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How To Train Your German Shepherd To Attack On Command

German Shepherd Training Commands

How to Train your German Shepherd Puppy to Attack on Command? Effective Training Tips

It is very important to train your German Shepherd to respond to some basic commands like to stay, sit and other similar commands.

A well trained German shepherd will always obey your commands.

This will help you control your dogs behavior and make for a safer environment for you and the dog.

You should keep in mind that it will take some time for your dog to respond to your commands.

Your dog will not start responding to your commands right away.

If you want your German shepherd to respond to your commands, then you should have a little patience.

Once he is well trained, he would listen and respond to your commands.

Some of the most common commands that you can give your German shepherd dog are;

Sit: This command will make your dog sit wherever it is.

Stay: If your dog is walking, then commanding your dog to stay will make him stop walking.

Fetch: If you are playing with your dog then using commands like fetch will make your dog fetch the balls or stick or any other item that you are playing with.

Down: The down command will make your dog go in to a passive position.

Heel: This command will make your dog walk in front of you instead of walking by your side or walking behind you.

Drop It: You can use this command if your dog has something in its mouth. Many people train their dogs to bring them newspaper in the morning. When their dog brings them the newspaper, they can say drop it and the dog will drop the newspaper from their mouth.

Teach Obedience To Your German Shepherd

Obedience is essential if you want to teach your GSD To be a guard dog.

Come sit and stay are the three most important words you should teach your Dog.

These three basic commands will keep your dog safe in many circumstances. For example, if there is a danger approaching your dog, you can call come, so your dog can step back and come back to you.

Teaching Basic commands will establish your leadership over your German Shepherd. If your dog understands that you are the leader, they will become your happy followers.

Why You Need To Be Alpha And How To Do So

German Shepherd dogs are highly intelligent and social creatures. Their trainability, sense of loyalty, and astounding cleverness make this breed an excellent choice for families who want to compete in a variety of dog sports such as obedience or agility competitions.

This intelligence and sense of dominance mean that they may be difficult to handle for an inexperienced owner. For this reason, German Shepherds, despite their popularity, are not recommended for first-time dog owners or owners who dont have experience with guardian breeds.

Teaching your German Shepherd that you are the leader of the pack, the alpha, is extremely important. This will ensure that your dog will look to you for guidance rather than taking matters into their own paws. An untrained, dominant German Shepherd is a disaster waiting to happen.

There are a few ways that you can let your German Shepherd pup know who the boss is. While training is extremely effective, there are some even more subtle ways.

  • Only feed your dog once youve eaten.
  • Dont let your dog go through doorways before you.
  • Set boundaries such as not allowing them in the room when you are eating.
  • Speak in a firm voice.
  • Dont let disobedience fly. If your puppy ignores a command, get their attention and insist that they listen to you.

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Show Them You Are Not The Enemy

When your dog is eating, then you should pet them while they are eating. You should add in more food in the bowl to show that you care for them.

This will make your German Shepherd puppy associate you with good food.

Try to care for them in every way possible. Make sure you dont give them any threatening signals.

Make them understand that you are not their enemy!

Teaching Him/her To Obey Commands

The Basic of German Shepherd Training Commands

It can be a pain to train an animal to do your bidding, but it is essential that you get past this stage in order to make the most of your German shepherds good side. If they arent trained accordingly, it will prove to be the worst mistake you could ever have made with a pet. For starters, try to tame this disobedient and stubborn beast, by first teaching him/her how to respond to commands like sit, lie down, roll over, fetch and so on.

Come down to their level and show them how it is done by mimicking the position or hold your dog down, before saying it out loud for him/her to understand that when it is said, you expect them to do that one particular action. Give them treats, pet them and pass encouraging statements to reward their efforts. German shepherds feed off positive vocal tones, and not negative.

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How To Train A German Shepherd To Be A Guard Dog

German Shepherds will usually take to being a guard dog naturally. It’s important to train them to be obedient. Learn how here.Many dogs are natural watch dogs; their bark is sufficient to alert their owner to something unusual, and the alarm they set up is a deterrent. In addition, dogs who will fight if their owner is genuinely attacked do not have to be made aggressive to do so. Training a dog specifically to be a guard dog is hazardous and potentially creates a liability for you. Misguided attempts to make a dog aggressive through abuse will only backfire because the dog will not be loyal to someone who treats them harshly, and if the dog wrongly bites someone you will be at fault. Never train dogs who are basically fearful or out of control. Such dogs may not respond appropriately in non-threatening situations.

A German shepherd dog should not be selected to receive training as a guard dog unless the dog is basically friendly, stable and clear-headed, and has been well-socialized.







