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German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix Breeders

Mini Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

Picking a breeder is just as important as picking out your puppy.

If you dont do your due diligence, you risk funding a less-than-stellar breeding operation. To make matters worse, you could get your heart set on an unhealthy pup.

Given the German Aussie Shepherds potential for genetic conditions, its crucial that you check the parents medical records and obtain a health guarantee for the pup.

Keep in mind that these documents should include more than a standard vet checkup. Youre looking for proof of thorough genetic testing. Run away from any breeder who cant provide this paperwork.

Youll also want to ask how the litters socialize. The best breeders care just as much about their puppies as their clients do.

They should be knowledgeable about this crossbreeds personality and need for early interaction.

Furthermore, breeders should have an evident bond with their pups. If the adult dogs or puppies at a breeding facility seem detached or fearful, this is a huge red flag.

Currently, there dont seem to be any breeders or kennels offering this hybrid. Dont be discouraged, though! You might be able to find one of these pups through a rescue.

How Much Are Australian German Shepherd Puppies

Wondering if you can afford one of these remarkable dogs? Youre in luck! A German Shepherd Australian Shepherd puppy can cost around $300 to $800.

You might find one for a lower price, but expect to pay somewhere in this range.

You also have to consider other expenses like annual medical and non-medical expenditures that can have a total of $985 to $1,200.

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Personality And Temperament

The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd is a hard working, versatile family dog that often fits into any home that he is part of. The breed is known for being very loving and loyal, and they thrive when they are in the middle of the action.

In fact, a German Australian Shepherd left alone too often can become despondent and suffer from behavior problems and separation anxiety.

When they are part of an active household, the breed shines and is an intelligent companion. They do amazing in various dog sports and are often happiest when they have a job to do.

The breed is very protective of his family and are often aloof with strangers. They are very brave and will not back down from a challenge.

Overall, they make excellent guarding and watchdogs and will alert bark if they see something suspicious.

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German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Appearance

The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd is a large-sized breed that often resembles the German Shepherd parent more than the Australian Shepherd.

Regardless of the parent, they resemble, the appearance should be of an athletic breed that is rectangular in shape, being slightly longer than they are tall although they should be a leggy breed with long, straight legs.

The head should be wide and wedged-shaped with the muzzle tapering to the tip. Eyes are almond shape and can be brown or blue, or both.

The ears are usually pricked, but can also fold over like an Australian Shepherd, and should be high on the head.

The tail can be long and tapered to the point, or it could be a bobtail, which is inherited from the Australian Shepherd.

German Australian Shepherd Puppies

Pin on little dudes

Puppies of the German Australian Shepherd should be active and playful. Many tend to be aloof and often sit back watching when they are introduced to new people, and this is okay as the breed tends to be a bit standoffish to strangers.

When they arrive home, you should have a happy and affectionate fluffy puppy that is ready to get into trouble.

And they will find that trouble if you arent watching them or have puppy-proofed your home.

Make sure that you spend time every day with training to help curb their curiosity and to keep them tired out. In addition, be sure to puppy proof your home, so they stay safe.

While they are still young, their ears will often be in various levels of erect and should be regularly checked to make sure the puppy is not getting an ear infection.

German Australian Shepherd puppies will learn quickly, and they are often described as having two settings: off and on. They play hard and sleep hard, but they are always happy to be with their owners throughout the day.

Socialization, like training, should start as soon as it is safe to take the puppy out and should continue throughout your German Australian Shepherd puppys life.

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What Is An Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix

An Australian German Shepherd mix combines two of the most popular dog breeds in the United States.

The beloved German shepherd who is a large and agile all-purpose worker and the Australian shepherd. Both breeds belong to the herding group but the Australian shepherd historically is a medium-sized, keen-eyed farmhand.

This crossbreed is also known as a German Australian Shepherd. They are protective by nature and care immensely about their family.

You can expect them to inherit a unique combination of their parents individual appearances and personalities.

What is guaranteed is a medium to large-sized dog, with a muscular body that is devoted to its family members.

The carer of one of these beauties should be ready to be a leader and provide lots of physical and mental stimulation.

  • Overview: Hybrid .
  • Temperament: Work-oriented, people-pleasing, and intelligent.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is a variety of the German Shepherd bred in Switzerland. It descends from the American White Shepherds the first stud dog of what was to become the breed was an American dog born in 1966 and imported to Switzerland. The variety was recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale as a separate breed in 2003, and it is now recognised by a number of national kennel clubs.

