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How To Housebreak A German Shepherd Puppy

Make A Proper Training Program To Track Training Progress

How to Housebreak and Potty Train your German Shepherd Puppy

It is better to follow a training program to check the progress of your German Shepherd training. The training program should be according to the skillset of your German Shepherd dog. In case you are unaware of these things, you can obtain the help of North Mountain Kennels. Our training programs are the best!

How Long Will This Grass Potty Pad Stay Alive Without Changing It

The duration of this grass will stay will be determined by its usage. At a minimum, this Doggielawn grass potty pad can stay for one week and a maximum of 4 weeks.

When you have a puppy, you may be forced to change this pad once weekly, as you know puppies urinate several times a day compared to adults. And as your dog transitions to adulthood, you may have to change the grass potty pad biweekly.

German Shepherd Training: 10 Tips

German Shepherds are among the smartest dog breeds in the world. They are also eager to work and especially eager to please. Because of this, it is relatively easy for them to pick up new commands.

However, GSDs are also confident and headstrong dogs. Without proper training and leadership, they could develop some unwanted behaviors.

This article will discuss German Shepherd training, why it is important, and provide some tips to help you along the journey.

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To Prevent Accidents In Your Home Your Pup Should Always Be:

  • Attached to you by a short leash so they cant wander off and find a quiet spot to potty. You cant keep your eyes on your pup every moment unless theyre attached to you.
  • In their welcoming and safe crate either resting, eating their meals, or enjoying a play toy.
  • In an exercise pen or playpen with a strict potty area.
  • Under your direct, undivided attention. This means you are always watching your pup.
  • Dont take your eyes off them for even a second! All it takes is for you to check your phone for a few seconds for your pup to have a toileting accident!
  • You can either use a crate to speed up their potty training or provide them an area indoors to eliminate. I prefer the crate method.

    Establishing A Bathroom Ritual Is Crucial

    How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy

    Ensuring you do everything the same at the same time each day will reinforce good bathroom habits for your puppy going forward into adulthood.

    Many times when a puppy comes inside only to pee again after going outside, it is the result of incomplete training or the owners failure to allow the puppy enough time to finish his business.

    You should work the times you take your puppy for a potty break after major events she will remember and begin to associate with elimination.

    For example, eating usually stimulates a bowel movement some moments later. Take your puppy outside after any major meal.

    With a young puppy that needs to go outside every few hours, try to be as consistent as possible on the times. German Shepherds are smart and will quickly associate particular times with peeing or pooping.

    • First thing you do when you wake up
    • After breakfast
    • After dinner
    • Before bedtime

    As your puppy becomes older and you feed him fewer meals, you will also be able to take him out for potty breaks less frequently.

    Attention to time is important, but if you have a yard, training a specific area may also be desirable. Once you leash train your pup, you can keep her in the corner or patch you would like her to use.

    You can even give her some leeway as many dogs will indicate a preference for a certain area of the yard.

    Many people only have the goal that their dogs use the same corner consistently so they can keep the majority of the premises clean.

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    Dont Use Towels Or Those Pee Pads

    Potty routine is already hard for your dog. Why add an extra step to it? Dogs might not be able to comprehend the purpose of the pee pads resulting in accidents and causing nervousness and confusion in your dog. Condition your dog so it goes to the loo outside your house at your preferred suitable spot.

    So, instead of using towels or pee pads use something like natural grass pads. This is what we are going to explore in the next section. In my opinion, this may be the best solution for all dog owners.

    Dont Use Force Coercion Or Any Type Of Physical Punishment

    Some people use coercion-based methods such as the Alpha Roll to teach the dog that the human is the dominant one in the relationship.

    In the Alpha Roll, the human pins down the dog on the floor on his side or back and holds that position to exert dominance.

    This stemmed from early studies which deduced that wolves maintained a hierarchy in the wild where one member of the pack is an alpha.

    In truth, this concept has been debunked by wolf experts of today who observed that wolves volunteered to pose submissively as a retreat.

    Besides, it has also been proven in many studies that dogs have very different behavior from wolves.

    The alpha roll is therefore an outdated training method that should be scrapped and never used on your pet, as it only leads to more behavioral problems.

    Pinning your dog will cause him to freeze out of fear, which can also turn into aggression. It also teaches your dog that physical touch is something to be feared.

    Your dog may never trust you this way, and you dont want this to happen if you want to form a healthy bond with your pet. Nobody wants to be punished by hand, not humans and certainly not dogs either.

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    Understand Your Pup’s Body Language

    No matter how strict your house training schedule is, there will be times when your dog just needs to go. Your puppy’s needs won’t always stay constant, so you must keep an eye on them and learn to read their body language.

