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How Big Of A Crate For A German Shepherd

The 7 Best German Shepherd Dog Crates Youll See This Year

Crate Train Your German Shepherd Puppy

Do you want to know the best German Shepherd dog crate that saves your furniture, carpets, and most important keeps your dog safe?

I was so confused when I bought my German Shepherd a crate because I didnt know the right size or which crate is actually the best for a large breed dog.

But I bought different crates until I settled on the right options, using my dog as the test subject.

Heres my list of the best dog crates for your German Shepherd.

You May Initially Feel Bad

Even though you know that crating is good for your German Shepherd and he doesnt even feel bad, youll still find this information cerebral. It takes a while to set in, and you may initially feel guilty as if youre imprisoning your dog. This drawback is significant enough for many people that they would rather risk raising a German Shepherd with little discipline and self-control than put one in a crate.

Is A Crate Or Pen Better For A Puppy

The playpen is best at controlling the puppys environment while at the same time giving him space. The crate is much better for sleep and potty training. The playpen is better if you have to leave your dog for long hours. The size of the playpen is not very important as long as its enough to walk around and play.

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Should I Put My 8 Week Old Puppy In A Crate At Night

Remember to make use of the crate to assist your 8 week old puppy to acclimate to it easier, get your pup really tired and then let him have a nap in his new house. *We start crate training our service dog puppies when they are 8 weeks old and our rule of thumb is to not crate them for more than 2 hours at that age.

Important Aspects To Remember When Buying Dog Crates For German Shepherds

Best Dog Crate for German Shepherds: My Pick! â World of Dogz


Determining the correct crate size for German Shepherd is very critical when buying a dog crate. GSDs come in different sizes, especially if they are still in their development stage. On average, GSDs can weigh between 66 to 88 lbs and their average height is 22-26 inches. Keep in mind that a dog crate thats too crampy will be uncomfortable for them and will make them feel anxious. While a dog crate thats too big will just be too overwhelming for them that the purpose of crate-training will go to waste.


Just as important as determining the correct size is choosing a dog crate with materials that will suit a GSDs behavior. For GSDs who are beginners in crate-training and are known to be destroyers and great escape artists, a dog crate thats made of thick metal is the best choice.


Dog crates are created according to their unique purposes and the lifestyle of the owner. There are specific dog crates for specific purposes like traveling, camping or even house-breaking.

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Do You Need To Crate A Puppy

If youre asking about what size crate for a German Shepherd, you might also be asking yourself if you need to crate a puppy.

Many people find that they can raise their German Shepherd puppy absolutely fine without a crate.

However, it has some really great benefits.

Your German Shepherd crate can help with toilet training, excitable, unruly behavior, and even destructive tendencies.

If youre getting a crate for a puppy, you need to remember the German Shepherd crate size will be different for a younger, smaller dog!

Crate Training German Shepherd Puppy At Night

If you live in a connected house or have neighbors living close by, it is a good idea to warn them, so they are not alarmed by any noise on the first night. This will ease any tension that your whining puppy creates!

You have done your research, chosen your crate, and set it up all cozy. Your puppy has spent the day getting used to his crate, but now its bedtime! Most likely, you will be expecting a rough night. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. To give yourself the best chance of success, put an item of clothing or blanket with your scent on inside the crate. This will help him settle even further, as he associates you with safety.

Just before bedtime, encourage your puppy to engage in a quick five-minute play session. This will burn off any leftover energy and ensure they are tired. Putting an excitable puppy in a crate and expecting them to sleep is like giving a child candy and asking them to sit still!

Set an alarm for 3 hours. If your puppy has stopped whining by this point, then congratulations! Your puppy is relaxed enough that he doesnt feel the need to shout for you. Quietly take him from the crate to the garden so he can toilet, then return him to his crate. This is a two-part process. You are toilet training and easing potential separation anxiety at the same time.

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What Do German Shepherd Puppies Like To Play With

Crate training a German Shepherd puppy idea!!!

The best toys for young German Shepherds are interactive ones that stimulate their senses. Especially exciting are treat dispensers and squeaky toys while teething toys provide tons of comfort. They also love balls that they can grasp and chase after.

But GSD puppies dont just love toys and things. They also love playing with people and other animals. Its best to start socializing your pup as early as possible so they can enjoy being their playful selves with others.

