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Are German Shepherds Good In Apartments

Finding The Right Apartment

Living with a German Shepherd in an apartment | living in an apartment with a dog

Once you have figured out where the best area of town for your German Shepherd to live is located, its time to find the right apartment. And with a German Shepherd, this may take some extra effort on your part.

While many apartments and apartment complexes allow you to have a dog, provided that you put down a pet deposit, you should assume that this will apply to your German Shepherd.

In fact, this policy will very likely not apply to your German Shepherd. This is because German Shepherds are a fixture on restricted breed lists.

Training German Shepherds For Kids

Training can make or break the dog-child relationship, especially with German Shepherds. In a situation with no training, GSDs may become fearful, anxious and nervous dogs. All of which, are dog qualities not suited for play with kids.

That being said, youll want to focus on a few things: obedience training, socializing and finally, training the children. All three are very important in raising a German Shepherd thatll thrive in a household with children.

Do German Shepherds Need A Lot Of Exercise

German Shepherds are working dogs with high energy.

They are dogs that need around two hours of exercise daily. When a German Shepherd doesnt have enough exercise he tends to become somewhat destructive and develop behavioral problems.

Also, keep in mind that by being very intelligent dogs its essential to keep them mentally stimulated.

Daily walks are important to a German Shepherd not just because of the exercise it provides. Taking a walk also helps keep them mentally stimulated through the variety of smells, sights, and sounds they encounter on their way.

A German Shepherd needs around two hours of exercise daily.

The most recommended for a German Shepherd is to have a couple of walks between 45 to 60 minutes daily.

A daily routine helps dogs a lot. Its worth trying to take them for walks around the same time each day.

Its always recommended to have several short walks daily rather than a very long walk a week.

Being extremely active dogs its advisable to provide them with high energy activities.

If you like running, hiking, or biking, the German Shepherds are great companions for this type of activity.

They are dogs with a lot of endurance and can travel long distances. You just have to take care to gradually increase the intensity and distance of these activities to prevent any injury.

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Are German Shepherds Good Apartment Dogs

Dog Breeds List » Dog Breeds » Apartment Life

My German Shepherd is my soulmate, so I was crushed when I was transferred to a downtown office in the city for my job. Are German Shepherds good apartment dogsbecause everybody knows you cant have a big dog in an apartmentright? My pet is my pet for life, so it was time to find a way to make this work.

So, are German Shepherds good apartment dogs? Yes. Apartment living with large dogs is not as difficult as people are led to believe. German Shepherds are actually very good dogs to have in an apartment as long as all their physical needs are met.

Whether youre looking into getting a German Shepherd of your own, or you already have one and are apartment hunting, heres what you need to consider.

What Affects German Shepherd Price

Are German Shepherds Good First Dogs? Prepare Yourself ...

The price of German Shepherd for sale in California varies from breeder to breeder.Factors that affect the cost include breeder/company experience, pedigree, and rarity of coloring. For example, Black German Shepherd breeders California will charge a different price to White German Shepherd puppies for sale in California.

Do your breeders transport German Shepherd puppies out of state?

If you cant find your perfect puppy when you search for German Shepherd breeders southern California or even German Shepherd puppies for sale in northern California, you can simply search the rest of the USA. With the exception of Hawaii and Alaska, you can opt to have your new pup brought to any major airport near you.

How do you screen breeders?

At California Puppies, we pride ourselves on our high standards of ethical practice. We require all registered breeders and businesses to sign the Breeder Pledge for peace of mind. You can trust that when you find German Shepherd puppies for sale in California on our network, you will be supporting a humane breeder.

Are German Shepherds trainable for novice owners?

If youre looking into German Shepherd puppies California, you might be wondering if they are easy to train. The good news is that German Shepherds are highly trainable, which is why they are used by the police as well as the blind as service dogs. The intelligence of German Shepherds is unrivaled, making them super low maintenance in the training arena!

What is a puppy mill?

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How Will You Handle With The Hair Shedding Of A German Shepherd

Even if you take a lot of time out of your daily routine and spend it with your German Shepherd to keep him physically active and mentally stimulated, there is still a problem associated with him in apartment life.

German Shepherds are infamous as the breed that shed a lot. Some people even name them as German Shedders.

This is because they have a double coat of hair, and whenever the season changes from fall to spring, they shed a lot.

So the problem is that you have to vacuum and clean a lot if you have a German shepherd in your apartment. Also, if someone in your household has allergies, their shedding can make it worse.

