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German Shepherd Mutts For Sale

German Shepherd Christmas Tree Ornaments

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree! What a nice gift this would be. Every German Shepherd lover would love to have one of these German Shepherd Christmas ornaments in their tree.

My personal favorite is the Old World Christmas hand crafted, mouth blown ornament. Its a delicate piece of craftsmanship, beautifully hand painted and hand glittered.

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How Big Will A German Shepherd Lab Mix Get

Generally, this hybrid can be 26 inches tall and can weigh up to 88 pounds . Taking into account the height and weight of its German Shepherd and Labrador mix parents, this crossbreed is a medium to a large-sized dog. So measurements can still vary more or less from that range. If you think its size is quite challenging to deal with but you love this breed, you probably wouldnt mind this quirk and this responsibility at all.

German Shepherd Dachshund Mix: Feisty And Smart With A Big Heart

Credit: Kabirthekabob

German Shepherd Dachshund comes from two pure German breeds noticeably different in both appearance and personality, so it is a rather unexpected combination. It seems to work well, as it marries the characteristics of the parents perfectly, and its hard to tell which of the puppies is cuter than the other! Like any other mixed-breed, this one also can vary in the way they look and behave and should be taken care of differently. If you are thinking about getting one of these pooches, you should know roughly what to expect from a pup that is a German Shepherd mixed with Dachshund. Without further ado, lets get right into it.

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German Shepherd Pictures German Shepherd Art German Shepherd Gifts

Looking for German Shepherd gifts and decor? Youve come to the right place. Our pet shop offers dog decor and dog art featuring the German Shepherd dog breed. View our collection of German Shepherd pictures, German Shepherd art, German Shepherd paintings, and more. We offer home decor and garden decor celebrating the beauty and intelligence of German Shepherds.

If youre looking for dog statues and garden statues, then youve come to the right place! Add beauty to your home and garden decor with this German Shepherd Statue . If you adore this beloved dog breed, the German Shepherd Read More

Love German Shepherds? Then youll adore this gorgeous dog sign / yard sign! Express your love for dogs with dog signs. Embellish your outdoor and garden decor with your favorite dog breeds. German Shepherds are wonderful dogs. If you are Read More

Looking for German Shepherd pictures? Check out this dog painting! Dog painting features a German Shepherd along with a description of the dog breed, including character, disposition and temperament. With archival quality ink and eco-friendly wood construction, the dog Read More

If youre looking for German Shepherd statues and dog statues, then youve come to the right place! Add beauty to your home and garden decor with this German Shepherd Statue . If you adore this beloved dog breed, German Shepherd Read More

German Shepherd Mixes: 20 Different Gsd Crossbreeds

German Shepherd Puppy Adoption Maryland / Lobo, a jubilant German ...

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The German Shepherd is a firm family favorite who currently ranks as the second most popular dog in America according to the American Kennel Club. He was originally used as a herding dog in Germany, but it was soon realized that he made an excellent protection dog who has excelled in the police and military services across the world. Because of the breeds popularity, the German Shepherd mix is one of the most common mixed breed dogs, both intentionally and unintentionally.

The German Shepherd is described as confident, courageous and smart. For those that know him as a family pet, know that he is a loving and affectionate breed who adores his family. He is also a large dog who not only needs a fair bit of space both inside and outside the home, but he needs a lot of exercise to burn off all that energy.

The designer dog movement has resulted in many different purebreds being mixed across other breeds, and the GSD is no different. Below youll find 20 of the most popular German Shepherd mixes, so lets dive in and take a look at each!


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    What To Do If Your German Shepherd Puppy Has An Infected Ear

    If your german shepherd puppy has an infected ear, your safest option is to take it to the vet, If you cant take your dog in right away, you can follow these steps:

    • Clean the ear with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.
    • Apply a topical antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin or Polysporin.
    • Place cotton balls in the ear canal.
    • Keep the head of your pet elevated and make sure he doesnt shake his head.
    • Monitor for signs of infection.

    Here are also some things you should avoid doing if your german shepherd puppy has an infected ear:

    • Dont put anything else on the infected area as it may cause more problems.
    • Dont let your dog lick at its own ear to try and clean it. It might make the problem worse.

    German Shepherd Puppies Natural Ear Development Stages:

    • Gestation This is the first stage where the ears start to form, but they are not fully developed yet. They will keep growing as the puppy grows.
    • Ear formation This is when the ears start to take shape and are about 2 inches long. The ears will keep growing until they reach their final length at maturity, which is around 10 inches long.
    • Maturation At this point, the ear has reached its final size and its time for trimming or shaving down so that your dog can have a neat.

