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How To Find German Shepherd Puppies

Proudly Producing Show Quality Dogs For Family Homes


Shiphra German Shepherds is an Ontario breeder of only the finest German Shepherd Puppies. We are a smaller German Shepherd breeder. We producing Quality not quantity. We breed very Strong and healthy dogs. Our Dogs have very stable temperaments. We have German Shepherd Puppies from world champion bloodlines, suitable for family companions, for show or sporting, agility and protection. We aim for perfection and a very rich black and red coat. We are ranked one of the top German Shepherd Breeders in Ontario. Only The Finest German Bloodlines From World Champions! FCI, GERMAN or AKC Registered German Shepherds. WE IMPORT MOST OF OUR DOGS WITH THE HIGHEST PEDIGREES POSSIBLE, TO GIVE THE CUSTOMER THE HIGHEST QUALITY IN A GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY.

We are German Shepherd Breeders in Kingston Ontario, Canada. Our breeding stock consist of only the finest German bloodlines. Slight to No Slopes! We find that the West German lines are the best dog suited for family, companion, working, obedience and protection, because they are very balanced in their drives. Meaning these dogs are very stable, calm, yet driven, easy to live with in the house, easy to train, willing to please and ready to defend.

All around very versatile. These German Shepherds have a very correct, harmonious and balanced structure resulting in a smooth, efficient, beautiful gait and very high endurance.

German Shepherd Genetic Health Conditions

These dogs are cute, adorable, intelligent, loyal and so much more, however, before getting one there are some things you need to know about the breed you are getting because these dogs have more health conditions than the ordinary average dogs.

When buying or getting a GSD breed its good to try and educate yourself as much as possible on the dog your getting so you know exactly how to handle your dog with the best of care.

Common health issues this breed has are degenerative myelopathy or some of you may more know it as chronic degenerative radioculomyelopathy, the next popular one would be hip and elbow dysplasia.

Its recommended that you should speak with a vet go see if the breed youre about to get a good fit for you, all GSD breed are good however some will cost more than some to maintain and keep in good health.

Its also recommended not to get it to buy these type of dog breeds from just anyone, make your visiting a legal pet store where you can get the basic knowledge about the breed you are getting so you will be fully aware of the signs to look for in regards to your dogs health conditions.

White German Shepherd/ Swiss Shepherd

The Swiss Shepherd or the White German Shepherd is a GSD with a pure white coat. International Kennel Clubs do not recognize this dog. Hence, there are no standards established for the Swiss Shepherd.

In India, we have come across a few breeders who claim to own a white GSD. In our research, we found them to be crossbred GSDs or large size Indian Spitz.

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Pick A Puppy From A Litter Or Choose The Right Dog In A Shelter

I believe that this aspect not as important as finding a reputable breeder or shelter. There are mainly two reasons for this. First, a puppy bought from a reputable breeder is far less likely to develop expensive health issues or significant behavioral problems, two of the main things people want to avoid. The second reason is that a reputable breeder or shelter will be able to guide you when choosing your pet by knowing their animals and making sure to understand your expectations and goals. In that case, they will give you the best possible advice.

To choose a dog from a litter or shelter, look for a healthy and shiny coat. You should be able to feel the dogs ribs but not to see them. Eyes, ears, and genitalia should be clean and not inflamed. Get the dogs attention to test sight and hearing. Finally, pick one that will match your level of energy.

Its okay to pick a laid-back dog or puppy if you mainly want a low-maintenance cuddling buddy. In the same idea, choose a high-energy puppy or dog if you have a very active lifestyle. Although energetic dogs will require a lot of daily exercise and activity and will most likely need more training, they will be the perfect companion to go on many adventures with you.

Once you have your dog, dont forget to get a dog license . Check our new dog owner guide to know everything you need to get ready to welcome a dog home in a few minutes. Its a 5-minute read packed with helpful information for future and new dog owners.

Monthly Cost Of Owning A German Shepherd

Q& A: How to find a German Shepherd puppy

Looking at the annual expenses can be too overwhelming so Ive also included a breakdown of the monthly costs of owning a German Shepherd puppy. These recurring expenses shouldnt hurt your budget too much.

Your estimated monthly expenses as a GSD owner are shown in the table below:

Type of Expense
Total Monthly Expenses $160

From the calculated value in the table, you can see that the monthly expenses are not as immense as the estimated yearly expenses.

However, bear in mind that this amount is a rough estimate and can change according to your dogs needs.

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What Socializing Have The Pups Had

This is an important question because pups go through some vital stages before they are 8 weeks old.

