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Are German Shepherds Part Wolf

This Is What You Need To Know About The German Shepherd Wolf Mix

Is My German Shepherd Part Wolf: Learn About Wolf-Dog Hybrids

German Shepherd Wolf Mix is a cross of German Shepherd and a Wolf, also known as Wolf-Shepherd or Wolf-dog. The first hybrid of a Wolf and German Shepherd was performed by Leendert Saarloos in 1932, some studies prove that they existed in Teotihuacan many years ago. Wolf dogs lifespan is 12 to 14 years.

This might seem like a dream dog combo come true, but what is the story behind this legendary wolf dog? Heres everything you need to know.

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The Wolfshepherd is produced when a German Shepherd and a Wolf breed together.

Its difficult to understand this mix fully without first looking at the parents background because it is impossible to predict how a hybrid will look or act as it matures. No two Wolfdogs are the same!

Health: Do German Shepherd Wolf Mixes Have A Long Lifespan

German Shepherd Wolf mixes live about 12 to 14 years with the right care. These are relatively healthy dogs because they dont have many of the problems associated with dogs who have been bred by humans.

Still, watch out for issues like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, bloat, and cancer. These are illnesses that commonly plague GSDs and their hybrids.;

One thing to consider is, it can be hard to find vets that will work with half wolf half dogs. It can present a legal and physical challenge for them.; Also, be aware that rabies vaccines dont work as well on wolf hybrids, so if a dog is exposed to rabies, they legally must be put down in many areas.;

Heres An Overview Of The German Shepherd Breed

German Shepherds are muscular, athletic, intelligent, capable, and eager to please. They were originally bred in Germany in the late 1800s.

Designed to assist farmers with herding and protecting sheep, these dogs can think on their feet and perform complex tricks!

Over time, the breed spread in popularity. This was due to its stunning appearance, capable mind, and adjustable temperament. These dogs can be found working with military forces and police officers all over the world today!

You can read all about wolfish German Shepherds and German Shepherd wolf mixes at AnythingGermanShepherd.com. To learn more about black German Shepherds, check out this article from perfectdogbreeds.com.

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How Cute Are They

Wolf and German Shepherd mix are definitely unique and extremely cute when puppies because of their small stature and playful nature. As they grow they tend to have temperament issues that can be controlled through intensive training from birth. Kids, adults, as well as other animals, cannot always be around them unless they are well trained. However, with training, the wolf hybrid dogs can be amazing pets.

Is The German Shepherd Wolf Mix Dangerous

German Shepherd Wolf Mix: Is This Legendary Wolfdog Right ...

Wolfshepherds and wolfdogs in general, have been the center of controversy.

They are perceived as dangerous pets and considered, by many organizations to be wild animals and therefore unsuitable as pets. They are restricted in many states. While they are considered and treated as pets in other States. They make great pets for some owners while wolfdogs attacked their owners to take over the pack in domination games.

But one thing is sure, a wolfdogs behavior is unpredictable! So, they are not a safe pet for an ordinary owner.

Another thing is that wolfdogs are territorial to an extent that can cause problems. Any person or other animal entering their territory can be subject to attack.

In conclusion, Wolfshepherds carry primitive traits that are hard to deal with for an average owner. So, if you have no experience with wolfdogs, you may want to consider other options!

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The Mainstream German Shepherd Genetic Origin Max Von Stephanitz & Horand Von Grafath

So, we know that German Shepherds as domesticated dogs are distantly related to the gray wolf.

But, after that, where does the German Shepherd get its bloodlines and original breeding from?

If you do a basic Google search, youll most likely find that the breed creator was a man named Max von Stephanitz.

Youll probably also find that Max was impressed by a dog at a dog show that showed many impressive traits like the erect ears and working-like body that German Shepherds were known for.

He later purchased that dog, and named it Horand von Grafrath.

Horand became a sire of the original standardised German Shepherd breeding program.

