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Already Trained German Shepherds For Sale

German Shepherd Exercise Needed

Professionally Trained German Shepherd Puppies For Sale-12 Weeks

Considered to be in the pastoral group of dogs, German Shepherds are large dogs that do well in a large home with large grounds to guard. As a herder, generally this breed needs plenty of daily exercise totalling at least two hours however there are always anomalies who need much less. Although you would think they need a country setting to thrive, German Shepherds do well in town or country if correctly selected in line with the new owners needs.

Recently Sold Personal Protection Dogs

Kalle: a pure German shepherd import, titled breed surveyed V rated male

Quantico: a family just gained a new family member

Tonio: a family fell in love with our buddy, Tonio


Beckham himself is considered the highest quality available anywhere. We were very pleased to be able to offer this import German shepherd into the United States. Beckham is absolutely magnificent to look at, has an impeccable temperament, was raised in a family with children, has been extremely well socialized, and has outstanding protection work. Beckham is an elite K9, personal protection trained to level 3, family home trained, German shepherd import.

  • Beckham is a young, highly trained, high-quality German shepherd imported directly from Germany.
  • Born November 1, 2019
  • Hips-elbows have been x-rayed and look excellent
  • Beckhamâs sire is Mondo do Casa Paloma, wgi was high placing in the working class at the BSZS, world championships 2019-2020. Mondo is one one the top sons of German world sieger VA1 Willy vom Kuckuckslan
  • Beckhamâs dame is also of pure German VA bloodlines and a noted top producing female
  • His entire pedigree has been genetically tested, temperament tested, and work titled

About Our Personal Protection Dogs

Please call Wüstenberger-Land K9s at 904-4737 or us for professionally trained German Shepherds in Southern California.

Wüstenberger-Land Press Release on Personal Protection Dogs in Los Angeles

Trained Dogs For Sale

Chaos aus Gerstbrei IGP3 ang DM clear a normal hips and elbows

Chaos is a gorgeous larger black and red 4 year old female. We have 2 wonderful pups from her so have decided to retire her younger so she can enjoy many years just being a dog. Chaos is more aloof and is more of a one family dog. She goes to stores and fine going places but she doesnt prefer to be a social butterfly so she is not one for crowds of people swarming her. She is great out in public though just doesnt want to be grabbed at. If you want an adult dog thats been raised in the house and to skip the puppy phase, to have a fun dog for companionship and to play ball with Chaos just May be your girl. She has the highest title in IGP and minds well on and off leash. She alerts to people in the driveway but doesnt bother the neighbors or anything. Chaos is a very bonding dog with her people.

We occasionally have retired dogs available to loving homes. These dogs have been raised in our homes and are extensively trained. Since they live with us and not in a kennel they are housebroken, crate trained, and used to family life. Please call or email to inquire. We are very picky who our retired dogs go to so we will ask a lot of questions.

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What Does Foundation Trained Puppies Mean

Foundation trained puppies means that we start the hard work so that you can continue to nurture and develop your potential protection dog of the future and if so desired at a later date you can purchase a basic minimum standard course so once mentally able your dog can board with us and train to become your protection dog.

When German shepherd puppies leave us they are taught to walk on a lead. They understand the sit command the down command and are crate trained. Each puppy is fully vaccinated and comes with a pet passport.

Select From Our Available German Shepherd Categories Below

Fully Trained German Shepherds For Sale

We carry our beliefs into our practices there is an art and knowledge poured into each individual German shepherd we work with. The German Shepherd breed has a certain skill set and instincts and combined with our experience and expertise, we have a great responsibility to continue the best lineage of purebred German Shepherds that we bring to market in the US.

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Intelligent And Capable Working Dogs

It is not surprising that German shepherds are among the most popular breeds of dog in the world. Those who have owned and employed German Shepherds, and made them a part of their extended family, can fully appreciate that ‘guard dog’ only begins the describe the range of tasks this remarkable creature, a cornucopia of canine capability, can perform.Originally bred in the early 20th century from German herding dogs, German shepherds embody all of the virtues that humans have looked for, and prized, in dogs as companions and workers: their intelligence, courage, loyalty, discipline, focus, strength and good nature.As guard dogs, guide dogs , as family protection, as military and police dogs, rescue dogs , as herding dogs and as companion dogs, the German shepherd is an incomparable all-rounder.

Trained Dogs To Order

For the discerning person that desires something special we have our custom order, trained dogs for sale program. With this option we find the perfect dog and tailor the training to meet your specific desires and needs! You pick the breed, age, sex and level of training your heart desires AND WE DELIVER THE DOG OF YOUR DREAMS.

