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Why Is The German Shepherd A Police Dog

Do Dogs Understand German Better

Why Are German Shepherds Used As Police Dogs?

This is a difficult question to answer in a simple yes or no. Some people have done studies on the topic, but the results were widely varied with some respondents able to communicate with their dog in German better than in English and others being unable to communicate at all. But there are a few things that can help connect your dog to you when youre speaking German.One way is using only one word at a time dont string too many together because dogs cant comprehend complex sentences. Any commands should be short and use lots of repetition so they get used to it from an early age, for example Lie down!, not just saying please lie down. You should also use words that are easy for them.

Training Your German Shepherd For Maximum Effectiveness As A Police Dog

Training a German Shepherd as a police dog is a very detailed and complex process that starts with the police dog handler. The handler first needs to go through police academy training. When he finishes the trianing he needs one to two years experience as a patrol officer to gain experience in law enforcement, before he can apply for transfer to a canine unit. The handler needs to go through a long training process that makes him capable of handling a trained dog.

Having experience with dog training outside the academy is considered a pre. This can be any kind of obedience, crowd control or effective communication training with dogs.

Some believe that police dogs are deliberately trained in another language to mislead a suspect as he cannot understand the commands the office gives to the dog. This is a misbelieve as dogs in Europe are trained in their native language because they where taught commands in the native language during basic training school.

After completing the basic training it is easier to continue training new commands in the native language than to continue in another. To complete the training the dog needs to pass an obedience training course. In this course, he will learn to follow commands without hesitation, with accuracy and impossible to be distracted by external sources. If he passes the course he will be considered a police officer and part of the police department.

How Are German Shepherds Used As Police Dogs

Police Usually has a trained Holder Of A German Shepherd Dog. These Holders Have the responsibility to take the German Shepherd Dogs and use them as needed.

Dogs Are well trained and very carefully grown to be very effective police Dogs. German Shepherd dogs are able to smell drugs from very far and they can found it if it is well hidden.

Police dogs need advanced training in respect of a normal German shepherd dog.

German Shepherd Dogs need to be in constant interaction with their handler. They need a lot of exercises every day and also mental stimulation.

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German Shepherd Police Dogs

Humans and dogs such as German shepherds share a special bond because of their dominant personality and good looks. Its no wonder German shepherds have been used by police and military forces for many years. In this post, we will look at some interesting facts on German shepherd police dogs, how they help the police and how to train them effectively.

Peculiar Characteristics Of The German Shepherd Dogs That Suit The Policing Profession

Police German Shepherd Wallpapers
  • They are swift in obeying commands.

At times, the officer may be facing a dangerous criminal and requires assistance quickly. On such occasions, the GSD would significantly assist because they carry out instructions very swiftly without fear.

  • They are brilliant and easily trainable

For hundreds of years, GSDs have been saving police officers and civilians lives through their training and intelligence in life-threatening situations. They can successfully detect explosives, track criminals, and do many other complex jobs, all thanks to their unrivaled intelligence.

  • They are loyal and protective

Unlike humans that can be bribed and then turned against each other, A GSD is always loyal to its police officer partner. This is why they would often look to their handlers for approval on what to do and stop an attack only when their handlers ask them to.

  • They are resilient and can survive crippling pressures

This is one of the excellent reasons why these dogs are used in the force. They can go through narrow and rough landscapes that even human police officers cannot scale all in an attempt to carry out an instruction.

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What German Shepherds Were Originally Bred For

It is all in their name. While some dog breeds might not give you any information about their origin or why they were originally bred, a German Shepherds identity is out in the open.

German Shepherds make it easy. As their name implies, they were originally bred in Germany for none other than shepherding . And while theyre not known for herding today, plenty of them still herd!

But of course, theres much more to these dogs than just herding on a farm. Unfortunately, many of the old German Shepherd herding lines were abandoned, as it became more profitable breeding for the new GSD show lines.

The true German herding lines were lost around the same time the split between the working and show lines became prominent.

Chip Blasiole

The German Shepherd of way back then may have been quite different from todays. In fact, many believe that these dogs were much smaller back then. Plus straight-backed dogs, for example, are much more sought after than before.

Though relatively new as a breed, they have a history filled with all manner of jobs and stories. Lets take a look.

Do All Dogs Know German

Das ist ein typischer Anwesenheits-Test.Your dog probably doesnt speak German, but they may know your tone of voice better than you think! Dogs are naturally able to sense anger and discontentment in the voice of their owner. This is especially true when owners repeatedly use harsh tones without proper cause for doing so. So it might not be about the language that youre speaking, but how youre speaking give your dog a break while learning some new commands If that doesnt work, try offering them an unopened treat every time he/she obeys immediately on command. Studies show this can lead to positive reinforcement without knowing any verbal speech!Source: http.

