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What Is A Dog That Looks Like A German Shepherd

Red & Black German Shepherd

What it’s Like Owning a German Shepherd

The red and black German Shepherd is something you dont see every day. Theyre spectacular specimens that are undeniably beautiful no matter what your taste in dogs.

In a way, the coat pattern of the red and black German Shepherd looks almost like a brindle or merle. In other words, youll usually get a GSD with a dark mahogany base coat, with patches of black around the coat.

The black color is most commonly found on the dogs back, tail, bottom and face .

The black is not limited to those areas of the body it depends on the dog and the parents. However, black color around the dogs muzzle is almost always guaranteed.

What Is A Miniature German Shepherd Anyway

German Shepherds have a lot of appeals. Theyre loyal, easy to train, yet love to play. Their size can put off many potential owners, however. A full-size German Shepherd needs a lot of room to play and run something a lot of people just dont have.;

Thats where the miniature German Shepherd comes in: all of the beauty, loyalty, and intelligence but in a smaller size.;

Before you start searching for miniature German Shepherd puppies, however, make sure you know what youre getting.;

There is no such thing as a purebred miniature German Shepherd.

A mini German Shepherd is usually the result of crossbreeding a German Shepherd with a smaller dog breed.;

The German Shepherds dominant genes usually come out in the form of their coat colors and patterns as well as some physical characteristics like the ears. This is why mini German Shepherds often look just like small versions of their purebred mom or dad.

The type of small dog bred with the German Shepherd will impact what a miniature German Shepherd will look like.;

Dog Breeds Similar To German Shepherd Dogs

Among all the dog breeds in the world, the German shepherd is the most popular breed. In Europe and Great Britain, the solid and energetic German shepherd is known as Alsatian. Some characteristics that make the breed charming include courage, obedience, and intelligence. But is there a dog breed similar to German shepherd dogs?

Physically, the breed has muscular front legs and shoulders and thick and sturdy thighs. German shepherds are very tall and have rectangular body structures. The species can serve as military and police service dogs, search and rescue dogs, drug detectors, and sheepherders. Their loyalty and faithfulness are unmatched among dog breeds.

However, some people prefer dog breeds similar to German shepherd but smaller to suit living in an apartment. Apartment living means the breed has to be low maintenance in terms of rigorous physical exercises. The dog breed also has to be calm and less aggressive, thus good with kids, strangers, and other pets.

Below are some of the breeds similar to the German shepherd but can live conveniently in an apartment.

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The Laekenois: A Big Cuddly Cousin

This cousin comes from the Belgian side of the family. The Laekenois is a breed recognized on its own, quite different-looking than other shepherd cousins.

The Laekenois dog breed has a coat that distinguishes him from other dogs. The hair isnt straight; its rather wooly, wiry, and lighter than other breeds. Hes a short haired shepherd with a peculiar hairstyle!

One look at this dogs face, and youll realize why theyre so affectionate and gentle. Still, they dont make good show dogs, but they will make a show every day for their family members.

Different Types Of German Shepherds

Does your dog/pup look like their siblings?

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If you were looking to adopt an intelligent and cute puppy that you could play with, go on walks together, and who would also protect you & your home by being the most vigilant guard, then you must look no further than the German Shepherd.

German Shepherd is perhaps the most widely recognized and loved dog breeds in the world. They are one of the best guard dogs that are so good at it that almost all of the police dogs in the USA are German Shepherds.

German Shepherd Dog Price:;German Shepherd cost around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 20,000 in India. On average, the cost of a German Shepherd ranges from $500-$1,500 in the USA.

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The Tervuren: A Belgian Buddy

Much like the Malinois, the Tervurens coat pattern makes these dogs distinctive from the German shepherd. All these dogs are different dog breeds but have some visual similarities that bring them together.

The Tervuren is an energetic watchdog, not aggressive or prey driven like the dogs as mentioned earlier.

