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Are German Shepherds Double Coated

What Is A Short

German Shepherd Double Coat Puppies at ARM Dog Kennel

A short-haired German shepherd is just another term for a standard German shepherd dog . This is the coat length youre most likely to picture when you think of a GSD. Theyre sometimes referred to as short-haired by some pup parents because their coat is short compared to long-coat varieties of the breed.

Short-coat or normal German shepherd coats are caused by a dominant gene, while the long-coated gene is recessive. Long-haired shepherds also occur, but both the AKC breed standard and UKC standard call for one coat length as we mentioned: medium.

Fluffier dogs that arent quite hairy enough to be considered long-coated GSDs are sometimes called plush shepherds. Excessively long or short, close-cropped coats are deemed faults.

German Shepherd Double Coat: What You Need To Know

The German Shepherd Dog, often shortened to GSD, is one of the most popular breeds in America. As the name implies, this breed originates from Germany and was originally intended to be a herding breed.

Today, however, the German Shepherd is best known for its versatility. Although they may have started as a herding dog, GSDs have been used to perform a huge array of tasks. They are a popular breed for police work, search and rescue, and tracking.

But the German Shepherd also makes a fantastic companion dog. If youre thinking of adopting a German Shepherd, then youll be adopting a loyal, loving companion.

Like all breeds, its important to know how to take care of your German Shepherd. One of the aspects you need to consider is the breeds coat so that you know how to take good care of it. Youll find everything that you need to know about the GSDs coat here.

Diet Plays An Important Role In Your Long Haired German Shepherds Health

You can help maintain your German Shepherds health by ensuring hes on a quality diet.

As weve mentioned a few times now, diet plays an important role in a dogs health and happiness. You are what you eat, afterall, and this rule applies to every creature. The long haired German Shepherd can be susceptible to any and all of the same health concerns as his short haired counterpart, which includes a few diet-related health issues like Bloat and allergies.

For this reason, we would recommend a limited ingredient diet dog food for your long haired German Shepherd that is specified for his age, weight and activity level. Look for a dog food that is free of any additives like corn, soy, wheat, gluton, animal byproducts, or other ingredients that could trigger allergies.

Foods that contain poultry can also exasperate allergies in dogs, so choose a dog food with real meat protein like beef, fish, lamb or bison.

One of our favorite dog foods for the long-haired German Shepherd is listed below.

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German Shepherd Coat Types

Each German Shepherd has their own unique colored fur and slightly different patterns. There are an array of coat types and dozens of colors associated with GSDs coats. But no matter what they look like or what flaws they may have, German Shepherds are loved, no matter what.

They can range from the more common short or medium-length pelt with smooth, soft fur to the occasional long-hair coat. Some can be solid, have a blanket or saddle back or a sable coat. Below are some specific German Shepherd coat types that they can have:

Do Not Shave Or Clip Your German Shepherd

Double coat jurman shepard

The answer is no a German Shepherd should never be shaved or clipped unless its medically necessary.

Beyond making them look a tad ridiculous, shaving a German Shepherd can actually cause a laundry list of serious problems.

Because German Shepherds have a double coat, their coat will take a very long time to grow back, and the outer coat may grow back shorter and in a different color. The inner coat may actually grow back thicker, compounding your shedding woes in the long run.

Shaving or clipping a German Shepherd takes away their natural climate control system, leaving them more vulnerable to extreme heat or cold. Thats right, shaving a German Shepherd will not help keep him cool in the summer itll actually do the opposite.

Finally, it leaves their sensitive skin exposed for mosquitoes and other pests to feast on, and they can sustain cuts, scrapes, and sunburns more easily without their protective double layer of fur.

Long story short just say no to shaving! Your German Shepherd, that is

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Ideal Human For A German Shepherd

German Shepherds are active dogs. Think: running at full speed across a field as much as youll let them. They prefer space to exercise at peak capacity and plenty of outdoor time. The ideal home for a German Shepherd would be a home with a large backyard for running around, and thats not counting all of the walks, runs, and adventures theyd like to go on with you.

German Shepherds can also make great family dogs and do fine with children as long as they are properly socialized.

Thinking Of Getting A German Shepherd

German Shepherds are very loyal, brave, and easily trained dogs, however, they are also known to be prolific shedders. For some, shedding can be a daunting experience, but if you are a dog lover, you should already accept that it is a part of your dogs life. With proper grooming practice and using only the best grooming tools, dealing with your German Shepherds shedding will not be a big problem for you.

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What Are K9 Dog Dryers

K9 Dog Dryers are the largest-selling dog dryer brand in the USA. They offer a wide range of high-performance, high-velocity dryers that are essential in dog grooming. Their models range from small single-motor dryer to twin-motor dryer which is perfect for drying your dog and controlling its shedding.

