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How Much For A German Shepherd Puppies

What To Do If My German Shepherd Does Not Want To Eat


You are used to your German shepherd running to the kitchen upon hearing their food poured into the bowl but lately, they seem not interested or even not finish their food.

There are a few reasons that may be making your German Shepherd puppy not eat their food. These include dental problems, health conditions, or does not like the food.

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Should I Choose A Male Or Female German Shepherd

When considering whether to get a male or female German Shepherd, your expectation from a dog and handling experience plays an integral part. If the GSD is your first dog or you have kids at home, females may be easier to handle. But if youre looking for a guard dog or working dog, male GSDs are more suitable.

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Top Best Answers To The Question How Much Are German Shepherd Puppies Without Papers

They range from $200 $800. With no paperwork, free might be acceptable if you just want to give a dog a new home. Hopefully the people responsible for their actions would also cover deworming, vaccinations and other fees. These Shepherds range depending on the breeder, facilities, bloodline, etc.

Those who are looking for an answer to the question «How much are german shepherd puppies without papers?» often ask the followingquestions:

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German Shepherd Puppy Diets

Congratulations on welcoming a loyal, courageous, and very loving German Shepherd puppy into your family! Understanding the type of diet to feed your pup can help reduce medical bills in adult dogs. There are various types of diet that you can opt for, from the trendy BARF diet, to regular kibble, how do you assess which is best? To help you find the right puppy food, we will dive into detail about the benefits of each type.

How Much Does Owning A German Shepherd Puppy Cost

5 First Things to Teach your German Shepherd Puppy ...

Its not just the initial cost of purchasing the puppy. You have to think about the actual cost of owning a puppy, and how much you can expect to pay per year to maintain one.

Most German Shepherds are rather expensive to care for as they are large dogs that need a lot of food, attention and exercise.

However, for the most part, the average cost of owning a German Shepherd is about $1500 per year.

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Your German Shepherd Puppy Can Wake You Up For Midnight Potty Breaks

What about your sleeping schedule then? Well, your puppys schedule wont match yours automatically.

Your pup might wake you up during the middle of the night, for bathroom breaks. A lot of german shepherd dog owners even get woken up 2 or 3 times.

But, after a few weeks, your german shepherd puppy will get used to the schedule and not wake you up at night at all. Till then, youll have to make the extra effort.

Why Are German Shepherds Expensive

German Shepherds are no more expensive than other dogs of their size. They can get extremely expensive if you purchase a trained GSD. Protection dogs alone can cost up to $55,000 and up to $62,520 over the course of their lifetime. An average GSD purebred thats untrained typically costs only about $8,000 over the course of their lifetime.

GSDs often have hip and joint problems which can add thousands in vet care bills later in their life.

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Is 600 A Good Price For A German Shepherd

The average cost of a German Shepherd puppy is between $500 and $3,000, which depends on the location and the breeder youre purchasing it from. If youre wanting to adopt, its going to cost between $300 to $600. If you want a GSD and you dont know where to look, hopefully, Ill be able to give you an idea.

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Is Spending The Money To Get A High

How much does a German Shepherd cost?

After 19 years of owning and raising German Shepherds, and helping other people with their GSDs behavior, I can say without hesitation that any money you spend on a good-quality pup from a reputable breeder is well worth it. A German Shepherd with a stable, friendly temperament, in good health and properly socialized by a knowledgable breeder is priceless.

The rest making sure your German Shepherd is a terrific canine citizen is up to you! But by investing up front, youll be motivated to continue where the breeder left off and have a fantastic companion to share with the world.

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Make Sure Your Puppy Has The Ideal Temperature To Sleep

A moderate temperature is the best for a puppy no matter what. Neither too hot nor too cold. Even though German Shepherds can withstand hot weather, its recommended to keep them in cool and shaded areas.

  • Refrain your puppy from going into direct sunlight.
  • Keep it in cool or shady areas.
  • Make sure it has access to cool to cold water.

Similarly, anything below 40 degree Fahrenheit or even 50 degree Fahrenheit is too cold for the puppy.

  • If winter in your location hits hard, install heaters or a central heating system.
  • Prepare cozy blankets for your puppy.

We hope this article helped you work with your German Shepherd Puppys sleeping habits and schedule better. Take good care of your puppys sleep, so it can grow strong, healthy and happy. Make sure your puppy is sleeping comfortably 15 20 hours a day.

Have fun with your cute little puppy!

Factors That Might Generally Impact Cost

Might include:

Geographic location

Demand for the type of German Shepherd you want vs supply

You might pay much more for the rarer types of GSD, or certain lines of GSDs

Quality of breeder you are buying from, and the time, effort, cost, regulation and experience that goes into their breeding program

Good breeders are generally more expensive, but thats because they put time and money into ensuring the puppies are healthy, have suitable temperament and a range of other factors the owner might be looking for

Quality of the dog you are buying

The type of rescue or shelter you adopt from

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How Long Do Puppies Eat Puppy Food

Dont overlook the importance of planning and allowing for a transitional process when changing dog food. Imagine eating the same meals every day. Then, suddenly, you switch to something completely different. Youll probably experience a tummy ache or other gastrointestinal problems.