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Australian German Shepherd Husky Mix

The Australian German Shepherd Husky mix is a cross between the service dog species Siberian Husky and Australian Shepherd. This cross between the fox-like Siberian Husky and the brave Australian German Shepherd husky mix is an Aussie Siberian or an Aussie Husky. This specific combination possesses a high level of intellect as well as a fantastic body and beauty. Based on the American Kennel Club, the Aussie, the Australian Shepherd progenitor, is increasing prominence as a dog breed and is presently ranked as the 15th best typical dog breed in the United States .

The Aussie german shepherd husky mix was developed as a herding dog, yet it is not from Australia! Let us know more about the Australian german shepherd husky mix.

Article Content

Intelligent, Independent, Protective, Affectionate

Why Get An Aussie Mix

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mixed puppies

Mutt Aussies may be healthier. Theres a long-standing debate among veterinarians and researchers about this. However, theres more gene diversity in a mixed Aussie, which can mean theyre less likely to develop hereditary disorders.

According to the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, purebreds were more likely to develop 10 genetic disorders when compared to mixed breeds. Their study was conducted on a pool of 90,000 dogs!

An Aussie mix may be smarter. Thats right, mixed dogs are more intelligent, according to this scientific study by Aberdeen University. The researchers tested 100 dogs with seven intelligence and psychology tests.

These research trials consisted of intricate mazes, spatial awareness tests and problem solving tasks. The result? Mutts performed better. In fact, they performed much better than their purebred counterparts.

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What Our Client Say About Our Blue Merle Australia Shepherd Puppies For Sale

Our family was so fortunate to be introduced to our Blue Australian Shepherd Puppy Sheri and we felt comfortable from the start! Not only does Wrigley love her, but it is apparent how much she loves him and wants the best for him as well. Sheri our Cute Aussie Puppy always has wonderful advice and suggestions for us and is a wonderful resource for information! She is such a wonderful fit for us and we trust her with our previous baby without worry or concern! Once more thanks to Aussie puppies for sale.

We brought our blue merle Australian shepherd home just a couple days ago, and we couldnt be happier. He is the sweetest most cuddly Aussie pup, yet playful and energetic all at the same time. We really enjoyed meeting the Boyers, such a sweet couple and the mission work they are doing by breeding these beautiful Australian shepherd puppies for sale make us feel even more privileged to have Blue as the newest member of our family!

We bought one of our Aussie puppies from Aussie Puppies For Sale last week! Our blue merle Australian Shepherd has a great personality, is super soft, and checked out healthy at the vet this past week. We love her so much and highly recommend you get one of these adorable blue merle Australian Shepherd pups before theyre gone!

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix Origins

The Australian German shepherd is a relatively new crossbreed and its exact origins are unknown. However, this crossbreeds parents are both working dogs originally developed for herding.

German shepherds originate from Germany and were first bred in the late 19th century, while Australian shepherds originate from the western United States. Today, both breeds are still used as working dogs but have also become popular companion dogs because of their affectionate and loyal natures.

The Australian German shepherd mix takes on attributes and personality traits from both parent breeds, so its important to be familiar with each breed before considering this dog.

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How Much Is A German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix

A German shepherd Australian shepherd mix bought from a breeder costs $300 to $800 USD. The exact price of an Australian German shepherd puppy depends on its appearance and lineage. Puppies with rare coloration, like solid white or black, tend to be the most expensive.

Adopting an adult dog is much cheaper than buying from a breeder. Adoption fees typically range between $150 and $300. However, Australian German shepherds are rarely put up for adoption and can be difficult to find in rescue shelters.

Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

An Australian Shepherd Mix can have multiple purebred or mixed breed lineages. Most Australian Shepherd Mixes are however medium sized Aussie dominant, energetic, family-friendly companions. Although there is an ongoing debate of where exactly the Australian Shepherd breed began, one thing that can be agreed upon are the breeds excellent work ethic and intelligence. Although there are upwards of 20 different Australian Shepherd Mixes today, you can learn more about your Australian Shepherds Mixs exact lineage with a DNA ancestry test.

  • Country of Origin:America
  • Color:The Australian Shepherd breed colors are liver/red, liver/red merle, blue merle and black.

Breed Rating

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Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix Origin And History

Unfortunately, not much is known about the origins of the Australian Shepherd German Shepherd mix.

But one can imagine that the breed was stumbled upon by chance, and now some people have been intentionally producing them because of their excellent qualities.

While we cant say exactly when the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix breed started, we do know a lot about their parent breeds!

The standard German Shepherd is one of the most well-loved dog breeds today.

German Shepherds are bred mainly for their courage and their watchdog instincts, which is why they are often chosen as police dogs, military dogs, or guard dogs.

Meanwhile, the protective Australian Shepherd is not actually from Australia its descended from European herding dogs and the go-to companion of American cowboys.

Today, Australian Shepherds continue to herd cattle in Western America and work as therapy dogs!