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Sliverylake Xxl Dog Cage Crate Kennel Heavy Duty

This $200-ish crate is significantly stronger than other wire crates on the market but it is by no means bullet proof. While this would be fine for most people and dogs, if you have a dog who really wants to get free they may not escape but they could bend wires. This crate has wheels, a tray, double doors and features a fairly thick, steel frame. Be aware that this crate is 90lbs. A good friend of mine has this and it works out well for him, but according to some Amazon reviews people had to do a little extra work to their unit to ensure paws didnt get stuck.


  • Available as 48x33x37 or 42x29x33
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant floor grate
  • Top opens for easy access

Zinger Winger DX5000 Deluxe 5000 escape artist Aluminum Crate

After shipping this crate is generally around $925.

This is the last crate you will ever buy and even comes with an escape guarantee. If youre trying to keep a dog locked up who likes to escape, look no further.

Assembly is required for this crate, but once built you have one of the sturdiest crates available which could keep Houdini hostage.


  • Stainless steel lock and key

Helps With Potty Training

Using a crate to potty train your puppy is a quicker way than other methods. Puppies naturally do not like to pee or poop where they sleep and will tend to hold it. Its also another reason to use a crate divider. If the crate is too big, the puppy may feel there is enough space to potty at the far end. You dont want him to treat the crate like the yard where he poops at one end and rests at the other.

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How To Crate Train German Shepherd Puppy

Before you begin crate training you will need to find a quiet place in your home such as laundry room, bathroom or lounge. The most important factor when choosing a good crate spot is how noisy it is. A puppy will find it difficult to settle if his crate is in a noisy or busy part of the house.

Getting your puppy used to the crate and going in and out is the first step. This method is a good starting point:

  • Allow your puppy to sniff all around the outside of the crate. Do not force him to go in at any point.
  • Give him quiet praise and a treat when he is close to the crate.
  • Place a treat just inside the door of the crate and see if your puppy will retrieve it. He may take a while to decide if its safe don not pressure him. Let him do it on his own.
  • Repeat this a few times, slowly placing the treat further inside the crate. Leave the door open for now, while he is getting used to the new smells.
  • Once he is comfortable going in, try closing the door for 5-10 seconds. Give your dog a treat through if he is calm, then open the door.
  • Repeat this step a few times, then increase the time the door is shut five seconds at a time.
  • This process is a soft approach. It allows your dog to accept the new crate on his own terms and he will associate it with something positive. Forcing him into the crate will only make him feel anxious about it. Leave the crate door open during the day so your puppy can go in and out as he pleases.

    New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

    What crate size?

    If you are looking for a good budget crate, this one is a good option to consider. Its just a simple cage made from thick steel wire, and many companies make crates and cages of this type.

    While this wire crate may not offer anything special, it gets the job done at a low cost, making it our best bargain product.

    We are glad to see that this wire dog crate comes with a 1-year warranty, as that is more than we would expect from an inexpensive crate.

    The latches are quick and convenient to use. You just lift and pull with one smooth motion, unlike some latches that require all sorts of fumbling and flipping around.

    This cage should be strong enough for most German Shepherds, but it wouldnt be a good choice for a dedicated escape artist.

    The wires of this cage are held together by welds, and a large dog can break those welds if they make a serious effort.

    It is also possible for them to slip through the gaps that are present in the edges. Thus, you might need to reinforce this cage with additional wire.

    The slide-out bottom is also flawed because it forces you to pull the tray through a thin slot in the front.

    When there is a heaping pile of fecal matter on the tray, you can probably imagine what happens when it is pulled through a small slot.

    Well give you a hint: Its disgusting. Still, this is a product that gets the job done at a reasonable cost.

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    Male Vs Female German Shepherd

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    According to American Kennel Club, GSDs rank second as the most popular dogs because of their extraordinary characteristics. Theyre faithful, obedient, brave and intelligent, regardless of the gender. Though male and female GSDs have similarities, they also have relevant differences. If youre thinking of buying either a male or a female GSD, take note of the following differences so you can choose which one is a good match for your lifestyle and preference.

    Frisco Fold & Carry Double Door Dog Crate

    Sizes Available: 22 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch and 48 inch.

    In our humble opinion, the Fold & Carry model dog crate from Frisco has all of the exceptional qualities needed to house a German Shepherd safely and securely. One of the best features in this model is the divider , which allows you to section off the crate so you can use it as your dog grows from pup to adult.This wired crate is perfect for German Shepherds. Its just the right size, its strong, its durable, its super easy to clean up, and is perfect for those that love to travel as it folds right down.Heres a quick list of the pros and cons, so you can easily see all you need to know about this Frisco model crate:


    • Comes with an easy-to-clean, durable plastic pan
    • Adjustable handles / folds down for travel


    • Wired crates can be loud if your dog moves around a lot
    • Latches can be fiddly to open at first
    • Can bend if folded down wrong

    Now that weve told you our overall favorite crate for German Shepherds, lets see what else is available on the market. Were going to take a look at a few more of the top rated crates out there and see what all their pros and cons are.