The German Shepherd became officially;registered as a breed in 1899, when Max also;founded the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde .

However, what most people dont often hear is that whilst Horand was impressive, Max was not completely satisfied with the fact that Horand was as easy to train as he would have liked due to his unharnessed energy and high desire to play instead of being focussed completely on working.

Max needed to round out the breeding stock, so he looked to the other regional non-standardised Shepherds in the local German towns.

More Information & Facts About The German Shepherd Dog Breed

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Has A Gsd Wolf Hybrid Ever Attacked Anybody

All wolf hybrids, including GSD wolf mixes, have severely bitten or attacked people and pets in the United States.;

Wolf-hybrids often attack children more than adults because children make noises resembling small prey animals.

More often, wolf-dog mixes will attack other pets than people. These are very territorial animals.;

If any other animal is perceived as being on their turf, a GSD wolf mix may not only attack but kill a dog, cat, or other animal.

What Color Does This Wolfdog Come In

Wolf dog and German Shepherd are friends part 2

German Shepherd Wolf dogs come in any color youd see their parents have. That includes sable, gray, tan, or red. Its possible for them to have a rare coat of black or white, while some have a combination of these shades.;

Their hair can be medium or long, and they all have a heavy double coat that sheds profusely.

Want to see what a German Shepherd Wolf mix will look like if it has more wolf in its genes? Watch this video of Balto playing with a smaller designer dog:

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Where Do You Buy A Wolf German Shepherd Mix

If you think this dog might be right for you, youll want to do your research before buying one. You can search for private wolf hybrid breeders or check out adoption centers that specialize in Wolf mixes.

Before buying a pup, you will want to make sure to establish a good relationship with any potential breeder. Youll also want to ensure that these hybrids are legal in your state.

You can get a lot of information on the temperament, care requirements, and history of the dog you get from your breeder.

This guide from animals.mom.me can tell you which states allow private individuals to own Wolf-Dog hybrids. Wolf-Dog ownership is illegal in Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Wyoming, Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, and Illinois.

This means that you will likely not find a Wolf-Dog or Shepherd-Wolf breeder in any of these states. Its a good idea to read up on county and state laws before purchasing or adopting any kind of wild or semi-wild hybrid.

Never buy a Wolf-Dog of any kind without doing your research first. These dogs can need special care and may require you to commit to a lot of training and socializing.

However, if you believe this is the right dog for you, by all means, start checking out Wolf-Dog breeders!

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Watch A Wolf Vs A German Shepherd At Mealtime

In this YouTube video, it is a lot easier to see how a wild wolf still actually looks quite different from a domesticated German Shepherd dog and they act quite differently in many ways as well.

The German Shepherd is larger, calmer, more attentive to his person, and has a much thicker coat than does the wild wolf.

Even though the video maker explains that the two have been raised together since puppyhood, the wild wolf is still skittish and less trusting around people even the one person she has a long positive association with.

It is an interesting video to contemplate how would your German Shepherd dog act or look differently if your dog did have wolf or wolf-hybrid parents?

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What Do They Eat

To understand the dietary requirements of a Shepherd wolf mix it’s essential to consult a professional. However, to give you a general idea, these wolf-like dogs consume a dry kibble diet and also require an adequate amount of raw meat and other supplements to ensure a healthy diet with a minimum of 50% consisting of proteins. Since they are active and agile they also need to have enough amount of liquids including water and require two hours of exercise minimum.

What If The Puppy Was Trained Really Well Will The Adult Behave

Should You Adopt a German Shepherd Wolf Mix? Read Before ...

Puppies of dogs, wolf-dog mixes, and even wolves can be trained and easily handled.

However, once the wolf-dog hybrid becomes physically and sexually mature, all bets are off. Theyll do whatever they want, which isnt necessarily what you want.

Just when a GSD wolf mix matures differs from puppy to puppy. Dogs mature a lot faster than wolves.;

A German shepherd wolf mix could mature as early as six months, when a GSD matures, or as late as four years old when a wolf typically matures.