The same thing goes for your puppy. Remember that its a process that should take a minimum of six days, and sometimes longer . Heres a video that highlights the transition process so you know how to properly change your puppys food.

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Why Are German Shepherd Puppies So Expensive

How to Train German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherds bred for service are understandably less affordable. Organizations need to consider the temperament and intelligence of a breed before deciding whether or not to train the dog. Not all dogs will make it and have the desired traits. A reputable breeder will do his or her job to guarantee their German Shepherd pups are well-behaved, easy to train, and have a good and even temperament.

Young puppies are generally happy and healthy, and health issues develop later in life due to lifestyle habits, dietary habits, and old age. Puppies take after their parents, which is why the best way to gauge what health issues you may potentially have to face is by looking at the German Shepherds parents.

Large dogs are particularly susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia, and that is, unfortunately, the case for German Shepherds. Some dogs of the breed are lucky, but if your German Shepherd puppys parents have it, then the pups will likely suffer from it as well.

The AKC has certain guidelines for responsible breeders to follow, one of which is conducting certain tests to guarantee health. These tests include hip and elbow x-rays along with cardiac exams. The reason is to identify issues the breed largely suffers from.

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Community Coverage Vs Insurance

Eusoh: Better than Pet Insurance for Complete Health CoverageEusoh is a community-based pet insurance alternative in which members share the cost of their veterinary expenses. You get reimbursed for your pets medical, wellness, illness, routine care expenses but never pay more than $65/month .

For complete health coverage at a low cost, Eusoh is the best option. On average, members save around 50% when compared to traditional pet insurance. I love the idea of not having to worry about being able to afford medical care for my furry companion. Dogs are family, after all!

There is no premium, so you dont overpay for care in your monthly contributions. Any unused contributions are rolled over entirely as a credit. You can easily know in advance what will be reimbursed and by how much , and you can submit expenses easily from your smartphone. You can choose the veterinarian or healthcare provider you want and are covered for a wider range of services. You can get advice from other Eusoh members.

Read our article titled a veterinarian explains medical costs for a dog to learn more and get tips to save on vet expenses.

Buying A Pet Quality Gsd Vs Buying A Gsd With Champion Bloodlines

Youll be surprised at the difference in prices between pet quality and champion bloodline German Shepherds.

To give you an example, the Vom Berk Haus German Shepherds in Corvallis, OR. lists German Shepherds bred for family companions for prices between $4,800 and $9,500, while protection dogs are listed for a price between $18,000 and $85,000!

These dogs are bred from imported world champion German Shepherds. Prices are correct at the time of publishing however these could change when puppies are purchased.

A different breeder, Haus Morrisson German Shepherds in Ijamsville, MD., is also selling German Shepherds bred for family pets and protection, yet only asks between $2,000 and $2,500.

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A Second Veterinarian Opinion On German Shepherds

We have also consulted with another licensed-veterinarian, Mendi Baryzk, DVM, to share her knowledge when it comes to the medical costs of a German Shepherd.

Preventive care for the first year

Strongly Recommended
Pannus $700 annually

German Shepherds are intelligent and fiercely loyal to their family. They need professional training to avoid fear aggression.

Mendi Baryzk, DVM Licensed Veterinarian

Buying A Gsd Puppy From The Us Vs The Uk

How to raise a German Shepherd Puppy

You are likely to pay a little more for a German Shepherd in the US than you would in the UK. A search through some breeder sites in the UK revealed that GSDs would sell for a price between £1,000 and £3,500 , while prices on breeder sites in the US ranged between $1,500 and $4,500 but averaging around $2,000, .

This means a $250 difference between the lowest-priced GSD in the UK and the US and a $175 difference between the highest-priced German Shepherds in the two countries.

This difference can be explained by the fact that German Shepherds are more popular in the US. As such, prices can be lower because they are readily available, yet they can also be higher because the breed is highly valued.

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Supplements For German Shepherds

The vast majority of commercially available dry kibble is complete and balanced for your dog, assuming its a high-quality food.

That means there is almost never a reason to supplement your dogs diet with additives, vitamins, or herbal supplements. In fact, adding these things to a healthy dogs diet can cause a lot of harm.

Never supplement your dogs diet unless directed by a veterinarian. In those cases, they will prescribe or suggest canine-safe products to cover your GSDs special needs.

Human supplements are often unregulated, minimally effective, and often contain substances harmful to animals. Never use a human supplement for your German Shepherd.

