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How To Stop My German Shepherd From Jumping On Me

Use Chicken Wire If Your Dog Is A Digger

How to stop your German Shepherd Dog Jumping up and Mouthing

Some Shepherd, If they are not able to jump over the fences, then they can try to dig under them to try to escape.

In this situation, Chicken wires can be beneficial. You can place chicken wire near the fencing area in the Garden.

When your Shepherd Will Try to Dig under fences, then it will find it very difficult because of the chicken wire.

Here is a Fantastic article about why Dogs Dig Holes and how to stop them.

Tips For Great German Shepherd Puppy Recall Training:

  • Begin calling your puppy in as many locations inside as you can.
  • Give them a tasty reward or play a game with their favorite toy when they come.
  • Work your way up to a perfect recall by having others try to distract your puppy while indoors.
  • Next, move to your back or front yard and do the same.
  • If they dont come when called they might be too distracted. You can disciple them by showing them your tasty treat and walking backwards a few steps to encourage them to move toward you.

Dont delay training the recall or youll miss out on a crucial learning period. Train the come command in all situations, including the home and outdoors, from the time your puppy is 6 to 8 weeks old to avoid discipline problems later on.

You must train your German Shepherd puppy to come in all situations and reinforce your bond with them daily. Recall means they get to enjoy something with you!

Teach The Dog A New Skill

Rather than correct a dog for jumping, dog trainer Amy Robinson of Amy Robinson Dog Training likes to teach the dog a new behavior.

I teach back up! so I can apply that command at the right moment, and only then reach down to pet the dog, she said.

To teach the dog to back up, Robinson said she drapes the leash down in front of the dog and places a foot on the leash with plenty of slack. She stands up straight and cheerfully and says back up while stepping towards the dog and sliding her foot and the leash forward at the same time.

She also puts one hand out like a stop sign as she moves into the dogs space, as the dog moves back.

Works every time because if he jumps in the process, the leash inhibits his quest to be airborne, she said. Then I like to follow up with watch or sit before petting him.

She said once he knows back up, you can apply it in situations when he might jump before it even happens.

Then, of course, youd use;treats;or praise to reward your dog for appropriate behavior.

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So What Really Is The Best Way To Train A German Shepherd Puppy

The best way to train your German Shepherd is by following a fun, engaging program that teaches not only the basics but covers problem behaviors, too.

The best way of training a German Shepherd puppy is not only by using positive reward-based techniques but also by incorporating fun games that work your breeds super intelligence in a productive way.

Sound difficult?

Its not, because you can learn how to train a German Shepherd puppy easily with this inexpensive online Brain Training for Dogs Obedience and Games Program from the comfort of your home. It teaches you how to get your pup to learn positive behaviors.

Training German Shepherd puppies is fun when you know how and use the best program from the start.

Dont make the mistake of missing out on early German Shepherd training

Or youll regret it later when your GSD is larger, more powerful, and wont listen to you!

Can German Shepherds Jump Over A Fence

Why does my German Shepherd growl at me? in 2020 (With ...

German Shepherds can definitely jump over a fence and they probably will if given enough motivation.

Indoors, you can have barriers of about 3 feet tall. Outdoors, however, your fence should be at least 6 feet high.

You might want to make it even higher if your dog has a long enough run-up, which would enable them to jump higher.

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How To Stop A German Shepherd From Jumping On You

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Teaching your GSD to greet you in a calm way is easier than you think!

Ugh! ;If I had a dollar for every time I hear this

Dogs jump to show dominance

Dogs jump to test who’s in charge

That’s absolute nonsense!!

The reason why dogs jump is because they want to greet us.

I mean why wouldn’t they when we’re smiling and saying Hello!!.

All that nonsense about dominance is why folks recommend silly things like leash pulling and knees to the chest.

Do you really want to cause your dog discomfort like that?

I’ll bet the answer is no.

So today I’m going to share my tips on how to stop a German Shepherd from jumping on you, or your guests.

Stop German Shepherd Barking Problems Once And For All

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get compensated if you buy through these links this is at no extra cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.

German Shepherd barking can become a problem for a variety of reasons.

But as dog owners, we’d be unreasonable to expect our dogs never to bark.

Dogs are made to bark, it’s an essential method of communication that dogs can’t do without.

The trick is rather to get excessive barking under control.

Before we can work on how to get German Shepherd barking under control

Let’s first wrap our heads around the reasons why dogs bark.

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Why Is It A Lot More Likely Your German Shepherd Barks At Other Dogs On Their Leash

You may have noticed that your german shepherd barks a lot more at other dogs when hes on his leash.

In fact, if theyre anything like my dog used to be, off their leash theyre the friendliest dog in the world. But the moment you leash them and they see another dog approaching they seem almost rabid!