Do German Shepherds Need To Be Groomed

German Shepherd Double Coat Male Female Puppies Available For Sale at ARM Dog Kennel

German Shepherds have such beautifully thick coats that they without a doubt need to be well groomed regularly. Not only this, the German Shepherd is a double coated breed which means thats double the layers to take care of. The undercoat, plush layer of their fur is a thick layer, whilst the outer layer is harsher to keep them protected from all of the elements.

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Grooming & Living Conditions

Long haired Shepherds shed a lot all year round. Molting will also occur three weeks before fall or three weeks before spring. They are notoriously nightmares to groom as their coats tend to clump and mat a lot of patience is needed to groom these dogs. Youll need the perfect brush, a metal brush with lengthy teeth is preferred to get deep into the coat, and a pin brush is recommended to keep your pups coat shiny and clean.

Brushing daily for several minutes will prevent knots in the future. Be prepared to vacuum frequently to keep your surroundings clean, and always have a lint roller nearby to clean yourself before leaving the house. Due to German Shepherds being large, powerful and possess strong guarding instincts, great care should be exercised when purchasing them. Poorly bred dogs are more likely to exhibit anxiety and nervousness.

To prevent over guarding behavior, its best to socialize them at an early age as well as have extensive obedience classes. While with the family, they should be exposed to different elements, including loud noises and children. They like to be active and can get bored easily, so ample exercise is necessary to keep them engaged.

Long haired German Shepherds should be kept indoors due to their large coat that can be matted easily. Theyre best kept inside to prevent overheating in the summer and frostbite in the winter.

German Shepherd Single Coat Vs Double Coat

When it comes to dogs, German grasses are a favorite within the community for their loyalty and strong characteristics. One of the most curious areas is their fur, which is called double coat by most people. It is because of this that these pets acquire so much attention. Even with huge differences, the interest is still enormously current for some.

The chances of hearing about double coats are very high when it comes to adopting German shepherd dogs. It is important to know all about this and its simple counterpart to ensure the animals proper care. It should not forget that the maintenance and even the canines behavior are closely related to the coats condition.

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Appearance And Structure Of Black German Shepherd Long Coat

The appearance and construction of a black German shepherd long coat and stock coat are the same. The undercoat is present in both types of black German shepherd, but the topcoat of a black German shepherd long coat is longer than a stock coat BGSD.

The black German shepherd long coat contains long, silky, and dense hair on the chest, back, tail, neck, and backside of its legs. These long coat BGSD look very handsome and stunning with their shiny hair.

Grooming Tips For German Shepherd Coats

What is German shepherd double coat: Single Coat vs Double ...

The main thing you need to do for your German Shepherds coat is to brush it as frequently as you can. No matter your dogs coat length or type, brushing every day is best. If you cant brush it every day, then brushing it at least three or four times a week will work too.

During the spring and fall when your double-coated German Shepherd is blowing out his coat, you will need to be even more diligent about brushing him. During this period, you are going to want to make sure that youre brushing him every day to help pull out the dead furs.

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Black German Shepherd Having Long Hair With An Undercoat

Many black German shepherds double coats also have long hair than other types of skin. They have more substantial, longer, and a cluster of hair around the tail, ears, and leg other than short and medium hair BGSD.

This coat length is almost 2 inches. Due to the long coat, they have more stamina than different black German shepherd double coat types.

Long Haired German Shepherd Differences Coat & Controversy

We all know the German Shepherd for its beautiful black and tan coat. Most people recognize this dog with just a simple glance. After all, it is the third most popular dog breed in America.

Yet, what a lot of people dont know is that there is more than one type of German Shepherd.

Have you ever seen a Shepherd with long flowing hair and a majestic lion-like mane? If so, you have seen the long haired German Shepherd!

Their long hair may look similar to their regular short haired siblings, but their coat is actually considered to be a genetic fault. Keep reading to learn why these dogs are controversial and what makes them unique

Article Contents

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Black German Shepherd Double Coat: Things You Need To Know

September 8, 2021 By Andrina Lima

Like other German shepherd breeds, the black German shepherd also has double coat skin with a double layer.

The black German shepherd with a double coat has a fluffy undercoat and a rough outercoat. The outercoat is thick, while the undercoat is soft. Their body is less hairy than their neck. The hair coat can be of two types.

  • Wavier
  • Dogs Without An Undercoat

    German shepherd double coat |Dogs playing

    Some domestic German Shepherds lack an undercoat! These dogs wont shed at the same volume others will, and coat care is normally simpler. Long-haired German Shepherds generally dont have an undercoat.

    Technically, these arent actually considered proper German Shepherd Dogs by the American Kennel Association, or rather thought of as flawed. While they arent allowed to compete in any recognized dog shows and it may seem like a harsh term, these still fall under the breed.

