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What Does A Shaved German Shepherd Look Like

What Causes Short Coats

What does the playing German Shepherd and a Kitten look like

The short coat, or what most German Shepherd owners consider normal, trait is dominant, the long coated trait being caused by a recessive gene. The AKC breed standard calls it a medium-length coat.

  • Undercoat: Coat closest to skin, usually dense and made of short hairs.
  • Topcoat: Also known as guard hairs, longer hairs that help keep dirt, insects and moisture away from skin.

German Shepherds Lose Protection From Harsh Elements

The two layers of the coat have dual purposes:

  • Keep them warm in winter.
  • Keep them cool in summer.

Shaving their coats loses this protection. It will affect their health. Shaved, they will be less tolerant of heat and will feel cold quickly.

Theres no question that an owner will not shave their German Shepherd before winter.

But what happens when you shave them in the summer?

Groom And Bathe Your German Shepherd 3

So, I already went over that your German Shepherd will blow his coat twice a year once in the fall, once in the spring. Though you cant stop the fur clumps from eventually coming out, you can help to get rid of more of it at once by bathing and grooming him during these periods.

Rather than allowing his undercoat to gradually fall out as the two-week blowing period progresses, you can loosen up any remaining fur and get rid of it at bathing time.

Never over-bathe as this strips your German Shepherds natural oils causing dry skin which then causes further shedding.

There are also specific de-shedding dog shampoos and conditioners you can get to release the undercoat during the bath. You can even find ones enriched with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, such as the FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo that help reduce shedding from Amazon, and Ill cover the benefits of these at number 7 below.

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The Bathe And Comb Method

This method is a simple bathe, comb, and spray method.

Here are the steps to follow

Step One Bathe your dog in warm water with good dog shampoo.

Although my dogs have healthy skin, I use shampoo for sensitive skin. This way I know their skin is being cared for in the best way.

Step Two Once theyre done in the tub, dry them well with a towel.

Step Three Spray them liberally with ShowSheen. .

But be warned

Do this outside. ShowSheen is very slippery. If you do it in your bathroom, youll slip, fall, and break a couple of bones. I promise!

Here’s how to groom a German Shepherd for summer using ShowSheen

As you groom your dog, work from back to front, ruffling their fur down to the skin and massaging it in.

This is a great opportunity to tell your dog how wonderful they are!

Step Four Once you’re done conditioning with ShowSheen, start brushing.

Again, work from back to front and then down the body. Work in small patches with the brush.

Start with a wide-toothed comb and work your way down.

You can use a de-shedding comb to make sure that you have gotten all the undercoat out.

Step Five Brush your dog weekly, or more often if necessary.

Find out about the best shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin.

Best German Shepherd Hairstyle: Au Naturale

Does my German Shepherd Look Purebred?

Via Pixabay/FREE IMAGE

You wont find much variety in hairstyles for your German shepherd. When it comes to looking good, its more about being properly brushed and groomed, and whether their coat is shiny and healthy. If you truly feel the need to trim your pup, purchase a pair of grooming scissors and give them very specific snips that wont affect the rest of their gorgeous coat.

But really, so long as your giving your Shepherds tresses the attention they deserve through brushing and washing, they probably look great just the way they are.

Just remember to always pay attention to the cues that your dog is giving you, and if something is causing them stress, then it may be time to find a different approach/hairstyle/groomer/etc. We hope these hairstyle ideas and grooming tips have been useful for jazzing up your pups coif. Happy grooming!

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Is It Ok To Shave German Shepherds

German Shepherds should never be shaved because they are a double-coated dog breed. Although we may think that shaving them will help them cool down, this will actually only make things worse. Double coated breeds are dogs who have two layers of fur. Shaving your dog will permanently damage their skin.

Do Long Haired German Shepherds Have An Undercoat

Its the luscious long coat that’s is the biggest difference. The longer haired dogs dont actually have an undercoat which can make their fur look a lot more sleek and shiny than an average German Shepherd’s. This is one of the reasons why breeders and trainers all over the world favour these genetic miracle dogs, however the lack of an undercoat comes with certain problems.

Long-haired German Shepherds are less resilient to harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain and harsh winds. They will tend to get colder a lot easier and will struggle to withstand the elements if they’re outdoors for too long. For this reason they are not really suited to the line of work they’re traditionally known for. If youre looking for a herding dog or a hunter, you’d be better suited to a short-haired German Shepherd.

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German Shepherd Ear Care And Dental Care

GSDs have tall, alert ears that stand up by the time they reach about four months of age. These ears are a signature feature of the breed and can be prone to infections if you dont keep a watchful eye on their care. Walsh uses hypoallergenic baby wipes to clean her dogs ears, noting that the wipes are easy and gentle to use.

Wilson also recommends cleaning your dogs ears and checking regularly for ear infections. Go to the vet if you notice one, she says, as such infections can be serious and require the care of a veterinary professional.

For dental care, a wide variety of oral care products are available now for dogs. Dental care you can do at home includes the use of disposable dental wipes or dog-friendly flavored toothpaste . The best course of action, though, is to consult with your veterinarian about which dental hygiene routine will be best for your dog.