Expensive Puppies Vs Low Price Puppies

Puppies and dogs are a hot commodity throughout the world, and anything that is in high demand is going to attract opportunists looking to make big bucks.

Today, puppies make up a huge chunk of what has become a billion-dollar pet industry. Unfortunately, not everyone who sells puppies is as meticulous or responsible as those breeders we talked about above.

The attempt by many to make fast money while cutting costs can lead to unethical breeding practices and unhealthy puppies.

You can avoid supporting puppy mills by making sure you arent buying your puppy from pet stores or backyard breeders.

You should also stay away from online sellers promising purebred puppies for surprisingly low prices who cannot offer paperwork and proof of health testing.

Not everyone who sells a puppy for a low cost is a puppy-mill contributor. But they may not understand how responsible breeding works.

So you could still wind up with an unhealthy puppy that costs much more in the long run.

So, what do you do if you want to get a healthy, purebred puppy but you cant afford the German Shepherd price from a top breeder?

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Do German Shepherd And Their Shedding Problems: How Much Do They Shed

Shedding is a common problem in many small dog breeds, but it is especially troublesome for German Shepherds. Its a natural part of the way German Shepherds live. But just how much is their shedding like?

German Shepherds shed much more when in heat as a general rule of thumb, but its not a constant all year round. The dogs undercoat grows much more profusely in the spring and fall and much less profusely in the winter. So, if your German Shepherd is in the summertime, dont be surprised when you find a lot of fur in your house.

Managing your dogs shedding will be an everyday task, just like feeding and walking your dog. You could be walking around the block and not realize your dog has shed until it is on your lap and you cant get it off, and it starts to smell, and you dont know why.

German Shepherd Feeding Chart

How Much Is A German Shepherd Puppy Worth

So youve got yourself a German shepherd, and you think you can take care of them just fine without any knowledge. However, this will be your undoing. Youll come to a realization that you cant get by without studying about German shepherds.

German shepherds are similar to humans in the sense that they need to eat consistently. And just like us, they, too, have a specific feeding amount and nutrient requirements. You cant just make them eat whatever you lay your eyes on. However, as their owner, you cant always rely on your keen observation.

They can be a bit dishonest sometimes. They may even hide their hunger. Thats why you wont figure out their needs by simply observing. Thats why you need to have clear standards, especially on how you feed them. Overeating can cause sugar levels to spike. The opposite can cause malnutrition.

Either way, this German shepherd feeding chart will be a helpful asset when taking care of these dogs.

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German Shepherd Veterinary Expenses For The Following Years

Leslie Brooks expects dog owners to bring their adult German Shepherd to the clinic for an annual checkup. Yearly visits are usually priced between $125-$265 which includes the exam, vaccines, and a heartworm test .

Additionally, Dr Brooks suggests continuing flea and heartworm prevention medication, which usually fall in the $100-$200 and $200-$300 ranges respectively for a dog this big.

Annual booster shots for the optional lifestyle vaccines presented above will add $15-$45 each to the medical bill. Finally, some dogs may require a fecal examination costing an extra $40-$50. This is mainly if the pet is exposed to wildlife and/or other dogs or shows inconsistent stool quality.

What To Avoid When Buying A German Shepherd Puppy

Finding the right breeder is a challenge itself. Responsible breeders are few and far between compared to puppy mills. Other than looking on the AKC list of registered breeders, are there criteria you can refer to be sure the breeder is legitimate?

Yes, there is! Although it can make you hesitate if the breeder isnt AKC registered, they may still be a very responsible breeder. We have put together some tips to help you steer clear of breeders who do not give the proper care to their dogs.

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German Shepherd Feeding Guide: Adult Years

Once your German Shepherd has ended his puppy stage and transitioned into adulthood, hes ready to eat a balanced adult diet.

Adult dog food will have a different ratio of calcium, protein, phosphorus, and other nutrients than puppy food does.

Feeding an adult dog a puppy formula can cause obesity as well as put too much strain on kidneys and other vital organs. Long term use of inappropriate food for an adult dog can have catastrophic consequences.

That said, there is no need to panic if your adult GSD eats a bowl of puppy food now and then.

Adult German Shepherds should be fed twice a day. They can get by on once per day, but its always better to split daily caloric intake between smaller meals instead of feeding it all at once.

Again, bloat is a real problem for large breed dogs, and large meals seem to be a big cause of this.

If youre not home for twice-daily feedings, you can use an automatic feeder. These will dispense the proper amount of food at set times each day so your dog isnt left waiting for meals.

Throughout the years, Ive fed a number of different high-quality dog foods to my German Shepherds.

One of my consistent go-tos is Royal Canin Adult Breed German Shepherd dry dog food. I feed my adult dogs this particular blend for a number of reasons.

In addition, this blend also uses optimal levels of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids to make a GSDs coat pop, so to speak. You really can see the difference.


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