    The ideal dog has a double coat of medium length.

    American Kennel Club

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    How Can I Identify A Long Haired German Shepherd Puppy

    In the photo below are two litter mates from a recent Nadelhaus litter. The puppy on the left is a long coat and the puppy on the right is a normal coat. The long coat has wispier hair on the chest, back, face, tail, and on the backside of its legs.

    Left: long haired German Shepherd puppy, Right: short haired German Shepherd puppy

    How Big Is A Full Grown German Shepherd

    The long-haired German Shepherd is surprisingly very similar to its short-haired counterpart, despite looking quite different. They share the same general body shape and size, which means that you wont have to worry about making any extra space. The average height of a long-haired German Shepherd is 55-65cm and they usually weigh in at 22-40kg, making it a medium size dog that would fit well into any average size home.

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    Single Coats Vs Double Coats In Dogs Whats The Difference

    Dogs have either double coats or single coats. The term double coat refers to a coat that has both an undercoat and an outer coat. In dogs with a double coat, the undercoat is made up of softer, dense usually short fur. This coat is used as insulation and helps to regulate the dogs body temperature. It keeps the dog warm in cold weather, and also protects the dog against extreme heat.

    The outer coat, on the other hand, is usually longer, coarser in texture, and may even stand off of the dogs body. It is also supported by the dogs undercoat. This fur is often referred to as guard hairs because it protects the dogs softer undercoat and serves the purpose of weather-proofing.

    If a dog has a single coat, then there is only the topcoat. No undercoat will be present.

    Are German Shepherds Single Coated Or Double Coated

    German Shepherd Double Coat Puppy Lucknow

    Whats your thought? Do German shepherds have a single coat or a double coat?

    An answer to the above question is that German shepherds are considered double coated. However, its common to find single coated shepherd dogs. Single coated shepherds are considered having genetic defects hence some kennel clubs dont consider them real shepherd dogs.

    Single coated shepherd dogs cannot live in cold areas since they dont have a second coat or an insulating undercoat to keep them warm.

    Double coated German shepherd dogs have two protective coats. The topcoat or the guard coat has wiry and abrasive hairs, protecting the dog from harsh environments such as dirt and water. Its more of an outer protective coat.

    The inner coat or the undercoat has dense, fluffy hairs that act as an insulator to conserve the shepherds energy.

    Double coated shepherd dogs are good since they can survive in either hot or cold environments. In that, during cold weather, the double coats function to conserve the available warmth.

    Additionally, when the weather is too hot, both coats reflect sunlight to avoid overheating the dog.

    As you can see, all these coats have a dual function, whether its during winter or summer.

    However, with the extra coats comes another problem, shedding. Hence be ready to brush your double-coated shepherd fur regularly.

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    Are German Shepherds Double

    Although German Shepherds have the same general looks, there is some variation within the breed. German Shepherds are generally considered double-coated dogs, but the coat can come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Some German Shepherd dogs do not have an undercoat present.

    The only German Shepherds that are acceptable in competitions will have a medium-length overcoat with an undercoat. If the dog does not have an undercoat, then this is considered a fault by the AKC.

    Some dogs have undercoats that are very sparse or that shed completely. This is called an open coat, and it is also considered to be a fault.

    German Shepherd coats can vary greatly. Youll find coats like:

    • A short-length coat, which features an undercoat with an overcoat about an inch long.
    • A medium-length coat, which is usually one or two inches long and is the only coat acceptable for show lines. There will be an undercoat present.
    • A long coat with an undercoat, which will have an overcoat at least two inches long. This coat will usually be very thick, which makes these particular dogs especially well-suited to colder climates.
    • A long coat without an undercoat, which looks very similar to a dog with a long coat with an undercoat, but without an undercoat.

    German Shepherds Are Mandatory Double

    It is common to think that double coats are a characteristic of all German Shepherds, but they are not. These dogs can vary greatly in their coat, having very different sizes and lengths and no insulating coat on some puppies.

    A top coat generally looks more abrasive and even wiry. The interesting thing is that some people think the inner layers are synonymous with a healthy dog. Not having it is considered defective.

    The thing with coats or fur is that it is not always the same. Several types are important to mention:

    • Short Length: These are one inch long and have an undercoat.
    • Medium length: Its size varies between one or two inches in length. A protective layer also covers it. This is an extremely common coat, and at shows, it turns out to be a favorite most of the time.
    • Long length along with undercoat: The minimum these coats can measure is two inches. Apart from that, they are naturally thick and have an undercoat. It is a perfect breed for cold climates, so it is perfectly protected from winter.
    • Long length, but no undercoat: They are highly similar to long-coated dogs but lack the undercoat.

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