Yasmine S. Ali, MD, is a cardiologist and writer based in Tennessee, where she lives with three Canine Good Citizens, including an AKC-registered German Shepherd Dog.

Poor Habits And Inconsistent Feeding

Things to know as a new German Shepherd owner | Mistakes made by new owners

Inconsistent feeding and poor behaviors in your German shepherd might cause him to seem always hungry. In the majority of situations, these undesirable behaviors are initiated by the dogs owner. For instance, offering food to the dog whenever you eat or feeding him anytime he appears hungry or requests food.

Regular feeding is critical to preventing these undesirable behaviors in the dog. Never provide food to your dog when he appears to be hungry. When your dog has finished breakfast or supper, remove the remaining food from the dish and refrain from feeding him until the next meal.

Allow him no more than two meals per day and inform him that he will receive nothing else until the next meal. Preventing a harmful habit is preferable to correct one.

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Long Haired German Shepherd Temperament

You may be surprised to know that the long-haired German Shepherd retains all of the intelligence and obedience that the breed is known for, while maintaining a much better general temperament than a standard German Shepherd. This makes them much more diverse in terms of compatibility as they will be suited to all different types of people and home environments.

Along with a much more playful and calm temperament, the long-haired German Shepherd is very affectionate and sociable. They enjoy the company of humans and are always looking to be in contact, which makes them ideal house dogs for families. They’re extremely loyal and still retain the protective instinct that German Shepherds are known for. Their soft and playful nature means that they get along well with children so you wont have to worry if you plan on bringing one into the family.

Just like any other herding breed of dog its important that the long-haired German Shepherd gets enough room to grow. They’re naturally full of energy so they need to be taken on plenty of walks and given the chance to get a lot of exercise. Due to their playful nature you may find that their energy will be used to chew up your favourite shoes if you dont give them enough exercise.

They Follow You Due To Emotional Reasons

Youre tickled pink knowing that your dog follows you around because they miss you. Or they just want to hang around with you.

This is not the case all the time. Sometimes, feelings of insecurity push them into being your shadow.

This is especially true among adopted German Shepherds.

Insecurity stems from bad experiences in the past. They might bring this emotional baggage into their new home.

Its not going to be easy to make them feel secure right away. Until then, following you is the best thing to do for them.

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Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix Size

Your German Shepherd is generally a big dog with a height ranging from 22 to 26 inches. In addition, the Shiba Inu stands between 14 and 17 inches tall.

Whenever these two species are combined, we get a Shepherd Inu that can develop to be more than 22 inches tall. This is almost inevitable if the Shepherd Inu hybrid has more prominent German Shepherd characteristics. However, your Shepherd Inu can grow to be around 19 inches tall.

Nevertheless, Shiba Inus look is heavily influenced by this hybrid. For example, the face is a cross between a Shiba Inu and a German Shepherd.

How Much Does A Purebred German Shepherd Cost

Can You Shave A German Shepherd? Good Idea or Not

It is also worth noting that the closer this dog is to being a purebred, the more expensive it gets.

Overall, the price of a Purebred German Shepherd puppy can be somewhere in the range of $1,500 to $5,000. Like what was explained earlier, the price depends on what the breeder has already spent as an investment on the dog.

The price of a Purebred German Shepherd can also be as high as $6,000 to $10,000 or more. This could also be reliant to the achievements of its parents and lineage.

Surprised that the rates of this breed can go that high? Good Purebreds can also be priced at less than $1,000 or as low as being FREE. German Shepherds that are in animal shelters and have been rescued or in need of a good home are generally priced less than those raised by breeders.

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The Importance Of Diet

When it comes to German Shepherd coat care, diet and nutrition are extremely important. Make sure youre feeding your pet a high-quality, nutritious, Animal-based diet. Avoid anything that includes more plant-based products, such as corn, wheat, or grains, than animal meat. The correct type of protein for carbohydrates is integral for a fit and healthy dog, mostly low carb and high protein.

On the flip side, its important to offer a wide mixture of macro and micro nutrients. Try to avoid some grain-free diets, as these have been linked to cardiomyopathy due to nutrient deficiency, there are gluten-free and allergic foods that do have all the necessary ingredients, but be vigilant, talk to a vet and look at how your dog responds to food. Organ meats are highly nutritious, and most would agree cooking any meat is important. Look for the nutrients listed below:

  • Omega-6
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C

Ensure your German Shepherd is treated regularly with anti-parasitic , as well as yearly worm medication or more regularly when there has been an infestation, consult your vet when necessary.

What Does A Yorkie German Shepherd Mix Looks Like

My freshman year of high school, I think in math class me and my friends were talking about how she was going to get a dog. One of my friends, named Mike said he’d had a cousin that had a Yorkie/German Shepherd mix, but all he told me that it was ugly….General Dog Discussions : What does a Yorkie German Shepherd mix looks like?

