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How To Breed My German Shepherd

Why Shouldnt You Fight Back

How to breed a German Shepherd dog

When you are being attacked, your instinct is to fight back by punching the dog or thrashing around. This will only cause a more frenzied attack as you could cause the dog to become more excited and aggressive. By making yourself less of a threat and staying as calm as possible, you are allowing the dog to calm down as well.

Your German Shepherd Dogs Health

We know that because you care so much about your dog, you want to take good care of her. That is why we have summarized the health concerns we will be discussing with you over the life of your Shepherd. By knowing about health concerns specific to German Shepherd Dogs, we can tailor a preventive health plan to watch for and hopefully prevent some predictable risks.

Many diseases and health conditions are genetic, meaning they are related to your pets breed. There is a general consensus among canine genetic researchers and veterinary practitioners that the conditions weve described herein have a significant rate of incidence and/or impact in this breed. That does not mean your dog will have these problems it just means that she is more at risk than other dogs. We will describe the most common issues seen in German Shepherd Dogs to give you an idea of what may come up in her future. Of course, we cant cover every possibility here, so always check with us if you notice any unusual signs or symptoms.

Brushing your dogs teeth daily will prevent periodontal disease.

Breeding German Shepherd Dogs

At least one month prior to breeding, the female dog should have a thorough physical examination by the vet. She should be up-to-date on shots and should tested for parasites and dewormed. Before breeding German shepherds it’s also important to run a brucellosis test.

It is also important that the chosen stud dog has had health screen done as well with good hip and elbow scores. Choosing the ideal stud is also not an easy task, in general pick one that, on top of being healthy, has a good temperament, excellent trainability and great conformation and whose qualities will strengthen your female dog’s weaknesses while emphasizing her qualities.

This can be time consuming research considering that it will require you to study pedigrees.

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Are German Shepherds Good With Other Dogs

There are a lot of benefits to having a dog, but do you know what traits they should have to be the best for your family? A common concern that many people have is how do German shepherds get along with other dogs, especially if yours is an only dog. This article will help answer this question so you can better understand the qualities of a good family dog and whether or not a German shepherd would be a good choice for you.

Many dogs do well being solitary animals, but some do much better when they have another furry friend around. If you have ever had more than one pet at home, then do german shepherds get along with other dogs shouldnt be a question for you. Dogs are pack animals by nature, and as such they enjoy the company of their own kind.

This is especially true for German shepherds, which are a particularly social breed. They thrive on companionship and will do best if they have another dog in the home to play with. Not only will this keep them happy and healthy, but it can also help reduce any destructive behaviors that may occur when they are left alone for too long.

Of course, not every dog is compatible with every other, so it is important to do your research ahead of time and make sure that a German shepherd would be a good fit for your current pet situation. If you already have a dog and are considering adding a German shepherd, do german shepherds get along with other dogs is a very important question to find the answer too.

Signs Of Estrus In German Shepherds

My 15 month old King Shepherd / German Shepherd, Zeus. He ...

So how do you know if your German Shepherd is in estrus? With this being a dogs most fertile period, its important to be aware of the signs.

Whether you are choosing to breed or avoiding pregnancy in your furry friend, knowing the signs of estrus can help you and your pup in the long run.

Some of the most common signs of estrus in German Shepherds include:

  • Swollen vulva
  • More receptive to male dogs
  • Increase in urination

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West And East German Shepherd Bloodlines Why The Split

Due to Germany’s divide by the Berlin Wall, the pre-existing differences between East and West German Shepherds became even more pronounced.

Germany was divided by the Berlin Wall after World War II. When that happened, ways of living varied greatly on each side of the Wall.

Living conditions weren’t just different for humans, but for their canine counterparts also.

Therefore, the pre-existing differences between East and West German Shepherds became even more pronounced due to the unique ways they were bred on each side.

For instance, German Shepherds produced from Eastern bloodlines were bred to be more aggressive because they worked alongside East German authorities.

This attribute played a role in stopping people from scaling the heavily-fortified Berlin Wall and escaping East Germany.

How Can Breeding Age Affect My Gsds Puppies

The eventual goal of breeding is to have a healthy litter of puppies, right? If that is the case, then the breeder first needs to understand how a healthy pregnancy resulting in healthy puppies can be achieved and how age will affect the goal they have in mind.

Breeding at a Young Age

For any German Shepherd, Male or Female, breeding too young can bring serious consequences to the puppies.

However, it is really the result of breeding a female too early that brings about a greater number of problems.