With this information regarding the parental history of the German Australian Shepherd, were sure to have a better idea of their overall disposition.

In the future, the origin of this cross will surely become clearer. Until then, we can only really rely on what we know about their parents history.

As a hybrid, its hard to determine precisely what an Australian Shepherd German Shepherd mix puppy will look like, but the genetic roulette is all part of the fun.

Watch this video of a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix to see them in action:

Food & Diet Requirements

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies are a high energy breed that needs food to support their rapid growth cycle. A puppy might eat anywhere from 2-3 cups of protein rich kibble each day while they play and grow, but once fully grown this dog can be expected to consume upwards of 3 or 5 meals per day just for caloric intake!

Its important not to feed them all at one time you should instead split up your pups mealtime into three or four smaller portions throughout the course of its life .

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What Is A German Australian Shepherd

A German Australian Shepherd is a mix between the German Shepherd breed and the Australian Shepherd breed. It is a relatively rare mix and is typically only available from specialty breeders.

As such, understanding its personality, activity level, and potential health issues can be tricky. Fortunately, this guide can help. If youve been wondering if a German Australian Shepherd might be the ideal addition to your home and family, keep on reading!

Reasons Why You Should Get A German Shepherd Crossed With Australian Shepherd

German Shepherd Hybrid Pisses Off Australian Shepherd At Dog Park
  • It is an easy-to-train and intelligent dog. Both of its parent breeds are intelligent breeds. The offspring will ultimately inherit this trait. Your pet will be eager to learn new techniques.
  • It is a wonderful family companion. It is pleasant to live with. An active family will be the best kind of family for this breed. Kids will love being around it, and it will help in watching over your kids.
  • It can be a great watchdog. This mixed dog has keen senses and innate loyalty. These traits would help make a valuable guard for your home.
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    German Australian Shepherd Exercise

    As mentioned above, the German Australian Shepherd is an active breed, and this means that the breed will need ample exercise. The minimum amount of exercise the breed should have is one hour a day however, they thrive when they can have about two hours of exercise per day.

    This exercise should be split up between walks and also off leash play where he can really burn his energy, such as with a game of fetch.

    In addition to exercise, the breed does need brain activities that will challenge his intelligence. When left with no mental stimulation, the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd can become bored, and this can lead to destructive behaviors and other problems for the dog.

    Be sure to make training a daily activity and invest in some toys that really put his brain to use.

    One important part of exercise is to never exercise your German Australian Shepherd twenty minutes before and twenty minutes after eating.

    This is a breed that is prone to bloat, and exercise on a full stomach can increase the risk of bloat occurring.

    German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mixes Are Suitable For:

    German shepherd Australian shepherd mixes are well-suited to active families who are prepared to groom, exercise, and train a dog regularly. Households with large backyards are best for these dogs because of their high energy level, but they can still live in apartments if theyre taken out for regular exercise.

    German Australian shepherds are particularly ideal companions for those wanting a family watchdog because of their protective nature and strong guarding instincts.

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    When It Comes To The Health Of These Dogs They Have Some Similar Concerns But Their Main Differences Lie In Their Coat Structure Grooming Needs Health Issues And Temperament

    The American Shepherd has a shorter coat, which makes it easier to maintain. However, the Australian Shepherd has a double-layered coat that gives it better insulation. A German shepherd Australian shepherd mix will generally need less frequent grooming than a normal German shepherd.

    Health concerns of a dog like this are relatively rare. Both dogs are relatively healthy and are rarely affected by common diseases such as Dachshund disease and cancer. Both breeds have relatively mild heart problems. This is one reason the German shepherd and the Australian shepherd are relatively easy to breed for.

    While both breeds are fairly sturdy and healthy dogs, they do have some health conditions that can affect either dog. Bulldogs are more prone to musculoskeletal conditions because of their heavier build, while German shepherds are more prone to cancers because of the breeds genetic composition. The American shepherd mix is relatively new to the United States compared to other dogs and researchers are still studying the possible health implications of the combination of these dogs.

    Whether Youre Searching For An Energetic Dog That Fits Your Active Way Of Life Or A New Member Of The Team For Your Organization We Can Hook You Up With A Responsible Breeder Or Rescue Organization

    Aussie German shepherd mix Only 4 puppies available in Murrieta ...

    These athletic dogs have quite high exercise requirements to actually shine. Mixed dogs or hybrids are also referred to as designer dogs and theyre a favorite trend at the moment. Keep your eye on the quality along with the number of food that you supply your pet.

    Its not the type of dog that may be left alone for extended hours since its very likely to receive bored. The majority of the Corgi Shepherd Mixed dogs take the coat of the German Shepherd thats the big reason behind cross-breeding these 2 dogs.

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