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Why Do Police Use German Shepherds And Not Rottweilers

Rottweilers are still seen in the police force today but are less popular than German Shepherds for several reasons. To begin, the average male Rottweiler weighs between 110 and 132 lbs. In contrast, the average male German Shepherd weighs between 66 and 88 lbs. Police dog handlers must be able to lift their dogs in the field. Thus, the Rottweilers heavier weight can be a liability in some cases. The Rottweilers stockier build can also make it less agile in the field. Next, the Rottweilers bite force is considerably stronger than the German Shepherd. While strength is an admirable trait for a police dog, it is also important to reduce damages where possible during apprehension. This makes the German Shepherd more suitable for suspect apprehension, in some cases. For these reasons, some police departments prefer the German Shepherd over the Rottweiler.

During World War I and World War II, the Rottweiler saw use as a messenger, draught, and guard dog. Proving themselves as a valiant and loyal breed, their reputation allows them to continue their work today. Modern Rottweilers boast a good nature, exhibiting devotion to their partners as well as an eagerness to work. Similar to the German Shepherd, Rottweilers are not quick to trust strangers an overly-trusting nature towards strangers could compromise the breeds effectiveness in the field.

The German Shepherd Dog Guide & Information

Why Are German Shepherds Good Police Dogs?

A favorite among many dog lovers across the globe, the German Shepherd Dog is a wonderful family dog and best friend thats dedicated to its people.

These dogs are often used as working dogs, guide dogs, search and rescue dogs as well as herding dogs and they excel when given responsibilities and tasks to perform. Their smarts matched with their athleticism make them a top choice when it comes to police canines and carrying out police work. If youve just welcomed a German Shepherd Dog into your life, then there are some important factors to consider and items youll want to have on hand to ensure that your GSD is as happy as can be.

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Why Do Police Use German Shepherds And Not Pitbulls

There are several reasons why Pitbull-type breeds are not commonly seen as police dogs. To begin with, Pitbull-type dogs are often extremely friendly, even towards strangers. Aggression towards humans is highly uncharacteristic of the breed. Secondly, Pitbulls have a high prey drive. This makes them more likely to become distracted by small animals than other breeds. Consequently, this makes some pit bulls less likely to analyze a situation before reacting to it when in the field. Pitbull-type dogs are also known to exhibit more aggression towards other dogs, as a result of what they were originally bred for. Lastly, the coat of a Pitbull-type dog is short and thin. This makes dogs of this breed type less suitable for work in the cold. The German Shepherd, on the other hand, has a double coat, providing two layers of fur that allow extra insulation.

These dogs are usually a better fit for roles like search-and-rescue, therapy, companionship, and athletic sports. However, the negative factors do not make pitbull-type dogs completely unsuitable for police work! Police departments across the USA are adopting pit bulls from animal shelters in favor of buying and training more expensive pure-bred dogs. Using their keen sense of smell, rescue pit bulls are successfully working to detect narcotics, explosives, and missing persons!

Why German Shepherds Are Used As K9 Police Dogs

GSDs are famous for being incredibly intelligent, agile, quick, and stealthy. They have high endurance levels and laser-like focus, which allows them to fulfill long shifts alongside their K9 officer. With their height and stature, these dogs are well suited to follow after suspects. Jumping, crawling, and running are some of their best skills, which are crucial for police work.

In addition to their physical abilities, German Shepherds are mentally strong as well. Police dogs are trained to follow dozens of commands. With the right K9 police dog training methods, GSDs are ready to serve police departments within two years of their birth. They can sense danger and react accordingly. Their protective nature and loyalty allows them to complete acts of courage that are vital for success during a K9 officers shift. GSDs can be trained to be general officers or use their sensitive noses to track the scent of drugs, bombs, and individuals.

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Police Dogs And Training

Dogs for Law Enforcement believes a well-trained canine team is essential to deterring criminal activity and for assisting police departments in locating illegal drugs and explosives, in tracking fugitives, and with finding missing persons. Our goal at Dogs for Law Enforcement is to assist police departments in purchasing trained police canines through established vendors who provide excellent service and warranties. Another goal is to sponsor seminars for canine teams to attend around the nation to enhance a canine team’s working ability.

Why Are Police Dogs Trained With German Commands

Top 10 reasons why you would want a German Shepherd

German commands were used as the basis for many different police dog-training systems. One reason is that Germany was a world leader in police training methods during the 19th and 20th centuries, developing a system that promoted graduated rewards, meaning policemen trained their dogs to work with praise and gentle encouragement rather than punishment. This philosophy created a more easygoing canine who was not adversarial toward citizens or other law enforcement agencies. Another contributing factor may have been the dominance of German nobility within European culture at this time, which increased peoples familiarity with German language and customs. And finally, since most European dogs at the time were imported from Germany it made sense to train them using commands they would already understand without extensive retraining.The.