The risk to both mother and puppy increases when a mother is younger than when she is older.

A young mother is not fully developed herself, and as she tries to carry out a full term pregnancy, her puppies can be a drain on her and she will have an increased risk of stillbirth and miscarriage.

With mothers as young as a year old, a German Shepherd could easily die during the whelping process as her pelvis is not fully developed thus endangering the lives of her puppies as well.

Breeding at an Older Age

Now that a female German Shepherd is of age, what happens when he or she is too old to be bred?

Chances are, there will be much more risk involved if the mother is bred at an older age.

For older German Shepherds, a mother has an increased risk of stillborn births and miscarriage than she would at a more proper age.

Even beginning to breed a German Shepherd as at late as four years old can cause some serious consequences and difficulties in the whelping process.

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What Are The Standards For Breeding A New Gsd

Typically before you begin breeding a new German Shepherd, there are a few things one must account for to make sure their dog is fit for breeding.

Below is a shortlist for you to check off before you take your dog to be bred.

Have you

  • Found a proper stud for your GSD?
  • Checked out your GSDs Genetic History?
  • Taken your GSD to the vet to be screened for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia?
  • Gotten your GSD titled?
  • Taken your GSD to training?

The most important thing for you to consider when breeding your GSD is your dogs health.

As the breeder, a person will want the healthiest puppies possible, thus they should be making sure that their dog has the best genetic traits to pass on to the next generation.

A breeder should also be understanding of the genes carried by their dogs potential mate making sure there will be no hazard to the health of any and all future puppies.

Consider speaking to some experienced breeders to get their opinions on the dogs you plan to breed.

If need be, fill out the necessary paperwork and make the proper agreements about the puppies you will be whelping if you plan to work with someone to acquire a stud for your GSD.

Studding your GSD may take time and could require some money depending on the agreements that are made between owners.

All in all, make sure to get the opinions of professionals such as vets and experienced breeders before taking any action in mating a German Shepherd that is new to breeding.

Overview Of The Basenji

How to breed a German Shepherd dog

The Basenji comes from East Africa and is among the three oldest known breeds of dog. 95-97% of races have their origin in wolves, but that of the Basenji is not clear. Genetically, there is not as much correspondence with Canis lupus familiaris, the domestic dog that we know now. That is why it is believed that it is even older than the wolf.

Basenjis are African dog breeds that are historically used for hunting. They are similar to the Ekuke dog or Bingo The Dog, a local dog breed found in Nigeria. Their hunting characteristics arent what distinguishes this kind of dog from the rest.

In many towns and cities, some dogs bark insistently and are a nightmare for the neighbors. There are breeds, like the German Shepherd, that for any little detail they cry into the sky.

Many neighbors tormented by the barking of dogs believe that the perfect dog does not bark or annoy. And that is why a breed that never barks, as is popularly said, has become famous. It is the Basenji breed, a small-medium-sized dog.

So, what is truly meant when they say the Basenji is a dog that never barks? And is it truly the case or not? There are many nuances here, but it is true that in terms of the anatomy of the phonation area, it has different peculiarities from the rest of the breeds.

This implies that the sound that comes out of the breeds mouth is different from the typical sound of dogs when they bark.

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Creating An Entertainment Schedule

To make it easier on you and your GSD, use a simple schedule for activities to reduce boredom.

All of the ideas described above will help your German Shepherd keep busy. However, the more consistent you are the better the results youll see with your dogs behaviors. Try to schedule at least one entertaining activity per day to start.

Get creative!

The more ideas you have scheduled the more likely your dog will have a great workweek and keep entertained and happy. Set yourself and your GSD up for success by always keeping your interactions with your dog positive and happy.

Heres an example of a busy entertainment schedule for a German Shepherd .

Develop A Strong Bond

Training your German Shepherd isnt just about teaching them good manners. It is also very much about developing your relationship with each other.

With every training session, you become more in tune with one another and learn more about how to communicate with each other. The bond you develop with your GSD through training will translate to their affection and loyalty towards you.

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How To Socialize A German Shepherd Puppy

As early as possible you must teach the pup that it is safe and pleasing to be around people and other animals. During these first few weeks getting your puppy used to human contact is essential. It will need to accept handling like: Petting, Grooming and Brushing, people touching its head and front limbs, being picked up without any fear reaction such as struggling or panicking accepting nail trims and teeth brushing with no resistance tolerating collar, leash and harness training allowing objects like car travel, carrying the dog like a bag across the road, etc. How will I know if my new puppy is being socialized correctly?