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Saddle Coat German Shepherd

The German Shepherd dogs of this type are also called Saddle Back Shepherds. They are the most recognized German Shepherds of all time. There are two colors present on their coat, as with all other German shepherd types apart from the solid black shepherd. It is their distinct pattern and markings that set them apart from the other types.

Characteristics Of German Shepherd Husky Mix:

How much does the German Shepherd Husky dog cost and intelligence# Persian breed Cat look like.

Primarily, the German Shepherd Husky Mix Temperament is very bold and muscular. Besides this, they are healthy and powerful enough to fight with other dogs. Although, Gerberian dogs are very calm and gentle German Shepherd is a perfect fighter, racer and loyal also. Here, all the temperamental characteristics of shaved German Shepherd Husky Mix are available there.

  • Active and playful:

As you know that these dogs are very active, so it is very important to give them proper exercise. If you dont pay much attention to the exercise and training of these dogs, then you will surely notice a negative impact it. Moreover, they will vegan to bark excessively and feel stress. So, they need a long walk every day to increase the German Shepherd Husky Mix lifespan.

  • Attentive and protective:

Undoubtedly, these shaved German shepherd husky mix are very attentive and protective of their owners. Thats why they are popular as excellent guard dogs. Mainly, these traits of protection come from both parents to the puppies. Due to the attentiveness of the sound of these dogs, they are also excessive barkers.

  • Friendly and loyal:

Primarily, they are very loyal and they will surely not disappoint you in loyalty. In addition, their priority is to put you before themselves because of their friendly nature and loyalty. On the contrary, if you offer them a well-socialized environment, then they can trust you can become very friendly with you.

  • Health disorders ofGerman Shepherd Husky Mix:

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The Bathe And Blow Method

This method takes more work. But it’s fantastic if your GSD has an exceptionally thick coat like my male Zè.

Step One Bathe your dog in warm water. Lather them up and then let them sit for a few minutes before rinsing. This helps loosen the undercoat.

Again, use a shampoo for sensitive skin.

Step Two Rinse them off thoroughly. It will take much longer to rinse than it did to shampoo.

If you don’t rinse properly, your pooch will start scratching like crazy. So dont rush the rinsing.

Step Three Use a high-velocity dryer is this next step more on the dryer later.

Youll want to do this outside. Unless you want your house to look and feel like a meadow at the height of Goldenrod season!

Seriously though!

You’ll be breathing in dog fur and scratching at your face so definitely do this outside!

Step Four Work from the back to the front. This lifts the guard hairs and blows at the undercoat. Which is what you want.

Use an undercoat rake as you dry, this helps to loosen the undercoat.

For those hard-to-reach places like their chest and belly, sit below your dog.

If you have never used a high-velocity dryer on your dog, there will be a learning curve for both of you.

Slow and easy is the way to go. As with anything new and scary to my dogs, I turn it into a game and reward them with treats.

You want to make this a positive experience for them. Once your dog gets over the noise of the dryer, it should feel really good to them to be blown out in this way.

Can I Shave My German Shepherd Mix

Its not! Shaving works great for a single coated dog. Their coat will grow back just like human hair does. For your double coated GSD shaving them will ruin their coat form many years to come.

Can You shave a German Shepard? No, you should not shave a German Shepherd unless it is for a health or medical reason, such as shaving a hot spot to treat it. Except for humid climates, their undercoat keeps them cool and shedding is best managed by brushing. Most people asking if they can shave their German Shepherd are worried about their dog

Is it bad to shave a German Shepherd? The truth is shaving a German Shepherd can be detrimental to their health and overall comfort. Double-coated breeds use their coat to regulate their body temperature as it keeps them warm in the winter, but also cool in the summer. It also protects your dogs skin from moisture, abrasions, and harmful UV rays.

What is a German Shepherd retriever mix? German Shepherd Retriever mixes can make energetic and friendly companions. The beautiful dog above is a German Shepherd Lab mix also known as a Sheprador or Labrashepherd. Another dog with a thick double coat, the Sheprador is a 50lb plus shedding breed that will put your vacuum cleaner to the test. 3. German Shepherd Pitbull mix

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What Not To Do

In addition to shaving, there are a number of things to avoid that can cause discomfort to your German Shepherd. These include:

  • Hot sidewalks when its warm outside and the sun is beating down, its worth avoiding sidewalks for the wellbeing of your pooch. To test whether theyre too hot, keep your hand placed on the ground for 20 seconds. If its too hot for you, itll be equally unpleasant for your German Shepherd to walk on.

In the most severe cases, your dog may end up scorching the pads on their paws, which can be incredibly painful for them.

  • Hot cars one of the most common, but important pieces of advice for all dog owners is to avoid leaving your pooch in a hot car. This is especially important for German Shepherds. Often, it only takes a few minutes for the damage to be done, and the consequences can be fatal.

Therefore, if you see a dog trapped inside a hot car, its important to contact the emergency services. They can then advise you on what to do next. Be mindful that if you cause unnecessary damage to a car, you may end up being convicted with criminal charges.

It only takes one traffic jam or one travel delay for a journey to become dangerous for your dog. Needless to say, make sure you pack plenty of water if youre embarking on a long trip.


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