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Why Does My German Shepherd Follow Me Everywhere

Why Is My German Shepherd Scared Of Everything

GSD puppy follows me everywhere, and is always hungry for milk

Even large dogs like a German Shepherd can experience phobias even strange ones like fear of the dark or your vacuum. While this might seem kind of cute at first, its actually critical that you learn the signs of fear in your Shepherd as soon as possible so that your dog will be confident and less likely to act unpredictably from their fear.

Today well take the mystery out of why your dog is afraid by telling you what signs you can look for, as well as common fears for Shepherds and what you should do about them.

Lets explore why your Shepherd is so scared!

  • In Closing: Identify The Fear And Help Your Shepherd To Be More Confident
  • How Will A German Shepherd Protect Me

    A Trained German shepherd can protect you in many ways.

    ;If he feels that a stranger is trying to hurt you, then he might;bark aggressively;and warn him to stay away from you.;

    German Shepherd dogs barking can intimidate many people.

    German Shepherd also gives warning to a stranger with their;body language.;;He may growl, show teeth, and a straight-up tail is a sign that he might attack him.

    Your GSD will Stay Close to you and will try to keep the persons or animal who wants to hurt you away from you.

    Focus On Positive Reinforcement

    German Shepherds bond at different rates, but all need positive reinforcement to learn.

    Focusing on reinforcing good behaviors helps give your dog confidence. This confidence allows your GSD to begin to develop the faith and security they need in you.

    Take into consideration your German Shepherds:

    • Age
    • Learning abilities
    • Cognitive style

    Your German Shepherd isnt a robot allow him the time to think through his actions and respond. Not all dogs learn at the same pace, and pressuring your dog to hurry up to bond with you will only slow down the entire attachment process.;

    This is exactly what you DONT want!;

    Instead, catch your German Shepherd in the act of good behavior and reinforce this behavior using treats, praise, affection, or praise.

    For example:

    • Do you see your dog lying next to you quietly on the floor? Give them a small bit of a tasty treat, without fuss so they stay calm.
    • Is your puppy playing with the toy you want? Then, go over to him and engage him in play if hes comfortable with you.
    • On walks, does your German Shepherd check in with you by turning to look to see where youre at? This is a brilliant opportunity to reach into your pocket for a tasty morsel of treat.

    Seek out the good your dog does and reward them. Remember, German Shepherds repeat behaviors they get rewarded for.

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    Why Does My German Shepherd Pee Everywhere

    Why is My German Shepherd Urinating Excessively? There might be two reasons behind your dogs urinating problems; Cystitis or Urinary Tract Infection. Many GSDs suffer from urinary infections and start to urinate too often. Urinary infections are also caused by consuming infected water, stale food, and kidney stones.

    They Crave Attention And Feel Neglected

    Why does my German Shepherd puppy follow me everywhere ...

    Almost every dog will crave some degree of attention from their owner. Most dogs associate them with fun and affection. Therefore, if theyre not getting enough of those things, they could follow the owner in the hopes theyll get noticed.

    While you dont want to reinforce this clingy behavior, try playing with your dog the next time theyre following you around.

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    What Are The Golden Rules For German Shepherds

    Use these 7 Golden Rules when teaching your German Shepherd to make training easy and fun but above all successful Your German Shepherd comes from a long bloodline of working dogs. In the case of the GSD, the breed-specific function is herding and guarding. German Shepherds also make excellent sniffer dogs and excel in search and rescue.

    Recent Posts

    Teach Your Dog To Bark On Command And Be Quiet On Command

    Teaching your Gsd to bark on command will help you to control him when to bark and when not.

    For example, A stranger is trying to introduce in your house, and you want your german shepherd to scare him with barking.

    If you have taught him to bark on command, then he will follow your command immediately.

    34% of the Thieves interviewed by the police say that most of the time a dog inside the house makes them change the mind to go in.

    Also, teaching your German Shepherd to be quiet on command is essential.;

    If your dog does not stop barking when you want, then it can become frustrating.

    For example, a friend has come to your house, and your German Shepherd has confused him as a stranger, he will continue to bark because he will see him as a threat.

    If you have correctly thought him to be quiet on command, then it will not be a big issue to calm him down.

    Here is an article that explains you: how to train a German Shepherd to be guard dog

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    Is It Bad If My Blue Heeler Follows Me Everywhere

    The fact that your Blue Heeler is constantly by your side is not inherently good nor bad.

    Depending on the lifestyle, a lot of people enjoy this kind of behavior from their dogs. They love having their four-legged friends around and keeping them company.