Costs vary based on breed, training and length of time we have the dog. A deposit gets the process started with the balance being paid only after the dog we promised is delivered to your family.

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Choosing The Right Dog Trainer

When looking for a trainer for your dog, it is important to find someone who not only has the experience and knowledge in training dogs but also who understands how to work with your individual dog. At Full Contact, we take the time to evaluate each dog and create a training program that is specific to your needs. Our trainers use modern training techniques that are fair and effective.

Do You Want To Protect Your Florida Family With A Protection Dog

German Shepherd Puppy “Vlad” Obedience Protection Trained For Sale

We have had many clients in Florida who have purchased protection dogs from us after having been the victim of a violent crime. These are some of the best deliveries because we know that their chances of having anything else happen will now be minimal. Plus, the victim will often says that getting a family protection dog has made them feel safe again. Its great to know that our dogs are helping some of our clients in ways that go beyond just providing security. These families are why we offer the best family protection dogs for sale in Florida, California, Texas & the rest of the United States.

While training, we often reenact situations and scenarios that are most likely to occur in reality. In fact, we listen closely to our clients who have been in violent situations and tailor the training around the crime with the addition of having a dog. As you can image, adding the dog makes the outcome completely different!

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How To Train A German Shepherd To Be A Guard Dog

German Shepherds will usually take to being a guard dog naturally. It’s important to train them to be obedient. Learn how here.Many dogs are natural watch dogs their bark is sufficient to alert their owner to something unusual, and the alarm they set up is a deterrent. In addition, dogs who will fight if their owner is genuinely attacked do not have to be made aggressive to do so. Training a dog specifically to be a guard dog is hazardous and potentially creates a liability for you. Misguided attempts to make a dog aggressive through abuse will only backfire because the dog will not be loyal to someone who treats them harshly, and if the dog wrongly bites someone you will be at fault. Never train dogs who are basically fearful or out of control. Such dogs may not respond appropriately in non-threatening situations.

A German shepherd dog should not be selected to receive training as a guard dog unless the dog is basically friendly, stable and clear-headed, and has been well-socialized.







Walk your German shepherd dog on a leash around the perimeter of your property regularly to identify your territorial boundaries. Do not allow your dog to bark at people who are outside your property. Do not allow your dog to chase people under any circumstances.



Trained German Shepherd For Sale: Why Choose Wkd For Your Next Dog

Never before has there been a dog as popular as the German Shepherd, and any proud owner will gladly tell you that there probably never will be, ever again. Shepherds, as they are lovingly called by fans of the breed, are fiercely loyal and so they make excellent police and protection dogs. The line was developed in the late 1800s and a captain in the German cavalry, Max von Stephanitz has been credited with the development of this line.

At WKD we are proud of each and every German Shepherd that we train and home, and even though these worker dogs do well in all aspects of police and rescue work, they are also known to be good family and particularly excellent personal protection dogs.

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What To Expect During Dog Training

During your dog’s training, you can expect to see results! In addition to learning basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and down, your dog will also learn how to walk on a leash without pulling, how to socialize with other dogs and people, and how to be comfortable in any environment. We want our dogs that complete our training to be well-rounded members of society.

For Sale German Shepherd Puppies

Fully Trained German Shepherds for Sale

Fully Trained Dogs

In contrast most puppies in Europe are trained several times a week starting at 8 weeks old to be able to have this type of bite at 7 to 8 months of age. When it comes to drive, few dogs produce as much drive as Luxor. â

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What Goes Into A Trained Puppy Program

On any particular day at Hayes Haus, your puppy will be going through any number of proven-safe scenarios for puppies. We take short rides in the car to some of our neighborhood parks and trails to use some of the natural obstacles we teach puppies to pleasantly accept grooming and expose them to bathing we instill good habits such as keeping your paws on the floor and eliminating on leash we also use puppy games to teach important life commands.Here’s a more in-depth breakdown for you:

  • Training begins at 3 weeks of age, teaching the puppy to make eye contact
  • The puppies are monitored around the clock and follow a very regimented schedule
  • Socialization exercises are conducted daily
  • All trained german shepherd puppies are available for pickup at 14 weeks of age.
  • At this time, your puppy will know his or her name and be used to the schedule you provide us, which helps with easier integration into your home.

When your puppy comes home, they’ll be crate-trained, and have the groundwork to training for the following commands:

  • Sit
  • Come
  • Look

Our goal is to save you hundreds of hours and countless night’s sleep with this program. It is ideal for working families who want to get a puppy, but don’t have the time to deal with the headaches of crate training and basic obedience.

