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  • Char-Wills German Shepherd Rescue

    Char-Wills German Shepherd Rescue is a 501 organization, with an IRS ruling year of 2015, and donations are tax-deductible.

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    Our Favorite German Shepherd Dog Names

    Weve browsed through hundreds of shelter German shepherds and here are some of the most popular names. If you get to rename the dog you adopt, consider these options.

    • Teddy, Joey, Ollie, Nala great puppy names! For those sweet, furry German shepherd pups, these cute names are perfect.
    • Max, Boomer, Katya, Tanner, Ella popular names for adult German shepherds at the moment. Pick a name that shows their energetic and loyal nature.
    • Bruno, Josie, Archie, Ralphie, Mason even the most mature German shepherd shelter dogs need a loving and adorable name! We love these choices.

    There are also many different German shepherd cross breeds. Weve seen huskie, corgi, terrier, and great pyrenees mixes, just to name a few! This gives you a wide range of doggie personalities to choose from, so many more names will be suitable.

    Just dont forget that some shelter dogs may already be attached to a name, especially if theyre senior.

    What name would you pick for an excited German shepherd pup? Let us know in the comments below!

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    German Shepherd Rescue Of Orange County

    • Location: Orange County, California
    • Adoption: Yes
    • Fostering: Yes

    German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County is a non-profit organization in Orange County, California. They rescue German shepherd dogs from hardship situations and mainly work with pure-bred German shepherds, not mixes.

    If youre in the OC area, youll be able to attend the great events and fundraisers this service puts on, even if you arent ready to adopt yet.

    Oh, and make sure you check the Urgent page on their website to discover the poorly, ill, and disabled dogs that are in urgent need of a foster home and loving care.

    A Few Notes About Finding Legitimate Rescue Dogs

    The Puppy Mill Project â Celeste â Char

    When it comes to finding rescue dogs, particularly puppies, there are some key things to do and some key things to avoid.

    • Research local shelters and rescue services in your area,
    • Look for charity organization status ,
    • Read reviews on Facebook and independent sites for the shelter,
    • Check out the adoption fees,
    • Get ready for a vigorous and lengthy adoption process,
    • Have your house ready for an inspection,
    • Be prepared to wait until the right dog comes along for you,
    • Get the paper certificates that come with the dog for the vet, exams, vaccines, etc.


    • Reach out to unverified and unqualified rescue shelters they may be passing off sick and ill puppies as healthy rescue pups,
    • Organize a purchase with an unverified seller via private message or on a forum,
    • Buy your rescue pup in a carpark or other public space without seeing the official shelter the dog is from,
    • Buy any pup without learning about its temperament, history, and medical status,
    • Ignore all adult and mature dogs for puppies those older pooches need a home too.

    And finally, dont adopt a rescue German shepherd dog without reading our full guide below!

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    Best German Shepherd Rescues In The United States

    June 20, 2021 by Andy

    Finding the best German Shepherd rescues for adoption in the United States can be challenging. Youre not sure where to go or even start. Our team at WeLoveDoodles put together a list of the top rescues for you to choose from in this guide.

    Before scrolling down this list of the best German Shepherd rescues in the United States, here are several recommendations you might like:Best Whoodle Rescues For Adoption in the United StatesandBest Poodle Rescues For Adoption in the United States.

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    German Shepherd Rescues For Adoption In The United States

    Our team would like to thank you for making a difference by adopting a German Shepherd. When adopting a German Shepherd companion, youre helping create space for the shelters to provide for other dogs in need. Check out the list that our team compiled.

    German Shepherd Guides:How Much is a German ShepherdandBest Foods For a German Shepherd To Gain Weight.

    Middle Tennessee German Shepherd Rescue

    Dogs Eating Ice Cream Cones, Episode 7: QUILL
    • Location: Tennessee
    • Adoption: Yes
    • Fostering: No

    The mission of the Middle Tennessee German Shepherd Rescue service is to save local dogs and place local dogs in caring homes, within the middle Tennessee area. Its a foster home type service, that keeps rescue dogs safe until they have a forever home. They search for German shepherds in Nashville-Davidson County shelters and try to place them in homes that are less than an hours drive away.

    While the service prioritizes full-blooded German shepherds, they occasionally have mixed breeds and similar dog breeds available to adopt.