Get A Collapsible Crate

A crate is perhaps your biggest splurge for your German Shepherd puppy. But why need one?

Your puppy will soon learn crate training. Its actually pretty beneficial when used correctly.

  • The crate becomes their safe place.
  • It teaches your dog not to soil their crate.
  • They learn to be comfortable in an enclosed space.

Its also helpful if you will be gone for a long period of time. Leave them in the crate so they dont chew anything.

Since your dog grows, an expandable or big collapsible crate is the best choice.

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Is There Anything That You Can Do About Breed Restrictions

If you are dealing with an apartment that restricts tenants owning certain breeds, but you are confident that anybody who meets your dog would agree that it presents no danger to anyone at all, you may have options.

If you are applying to rent from an individual owner, it may well be worth your while to ask the owner to meet your German Shepherd.

If your GSD is very well-tempered and well-behaved, its quite possible that the owner may take a liking to it and permit an exception to this broad and generalized restriction.

However, if you are dealing with a larger corporation that owns a number of units and a number of properties, its less likely that they will consider you on an individual basis.

So it may be wise to begin your search with owner rented buildings. Most apartment rental listing sites will allow you to filter your search in this way.

But whatever you do, its important that you dont try and find a way around a breed restriction by being dishonest.

Its not a good idea to misrepresent either the breed or size of your dog on an application and think that it will go unnoticed.

The chances are that it will be noticed, may it be from a concerned neighbor or the landlord themselves. And you will not get a warning, you will get evicted, and it is completely within the landlord or owners right to do so because of your breaching the lease.

Training German Shepherds Is Vital

Can I have a German Shepherd in apartment

Before you decide to get a German Shepherd, think about how much time you have to spend on training a new dog.

If you get them as a puppy, its easier to train and help it develop good habits that will carry on into adulthood. However, puppies require more time and careful attention, so if you have to be gone for long stretches, this may not be a good idea, unless you have someone else available that can come over and spend time with the dog.

If you do have someone else willing to come and help out, however, make sure that person doesnt accidentally replace you as the top dog or else your German Shepherd may be less likely to listen to you

Training an adult German Shepherd can be more difficult because they may have already developed some habits that you didnt teach them. However, they dont need as much constant attention as puppies. They still need a fair amount, though, because they are very energetic and social dogs.

If youve decided you have the time and desire to train a dog, at whatever age, there are a few things you should do. Crate training is very important because if you ever will need to be gone for longer periods of time, you can but your dog in a spacious crate so that it doesnt chew stuff up in boredom.

There are collapsible crates available that you could buy so they dont take up as much space, which can be nice.

Always clean up after your dog, because other people will be walking around the area as well.

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Can A German Shepherd Live To 20

The average German Shepherd lifespan is 11 years. The longest living German Shepherds are recorded as having survived to 18 years old, and perhaps even older. There are lots of ways German Shepherd Dog owners can add years to their dog’s life through proper diet, exercise and veterinary care.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

While their fanciful name may make it sound like they prefer a palace, these small and loving dogs make for excellent apartment pups. Unlike many small dog breeds, they dont bark often, and tend to be more subdued. They will stick close to you while youre home, but they dont need much space in fact, theyre one of few breeds that prefers to be inside next to you than outside roaming free.

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Training The Kids For Gsds

The first step should be training the children. That is, teaching them how to respect the GSD. Theyll need to learn what types of behaviors are okay and what arent. Its an effective way to minimize unpredictable behaviors, and ultimately mishaps.

And if your children arent old enough to understand how they should treat the dog, then theyre probably too young to play with them.

Youll want to establish a set of rules for interacting with the German Shepherd. Of course, this may vary depending on your kids and the individual dog. However, weve come up with a good list of rules to start off with:

  • Always ask for permission before playing with the German Shepherd.
  • Never pull on the German Shepherds skin, tail or ears. It can cause pain and an aggressive reaction.
  • Dont try to ride on the dogs back. Again, this may inflict pain on the dog.
  • Try to not make loud noises, such as yelling or banging, at or around the German Shepherd.
  • Dont run at the GSD, as it may scare the dog. Rather, approach the dog slowly.
  • Similarly, never run away from the GSD. This action may trigger their prey drive.
  • Dont bother the German Shepherd when hes eating or playing with a toy. Give them space.
  • If the dog is trying to jump on you, turn your back away from them. Dont give them attention for negative behaviors.