    Oftentimes, a GSD puppy will start circling around the room when they need to relieve themselves. If you’ve established a routine with a specific door, they might sit in front of it and look at you.

    You might even hear some barks or whimpers. Learn to identify these signs and let your dog out to avoid accidents.

    Develop A Strong Bond

    How to Potty Train a German Shepherd Puppy!

    Training your German Shepherd isnt just about teaching them good manners. It is also very much about developing your relationship with each other.

    With every training session, you become more in tune with one another and learn more about how to communicate with each other. The bond you develop with your GSD through training will translate to their affection and loyalty towards you.

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    Build A Potty Training Schedule And Stick To It

    The first thing youll want to do to house train a German Shepherd puppy is to set up a potty training routine. In the days before your scheduled potty training sessions, make sure your German Shepherd puppy has plenty to eat and drink, gets regular exercise, and has lots of playtimes outdoors. After youve set a schedule for toilet training, stick to it as closely as possible!

    There are two parts of the schedule for potty training young puppies:

    How Do Puppy Pads Work For German Shepherds

    Many trainers advise not to use pee pads in training if you want your dog to use the bathroom outside.

    You certainly want to train your Shepherd completely in eliminating outside before training on paper to avoid confusion.

    However, puppy pads can be useful in several special circumstances.

    • Incontinent older dog Illnesses like degenerative myelopathy whereby your dog becomes debilitated and cannot control his bladder.
    • Excessive urination Your dog is PU/PD, and you cannot let her outside often enough.
    • You have a very young puppy or a senior dog who cannot get outside much.

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    Alter The Amount Of Water Intake

    It is natural for humans and animals to consume less water during winters due to less thirst. However, it may result in constipation or abnormal bowel movement for your dog. Keep an eye on how much water your dog is drinking moreover, add chicken broth or a pinch of some food your dog likes, so it is encouraged to have water. Moreover, heat the water slightly so it is drinkable in the cold, hydration will prevent your dog from getting UTIs. Feed your dog with meals which have a high content of moisture, this will also help him keep hydrated.

    Your Dog Does Not Communicate Like A Human

    How to Crate Train a German Shepherd Puppy

    Your German Shepherd will respond to many different stimuli. Your body language and tone of voice being the two most important.

    In time, your dog will understand certain commands such as sit, stay and come, drop etc.

    But, dogs only understand single direct commands. Use language your dog will understand. Calm, simple commands and body language will make your message crystal clear.

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    Always Use Premium Rewards To Motivate

    It is necessary to get familiar with what your dog likes. If you reward them for their good training, then your German Shepherd will be highly motivatedvariety is the spice of life. Keep your rewards changing and interesting. You will capture their attention for longer if they cannot predict what is coming from the treat bag. Just make sure it is highly appealing to your dog.

    Commit To Basic Commands

    Even if you dont intend to do upper-level training, join obedience competitions, or participate in Schutzhund, you should commit to mastering at least the basic commands of sit, down, stay, and come.

    German Shepherds belong to the first tier of working dogs in the Dog Intelligence Ranking. Dogs in this group can obey commands at least 95% of the time.

    This is the standard you should strive for when it comes to these basic obedience commands as these will help you handle your dog in many real-life situations.

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    Use Positive Reinforcement Techniques

    Positive reinforcement is key with any type of training. As you toilet train, it can mean the difference between constant accidents and success.

    Dogs do best when you shower them with praise and rewards. So, give your puppy a treat when they do a good job.

    Make sure that you reward them regularly. Your puppy will come to expect a treat after they go outside. They’ve done their part, so don’t disappoint them! Rewards can also include attention and verbal praise. Just do something that makes your GSD puppy happy.

    When Will Your German Shepherd Stop Having Accidents

    How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy – A Detailed Video on GS Training Tips

    Potty training your German Shepherd goes beyond intelligence, obedience, and natural cleanliness.

    Like infants, a German Shepherd puppy must not only learn where it is acceptable to poop and pee but also must develop the ability to control her urinary bladder and large bowel physically.

    Hopefully, you do not acquire a pup who is under eight weeks old, but if you do, he can only hold his urine for 30 minutes or less.

    That does not mean he has to go every 30 minutes but that once he feels the urge, he has a half-hour window provided h

    Per Puppyfaq.com, puppies over eight weeks of age can hold their pee and bowel movements for two hours and by the time they are four months old are capable of going twice that duration.

    At six months of age, a German Shepherd can consistently go four or five hours without having to use the bathroom, gradually increasing the length of time between potty breaks to eight hours by a year old.

    Your German Shepherd puppy will not have many accidents in the house if you stay vigilant in your supervision.