So you want a puppy that’s raised to experience lots of different situations. Things like walking on different surfaces.

Being picked up and handled. Playing with different people. And a variety of different smells, sounds, and sights.

All of this plays a big role in developing their self-confidence and their future training.

So tread lightly if you come across a breeder who keeps their pups in stark kennels until they are ready to go to a new home.

West Coast German Shepherds California

West Coast German Shepherds is a family-owned breeding facility in Sun City, California which was established in 2007. Their main goal is to produce GSDs with an impressive temperament that adheres to the standard of the breed.

For years, dogs from this German Shepherd breeder have been actively participating in various national and international breed shows.

In connection to this, they ensure that aside from their dogs regal appearance, they are also in their fittest and healthiest when they are presented alongside other German Shepherds.

All of their GSDs are hip and elbow certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and the German SV a-Stamp Program. They also have them undergo tests to make sure they are free from degenerative myelopathy.

To view their available litters, all you have to do is visit their website and check out the page Puppies for Sale. Meanwhile, if you are interested to learn about their pricing, visit their FAQs page.

West Coast German Shepherds Breeder Information and Details:

  • Email:

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Where To Adopt Of Buy A German Shepherd

If you think you’d like to adopt a German shepherd, start by contacting one of the following organizations:

These groups will be able to provide guidance and next steps for adoption. If you aren’t certain the breed is right for you, you may be able to try foster care to test if a GSD is a good fit for your home.

American Kennel Club Breeders

How to Train German Shepherd to sit and stay

Not every AKC registered breeder will use the AKC marketplace to sell their puppies. If you want to be proactive and increase your chances of getting a puppy, you can go on the German Shepherd breeder directory and contact breeders in your area. You will be able to find out if they have available puppies or at least if you can put your name on the waiting list for the next litter.

Here is the link to the breeder directory of The German Shepherd Club of America. On the website, you can also find the contact info of the local club to find breeders in your area.

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Other Characteristics For True Breed Gsd

The next feature that these puppies carry while growing is the head tilt. This is really popular among German shepherds dogs, we are not sure if its just them being cute and adorable, some even say that its a sign of intelligence others say they do this as puppies to see us better but what I can tell you is that all GSD does this.

German shepherds are very protective and smart they can even detect a threat before you the master sees it. The bond and loyalty between owner and dog will not generate overnight, this will take time however once that establishes the bond is not something that can be broken.

Where Else To Find German Shepherd Puppies In California For Sale

Weve listed seven reputable German Shepherd breeders in California. However, we are aware that the waiting lists for the upcoming litters can be long, and maybe you want to get a new puppy faster than that.

Dont worry, you can buy your new family member at many more registered, high-quality places. Some of them can even be found online. This is also a great choice for people who dont have a GSD breeder near them.

Here are a few reputable places to look at:

AKC Marketplace: This is likely the first online place you should check. It is where the AKC keeps the list of most registered breeders and the puppies available, so you can search for the one closest to you. The website also has a blog with useful information to help you take care of your new pet.

Adopt a Pet: This is the largest Non-Profit Pet Adoption Website in North America. On it, you can find many German Shepherd puppies, as well as adult dogs. Their search filter allows you to choose dogs by sex and age, helping you find the right dog for you.

Puppies for Sale Today: This is a website that has dogs of all breeds listed for sale. You can find many German Shepherd puppies on it, no matter your location.

You can also check the local white pages and find other German Shepherd breeders in California that might be closer to you or that might have conditions that are more suited to you. Just make sure to stick to reputable kennels and not backyard breeders.

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Indian German Shepherd Temperament

Most people who own German Shepherds in India love their GSDs because of their temperament. German Shepherds have a delightful and exciting character. You will hardly see them lazing around. These dogs are high energy, active, and playful dogs.

GSDs need socialization to prevent aggression towards unfamiliar people and pets. These dogs need and earn for human contact and feel miserable when left alone.

GSDs are excellent with kids. Remember, you will need to supervise kids with dogs. Your new GSD puppy will be active and will have sharp teeth, which can result in a painful play bite.

Animal Shelters And Organizations

Our new German Shepherd puppy :)

You can also take help and assistance from breed rescue organizations for a specific type of German Shepherd puppy, and animal shelter groups and also the pet rescue groups in case you have not decided on a particular type yet.

You can get the opportunity to adopt German Shepherds who have been neglected by people through organizations such as Adopt a German Shepherd and German Shepherd Rescue. Your local animal shelters too may have puppies for adoption.