Learning the Dogs Body Language

Who Should Get A Labrador

Are German Shepherds Good Apartment Dogs?

Although Labs prefer homes with a backyard, they can be conditioned to live in an apartment. Make sure to train them early and provide them regular walks to keep them happy and healthy. This breed is ideal for first-time owners because they are very convenient to manage. Likewise, these pups behave well around children.

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Will Your Gsd Fit Into Your Apartment

According to the American Kennel Club , the German Shepherd dog breed is currently ranked as the second most popular companion canine .

According to Builder Online, two out of every 10 Americans live in an apartment setting.

What does this add up to? It is highly likely there are many, many German Shepherds living with their human keepers in apartments all over the country right at this very minute.

But what is less well known is how comfortable that arrangement is for all concerned.

The AKC considers the German Shepherd dog to be a true large dog breed. The typical adult German Shepherd will weigh between 50 and 90 pounds and stand anywhere from 22 to 26 inches tall .

That is a whole lot of dog to fit into a one-bedroom apartment, for example. Apartment Therapy states that the typical one-bedroom apartment may range from 400 to 1,000 square feet depending on the city.

In many ways, adding a 50 to a 90-pound dog will be the equivalent of adding a small child in terms of the extra space required, especially if you plan to crate-train your GSD .

The footprint of the dog crate alone will take up at least five feet by five feet of floor space about four feet of a crate and another foot of space for entry/exit and air circulation.

If you add a dog bed, you can count on another four to five feet of floor space needed. Plus you will need to plan for where you are going to store your dogs food, treats, toys, and supplies.

What Will The Neighbors Think

This is an important consideration when thinking of having a German Shepherd in an apartment.

While you may not care what other people think, per se, you should get a good idea of how you think your neighbors may respond to a large dog.

Unfortunately, and understandably, many people who are not familiar with dogs are frightened of them.

This can be especially true with large breed dogs that are considered an aggressive breed. The prospect of even being near one can be very frightening to some people.

So if your new neighbors have been going about their lives without any other dogs around, and especially if they have small children, a German Shepherd showing up on the scene may be a very unwelcome surprise.

While you may not technically be breaching any lease provision, there is something to be said about the social environment that you live in. An apartment is your home, and you want it to be a pleasant home.

Often times neighbors may complain to a landlord about a large dog and even exaggerate or seemingly fabricate their claims. I have personally experienced this.

But this is often not their personal fault, but instead a result of their fear, which creates a bias against a certain type of dog. They may not mean to exaggerate or make anything up, but they actually sometimes perceive a harmless situation as the opposite.

Its also a good idea to speak with the landlord and get an idea of how many dogs are in the building, and if there are any other large breed dogs.

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Living In An Apartment Or Condo With A German Shepherd

Renters should first read the lease agreement regarding owning pets in your apartment complex. If you own a condominium, check with the HOA or governing body within the complex as the rules will vary on what pets you are allowed to have within your home.

Most apartments and condos will have size and breed restrictions for pets, but each breed has its own specific needs to have a healthy life and stress-free life.

Select An Apartment On The Ground Floor

Can German Shepherd Dogs live in an Apartment?

Even if a building is not well insulated against noise and has thin floors, you can always remedy this problem by seeking an apartment on the ground floor. A ground floor apartment will also be a convenience to you in terms of bringing home 30 lb bags of dog food.

But if you do take this route, just hope that your upstairs neighbors dont have a German Shepherd!

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Do They Need To Be In A Crate

If you live in an apartment, you may bewondering about crating your dog. WhileGerman Shepherds are highly active dogs, they can do quite well in a crate ifthey are trained properly. The use of a crate is a great way to ensure yourdog does not destroy your home while you are away.

The key to crate training is to make surethe crate is a desirable place to be, not a punishment destination. This is particularly important if you areusing it for any length of time.

How Large Should the Crate Be?

You want the crate you use to be largeenough to hold a German Shepherd, but it does not have to be massive. If the crate is large enough for the dogto stand up, stretch out, and turn around in comfortably, it should besufficient. Depending on the amountof time your dog will be spending in the crate, you may wish to get a largercrate.

Can I Just Barricade the Dog in a Room?

Some German Shepherd owners or dog owners,in general, prefer to give their dog free roam of a room in the house. This may work for some dogs, but notall. You will want to use extracaution when doing this with a German Shepherd because not only are theynaturally curious, but they are also great at escaping.


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