Well, if you get into your dogs mindset youll have a better understanding of whats causing them to act like this.

Leashes Force Dogs To Act In A Way They Wouldnt

When dogs greet each other off the leash for the first time, they normally approach each others sides in an arc motion. This is a lot less aggressive.

In fact, aggressive behavior to a dog is approaching head-on while maintaining eye contact. Which as you can guess, theyre forced to do many times on their leashes.

The Leash Itself Is Restrictive

So not only are they approaching each other in a more aggressive manner, but theyre also being restricted by a leash.

This restriction traps your dog into body language and a mindset that resembles fight mode. So of course, theyre going to do what they can to try and avoid a fight.

Whats one of the best ways they know of to do this?

Barking to scare off the threat.

Youre Feeding Your Dogs Negative Emotions Too

And you may not even be aware of it, but when you keep your dog on a tight leash youre going to be feeding into their aggressive behavior.

Why are you ready to act in their head?

Keeping Your Pup From Nipping And Chewing

Stop Your German Shepherd From Jumping

Puppies have sharp teeth, especially German Shepherd puppies!

Puppies are energetic and must learn their limits for playing too rough . When your dog nips you, say ouch immediately and do your normal noise when something hurts.

Dont immediately jerk your hand back or punish your puppy physically.

Puppies view you jerking your hand back quickly as part of a game and could also tear your skin. And physical punishment should never be given!

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How To Train A German Shepherd To Be A Guard Dog

German Shepherds will usually take to being a guard dog naturally. It’s important to train them to be obedient. Learn how here.Many dogs are natural watch dogs; their bark is sufficient to alert their owner to something unusual, and the alarm they set up is a deterrent. In addition, dogs who will fight if their owner is genuinely attacked do not have to be made aggressive to do so. Training a dog specifically to be a guard dog is hazardous and potentially creates a liability for you. Misguided attempts to make a dog aggressive through abuse will only backfire because the dog will not be loyal to someone who treats them harshly, and if the dog wrongly bites someone you will be at fault. Never train dogs who are basically fearful or out of control. Such dogs may not respond appropriately in non-threatening situations.

A German shepherd dog should not be selected to receive training as a guard dog unless the dog is basically friendly, stable and clear-headed, and has been well-socialized.







Walk your German shepherd dog on a leash around the perimeter of your property regularly to identify your territorial boundaries. Do not allow your dog to bark at people who are outside your property. Do not allow your dog to chase people under any circumstances.



Bite Inhibition Using Your Puppys Favorite Treats

Another variation of this technique is to use your pups favorite treats. Heres how you do this.

  • Get a handful of your puppys favorite treats.
  • Hold it in your hand and close your hand with the treats inside.
  • Say off to your pup.
  • After a few seconds, if your puppy does not try to take the treats out of your hand, say take it, and give the treats.
  • What you are teaching your puppy here is that off means not to touch. This command will stop your pup in his tracks the next time he is about to bite an object or person.

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    How To Stop Herding Dog From Nipping

    Not all herding dogs will be stimulated or triggered to herd by the same things. And when they herd, herding dogs can instinctively nip.

    I know you are keen to find out how to stop a herding dog from nipping. But before you can train your herding dog to dial back on the herding, you should understand what triggers him or her.

    Stop Dog Jumping: Five Steps

    Trainer with her German Shepard : photoshopbattles

    Jumping up is a natural greeting behavior but one that can be quickly prevented. You can stop dog jumping by following these simple guidelines:

  • Reduce the emotional component when you arrive home. Avoid fast movements and loud voices. Ignore your dog until he is calm.
  • Follow the Four on the Floor rule. Dont touch your dog and that includes pushing him off until he is calm and quiet.
  • Train a mutually exclusive behavior. Ask your dog to sit for all greetings and interactions with strangers and reward him with goodies.
  • Leash your dog when guests come over and ask them to help you train by asking your dog to sit before rewarding him with attention.
  • Put the behavior on command if you sometimes like the greeting but others dont. Teach your dog that jumping up is only allowed with the word Up!
  • If youd like to learn more about positive reinforcement dog training, you might enjoy our article on .

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    Never Discipline By Pushing Your Dogs Nose In Their Accidents

    Never discipline a German Shepherd puppy for having accidents during potty training.

    Whether your German Shepherd is potty trained or not, never push their faces into their potty accidents.

    Even if you think your dog soiled in your house on purpose, punishing them for having an accident indoors wont necessarily prevent it from happening again.;

    This also isnt discipline for a German Shepherd, its abuse, both physically and mentally.

    Your dog is counting on your leadership to show them the rules in a positive manner. Work on setting a consistent schedule with feeding and walks to avoid potty accidents indoors.

    German Shepherds are easy to train given the right attention.