    Many owners cant imagine going for a walk or for a run without their dog by their side.

    On the other hand, many find it stressful and disturbing to their daily routine. Thats why its important to do proper research before purchasing or adopting a dog.

    Although dog behavior often depends on training and individual genetics, some breeds are definitely more clingy than others.

    For those who enjoy private time away from their pets, herding breeds, such as Blue Heeler, are definitely the ones to avoid.

    Sometimes, your dog following you around can help discover some underlying issues. When a dog gets sick and is ailing, it can often feel scared and confusing.

    Staying close to you and tracking your every step may be a coping mechanism for them.

    If your Blue Heeler suddenly starts getting overly attached, it may be a sign to take it to the vet for a checkup.

    Furthermore, some dogs become more clingy as they get older. When they reach a certain age, their eyes, ears, and joints dont work as they used to.

    They start feeling insecure and look to stay by the side of their humans for extra security and comfort.

    Powerful Factors In German Shepherd Bonding

    12 Reasons Not to Get a German Shepherd!

    These 3 powerful factors in German Shepherd bonding help determine the strength of the bond.

    German Shepherd owners that are in tune with their dogs see the world from their dogs point of view.

    They treat the dog with understanding, responding positively to their needs and feelings.;

    Their responses which reduce anxiety, help the dog to manage their behavior, and prevent behavior problems provide a scaffold for future experiences. In return, a GSD is able to manage their behavior more appropriately and without undue stress.;

    Focus on opportunities to build this foundation of attachment and bonding by:

    • Being available helping your dog to trust you
    • Responding sensitively helping your dog to manage their behavior and feelings
    • Accepting your GSD for their uniqueness builds confidence;

    German Shepherds need to grow up knowing they have a secure place within the family. A place where they belong and have responsibilities in relation to other family members.;

    Feeling a part of the family is an important base for emotional growth.

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    How Do I Get My German Shepherd To Stop Staring At Me

    You have several options if you would like to limit the number of times that your pet stares at you.

    First, you could try to simply ignore the behavior. Doing so will especially help if your pet is staring at you in an attempt to receive attention. Ignoring your pet will show them that you are in charge.

    For the ignore method to truly work, you will need to ignore any behavior that occurs along with the staring. That means you may not punish any bad behavior as well.

    When your dog begins to behave in the manner you want, you should reward him right away so he knows that is the way you want him to act.

    This also means that you should not give it anything it likes while the staring behavior is happening. For example, if you are eating, do not give him any of your food. Doing so will only encourage the behavior to continue.

    Also, make sure your pet is getting enough exercise and attention from you. This will help ensure your pet is happy and healthy and will help to keep the staring to a minimum.

    One great way to make sure your pet is getting enough exercise while also giving it plenty of your attention is to play fetch.

    This activity is not only engaging for both of you as you are playing together, but it will also encourage your pet to run long distances as it must run to retrieve an item and then run to bring it back to you.

    It could be that your pets staring is the result of a behavioral issue that you may not have the experience necessary to diagnose on your own.;

    Should You Let This Behavior Happen Or Limit It

    If you arent too worried about your German Shepherd following you around everywhere, you may think its ok to let it happen. But this isnt advisedIf this behavior continues it may inadvertently cause separation anxiety in the future. By following you everywhere you go, your German Shepherd is slowly becoming dependant on you being there. So when you do actually leave and she cant follow, it may result in increased nerves and anxiety.While this may not always be the outcome, considering how difficult separation anxiety is to overcome, everything should be done to prevent it in the first place.Popular German Shepherd Articles on The Puppy Mag

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    Does A German Shepherd Only Bond With One Person

    No, German Shepherds dont only bond with one person. A German Shepherd can bond with each member of the family in different ways. But, they will form a stronger working bond with one individual who they look to for direction and cues over other people. German Shepherds bond with people during the time they spend together on a one-to-one basis.

    Essentially, a German Shepherd needs to have confidence in their handlers abilities as a leader and feel secure that their handler is committed to their welfare.

    It is the interactions between the leader and the GSD that strengthen and help form the bond.

    Creating a strong bond between an owner and a German Shepherd doesnt only involve caring for the dogs basic needs, but requires a deeper understanding of a GSDs innate drives and behavior.

    This is where the knowledge of knowing how a German Shepherds mind works and having a strong foundation in dog training comes into play. How an owner responds to situations influences the bonding process during the first few months of their relationship.

    Creating a healthy environment in which the owner offers their German Shepherd the confidence and security they need will enable the dog to develop trust in their owners.

    Your German Shepherd Is A Velcro Dog

    Why does my German Shepherd puppy follow me everywhere ...