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Five: Gsds Suffer Hip Dysplasia Far More Often Than Wolves

Partly because of the fashion for unusual hind legs and partly because of inbreeding, GSDs suffer from a painful genetic condition mostly unknown in wolves.

This is called hip dysplasia. It appears in GSDs of all ages, but especially in puppies and young dogs, like Riley in this YouTube video.

Do wolves get hip dysplasia? Yes, but it is only seen in very old wolves as a consequence of arthritis, notes author and animal behaviorist Jeffrey Moussaieff Maison in his popular 1998 book, Dog Never Lie About Love.

How Do I Get A German Shepherd Wolf Mix

So, ready to add a wolfshepherd to your life? We cant blame you. Despite being formidable pets to have, they are incredible.

You can either rescue one who is looking for a new home, or purchase a puppy.

When buying, expect to pay somewhere between $800 and $1,200. Some can cost up to $5,000. These arent cheap dogs to breed and be cautious if you find one in the $200 to $500 range.

Most wolfdogs are imported from Germany, but they are costly.

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German Shepherd Vs Wolf

Even though German Shepherd looks like a wolf, they are still different. You might be asking the questions, how German Shepherd Dogs are related with wolves? or will it be possible that a German Shepherd and a wolf be cross bred? This article will give you clear understanding about German Shepherd vs. wolf.

German Shepherds Are Not An Ancient Dog Breed

German Shepherd Attack vs Wolf | Real Attack & Fight

German Shepherd dogs may be the second most popular choice for a companion canine in America today, but they are not considered an ancient dog breed.

Quite the contrary, as a matter of fact. Captain von Stephanitz only began to develop the breed we now call the German Shepherd in the 18th century.

In a landmark genetic study comparing the genomes of 85 modern domestic dog breeds to the genome of their shared gray wolf ancestors, researchers discovered 14 breeds that are more genetically similar to wolves than other dogs.

These breeds are the Siberian Husky, the Egyptian Saluki, the Alaskan Malamute, the African Basenji, the Asian Shar-Pei, the Asian Chow-Chow, the Asian Shih-Tzu, the Asian Pekingese, the Asian Akita, the Tibetan Terrier, and the Asian Shiba Inu.

These dog breeds are considered to be the most ancient of all domestic dog breeds and thus the closest living relatives of ancient wild wolves.

As National Geographic points out, these ancient breeds from Asia and Africa may perhaps be the modern domestic dogs closest genetic link to the ancient wolves the dog is descended from.

However, when you think of the dainty Pekingese or the Shih-Tzu, with their long hair-like coats and tiny size, it is very easy to see how people might assume the large and imposing German Shepherd is more closely related to wolves than either of these breeds!

This just goes to prove that looking at a dog often cant tell you much about the genetic makeup of that breed.

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How To Exercise Feed And Groom A Wolf Shepherd

Brace yourself for a series of time-consuming, challenging, and laborious training sessions if you plan on coaching your wolfdog to becoming more socializing and predictable.

To succeed in tutorship, make sure you outline clear exercise strategies, develop a regular coaching culture, and include balanced meals for the healthy growth and development of your Wolf Shepherd pup.

Recommendation You can adopt the German Shepherd Wolf Mix, only if you are a seasoned dog keeper.

The taming of dogs started more than 135 millenniums ago. Since their docility, different industries specializing in dog foods emerged, and to date, dogs still eat kibbled diets. However, wolves originate from wild forests and can only thrive on the raw flesh they get from their rapines.

Wolf German Shepherds will grow and develop actively when fed fresh meat diets, because raw meats contain good fats and proteins that keep them healthy.

Vitality requirements of dogs depend on various factors, including their physiological condition, age, and energy levels. Veterinarians can offer helpful advice on the right diet quantities and the frequency of feeding.

I recommend owners to feed their Wolf Shepherds no more than two times a day.