    And they need to understand their schedule by having you teach them using consistent patterns, rather than receiving punishment or discipline.

    Keep a potty schedule posted nearby so all your family can see it and help prevent your puppy from having an accident.

    Why Does My German Shepherd Bite

    German Shepherds especially puppies love to bite on hands, nip on ankles, or chew on toys. They usually do this when they are going through their teething phase. Puppies start teething around two to three weeks old and finish around six weeks when they get their full set of baby teeth.

    Puppies usually bite and nip on chew toys because their gums feel irritated. Chewing, biting, and nipping helps lessen the pain and make it go away. This behavior is very normal for a growing German Shepherd puppy but if the behavior doesnt go away by the time the teething should have stopped, then it may become a problem for everyone.

    Another reason why dogs bite and nip is because they werent trained not to do so when they were still puppies. This can be due to a lack of intervention of the owners or only encouraging it further, leading it to become a habit. Others fail to see that this behavior is inappropriate and sees it as an act of love. While your pet may mean no harm, this can be problematic if your pet starts biting visitors, shoes, furniture, or breaking stuff every time they try to jump on someone or something.

    Dogs also bite and nip because they see this as a form of play. This is how they interact with their littermates and how they communicate. Unfortunately, our dogs cant see that we are humans and we interact differently than they do. It is now up to us to teach it to them what they should and shouldnt do.

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    Go To Their Level When Youre Ready

    This is another great trick that you can use in combination with the other two. Just like the others, repetition is key. Heres what you need to do.

    • Anytime that your german shepherd starts jumping up at you, ignore them. And if necessary turn around to face away from them.
    • When theyve stopped jumping up at you, face them again and go down to their level.
    • Once youre at their level begin playing with them and making a fuss of them. However, make sure you only do it when youre at their level.
    • If your dog knows how to sit, then over time you should tell them to sit before you go down to their level. This is also going to reinforce that when they act calmly they get attention.

    Exercise Your German Shepherd Dog

    Training your German Shepherd to Stop Jumping

    German Shepherd Dogs try to escape and Jump On the fences Because they want to explore more area around them.

    They are curious about What is out there. Exercising the Gsd and taking it for regular walks outside in parks will help to reduce its will to go out.

    Also, German Shepherd Dogs are packed with energy which has to be burnt every day.

    If you do not Get your Dog exercised each day then it can get bored and try to escape, or he can behave in a bad way .

    Here are some games that you can play with your German Shepherd To take him Entertained.

    Read This to Know: How much exercise Does a German Shepherd need a Day?

    Read This to Know : How much exercise Does a German Shepherd need a Day?

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    How To Proof No Jumping

    Proofing in different areas is pretty simple. ;Basically, all you need to do is rinse and repeat the steps you originally followed.

    This part goes pretty quickly because all you’re doing is showing your dog what you want in different places.

    Proofing with more challenging criteria takes a little more work and creativity on your part.

    You can work on your own, or you can work with someone.

    To begin with, you’ll click and reward as you’re doing the jump provoking behavior.

    And once your dog is successfully staying calm and not jumping you’ll start clicking and rewarding after the distraction.

    Remember the golden rule of dog training is to set your dog up for success. ;If your pooch is getting too excited and failing go back a step to less distractions.

    Here’s a quick example of proofing at the front door

    Greet your dog in an excited, happy voice and you can even add some physical touch here. ;All these things excite;dogs and that’s what you want so you can proof the behavior.

    Remember to click and reward. ;So it’ll look something like this

    Jump provoking behavior / no jumping / click / reward.

    If your dog is doing well, raise the criteria even more by moving excitedly to and from the door. ;Remember a happy voice!

    If your dog does jump, just move to the side and ignore them. And then take a step back to calmer movements and voice.

    You can even pretend that you’re scared of your dog. ;So try using body movements that a person who’s afraid of dogs would do.

    Why Do German Shepherd Puppies Bite

    Its important to understand that your fuzzy little friend isnt being aggressive this is just how your puppy plays. Up until this time, your puppy was with its littermates, and playtime meant lots of mouthy, nipping fun.

    Accordingly, this is the only way your GSD knows how to play! As a new puppy parent, youll need to teach your dog other gentler ways to play.

    A German Shepherd puppy also uses their mouths to explore different things like toys or hands, ankles, furniture pretty much anything they can get their mouth around.

    Because dogs cant pick things up and examine them, they resort to using their mouths. While being mouthy isnt inherently a bad thing, youre in trouble when teeth start getting involved.

    Your puppy could also be teething, which can increase their mouthy behavior.

    Now that you understand a little more about why your pup is biting, you shouldnt be alarmed. Just be patient as you work through the German Shepherd puppy biting phase give your pup time to learn to be gentle when playing or seeking your attention.

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