Their big, fluffy hair and calm temperament make them a wonderful choice for a family dog. However, they are quite the shedders, so theres a thing that might test your limits.

How Big Is A German Shepherd Pug Mix

From what weve seen of this unusual little hybrid so far, your Shug dog will probably be slightly taller than the biggest Pug, but considerably smaller than the GSD. Shell most likely be a medium-sized dog, around 15 inches in height, and weighing between 45 and 50 pounds.

For those who love the GSD but cant handle their size , the Shug is the ideal alternative.

This pint-sized pooch will fit in almost anywhere without too much trouble!

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The Eastern Neighbour: Eastern European Shepherd

Not many people have heard of the Eastern European shepherd. However, this breed is the one that resembles the GSD most of all.

The Soviet version of a GSD was bred with the intent to be bigger, stronger, and healthier.

The final result was a dog often called VEO or BEO, much heavier than a German shepherd and also a bit taller.

The BEO is a working dog bred for military and police work; hence why these service dogs show aggression more often than others.

A great thing about their training is that the BEO is obedient and extremely easy to train.

Do Shugs Have Many Health Problems

What a walk looks like with our Golden Retriever, German Shepherd and Bernese Mountain Dog

Sadly, all dogs are vulnerable to certain health conditions, although some breeds are much healthier than others.

The Pug is prone to quite a few health issues that can be passed on to its pups. Many of these stem from the fact that this is a brachycephalic breed. Brachycephalic dogs, such as the Pug, the French Bulldog, the Boxer, etc. all have short snouts and flat faces. This restricts the airways and causes them breathing difficulties, which can lead to collapse and even suffocation. This is known as Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome .

Because of this, it is wise to avoid taking these dogs into deep water, as they can easily drown. As well as struggling to breathe, the Pugs little legs cant work hard enough to propel them through the water.

If your Shug has a longer snout, like the GSD, then this shouldnt be a problem. However, if she has a short, flat snout, then you need to take care.

Elbow and hip dysplasia are common problems in many dog breeds, including the parent breeds that make the Shug. Both problems are the result of joints that havent developed properly, causing bones to grind together painfully. In mild cases, a vet will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. However, in severe cases, the vet will recommend surgery.

If your Shug is on the larger side and looks much like a GSD, then this is more of a risk.

Talking of which

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The German Shepherd Pug Mix Temperament

Both the GSD and the Pug are affectionate dogs, so be prepared for lots of love!

The Shug has the intelligence and loyalty of the GSD, and the playful mischievousness of the Pug. They are trusting, loving, and happy, and theyll get along with everyone. Of course, this is assuming that they have been treated well.

Any dog that is mistreated can become distrustful and aggressive.

The Shug may show Pug-like stubbornness at times, which is why its important to train them at an early age.

There are two sides to the Shug that youll need to be aware of. First, they might bark at everything, which makes them good watchdogs. However, theyll be more likely to fetch a toy for an intruder and ask them to play a game rather than leap to your defense!

Second, they hate being left alone for any length of time. Separation anxiety is a real problem for these little dogs because they just love you so much and dont want to be parted from you.

If we were to add a third issue, its that because they adore you, they might become overprotective. While they are generally happy around other dogs and animals, there is a chance that theyll warn them off if they suspect that you are in any danger . To resolve this, you should ensure that your Shug puppy has proper socialization as soon as possible.

Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

German Shepherds are among many breeds prone to elbow and hip dysplasia. Dysplasia happens when the joint is malformed and unstable. These abnormalities can happen in the socket, ball, or both. Either one of these conditions can cause premature osteoarthritis as well as laxity in the joint. About;20% of German Shepherds;eventually develop hip and/or elbow dysplasia.;

Hip or elbow dysplasia can be moderate to severe and it tends to be an expensive problem to treat. Anti-inflammatories, a special diet, and a heated bed may help a dog with dysplasia. Sometimes surgery is necessary which may involve hip replacement.

