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How Many Hours Of Sleep Do German Shepherds Need

How Old Should A 10 Year Old German Shepherd Be

Why does your German Shepherd sleep Next to you? | German Shepherd Sleeping Position |

10-year-old German Shepherd Unfortunately, a German Shepherds expected lifespan is between 9 and 13 years old, and their time left here is getting short. It is common for German Shepherds to face arthritis, skin problems, decreased activity, dental issues, weight gain or loss, or even cancer at this age and older.

Should You Be Worried About Its Extra Sleep

If you notice your dog sleeping more than 12 hours per day, then you might have a problem. This is where the sleep schedule comes in. A German Shepherd should stay on a routine sleep schedule of 12 hours. If your dog needs to sleep more than 12 hours per day, then you need to try and figure out why this is happening so that you can correct it.

Ensure that your German Shepherd puppy doesnt get too much sleep as this can lead to health conditions later on. Too much sleep can lead to mood changes. You will notice your dog may become cranky or extremely energetic. This is a normal reaction to the change in their sleep patterns.

The length of the dogs sleep cycle also affects their behaviour during nap time and rest time. If a puppy sleeps for longer than usual, it can affect how long they take to regain energy and stay focused on tasks.

What Can Affect A German Shepherd Dogs Sleep

German Shepherd Dogs sleep also depends on its activity and kind of work.

German Shepherd Dog has been bred as Herder Dog. Nowadays, used in military operations.

German Shepherd Dogs are used to find out hidden drug gangs and also in detecting bombs by the police.

These kinds of dogs are highly trained and are very active dogs. German Shepherd dogs usually sleep less because of their duty requirements.

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What To Watch For

Any abnormal symptom could be a sign of serious disease or it could just be a minor or temporary problem. The important thing is to be able to tell when to seek veterinary help and how urgently. Many diseases cause dogs to have a characteristic combination of symptoms, which together can be a clear signal that your German Shepherd Dog needs help.

Breed Wise Sleeping Pattern

How many hours a day does a German Shepherd need to sleep ...

Usually small or tiny dog breeds sleep for about 14 16 hours a day. A medium-sized dog, on the other hand, sleeps less than small dog breeds. Their average sleeping hours lie between 10 14 hours a day.

Large breeds need more hours of sleep, hence they doze off for 14 18 hours a day. Sometimes people also call them mat dogs as they tend to sleep a lot. But the sleeping habit also depends on their daily routine, diet and of course their health.

Some breeds like Bulldogs, Shih Tzu, Mastiff, Basset Hound, French bulldog, Pekingese, Chow chow, Greyhound, Saint Bernard, and Lhasa Apso sleep more than other dog breeds. However, breeds such as Airedale Terrier, Pomeranian, Lagotto Romagnolo, Australian Terrier or Golden Retrievers are some of the most active breeds and will be running around the house full of energy for a big chunk of the day.

Do remember that each dog comes with its own personality and breed is just a general measure. Try to understand whats normal for your dog instead of whats normal for the breed.

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What To Do When An Older German Shepherd Has Sleep Issues

German Shepherds can have some of the same kinds of sleep problems that humans get.

Some German Shepherds develop narcolepsy. The problem may be that they cant be aroused from sleep. Their eyes may dart back and forth as if they were falling asleep.

Or they may fall asleep in the middle of their favorite activities.

German Shepherds can develop sleep apnea. They stop breathing until pressure builds up in their throats and causes an explosive snore.

Both problems require veterinary treatment.

Getting effective treatment of these sleep issues will help your German Shepherds find more energy for the families they love.

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The First Ride Home: Making It Safe And Secure

If youre a first-time dog owner, you often forget that the dog also needs to be secured when driving in a car.

The most important thing to have with you when you go pick up your German Shepherd is a carrying crate in which to bring him home.

Heres a travel crate big enough to fit a 30-50 lb puppy, which is suitable for your GSD puppy up to 6 months:

This ride will probably be the very first ride for your pup.

And puppies tend to be known for having a sensitive stomach and a moving car might make them vomit.

And trust me, its a lot better if theyre in a crate rather than on your lap when that happens.

Another reason, for the German Shepherd puppy to be in their crate is that a puppy tends to be quite nervous and squirmy during their first car ride. They are in a strange place with a stranger who wouldnt be a bit nervous?

Accidents could occur if puppies crawl under the brake pedal, knocked the gearshift, and simply taking the drivers eyes off the road.

The ride home is not necessarily a bonding moment, the only thing that matters is that everybody gets home safe.

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Should I Make A Sleeping Schedule For My Dog

Both you and your dog will benefit from an established routine of when to sleep, potty, eat and exercise. Dogs love routines, and you should always feed them at the same time in the morning and early in the evening. Dont feed your dog before bedtime.