Unlike other breeds that can train anywhere in the backyard and with minimal supervision, Wolf Shepherds require not only strategic exercises but also active workout sessions to burn their calories and keep fit.

Why Wolves & Wolf

Dogs have been bred for thousands of years to do what people want them to do.;

Its in their genes to not only please people but to watch them constantly to see if the person is going to ask them to do something. They also ask people for affection.

Wolves are just the opposite and many wolf-dog mixes also suffer from this character flaw, especially if theyre half-wolf.;

They often wont look at a person and dont solicit affection from people. Since they have no drive to please people, they wont.

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Does A German Shepherd Mixed With Wolf Make A Good Pet

Wolfshepherds are hard enough for an average owner to deal with. They are, technically, a domesticated wolf with wild pack drives. They seek leadership and respect. So, they require a firm pack leader to be their owner who is able to establish rules, and respectfully assert himself as the alpha. Some people confuse being the alpha as a bullying and it is completely wrong!

So, it all depends on the canine individual and their traits as well as the abilities of their owner. If you can be an Alpha owner, prepared for consistent training, patience and proper socialization, you will be able to frame their behavior and they can be the wild canine of your dreams!

German Shepherd: Protective & Highly Intelligent

Are German Shepherds Part Wolf?

In 1899, Captain Max von Stephanitz bred the first German Shepherd dog in Germany. He aimed to produce a herding dog, unrivaled in wit, obedience, and physical prowess.

Today, the German Shepherd is regarded as one of the most popular family and working dogs. Highly intelligent, fiercely loyal, and easy to train, this dog is widely used for police and military work and as a guard dog.

It does have a reputation for being aggressive towards strangers, as it is protective of its family. This can be tempered with early socialization and training.

Wolf-like in appearance with a long snout and pointed ears, the German Shepherd is large with a medium to long, thick coat. The traditional GSD is tan and black in coloring or can be solid white or black.

Other Popular German Shepherd Mixes

Because of its popularity as a family dog, several mixes have arisen with the German Shepherd as a parent. Here are some other well-known crossbreeds:

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Six: Differences In Eye Color

Wolfs eyes come in a wide variety of colors, including pale grey to a brown so deep its nearly black. Other colors include yellow, amber, grey-blue, and blue-green. In contrast, all GSD eyes are shades of brown.

Other eye colors have appeared in GSDs, especially blue, but they disqualified in the show ring and so are rarely bred to pass that eye color gene along. All dog and wolf puppies are born with blue eyes but their real color comes in a couple of months.

Do German Shepherds Have Wolf Ancestry

October 21, 2010 by SWestfall3

Horand von Grafrath, the first German shepherd dog, b. 1895, d. 1899. Max von Stephanitz used to him to found the breed.

Ive decided to open up another can of worms, but I found this article by Tina Barber on the Shiloh Shepherd website:

Anyone willing to do some INTENSE RESEARCH into the past will find considerable information linking the ORIGINS OF THIS BREED WITH THE WOLF!!

On Page 13 of the;Alsatian-Wolf Dog, reference to Mons. Otto Rahms regarding Hektor Von Wohlen was repeated by the well-known Swiss scientist Professor Studer that evidence was very strong that this dog had SOME wolf blood in at least ONE generation. Phylax Von Eulau was also suspected of having wolf blood when he raised a ruckus at a dog show in Germany, while passing a group of BORZOIS!! The most interesting dog is Woelfi Von Wolfsnest. On Page 14, you can read the entire account of her ancestry, describing her dams granddam, as a full SHE-WOLF! Yet, though Woelfi retained the appearance of her wolf ancestry, she had the temperament of a sheepdog with the exception that she did NOT MAKE FRIENDS WITH STRANGERS!! Her son, Schalk, was not particularly shy, but when bred back to his mother, produced pups;that reverted back to the temperament and characteristics of the wolf.

I dont know if any of this has been verified.

I do know that this part of the article is correct:

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