Walk your German shepherd dog on a leash around the perimeter of your property regularly to identify your territorial boundaries. Do not allow your dog to bark at people who are outside your property. Do not allow your dog to chase people under any circumstances.



Your Dog Is Not A Person Your Dog Is A Reflection Of You

Your Dog is a Reflection of You!

As humans, we personify everything we love including our beloved dogs. ;And in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that.

As long as we remember that our dogs operate on instincts. ;And our emotions affect those instincts.

For example

There’s this Staffie names Apollo that has hydrotherapy on the same day as Charley.

Now, Apollo and Charley hate each other. ;None of us are sure why though!

So, a few weeks ago Charley was at her weekly hydrotherapy session when Apollo strolled past her massage mat.

The moment I saw him I tensed up. ;And within a split second Charley, who has just had hip surgery, jumped up on all fours and started barking madly.

She’s never had a problem with any of;the other dogs around there. ;Even the owners 2 Jack Russell’s hang around her with no problems.

Both myself and the therapist never saw it coming. ;But looking back now, I should have known

Charley was reacting to her instincts.


My emotions played a big role in her final reaction. ;Charley was responding to me, but the results were not positive. Because I was tense and worried.

You may be wondering what you can do to encourage your GSD to respond to you in a positive way.

This brings us to the next golden rule

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Training Your German Shepherd As A Guard Dog

Every dog breed possesses natural tendencies and skills. These tendencies come with their genetics. German Shepherds are guard dogs by nature, regardless of if theyve been trained or not. If they see something out of line, or peculiar, they will usually bark, altering someone of the situation. For this reason, German Shepherds are often chosen as police dogs since its easier to train them in this way.

Some breeds are overly aggressive and hard to control, while others are meek and mild-tempered. German Shepherds are the perfect mix to train to be a guard dogs.

Still, your German Shepherd will need the correct training to ensure they listen to commands and arent a danger to themselves or others.

There are a few critical pieces of equipment you will want on hand when beginning any training such as a German Shepherd harness, a German Shepherd leash, and some dog treats for rewarding.

German Shepherd Training School

How to Train Your German Shepherd to Attack on Command

While proper training and socialization are important for all breeds of dog, theyre especially important for large guardian breeds such as the German Shepherd. This is why theyre not recommended for first-time dog owners.

If you dont feel like youre up to the task, it may be worth it to invest in training lessons for your dog. Failure to properly socialize and train your German Shepherd puts them at risk for a variety of undesirable comportments, such as aggression, shyness, nervousness, and reactionary behavior.

The best way to find a good training school is by word of mouth. Consult your breeder, your veterinarian, and your local German Shepherd Dog club for advice. Dont be fooled by flashy advertisements and false promises. The best training schools never make guarantees on results.

Its also important to interview any prospective school and take a tour of their facility. Ask them about their training methods, what kind of training they do, and the various levels and courses available to you. Focus on schools that stress manners and obedience rather than toughness and protection.

Here are a few dog trainers to check out:

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Training Helps In Building A Stronger Relationship

When you invest in training your German Shepherd dog, then that can have a lot of benefits for you and the dog.

One mutual benefit of training is that it can help you develop a relatively stronger bond with your canine friend.

It bound a well-trained dog to be more loyal and understanding towards its owners.

Training Your Dog May Change His Personality

I do not believe you need to surrender thousands of dollars for a personal protection dog, but you do need to realize that training your pet is going to change his personality.

Your dog may fail to serve as a personal protection animal and still be an excellent animal. The statistics of the , a group that often tests dogs used for personal protection, indicate that the majority of dogs that are tested using the Dog Mentality Assessment Test do not pass. I have never had a Siberian Husky that would serve to protect me. My Pit Bull cross seemed to understand the requirements almost right away. Not one of them was a better dog than the others; they were all individuals and had different skills.

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S To Train Your Dog Attack On Command

Repeat these activities on different occasions on different intruders. And dont forget to treat your dog every time. Your dog should not only attack your command but also stop on your command. These are fundamental basics that you should teach your dog. And I hope that these steps will come handy.

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Final thoughts.

Dogs can come handy while protecting yourself or protecting your house. They can become your loyal servants; all it requires is to make a strong relationship with them. And teach them to obey your command.

The best way of training your dog; on how to attack on your command, is to teach them; step by step. And patience is the key factor while teaching them. Sometimes it can be quite hard to train a dog, but if you chose the right breed and have faith in your dog, then your dog will be able to attack your command after some time.

Another thing to notice here is that some dogs are considered as watchdogs, and some of them are known as attack dogs. Generally, you will see attack dogs in forces and militaries. They are professionally trained.