    Patriotic German Shepherd American Flag T

    The German Shepherd on this Patriotic German Shepherd American Flag T-Shirt is certainly a patriotic fellow, isnt he?

    This is one very cool and powerful looking t-shirt that features a fantastic artistic drawing of a German Shepherd right Infront of the stars and stripes! This is the perfect shirt for a tough guy or girl that also loves these awesome dogs!

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    Ikc Registered German Shepherd Pups For Sale

    Ad Status
    IKC registered German Shepherd pups

    Registered Seller of dogs in Ireland

    Any person selling or supplying six or more pet animals in a year is required to register with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and the Marine . These people must maintain certain records regarding pet animals kept for sale or supply and ensure the correct information is place in the ad, e.g. country of origin, microchip number, etc. Registeration is free and easy to do by filling out a form.

    More about this process can be seen plus a list of current Registered Sellers can be seen. If you have any questions you can contact, or call the Department directly on .

    This is set out in the Animal Health and Welfare Act of 2019.


    Microchip requirements for dogs in Ireland

    Legally all dogs over the age of 12 weeks must be microchipped. All dogs advertised for sale also need to be microchipped and registered with one of the four approved Irish databases, Animark, Fido, IKC or Irish Coursing Club. Fines can be imposed for being in posession of a dog that is not microchipped.

    You can click to see some public details of the dog microchip on the Europetnet website. Always ask to see the microchip cert when you view a dog and crosscheck the owners details.

    Laws about microchipping are covered in the Microchippng of Dogs Regulations 2015 , section 3.

    Verified symbol


    Tips for contacting sellers:

    Youll Have To Hide Your Shoes Because These Dogs Love To Chew

    German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

    Both of the Shepradors parent breeds have a passion for chewing, so youll need a serious dog toy supply to keep your furniture and your shoes safe. Always buy non-toxic toys, and substitute them with new ones as soon as they start deteriorating to avoid accidents.

    Your dog will need some strong toys, adapted to her age. Generally, you should avoid:

    • soft plush toys, especially if they have one layer of material only
    • stuffed toys, because the stuffing will end up in your dogs stomach
    • toys smaller than 3 inches , if you have an adult dog, as theres a high risk of choking.

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    German Shepherds: Family Protection Dogs Available

    German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, loyal, and physically gifted animals, making them an ideal candidate for your next family protection dog. Kraftwerk K9 offers world-class obedience training programs that teaches everything from basic fundamentals every puppy should know to custom tailored commands for home protection.

    Browse our trained family protection dogs available:

    Best Gifts For German Shepherd Dog

    According to the American Kennel Club, German Shepherds rank 2nd in the most popular dog breeds as of 2018. But do you know what kinds of gifts to get for these german shepherd lovers in your life? Or even better, do you want to find gifts that are under 25 dollars ?

    Well, luckily for you weve found some of the best reviewed german shepherd gift ideas for your family, friends, or even yourself!

    We may earn a commission if you decide to purchase something on this page .

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    Forever Faithful Womens German Shepherd Watch

    What makes this Forever Faithful Womens German Shepherd Watch such a great gift idea is that it manages to be both fun and classy.

    The watch has an elegant design which really makes this a fashionable watch. It also has a lovely little German Shepherd on the watch face to help tell the time which is adorable!

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    Keep Your Shepherd Lab Mix Busy Or Shell Mess Up Your House

    Sweet German Shepherd mixes ... roly poly tanks! # ...

    These dogs love to work. They have it in their blood, and can successfully do police work, including searching, tracking, rescue, or guard work. So if you dont keep your pet busy, shell find herself something to do.

    One of her favorite activities outside is digging holes, so youd better pet-proof your yard to avoid escape attempts.

    If you care about your flowers and plants, you should also consider building an enclosure to keep your dog away from them.

    When you bring her inside, provide her with toys and games to keep her busy. She will enjoy any activity that stimulates her mind, such as dog puzzles or training sessions.

    The advantage of having such a smart dog that also likes to please her owner is that you dont need to hire a professional trainer. Most Shepradors are easy to train, so youll be able to teach your dog some cool tricks and also help her control her watchdog habits, such as barking when you have strangers around the family home.

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    The Benefits Of The Aussie German Shepherd Mix

    If youre on the market for a dog that is as intelligent as it is large, then look no further than the beautiful Aussie German Shepherd mix While German shepherds tend to have a stubborn streak, this is often balanced out by the calmer demeanor of the Australian shepherd.

