toys, rather than chew them up?

Then use this chew toy to make them happy by hiding treats in the ends so your dog plays with the bone longer.

Its also great for older or senior German Shepherds who still enjoy interactive toys as the treat compartments allow for easier access to the goodies compared to the regular Kongs.

Alternative: Pet Artist 3 Handles Bite Pillow

  • Material: Cotton
  • Type: Bite Pillow

Your pet will love this toy as much as you. There are three strong handles to hold while pitting your strength against the power of the German Shepherds bite.


  • If you want to find the best toys for German Shepherds, this interactive toy is made from natural fibers that will keep you and your pet busy for hours on end.
  • Three handles allow you to strengthen your grip on the toy when playing, making it more difficult for your pet to take the toy away from you than a normal rope toy.
  • This dual-purpose toy enables tug-of-war games and acts as a bite pillow for bored pets.


  • Natural materials are safe, but this toy may not withstand your German Shepherds jaw and body strength for too long.
  • Best for bite training purposes rather than play remove the toy once the training is over.
  • Be cautious not to overdo bite training so that you dont damage your German Shepherds teeth.

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What Can I Put In A Kong Toy For A Puppy

You can put loads of healthy treats in your KONG toy to keep your dog entertained and busy. Some ideas are peanut butter, KONG Stuffing, plain yogurt, gravy bones, kibble, berries, low-fat cheese, cooked meats, salmon, and apple. You can also freeze chicken broth in a KONG to make an excellent teething toy.

For a ton more ideas, check out this article, 34 Human Foods German Shepherds Can Eat.

How Much Should You Play With Your German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd Training Toys. German Shepherd Training: Some Best Tips ...

All dogs have a maximum tolerance for exercise, and playtime counts towards that limit. Most will play for as long as you allow them.

Thus, you need to pay attention and keep them from overexertion, especially during activities that involve plenty of physical movement.

In general, young dogs should have two sessions of exercise per day where each session is about 5 minutes per month of age. So, a German Shepherd puppy of around 2 months old should only get 10 minutes of playtime twice a day while a 6-month-old pup can tolerate two 30-minute sessions.

You need to keep an eye on your dog and determine their own tolerance to avoid serious consequences like overheating and overexertion.

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Best Squeaky Toy For German Shepherd Puppies

Squeaky toys are terribly exciting for young GSDs. Apart from giving them an object to bite, chew, or grasp, these toys provide extra mental stimulation. Its especially enjoyable to watch them figure out how to trigger the sound.

For most puppies, the louder the squeak, the better. But beware if you cant stand the noise as it could go on all day if you let it.

The best squeaky toy for GSD puppies is the JW Pet Company iSqueak Ball. They are durable but not too tough for young puppy teeth.

Theyre around 4 inches in diameter and come in three different vibrant and fade-resistant colors. Although these balls can stand up to chewing, theyre best for interactive play like catch and fetch.

What I love:

  • Stands up to chewing

Possible Downsides:

  • For GSD puppies younger than 4 months, choose the medium size, as the large will be too big
  • Requires supervision as squeaker can come loose
  • Continuous squeaking can be intolerable for some humans


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