Another advantage of contacting a rescue group or animal shelter is that they conduct a thorough medical check up of the pet before handing it over to you. This can protect you from those people who deliberately do not inform you about the pets health while selling it to you.

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Questions To Ask German Shepherd Breeders

Asking the right questions is part and parcel of the research you need to do before settling on a breeder and a pup.

The more questions you ask, the better. And the more easily you’ll be able to spot a breeder you don’t want to buy a puppy from.

So, don’t be shy!

Here are the top 10 questions to ask a GSD breeder.

Shortcomings Of Unethical German Shepherd Breeders

The most common representation of unethical dog breeders are those found in what is dubbed as puppy mills in the US or puppy farming in the UK and Australia. But backyard breeders are also considered to be part of this category of breeders.

While we cant generalize, commercial dog breeders are very often driven by the desire to make profits and easily compromise the welfare of the canines.

Here are some of the features that will define unethical breeders:

With the comprehensive knowledge about whos an ethical German Shepherd breeder and who isnt, you are now ready to find that reliable breeder, buy your new GSD, and bring him home.

But how exactly do you find that breeder? Lets move on to step three

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Adopting A Dog From A German Shepherd Rescue Or Shelter

There are many great options available if you want to adopt a dog from an animal shelter or breed rescue organization. Here is how to get started.

1. Use the Web

Sites like and can have you searching for a German Shepherd in your area in no time flat. The site allows you to be very specific in your requests or very general . AnimalShelter can help you find animal rescue groups in your area. Also some local newspapers have pets looking for homes sections you can review.

Social media is another great way to find a dog. Post on your Facebook page that you are looking for a specific breed so that your entire community can be your eyes and ears.

2. Reach Out to Local Experts

Start talking with all the pet pros in your area about your desire for a German Shepherd. That includes vets, dog walkers, and groomers. When someone has to make the tough decision to give up a dog, that person will often ask her own trusted network for recommendations.

3. Talk to Breed Rescue

Most people who love German Shepherds love all German Shepherds. Thats why breed clubs have rescue organizations devoted to taking care of homeless dogs. The German Shepherd Dog Club of Americas Rescue Network can help you find a dog that may be the perfect companion for your family. You can also search online for other German Shepherd rescues in your area.

4. Key Questions to Ask

What is his energy level?

How is he around other animals?

What is his personality like?

What is his age?

How To Spot A Disreputable Breeder

How to Find a Good German Shepherd Breeder – 12 Questions to Ask a Breeder.
  • They will not allow you to visit the puppies before buying.
  • They prefer to drop the puppy off in a public place like a shopping mall. Or they sell their pups through a pet shop.
  • They will not allow you to meet the parents of the litter.
  • If you are able to visit, the parents will not be available for meeting.
  • The living conditions of the puppies are dirty and smelly.
  • The puppies are dirty with matted coats and muck in their eyes and noses.
  • The pups are not keen to interact with humans and come across as shy or frightened.
  • They breed several unrelated breeds. For example, German Shepherds and Yorkies.
  • They breed designer dogs.
  • They have no breeding program and can’t provide you with the lineage of their puppies.
  • They breed bitches and dogs under the age of 24 months.
  • They breed a bitch more than once a year.
  • They don’t retire bitches and breed them more than 4 times in their lifetime.
  • The parents have not been health screened for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.
  • Only one or neither of the parents are registered.
  • If they claim the puppy/dog is registered, the registration papers are not printed on official documents.
  • The dogs/puppies are not tattooed inside their right ear.
  • There’s no waiting list for puppies.
  • They have puppies available all-year-round.
  • They have no real knowledge of the breed, temperament or known breed-specific health issues.
  • They don’t require a purchase contract. If they do, they are happy to drop their price to avoid a spay or neuter clause.
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    New German Shepherd Puppy Checklist And Things To Buy

    It is important that your new puppy feels welcomed into their new home. It is also important to know what to put in a puppys crate at night. Some items are ok to be left with your puppy, and other items are more dangerous or will be destroyed.

    This checklist will help you to know what to buy when getting a puppy.

    Working Line German Shepherd

    Only a handful of breeders own working line GSDs in India. These dogs have a standard coat and are rare. The notable difference between the show line and the working line GSD is the top line. The show line dogs have a sloping topline, whereas the working line dogs dont. The working line dogs are slender, heavy boned, and appear athletic compared to the show line dogs.

    Not all GSDs that have a flat topline are working lines. The chances of you finding a good working line GSD in India are slim to none. Dont be fooled by fraudsters selling crossbred and impure show line GSDs as working line dogs.

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