    • Adoption: Yes
    • Fostering: Yes

    DFW is a German shepherd rescue service taking in this breed of dog from shelters across Texas. They are looking for foster homes and adopters in north Texas for their loving pups.

    The application process for DFW requires a home visit and a lengthy application checklist to fill out. German shepherd dogs are a great dog breed, but theyre not for everyone. Many of the dogs at DFW have been through emotional hardship. Its really important to the volunteers at DFW that they can place their doggies in appropriate, verified homes with owners that know what theyre getting into!

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    German Shepherd Rescue Of New England

    German Shepherd Rescue of New England is a volunteer, charitable organization dedicated to providing veterinary care, evaluation & adoptive homes for countless German Shepherd Dogs who are left in pounds to await uncertain fate, are owner surrenders, or are from abuse or neglect situations. They help provide a haven for German Shepherds that might otherwise be harmed. Each dog applying to the German Shepherd Rescue of New Englands program is evaluated for temperament and behavioral information.

    All accepted dogs are spayed or neutered, updated on vaccinations, and receive essential medical care. Then the dogs are placed into one of their foster homes while they await new homes. Finally, each dog is carefully placed in a loving home with a family that matches that dogs temperament, activity level, and needs. German Shepherd Rescue of New Englands outreach has placed their dogs in areas such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

    They do not place their dogs in homes with children under eight years old and require a fenced-in yard. If these requirements are met, an application must be filled out. If the application is accepted, an in-home visit is scheduled. All of this is the ensure their dogs go to the best homes possible. An adoption fee of $300 is required as well.

    Diversity Equity & Inclusion

    This organization has not provided information regarding the diversity, equity and inclusion practices it is presently implementing. As such, the organization has not earned a score on this metric. Charity Navigator believes nonprofit organizations implementing effective DEI policies and practices can enhance a nonprofit’s decision-making, staff motivation, innovation, and effectiveness.

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    Woodys Place Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary

    Woodys Place Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary Inc is a 501c3 non-profit rescue located in Greentown, Pennsylvania.

    It has been in existence since 2011.

    The goal of this rescue is to take in older German Shepherds, typically 8 years and older.

    Woodys Place Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary was founded by Dawn Mimnaugh, whose love of German Shepherds started when she was a small child.

    She began volunteering with a German Shepherd rescue in 2005 and fostered a 10-year-old German Shepherd who had been surrendered to a shelter when his owner was deployed to the military.

    Her experience with this dog, named Woody, was what caused her to start this rescue.

    Woodys Place Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary takes in German Shepherds that otherwise would not be likely to find a home.

    Some of the dogs in their care are adopted out, while others stay at the sanctuary for life.

    Woodys Place Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary chooses whether to keep a dog at the sanctuary or adopt it out based on a number of factors.

    They are likely to keep very old dogs that may have difficulty adapting to another home, dogs with medical conditions like degenerative myelopathy or fecal or urinary incontinence, or behavioral issues.

    Once Woodys Place Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary commits to a resident dog, they keep that dog for the entirety of its lifetime and treat whatever medical conditions it may have.

    You can transport dogs, take them for walks at the sanctuary, or foster.

    German Shepherd Rescues In Pennsylvania


    Pennsylvania has more breed specific German Shepherd rescues than most other states, so if you are looking for a German Shepherd in Pennsylvania, you are likely to be in luck.

    Pennsylvania also has a number of German Shepherd rescues that operate out of a facility where dogs are housed, which is different from the typical private rescues that operate only out of foster homes.

    This means that you may have the opportunity to go to an individual location and meet several available dogs, which many people find appealing.

    If you are interested in adopting a German Shepherd in Pennsylvania, the chances are very good that one of the following rescues will have the perfect dog for you.

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    Southeast German Shepherd Rescue

    Southeast German Shepherd Rescue was founded to save German Shepherd dogs from abuse, abandonment, and high kill shelters. They are a non-profit organization that relies on the compassion and dedication of volunteers within surrounding communities to rescue, rehab and rehome this noble breed. The Southeast German Shepherd team has over 30 years of shared experience and encourages new volunteers, providing advice and help where needed.

    SGSR seeks to provide our foster homes and volunteers with all necessary training and education so that rescued German Shepherds have a haven from euthanasia. Southeast German Shepherd Rescue is based in North Carolina but partners with like-minded shelters and rescue organizations across the southeastern United States. The shared dream of these rescues is to place every ill-fated German Shepherd Dog in a loving forever home.