But for an ordinary person, watchdogs are best suited, because they are easy to train and short in stature.

German Shepherd Advanced Obedience Commands

How To Train A German Shepherd To Attack: 7 Essential Tips ...

The following advanced German Dog commands;are demanding so your GSD may need a month or longer to master these.

  • Back up- signals your GSD will walk backward
  • Bark or Speak- signals your GSD to bark on command
  • Bite- signals your GSD to bite into an object
  • Fetch- makes your GSD catch the desired object in the mouth and retrieve it to you
  • Find or Track makes your GSD search the desired item or person
  • Jump- teaches your GSD to jump over or through an object
  • Quiet- interrupts your GSD from barking or whining
  • Turn Left- teaches your GSD to turn to his left
  • Turn Right- teaches your GSD to turn to his right
  • Walk faster- teaches your GSD to walk faster
  • Walk slower- teaches your GSD to walk slower

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Develop A Bond With Your Gsd

Creating a bond with your German Shepherd is important for training. This can be by spending time with your dog and taking them on walks or even petting them. My dog loves when I rub his belly.

Do not lose your temper when training your dog instead remain calm and resume your training another time. Observe your canine behavior so you can tell if he is frightened or stressed, therefore, removing him from situations that make him uncomfortable.

Provide him with all the nutrients he needs to be healthy and with treats to make him happy. Moreover, take good care of your GSD by grooming and petting. Studies have shown this lowers your canine stress level and reduces your dogs heart rate.

Your Dog Does Not Communicate Like A Human

Your German Shepherd will respond to many different stimuli. Your body language and tone of voice being the two most important.

In time, your dog will understand certain commands such as sit, stay and come, drop etc.

But, dogs only understand single direct commands. Use language your dog will understand. Calm, simple commands and body language will make your message crystal clear.

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Are German Shepherds Aggressive

Yes; GSDs are generally considered as an aggressive breed but this can be controlled. Some countries and states in the USA enacted Breed-Specific Legislation . This law bans or regulates ownership of some breeds like GSDs. They decided to enact this law because of attack statistics of certain breeds like the German Shepherd.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , there were 279 deaths of humans in the United States due to dog attacks from 1979 to 1994. CDC based their report on the data from the Humane Society of the United States and media accounts in the NEXIS database. This report also shows three cases of dog-bite-related fatalities . One of the fatalities involved a 2-year-old boy in South Dakota who died because he was attacked by two wolf-German shepherd hybrids.;

Experts like the American Kennel Club , American Veterinary Medical Association, and the National Canine Research Council are not in favor of this legislation because its ineffective. Thankfully many public officials decided to repeal this law.

How To Train A German Shepherd To Attack In 7 Easy Steps

How to Teach Your Dog to Bark on Command.

No doubt, the German Shepherd Dog is one of the most intelligent dog breeds. They are obedient, loyal, and easy to train. Little wonder why they are effective in different roles: police dogs, service dogs, guard dogs, dog agility, etc.

A major temperament that attracts the German Shepherd Dog to most folks is its aggressiveness and ability to attack. However, not every owner knows how to train his German Shepherd Dog to attack.

If you belong to this category or you are looking to get a German Shepherd Dog soon, then you should read this post to the end. I described the steps on how to train a;German shepherd to attack.

Without any further ado, lets get started!

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How To Train Your German Shepherd

Training your GSD is compulsory.

It is crucial to hire a professional dog trainer in order to train your German shepherd dog, if you think you cant do it yourself.

Dog lovers who are;passionate about their pets tend to;invest a lot in training their dogs.;Perform research and choose the best trainer you can find.

If you feel you are up for the task, you can also train your dog on your own.

Teach Your Dog The Attack Command

Once your German Shepherd gets used to obeying basic commands, its time you take things to the next level and try the attack command.;

A simple yet effective way to initiate the attack command is to put on your gloves and tap your dogs face and nose. This action is meant to rile up your dog until they respond by biting the gloves. When this happens, vocalize the attack command.

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Tips And Techniques You Should Use For Training German Shepherds

German shepherd, the best known police dog all over the world, is a noble and one of the most dependable dog breeds. With proper training techniques, this dog can be taught to do wonders.

German shepherd, the best known police dog all over the world, is a noble and one of the most dependable dog breeds. With proper training techniques, this dog can be taught to do wonders.

The German shepherd was bred for herding and guarding sheep by the Germans. This noble canine is also known as the Alsatian dog. It was christened Alsatian by the Britishers during the World War II, after the German-French border area of Alsace-Lorraine. This dog is also known as the Deutscher Schaferhund. The American Kennel Club, first registered this dog in 1908.


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