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Native Belgian Dogs That Look Like German Shepherds

Native Belgian dogs look very much like German Shepherds. These dogs are similar in size but weigh slightly less than the typical GSD.

This breed, which is generally referred to as the Belgian Shepherd, has been developed into several varieties that differ mainly in coat appearance.

The four main variants of the Belgian Shepherd are called the Groenendael, the Malinois, the Tervuren, and the Laekenois. All are about 22 to 26 inches tall, which is around the same height as the GSD.

They, however, tend to have sleeker and slightly less muscular bodies that weigh around 45 to 75 pounds. Nevertheless, each one shares several characteristics with the GSD.

Belgian Sheepdog

When people talk about the Belgian Shepherd, theyre often referring to the Belgian Sheepdog. This variant is also called the;Groenendael. These dogs have long hair with dense undercoats.

Their outer coat is composed of straight hair, which is particularly long around the neck and shoulders. In terms of coat color, these dogs are commonly solid black or a combination of black & white.

Belgian Tervuren

The Tervuren is another Belgian Shepherd variant with long hair combined with a thick protective undercoat. Unlike the Groenendael, however, these dogs are typically fawn & black or mahogany & black, which make them look even more like German Shepherds.

One subtle yet significant difference is that these dogs tend to have long hair around the neck and some feathering around their extremities.

Belgian Malinois

How Should You Train A Mini German Shepherd Dog

A German shepherd in the field. Looks a lot like our ...

This dog is not a couch potato so it will need a job to do such as guarding, protecting, herding or as a service dog. The boundaries need to be set early for this mixed breed dog. Gradual fun and positive reinforcement and reward based training works best.

This breed should not be negatively chastised during training as it is known to have a prey drive and may react negatively. Their inherited prey drive should be remembered when introducing them to smaller animals.

They are very active and will want to keep busy all the time. They will benefit from being able to run around free of a leash if possible to tire them out.

Types of training required: obedience, discipline, agility and socialization.

So, if you are not going to use a professional dog trainer:

1) Develop your basic command words: Find keywords such as Stop, Sit, Down etc. and be consistent each time you use them with positive reinforcement and small treats as a reward. This German Shepherd hybrid dog could try to dominate and this must be controlled early in training.

2) Crate Buy a crate and gently get this puppy used to going into it. This will eventually become its nest and it will sleep there. You will have to lock the cage in the early days so it knows it has to sleep there and its useful to experience when you need to transport it.

4) Walking on a leash Voice commands and road awareness is important for a very active puppys safety.

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How Much Exercise Does A Shug Need

As weve seen above, the Pug doesnt even need a full hour, while the German Shepherd requires at least two!

What about the Shug?

Well, it depends on which parent it takes after. If it has a longer snout like the GSD, then it may be able to cope with between 30 and 45 minutes of daily exercise. If it has a flatter face, then you need to go easy, as your doggy friend will struggle to cope with too much exercise. Still, try to keep it around 30 minutes, but always watch them for signs of exhaustion or breathing difficulties. You can find more information about this in the section on health problems.

Neither the GSD nor the Pug can cope with extreme temperature, so youll need to avoid taking your Shug pup out when its too hot or too cold.

Any exercise should be a mixture between brisk walks and vigorous playtime, ideally broken into two or three sessions throughout the day. This should also include some kind of mental stimulation to keep their brain active and occupied.

Berger Blanc Suisse White Swiss Shepherd Dog

A breed that might otherwise be mistaken for the White Shepherd covered earlier, the Berger Blanc Suisse hails from Switzerland instead of the Americas. However, the Berger Blanc Suisse is fairly different than most shepherds you will encounter.

One of the biggest differences between the Berger Blanc Suisse and other shepherds is their energy level. The Berger Blanc Suisse does not require nearly as much activity as most other shepherds you encounter.