Also, regular exercise at the same time every day will prevent your dog from sleeping during the day. Therefore, your dog will be tired and sleepy at night.

The best practice is to take your dog to the bathroom before bedtime. By doing this, you will ensure a long sleep without any interruptions.

How Long Puppies Sleep Before Taking A Potty Break?

When determining a sleeping schedule for puppies, the main concern is the potty breaks. Puppies cant hold their bladder, like adult dogs. Therefore, we need to keep this in mind when making the schedule.

You can calculate how much your puppy can sleep before it needs to go out. The general rule is that puppies can hold their bladder one hour for every month of age and add one.

For example, a four-month puppy will be capable of holding its bladder for five hours. Therefore, a four-month puppy can sleep for five hours before needing a potty break.

How Much Do German Shepherds Sleep In A Day

Golden Retriever vs German Shepherd – Which one should you get?

We are not saying anything strange when we mention that dogs sleep a lot since they are very active animals that tire quickly and that, by their nature, need to sleep many more hours than people. It is true that some breeds are more likely to sleep a greater number of hours compared to others. Many people ask, How much do German Shepherds sleep?. We will answer this in todays article.


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How Can I Help My German Shepherd To Sleep

With the breeds long history as a guard dog, police dog, and of course, shepherd, the German Shepherd breed has become one of the most alert dogs there are.

The German Shepherd is always ready to pounce, and quick to respond to any command you give them.

But as a result of this, the German Shepherd can find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. So, what can you do to help your German Shepherd sleep?

Well, making sure to provide a completely dark environment for your German Shepherd to sleep in is a big step in making sure that your German Shepherd sleeps soundly.

You could try covering your German Shepherds crate with a blanket if this is where they sleep. Or, if they sleep outdoors, a sturdy kennel with a robust door is great for completely blocking out those streetlights and the sunrise.

But another major factor in how well a German Shepherd sleeps is exposure to noise. When guarding sheep in the past, a German Shepherd had no choice but to learn to sleep lightly and quickly awaken at every unusual sound.

So today, if a German Shepherd living as a pet hears an unusual sound, they are still pretty likely to quickly wake up and bark at it.

Thankfully, it is easy and simple to minimize your German Shepherds exposure to unwanted sounds. For example, if your German Shepherd is sleeping indoors, try turning off all appliances you can.

Even a toaster or kettle might make an unexpected click that prompts your German Shepherds protection mode.

How Much Sleep Does A German Shepherd Puppy Need

German Shepherd puppies require a lot of sleep during the day. They need to get about 16 hours of sleep in 24 hours. This is because they grow so much during their first few months, and they need the rest to recover from it all.

German Shepherds sleep for an average of 10 hours per day although this will vary depending on the dogs age, size, and needs. A lot of the time is spent sleeping at night when they are not working.

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How Long Do German Shepherds Live

You can expect a German Shepherd to live anywhere between 12 15 years. German Shepherds are very active dogs and can be expected to live a long life if provided with the care they need.

German Shepherd insurance is not required but may benefit those who purchase one of these beautiful creatures because German shepherds have a high risk of injury over their lifetime, which could result in serious costs for you. So, insurance may save money for you over a long time, including for long-term costs of vet care.

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Is Your German Shepherd Sleeping Too Much

Exactly How Much Space Do German Shepherds Need? â World ...

So your dog is sleeping too much. Even though the normal range is 12-14 hours a day, 15 hours is still close enough to be considered normal. Sleeping 16 hours a day or more is cause for concern.

There are several potential reasons that your German Shepherd might be sleeping more than usual.

One reason is that your German Shepherd could be sleeping more is that it is sick. Even dogs get colds, and extra rest can help battle the sickness.

Another reason your German Shepherd could be sleeping more than usual is that it is getting older. Age really does have an important role in determining how much a dog sleeps.

Something you can do to help your dog sleep less is to set a consistent time to wake up and go to sleep. Regulate your dogs sleeping schedule, and keep them active and engaged in fun activities to reduce the potential for an impromptu siesta.

These fun activities might include playing with fun toys, playing scavenging games, or if your German Shepherd is good with strangers, it could even be a volunteer part-time therapy dog. These activities can keep a dog awake, alert, and attentive.

If you find that you are having trouble rousing your dog when you need it to wake up, even after having slept more than is normal, it might be time to consult a professional about the behavior.

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Do German Shepherds Need A Lot Of Attention

German Shepherds do need a lot of attention, yes. This is a standard characteristic of the breed and is something that you need to be aware of before you consider adopting one. You cannot train your German Shepherd to spend more time alone or leave it with other people because you are busy. It needs you to be there most of the time.

These dogs like quality time with their families, and you will need to be prepared to provide this if you wish to own one of these dogs. They enjoy being useful and having a purpose, and they are usually trained to work very closely with people .