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The Training Of The Dog

A dog usually already has anywhere from eight months to more than a year of training when he gets paired with his handler.

From there, the pair is trained together as a K-9 team , which usually is an additional three to six months of training.

The youngest age when they become mature enough to concentrate on training well is between 12 and 15 months. By this time, they are mature enough to obey the commands of their handler without hesitation.

Some Notable Achievement The German Shepherd Breed Has Accomplished In The Force

  • Jet of IadaJet was a German Shepherd pedigree dog. Jet received the Dickin Medal and RSPCAs medallion of Valor for his brave efforts in rescuing 150 people trapped under a blitzed building.
  • Crumstone Irma: was a German Shepherd who served with the Civil Defense Services of London during World War 2. She assisted in the rescue of 191 people trapped under destroyed buildings. She had a great ability to tell if buried victims were dead or alive. Like Jet of Iada, she received the Dickings Medal in 1945.
  • Thorn: Was noted by the Peoples Dispensary of sick animals for the Dickin medal. He was awarded the medal in 1945 for his bravery and service during World War 2.
  • Rex: Was noted just like Thorn for the same reasons by the Peoples Dispensary. In April 1945 he received the Dickin medal.Rex performed outstanding good work finding casualties in burning buildings. Without fear, he would search in harsh environments for people that were trapped in smoldering buildings.
  • Appollo: was a German Shepherd search and rescue dog born in 1992. He became part of New York Police Departments K-9 unit that served during the September 11 attack. He was the first SAR dog on the site.Appollo received the Dickin medal on behalf of all the dogs that assisted in rescue operations on the WTC site and pentagon site after the attacks.

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We Can Divide The Training In 2 Different Ways With Operant Conditioning

  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Negative Reinforcement

With Positive Reinforcement you can reward or reinforce the correct behavior to eliminate the behavior you do not want.

And with negative Reinforcement, you can punish Your German Shepherd Dog when he does the incorrect behavior.

What is the difference between these two methods?

Both training methods work well and they give the result quickly but there are some main differences.

When you Train Your German Shepherd With Negative Reinforcement he will do everything you had taught him but with fear and to not be punished.

They will not do it for the joy of please you and for seeking your Love But from your Fear. This will not bond you with your Dog. Bonding With Your German Shepherd Dog is very important to have his loyalty on your Side.

German Shepherd Dogs are very Loyal and if you have their Loyalty it is really Great.

Meet The Belgian Malinois Dog

German Shepherd police dog protecting and helping Policeman | Best of Trained Dogs

According to the American Kennel Club , the Belgian Malinois dog is the 43rd most popular companion canine .

These dogs look larger than they are, simply because they are so lean and tall. The Belgian Malinois can weigh anywhere from 40 to 80 pounds and stand anywhere from 22 to 26 inches tall.

One trait that is rather unique in the Belgian Malinois breed is that males and females can differ in adult weight by up to 20 pounds.

Malinois also has an unusually long life expectancy for a large dog breed 14 to 16 years.

Like the German Shepherd, Malinois comes from a herding dog background. And like the GSD, the Malinois had to find new work when using dogs to herd and guard livestock became less common.

Today, the Belgian Malinois is one of the top canine picks for police dog work, military K-9 service, and private sector protection and security work.

As the American Belgian Malinois Club explains, the New York police force is widely regarded as the first police organization to incorporate the Belgian Malinois into their ranks.

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Training Your German Shepherd As A Guard Dog

Every dog breed possesses natural tendencies and skills. These tendencies come with their genetics. German Shepherds are guard dogs by nature, regardless of if theyve been trained or not. If they see something out of line, or peculiar, they will usually bark, altering someone of the situation. For this reason, German Shepherds are often chosen as police dogs since its easier to train them in this way.

Some breeds are overly aggressive and hard to control, while others are meek and mild-tempered. German Shepherds are the perfect mix to train to be a guard dogs.

Still, your German Shepherd will need the correct training to ensure they listen to commands and arent a danger to themselves or others.

There are a few critical pieces of equipment you will want on hand when beginning any training such as a German Shepherd harness, a German Shepherd leash, and some dog treats for rewarding.

Why The German Shepherd Dog Excels As A K9 Police Dog

German Shepherds are the perfect breed for a K9 police dog. The character of GSDs is the single defining quality that allows them to excel. This breed has the utmost loyalty, courage, and confidence that cannot be found in other dog breeds. They are more than willing to put their life on the line in order to defend those around them. Any police dog trainer will agree that GSDs are most suited for the job.

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