    A Velcro dog wants to stay always with his owner. He will follow him anywhere and everywhere.

    You can say that a Velcro German Shepherd has the craze to follow the owner everywhere.

    German Shepherd Dogs that work alongside the owner all day long are prone to become velcro dogs.

    Do not confuse separation anxiety with a velcro dog. German Shepherd with separation anxiety will panic when he does not see you or you leave the house.

    A Velcro Dog will try to stay very close to you all the time when you are around.

    What are the causes of this behavior?

    A German Shepherd can become a velcro dog for different reasons.

    1 If you Give your Shepherd treats or rewards every time he comes to you then he might think that staying with you will always get him a reward

    2 If you rescued a German Shepherd who has been abandoned in the past, then he can get more attached to you and behave like a velcro dog

    3 Some dogs just follow you because they are bored and have nothing to do

    4 Older German Shepherd Dogs might found it safe to stay near you.

    5 Also, letting your Shepherd sleeping with you can create dependence.

    6 If your German Shepherds behavior changed quickly, then it can be a health problem.

    7 If Your German Shepherd Dog develops vision or hearing problems, he can get scared and try to stay near you to feel safe.

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    He Is Waiting For Something

    When you always do certain things at the same time every day, like taking the dog for a walk or setting out a bowl of food, your dog will come to expect that and to get used to that routine.

    As a result, if you are late doing something, your pet may sit and stare at you to find out if you are going to do the activity that it is used to you doing.

    They Were Bred That Way

    German Shepherds belong to a herding group of dogs. They were bred to help farmers herd sheep and animals.

    These dogs are also famous for being protective of their owners.

    These are the reasons why German Shepherds always look to you for guidance. They follow you around, ready to do your bidding.

    So dont be surprised to have them on your heels wherever you go. After all, how can they protect you if youre not together all the time?

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    Desensitization Training In A Safe Environment

    If youve got a pretty good idea of what your dog is afraid of, you can desensitize them by introducing them to what they fear in a controlled environment. It is best done with a helper, so that you can tell your dog sit or lay down so that they become more used to the thing that they fear and learn to respond in a controlled manner.

    Why Does My Dog Follow Me Into The Bathroom

    Grooming My German Shepherd At Home

    Your dog is the furry companion you can always count on to be by your side, even when you dont need it like when youre using the bathroom! While its true we often attend their potty breaks, do they really have to attend ours? If youve been wondering, Why does my dog follow me? weve got answers.

    If your dog follows you into the bathroom, its likely a result of their animal instinct and pack mentality. Canines who do this are referred to as Velcro dogs, due to their desire to be attached to your side. They may follow you around, even to the bathroom, to protect a part of their pack. Without you in sight while youre home, they may feel a sense of vulnerability.

    It could also be related to positive reinforcement. If every time you are with your dog, he gets affection or treats, hes likely to more often,says Dr. Rachel Barrack, a licensed veterinarian certified in both veterinary acupuncture and Chinese herbology with Animal Acupuncture in New York City.

    Whether because theyre nervous or curious, your bathroom is a part of you dogs home, and as such, monitoring your whereabouts within these boundaries comes second nature to them. Privacy isnt an issue for your dog, but they are always concerned about your safety.

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    Rescued Or Adopted German Shepherds

    If youve rescued or adopted a German Shepherd with an unknown history their fear and stress may make bonding more difficult. Rest assured, there are still many ways to show them that you will provide the comfort and dependability they deserve.

    A fearful dog takes much longer to bond and requires more work, but the end results are well worth your commitment and effort.

    Visit An Animal Behaviorist

    ;If all seems not to work, then your dog could be following you because of anxiety, and with that, you need to seek the services of an animal behaviorist who will help eradicate this behavior. Get help from this animal behaviorist, and he will guide you and help analyze why the German shepherd dog is acting in such away.

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    Why Your German Shepherd Follows You Everywhere

    If your German Shepherd follows you;around everywhere then youre probably wondering why and what you can do about it. This post will give you a number of reasons why your German Shepherd might be following you around and what you can do about it.

    So, why does your German Shepherd follow you? Possible reasons include wanting attention, wanting something else like food, separation anxiety, being in its nature to follow you and you might have been reinforcing the behavior by giving it what it wants.;

    And what can you do about it? To get your German Shepherd to stop following you around you can try giving it more exercise than usual, ignoring the behavior and rewarding it when it doesnt follow you or you can get help from a dog behaviorist.;

    Before getting your German Shepherd to stop following you around it can actually be very helpful to take the time to figure out why.


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