On top of that, the Berger Blanc Suisse displays are far calmer, more mellow disposition. This makes them great for kids and other animals, and they do not display nearly the same level of suspicion towards strangers as other shepherds.

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The Shiloh Shepherd: A Plush Teddy

The Shiloh shepherd is a dog breed thats supposed to top the GES with height and weight. These huge teddy bears can reach up to 140 pounds in weight! Much more than the average German shepherd.

Besides, the whole point of breeding a Shiloh is to reduce the number of health issues a standard GSD has. But why call them a plush teddy?

Its because the selective breeding made this dogs coat thicker and softer than any GSD. A lot like a teddy bear!

Another thing that distinguishes this dog breed from the standard German shepherd is their calm temperament. Big, mellow, huggable, and protective exactly what a modern shepherd is supposed to be.

Belgian Malinois Vs German Shepherd: Which Dog Makes The Perfect Pet

16 Dogs that Look Like German Shepherds

Thinking of adopting a furry friend but cannot decide between a German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois? Well, not to worry because after reading this post, you will be able to choose between the two amazing dog breeds.

Both dogs belong to the sheepdog family and are known as military dogs. Because of their similar appearance and fur coat, they are often mistaken for each other. However, they also differ in several ways, especially with regards to behavior, lifestyle and physical characteristics. Generally, German shepherds are less aggressive and have a slower attacking speed compared to Belgian Malinois. Also Belgian Malinois tend to be smaller in size. In this post, we will discuss some important differences between the two breeds but first, let us familiarize with each.

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    Carpathian Or Romanian Shepherd

    These dogs originated in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. They are also known as Ciobnesc Românesc Carpatin, Romanian Shepherd, Romanian Carpathian Shepherd, Câine Ciobnesc Carpatin, Carpathian Sheepdog, Carpatin, Romanian Carpatin Herder, and Rumanian Carpathian. They are bred to be strong, quick-moving, and smart enough to fight a wolf or lynx, immobilize a wolf or wild boar, and serve as a reliable working dog.

    German Shepherd Breed Info

    The German Shepherd is the second most popular dog breed in the US and its hardly surprising. They are a large, strong, confident and brave dog; truly one of the best all-purpose workers you could hope for.

    GSDs were originally bred to herd sheep in Germany. They were refined over 35 years by Captain Max von Stephanitz until he was satisfied with the breed. Its key attribute is character.

    They can be a loving family member and at the same time unfaltering guardians. They are very intelligent and have lots of energy.

    When compared to the German Shepherd, they need even more exercise; around 2 hours per day. This should be split into several sessions.

    You can expect German Shepherds to live between 7-10 years; this is one of the major differences between them and the Malinois. They can live between 14-16 years so if youre looking for a longer companionship, there is a clear winner.

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    Is This The Breed For You

    Weve studied the German Shepherd Pug mix and learned quite a lot about this unusual little dog. So, what do you think? Is this a dog youd be happy to have running around your home?

    Is it the perfect designer dog?

    Well, thats a matter of opinion as theres a lot of competition out there!

    However, theres no doubt that the Shug is one of the most affectionate dogs there is. Hell adore you from the start, and will never want to be parted from you. This can be a problem if your lifestyle takes you out of the home for long periods and you cant take your pooch with you.

    He cant be left tied up in a yard, and he wont be happy shut away indoors for hours on end. Expect to find devastation in your home if you do this! And, the GSD part of him will mean that your lawn and flowerbeds might take a beating if you dont keep him mentally stimulated.

    Training shouldnt be a problem, especially if the German Shepherd genes shine through. The Pugs stubbornness might make it interesting, but with a bit of patience, youll soon have him properly trained.

    In terms of health, your Shug will definitely fare better if he has the longer GSD snout. If he has a flat Pug face, then youll need to take extra care because of breathing difficulties.

    He wont take a lot of grooming, but you should brush him regularly to get rid of loose hairs, and hell love this bonding time anyway.


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