    Soft-sided crates can be tricky to come across for larger breeds like the German Shepherd. We managed to find the perfect model, though, so dont worry. This is our top pick:

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    Popular Types Of Crates For German Shepherds

    There are a few different types of crates that are commonly used for German Shepherds. Lets take a look at each one of these now.

    There are some other options out there like fashion crates that are made of wood and double as side tables but the above four options are the most popular types of German Shepherd crates.

    Where To Put A Dog Crate

    Impact Dog Crate vs Petmate crate for German Shepherd.

    We recommend placing a crate in a quiet place in the house. Your dog can retreat to his own place without being disturbed. It is also important for a puppy that the crate is in a quiet place. For example, if the crate is in the living room where there is a lot of movement, he is continuously stimulated.

    A puppy is of course very curious and will find it difficult to sleep peacefully. And rest is very important for a puppy.

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    Are All German Shepherds The Same

    Generally, there are two types of GSD show dogs and working dogs with seven distinct lines overall. Although each line was bred to exhibit a different body type, color, personality, and vigor, on average, you can expect your GSD to stand 22 to 26 inches tall and weigh anywhere between 45 and 88 pounds.

    • American and Canadian show lines have German heritage however, they have been bred with American dogs to maintain a consistent body style and color pattern in line with AKC and CKC standards.
    • American-bred pet lines have the same body type and personality as show dogs but were bred primarily for companionship from registered purebreds.
    • West German show lines are typically red with a black saddle. In addition to having a specific appearance and gait, they are expected to exhibit agility and obedience skills.
    • West German working lines are direct descendants of the Max von Stephanitz GSDs, who were bred primarily for temperament and personality.
    • East German working lines were bred for workability and are usually darkly colored with features more resembling wolves.
    • Czech working lines were bred specifically to patrol the Czech border and have larger heads and thicker paws. These extremely agile and protective dogs are mostly black with some shades of red and tan.

    What Is A Dog Crate

    A dog crate is a den shaped structure that is equipped to keep the securely keep the dog confined in case of transportation. It is much like your dogs personal room where he can relax, sleep, or spend some alone time. Just like the rooms in your house, a dog crate is designed to cater to the needs of the dogs so that they can feel like home in your environment.

    You need to remember that dogs are a mans best friend, but at the same time, they are also wild animals that like to live in caves and jungles. So a crate helps you give them that kind of environment so they can sleep feeling secure in their crate. Plus, it also helps you keep them from damaging the furniture, clothes, and other items in your home.

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    What Is The Best Kennel For A German Shepherd

    The Carlson Pet Products Secure and Foldable Single Door Metal Dog Crate is another strong contender for one of the best dog crates for German Shepherds. The crate is strong, sturdy, and affordable. The washable pan makes cleaning easy, and you can fold the crate when you need to store or transport it.

    Makes Raising The Pup More Convenient

    Best Dog Crate for German Shepherds: My Favorite Pick ...

    Finally, we have to admit some self-interest. While crates are suitable for puppies, theyre also good for you as they give you the ability to leave your puppy out of sight for a short period, at least initially. The discipline advantage benefits the dog, as mentioned earlier but also makes your life somewhat easier.

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    What Type Of Crate Is Best

    There are a couple of different crate types available for you to choose from and they all have various benefits and inconveniences. You will need to weigh up which is the best fit for you and your puppy.

    Plastic:These crates look like the old-fashioned travel or vets crates. They are perfect for puppy training as the sides and roof are solid, creating a dark enclosed space inside which will be comforting for your pup. Plastic crates are sturdy and tend to be more chew resistant than wired crates. The downside is that they are clunky and not great to look at. You can purchase a wire divider but they can be fiddly.

    Wired: The wired option is great because they tend to be foldable. This make for easy storage when you do not need the crate or if you are travelling. They are easy to set up and some designs come with wheels, which is handy for moving large crates. Wired crates also come with a plastic tray which you can cover with a crate pad or blanket. The negative aspects for wired crates is that your puppy may be able to chew the bars and crates made of weak material are easy to break out of.


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