    Expect quite a few mishaps at two months old when you first bring her home and full training with rare accidents at four to six months old.

    Do not expect your Shepherd to go a full workday without getting relief until at least nine to twelve months old.

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    How To Train A Puppy To Be Alone

    Most individuals do not like being alone any more than your dog likes being left alone. If you had it your way, you would be at home every day with your best friend. After all, it would be nice if your pup understood that you must work to buy their doggie bones and toys. Your dog needs to learn that it cannot go with you all the time. There will be times when your dog must be alone for short intervals. You need to,

    • Work
    • Meet emergencies

    How To Show Your Pup How To Love Their Crate:

  • Never force your pup into their crate! Take your time with crate introduction and allow them to explore under their own will.
  • Serve your pup at least one meal a day inside their crate. Use a Kong with their meal stuffed inside and mixed with a small spoonful of unsweetened Greek yogurt or peanut butter to entice them to stay and work on the Kong inside the crate.
  • Offer treats when they willingly go inside to rest or explore their crate.
  • Use a verbal cue when you want your pup to go into the crate. I like to use a simple command like, crate or bed and to point where I want my pup to go.
  • Praise them gently when they go inside their crate and dont just slam the door shut immediately on them.
  • You can learn all the benefits of teaching your dog to use their crate in this easy post on crate training your German Shepherd successfully. Check it out to get the complete facts, tips, and step-by-step instructions to perfect crate training today.

    Be sure to buy the best crate for a German Shepherd puppy theyll love by using this proven guide. Its better to get a crate that comes recommended rather than just pick any old one and hope for the best.

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    Make Peace With Lack Of Sleep

    You will need to sacrifice some sleep for a while. We can’t expect our pups to keep it in’ for longer than they can.

    If accidents are happening at night, you should take your pup out more often.

    Accidents will happen, but the more your pup has potty accidents in her personal space, the more comfortable she’ll become doing it. You really want to avoid this at all costs.

    Does your puppy need a comfy, new bed? Check out the best dog beds for German Shepherds.

    Tip : Make Crate Training A Priority

    How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy

    Crate training offers plenty of critical benefits, especially to puppies. Apart from providing a private space where they can feel safe, the right crate can be an excellent housebreaking tool.

    Since dogs are naturally averse to soiling their own den, theyre likely to bark, wail, or give you other signals that they need to go out for potty. Just make sure you crate train properly and use it as a positive tool for your dogs physical and mental wellbeing.

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    Read Your Puppys Body Language

    Besides, establishing a feeding routine and taking your puppy frequently outside, there is one more vital element to house training a German Shepherd puppy.

    You have to learn to read your puppys body language.

    Puppies cant talk, but they can show you very clearly that they are uncomfortable.

    If you dont learn to recognize the signs that your puppy has to go, you dont have anyone to blame but yourself.

    So, keep an eye for:

    • Sniffing
    • A sudden shift in their activity or behavior
    • Pawing at the door
    • Going to a previously used spot in the house

    But what should you do if you have ignored these signs and you catch your puppy in the act?

    The correct action would be to say outside, for example, and take your puppy immediately to the designated spot.

    Tip #: The Best German Shepherd Puppy Training Tip Is

    Reward good behavior and ignore bad behavior.

    This rule is amazing and will work wonders, besides it is really easy to apply, all you have to do is pay attention to your German Shepherd puppy and reward the good things he does. However, there are a couple rules to keep in mind for it to work:If you notice that the bad behavior is no getting any better, it’s probably because _somehow_ it’s being rewarded! You need to figure out what the reward is and remove it.If ignoring your pooch for the bad behavior doesnt work, then you can train your canine friend an incompatible behavior. For example, when a dog is laying down, it is harder to bark.

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    Give Your Dog Responsibilities

    German Shepherds thrive best when theyre pre-occupied and able to use their unique physical and abilities. In fact, if you give your GSD some household chores, youll find that theyre happier and better behaved.

    Apart from having a happy helper at home, giving your dog a job also gives you plenty of opportunities to train and reward them for their positive behaviors.

    Are All Adult German Shepherds Potty Trained

    German Shepherd Puppy Potty Training Tips – Tips from 24 Dog Trainers

    No, not all adult German Shepherds are potty trained. Just because dogs are all grown up, doesnt mean they know how to eliminate themselves the way you expect them to. It all depends on what theyve been trained to do and what theyve gotten used to.

    If youre welcoming a new adult German Shepherd into your home, theres a chance youll still need to potty train them. At the very least, youll need to get them used to your own home and your own rules.

    Nevertheless, the general process of training an adult is pretty much the same as potty training a puppy.

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