If your new puppy is accepting all of the above treatment without being fearful or over-excited then he will be well on the way to being a happy and confident adult dog. How do I get my German Shepherd Puppy used to these things?

The key here is patience, time and repetition. Ensure that you have plenty of treats on hand for when your puppy accepts something willingly, reward him with praise or a treat. Also ensure that whenever he is exposed to new people, animals or situations you are there to reassure him with calm words of encouragement, always ask people to talk in soft voices while they are around your pet.

German Shepherd Bloodlines And Breeding: Expert Advice And Tips

Is my german shepherd a pure breed?

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Josh Billings is credited with the quote

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than himself.

That saying never rings more true than it does with German Shepherd Dogs.

Since this canine is specifically bred to meet the specialized needs their owners require, having one is a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you are considering making a GSD part of your life, keep in mind that a German Shepherd is one of the most powerful dogs on the planet!

I’m Cindy Kelly, and at Regis Regal German Shepherds, we know how important it is for you to adopt a German Shepherd that is a good fit for your personality and lifestyle.

To make sure that happens, it’s best to get you familiarized with the different German Shepherd bloodlines and breeding practices.

For starters, if you want to purchase one of these lovely fellows or ladies, it’s vital to understand the main differences between the attributes and traits each bloodline offers.

To that end, I’ve put together the following history and background on this world-famous dog’s bloodlines.

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Why Get Dog Insurancefrom Pumpkin

German Shepherds are a generally healthy breed, but unexpected ruh-rohs can happen to any dog at any age. If your pup gets hurt or sick, pet insurance can help you say yes to the best care, even when its costly. When it comes to shopping for this breed, youll want to choose an insurance like Pumpkin that covers hereditary conditions German Shepherds are prone to developing, and that can be costly to treat. While a reputable breeder will conduct genetic testing on your pups parents to help minimize the chances of passing down hereditary conditions they cant always be avoided. Lets look at some common ones, and how Pumpkin Insurance could help cover the cost of care!

When Should I Start Training My German Shepherd Puppy

Training your German Shepherd should start as soon as you take them home. If youre getting your puppy from a breeder, this would be around 8 to 12 weeks old.

As puppies, German Shepherds are very impressionable. They learn rather quickly and have not yet picked up bad behaviors that can disrupt training.

Potty training will be a breeze and they can learn basic obedience very quickly. Additionally, they will learn to respect your leadership right away.

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Create An Indoor Obstacle Course

Begin agility training indoors with the right creative thinking.

Starting or enjoying agility with your German Shepherd doesnt need to take up a large amount of space

Or cost a lot of money!

With their natural desire to herd and move through obstacles, an indoor agility course is just what you need. Get creative using what you already have around the house:

  • Empty cardboard boxes of varying sizes for your dog to go around
  • Chairs or tables for your puppy to crawl under
  • A sheet or towel draped over two stools for a make-shift tunnel

Look around and use what you already own to start creating your indoor obstacle course. As long as you keep your dog safe from any falling objects and work within their health needs , then you can design the agility course to challenge your dogs drive and herding traits.

An even simpler solution is to buy a piece of agility equipment that you can use both indoors and out. Try this lightweight dog agility kit that sets up in minutes and is customizable for a variety of exercises.

Its basically a mobile gym in a bag for your German Shepherd!

How Can Age Affect A German Shepherds Pregnancy

Planned breeding of my German Shepherd Dogs

If you are looking to breed your female German Shepherd, you must first have a clear understanding of what if often referred to as her Heat Cycle. This is also called the Estrus Cycle.

Your German Shepherds heat cycle can be compared to a womans menstrual cycle, as it is similar in nature that because it lets you know a German Shepherd is ready to be bred.

Once your German Shepherd is about six years of age, she will experience her first heat cycle. This should happen about two times a year about six months apart for the rest of her life.

However, there is a certain period of time in your German Shepherds life when you should really be paying attention to when she is in heat.

From about ages two to eight, you can acceptably breed your German Shepherd, giving her breaks between cycles. Perhaps breeding her once a year.

At these ages, a female German Shepherd is the most sexually mature and more likely to have healthier pups.

However, the older a German Shepherd becomes, the more fragile her eggs become and the more complications begin to arise with pregnancy for both the mother and her puppies.

The older she gets, the more susceptible to excessive blood loss during the birthing process she may become or even stillbirths.

Also as your German Shepherd ages, the less milk she is likely to produce while being continually bred.

This poses a problem for the health of her puppies as well as for her.

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