Trained German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

As noted above, availability for this year is extremely limited. We will most likely only put 10-15 puppies through this program throughout the year. Because success is so important, limiting available trained puppies helps us ensure each puppy who ‘graduates’ makes a smooth transition into their new home so they can live a life of happiness with their new family. If you’d like more information about the Hayes Haus Quickstart Trained Puppy Program, please enter your information below:

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Personal Protection Dogs For Sale

We love his beautiful, dark mahogany red color, and very masculine substantial structure. Wesley is the perfect size for a family, true medium sized, weighing 84 pounds. Wesley was raised by the breeders family as one of their top German shepherd show/work prospects. Wesley has been socialized with other animals and children. He has an excellent protection work.

Wesley vom Osterberger-Tal

  • DOB May 27, 2018
  • German import from a top award-winning VA West German bloodline, Shepherd breeders and kennels in the world
  • Wesley formal titles WB, AD, BH & IGP1
  • Normal hips and elbows are equivalent to OFA excellent
  • German DNA tested proving his bloodlines
  • Sire: is VA Cyrus vom Osterberger-Land
  • Dam: is Quara vom Osterberger-LandA daughter of German world sieger Ballack von der Brucknerallee
  • Wesley has a formal Schutzhund title
  • Zank is a jet black/lacquer black pure German shepherd imported directly from Germany.
  • Zank has the highest level 3 title and level 3 personal protection training completed.

We are pleased to offer Zank as the truest, high-quality elite executive estate K9 available anywhere. He can be part of your family as your home protection dog. Serious inquiries only. Contact us for further information.

Introducing The Puppy Quickstart Program

Tantrum: for sale fully trained German Shepherd family protection attack dog.

The long-requested “trained puppy program” is finally here at Hayes Haus. Here’s how it works:From ages 10-14 weeks of your puppy’s life, he or she will remain at Hayes Haus and partake in an extremely regimented training program. During this program, your new puppy will be monitored round-the-clock to ensure proper training and development, which includes but is not limited to socialization with strangers as well as safe cats and dogs. In order for your puppy to be obey you around other pets, it’s important to begin training them at an early age to do so.

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Training Elite Protection Dog’s From Puppies

Training of Elite Protection Dogs for the family takes time and patience. To raise a puppy through adolescence exposing this protection dog of the future to every environmental stimulus available is an investment in confidence and development.

Foundation trained juveniles are puppies being trained to be the best Elite family protection dogs for your family. Protection dogs from K9Protector that come from our breeding program are nurtured from birth. Even from week one of life the puppies from the protection dog breeding program are exposed to sound stimulus at low volumes of items such as drills, thunder, hammers, hoovers, lawn mowers, fireworks, gun fire, babies crying, traffic noise etc. As the weeks go by this sound socialization increases in volume. German shepherd puppies from K9Protector are always bred from health screened parents with fabulous working heritage.

We have foundation trained juvenile German Shepherds available.

Trained German Shepherd Dogs In Michigan

German Shepherds come from a long line of working dogs. Their instincts are for guarding and herding. When you live with a German Shepherd its important you honor his heritage while working with him to make him the best family member he can be. Remember, your German Shepherd is happiest when he is busy and has a job consider training one of his jobs.

Regardless of the type of dog with whom you share your life or are planning to share your life, training should start at a young age. Many dogs are surrendered to shelters simply because no one took the time redirect bad behaviors toward more acceptable ones.

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Should I Buy A Trained Puppy

The answer all depends.. From 8-12 weeks your puppy is in its first fear stage, which is critical for expose to scenarios they will encounter in their future adult life. During this stage, puppies should be exposed to new people and other healthy dogs, as well as differing terrain and environment. These experiences provide the foundation for the adult dog they will eventually become, but first it’s important for them to become a trained puppy. However… It is vital to keep all activities and real-world exposure extremely positive, safe and monitored as you train your puppy. This time period is critical for their future temperament and personality. An overly negative event at this point in a puppys life can be traumatic, which leads to your question’s answer . If you work a normal 9-5 job, putting the necessary hours into training your puppy during it’s first month at home may not be entirely possible. And leaving your young puppy alone in his or her crate for an entire day is sure to have detrimental affects down the road. Training a German Shepherd puppy is hard enough. When you leave the pup in their crate all day, this “ball of energy” becomes even harder to train and house-break.

World Class Guard Dog Training In Sydney

German Shepherds for Sale in Chicago Illinois

It is not just what the shepherd does that makes it so special, it is how they do what they do. Whatever your purpose for owning a shepherd, two things are crucial for an optimal experience. The mutual understanding between you and your shepherd, and the training it has received. Our team is highly trained and recognised globally for the quality of our guard training programs. We can train guard dogs for a range of purposes including obedience training, protection training, attack training and man-stopper training.

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