    In addition to saving German Shepherds, Southeast German Shepherds actively participate in community outreach events, dog training, and education to encourage responsible pet ownership and pet population control. They receive all funding from private donations and adoption fees. An application must be filled out to be considered as an adopter from Southeast German Shepherd Rescue, as well as a $30 application fee. Their application process is seen as quite rigorous.

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    Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue

    Last on the list of the best German Shepherd rescues in the United States is Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue. Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue is a 100% volunteer organization funded by donations. Their team is made up of dog lovers who give up their time to find loving forever homes for their German Shepherd dogs. The team has fostered and saved over one thousand German Shepherd Dogs. Most of the Bay Areas dogs come from shelters where they have been abandoned. Some come from owners who can no longer care for them and give their dog to Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue to find a loving forever home.

    Each dog that comes into the Bay Area program is carefully evaluated and then placed into a foster home. No boarding kennels for their animals. Bay Area passionately believes that by living with their dogs, they can learn more about them. Once the volunteers at Bay Area have spent some time getting to know each dog, they make the dog available for adoption.

    German Shepherd Rescue And Adoption

    Dogs Eating Ice Cream Cones, Episode 2: MAX
    • Location: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia
    • Adoption: Yes
    • Fostering: Yes

    Since 1992 this great service has been rescuing stray, neglected, and surrendered German shepherds. The adoption and fostering service is based in North Carolina, where theyre currently looking for foster homes and volunteers, but you can adopt if youre located in South Carolina and Virginia too. The German Shepherd Rescue and Adoption service has a mix of young, adult, and senior doggies that are looking for homes.

    They regularly host meet and greets so you can get to know the dogs that are up for adoption.

    • Adoption: Yes
    • Fostering: No

    At the time of writing this guide, there are over 77,000 German shepherds on Rescue Me! looking for new homes. This is a website thats similar to Petfinder but looks a little outdated. Dont let that fool you, however, as the listings are updated regularly.

    Besides shelters, youll also find independent dog owners and foster homes on this site, so make sure you do your research to ensure they are responsible and reliable. Rescue Me! will direct you to contact the owner/foster parents/shelter to discuss adoption.

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    Key Financial Statsfor Char Wills German Shepherd Rescue


    Dont miss out on other good fit funders!

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    How Do I Pick A Good Rescue German Shepherd

    You might ask yourself what kind of German Shepherd should you adopt and rehome. You can look for outgoing dogs. You can tell that by observing their body language when you first met.

    If the dogs gesture is warm and inviting, you might want to choose that because they are confident and trusting. If you are also not down to unlimited patience, you can also avoid a shy German Shepherd.

    These dogs can be a little bit of work because they are afraid and run away from you. If you are outgoing and a very hands-on person, you might not enjoy your German Shepherd in North Carolina because of its shyness.

    However, this is only a guide, and if the personality of the dog is not that of a big deal for you, you can pick any dog you want. Dogs can be trained and can also be flexible like some people are. If you love a challenge, you can pick any dog you want.

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    Note: The absence of a score does not indicate a positive or negative assessment, it only indicates that we have not yet evaluated this organization.

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    Impact & Results Score

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    German Shepherd Rescue Of The Rockies

    • Location: Colorado
    • Adoption: Yes
    • Fostering: Yes

    This non-profit organization in Colorado rescues homeless and abandoned German shepherds. They use foster homes to house the dogs while they are checked by vets and coaxed back to health. Then they are adopted by loving families across the state!

    If you are located in Colorado, you must go check out the dogs available on their website. You can also donate to GSROR to help support costs for feeding, vet checks, placement, transportation and more for the German shepherds.

    If you want to volunteer, were sure theyd be happy to hear from you too!

    • Adoption: Yes
    • Fostering: No

    Petfinder is kind of like a Facebook for shelter dogs its where you can find dogs up for adoption from all over the USA. Different shelters and organizations list German shepherds on the site, for you to search through. You can select age, location, and filter down the list until you find your perfect pooch.

    But just because Petfinder makes it easy to discover dogs in your area, doesnt mean you can skip the research. Youll need to thoroughly research and go through the adoption process with the shelter that advertises through Petfinder, not with Petfinder themselves.

    If you havent seen a shelter on our list that serves your state, Petfinder is a great place to start researching who is up for adoption in your local area!

    German shepherds are loyal and energetic, but theres more to them than just days filled with walkies.


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