    This mixed breed also features the strength and power that is characteristic of both parent breeds. While this may be a downside for some, it comes as a massive benefit for anyone seeking a good mix of a guard dog and a companion.

    German Shepherds For Sale

    Kraftwerk K9 offers the nations best trained German Shepherd puppies and adult dogs available. Each puppy is provided with a nurturing environment to help them develop into loving and intelligent dogs suitable for any family. We are proud of each of our German Shepherds, which is why we do a thorough check into each potential dog-owner to assure these puppies go to the perfect home.

    See some of our available German Shepherds for sale below:

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    Are German Australian Shepherd Mixes Aggressive

    German Australian Shepherds may be alert and watchful but not naturally aggressive. On the contrary, they are warm and affectionate to those who have earned their trust.

    However, like German Shepherds, they may tend to be a bit aloof and introverted when it comes to strangers. Socializing them early on is important in raising a well-rounded dog.

    Should You Post Or Tape Your German Shepherd Puppys Ears

    Solid black German Shepherd puppy for sale

    The decision to tape or not to tape your German Shepherds puppys ears is a personal one. Some people say that it is cruel and unnecessary, while others believe that it will help prevent ear infections.

    A lot of people are wondering if they should tape their dogs ears to prevent them from getting hurt. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of taping your dogs ears and give you some insight into what you should do if you decide to go ahead.

    Why Do People Tape Their German Shepherd Puppies Ears In The First Place?

    There is a popular claim that less erect or shorter ears can help prevent dog injuries if they got into a fight, plus, it dramatically reduces the odds of getting an ear infection,


    • It is a one-time cost that doesnt require any ongoing expenses.
    • You can easily do it at home without any professional help.
    • Taping your dogs ears is a good way to avoid hearing damage or ear infections.


    • There is a risk that the tape will cause irritation or damage to your pets ears or skin, which could lead to infection or other problems in the future.

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    Items You Must Have If You Own A German Shepherd

    German shepherds are wonderful dogs but theyre not for everybody. Due to their high energy and intelligence, they take lots of time and attention. They are also high maintenance in the grooming and exercise departments.

    Despite all the time they require, they are worth every minute. Their love and loyalty is unmatched and there is no greater companion than a faithful German shepherd dog by your side.

    Whether you own one or are planning to get one in the future, there are 17 items that you must have if you own a German shepherd. They are:

    1. Good Quality Crate

    There are many good reasons to teach a dog to use a crate and very few excuses not to. Even if you dont keep your dog crated, training them to relax and accept a crate is important to their wellbeing.

    Just a few reasons why crate training is a good idea include, they may be crated at the vet so being familiar with one will help them be calm they may at some point in their life need to travel in a crate during an emergency, they may need to be crated for their own safety a crate is the perfect place to keep your dog when home repair is being done and other strangers are going in and out of the house when recovering after illness or injury it is a great training tool, a safe place for an unsupervised puppy.

    2. Strong Leash and Collar

    3. Training tools

    9. Storage container for food

    10. Treats

    11. Food and water dishes

    Are You Interested In More Adorable Dachshund Or German Shepherd Mixes

    Not sure that this mixed breed is the right one for you? First, check out our funniest German Shepherd memes and then the Dachshund memes and gifts, too. Now think again. If you still arent sold on this cross, do look at some of our top picks of other Dachshund cross-breeds and German Shepherd mixes. You can also check out some of the best dog breeds to adopt, and if you have money to spare, see which are the top 10 worlds most expensive dog breeds to own.

    More German Shepherd mixes:

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    What To Watch Out For

    At the same time, mixing these highly powerful breeds also results in a few drawbacks. The most obvious is that these dogs will be high energy. Youll need to have plenty of space for them to exercise. Extreme curiosity also plagues the breed, so youll need to be ready and eager to train them if youd rather not come home to gutted pillows and chewed up rugs!

    With both parents being long-haired, all Australian Shepherd Mixed German Shepherd will also require extensive grooming. In some cases, you may even want to look into finding a dedicated grooming service.

    If youre looking for other crossbreed dogs check these out.

    Personalized German Shepherd Gifts Just For Your Dog

    Spencer German Shepherd Dog Puppy 604077

    To make your beautiful bundle of fur look even more pawsome, then a personalized German Shepherd bandana is a fun accessory for your pup to wear, especially on special occasions like your German Shepherdâs birthday. Plus, if youre celebrating your GSDs special day, dont forget their card too. Explore our wide range of personalized German Shepherd cards which are pawfect for all occasions.

    Finding unique German Shepherd gifts couldnt be easier, simply add your dog to get started.

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