Your dog will usually be happiest when it is with you, especially if you are focused on it. Plenty of playtime and training time, as well as long walks, are necessary parts of owning a German Shepherd.

German Shepherds that arent given sufficient attention can become destructive, badly behaved, and very difficult to handle. Your dog might chew things, break things, bark excessively, and refuse to listen to you in an attempt to get more attention, even if the attention is negative. A neglected German Shepherd is not easy to look after.

If you cant commit to the amount of time that a German Shepherd needs, look for another breed that is lower maintenance and does not require as much of your attention, for both your sake and the dogs sake.

Make Sure Your Puppy Has Comfortable Environment To Sleep

You may not want your puppy to sleep on the bed, or the couch, due to various reasons like danger of falling or maybe hair fall.

Anyways, make sure your puppys sleeping environment is cozy and comfortable.

  • Buying a small dog bed or crate for your puppy is ideal.
  • Make sure the crate or bed has soft material for your puppy to sleep.
  • Make sure the sleeping space isnt too compact and provides enough space for your puppy to stretch out its limbs properly.

German shepherds are hardy animals. They dont require an overly luxurious bed to sleep. So you dont have to dig too much into details. Just make sure their bed is soft and comfortable.

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Last Thoughts About How Much Exercise Does Your German Shepherd Need

Finally, anywhere between 1 and 2 hours of walking, purposeful activity, and mental stimulation per day is ideal to keep your dog in good shape.

This general guideline relates to a healthy adult German Shepherd. Each dog will have different exercise requirements according to his age, physical conditions, and energy level.

I hope my article has helped you to find out what your GSD needs to stay healthy and happy. Now its time for you to unleash him, go out there, and spend your energy together.

Good Workout & Dont Forget To Have Fun!

How Long Does A German Shepherd Puppy Sleep

German Shepherd Pros And Cons | The Good AND The Bad

As mentioned, German Shepherd puppies have short bursts of energy followed by long, restful naps. When playing or on a walk, it may seem like your puppy has a limitless store of excitement. Once they wear out, however, they tend to fall into a deep sleepand may even snore!

On average, a German Shepherd puppy will sleep between 15 and 20 hours each day. During growth periods, they may only get up to eat or go for a walk.

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German Shepherds And Other Pets

To help them be calm and patient, it’s best to socialise your German Shepherd with other dogs and pets from a young age. Some can be a bit bossy with other dogs as they get older but with proper care, training and socialisation this is unlikely to become a problem. If youre having issues with your German Shepherd around other pets, the best thing to do is get advice from a trainer or behaviourist.

German Shepherds are usually fine with other family pets they have grown up with. If they havent grown up with a cat or other smaller pets, though, they may have the urge to chase them so any introductions later in life should be done very carefully.

Do Not Disturb Your Puppy If They Are Sleeping

Try to keep your puppys sleeping area quiet and peaceful so that they can rest comfortably. If you have a noisy pet or a noisy household, try placing your puppy in an area where they can get some peace and quiet.

Resist the temptation to cuddle or let your puppy fall asleep in your lap. Dogs need to learn how to rest on their own, so make sure your German shepherd puppy can do this by letting them sleep alone.

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How Much Attention Does A German Shepherd Puppy Need

Puppies need a great deal of attention, far more than adults. They need to be toilet trained, watched, played with, socialized, cared for, talked to, and cuddled. They also, of course, need exercise, but this is somewhere to approach with a bit of care.

Its important not to over-exercise a puppy, as this can have a detrimental effect on their growth and muscular skeleton. If your puppy seems worn out and wants to stop, pay attention and let them they should not be pushed beyond their limits.

As a rough rule of thumb, give your German Shepherd five minutes of continuous exercise for every month of their age. That means a month-old puppy should only be exercising for about five minutes per go, whereas a six-month-old one can do about thirty minutes of constant exercise.

Less continuous exercise can be better for them, so play lots of games to let them exercise and socialize thoroughly without overdoing their workout. Its good to take heavy panting or an inclination to lie down as a clear sign to stop playing.

Sleep And Rescue Dogs

12 Signs Your German Shepherd Is Fully In Charge

Sometimes adult German Shepherds you adopt as a rescue dog will not have been house trained.

The procedure for adult dogs is similar to training puppies:

  • Dont give your German Shepherd too much space, either in its crate or in your house. Smaller spaces to keep clean will encourage your German Shepherd to go outside. It will sleep longer when it gets into the habit of taking care of toilet needs before settling down for the night.
  • If your adult German Shepherd needs to interrupt sleep for toilet activities more than 3 or 4 times a day, take it to the vet to be checked for urinary tract infections or parasites.
  • Provide your rescue dog with a calm environment. Its body will produce less urine, and it will get more sleep.

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