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Why Do German Shepherds Whine So Much

Whats The Best Dog Food For A German Shepherd

Why Does My German Shepherd Stretch So Much? 5 Different Types of GSD Stretches and Their Meanings

These are our top choices for the best dog food for German Shepherds:

  • Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Puppy Health Dog Food.
  • Precise Holistic Complete Large Breed Adult Formula.
  • Purina Beyond Grain-Free Adult Canned Dog Food.
  • Royal Canin Giant Junior Dry Dog Food.
  • Wilderness Blue Buffalo High Protein.

Signs Your German Shepherd Is Stressed

German Shepherd Dogs are intelligent, sweet and loyal to their families. If you have one, you know this is true. You also know many of them suffer from stress. As a trainer, I see a lot of nervous German Shepherd Dogs that have a hard time focusing or relaxing in new places or around new people. The first step to helping your German Shepherd Dog is recognizing when he is feeling this way so you can help him. The following are signs your shepherd is feeling stressed or anxious.

Understanding The German Shepherd Dog Breed Temperament & Personality

The German Shepherd dog breed is extremely popular in the United States and around the world.

In the USA, the American Kennel Club actually keeps track of the most popular purebred dog breeds.

Guess where the German Shepherd breed ranks? The GSD is currently number two out of 195 registered purebred dog breeds!

So clearly, GSD owners have learned to peacefully co-exist with the constant vocalizations of this dog breed.

German Shepherds have many amazing qualities that make this dog so popular. They are loving, loyal, protective, affectionate, intelligent, athletic, great with family members of all ages, and brave.

But many first-time GSD owners are not prepared for what some might call neediness in this particular dog breed. GSDs have been bred specifically to live and work very closely with their people.

A German Shepherd dog that is not given adequate you time is going to become distressed. Other dogs are not a substitute for human companionship, playtime, and affection.

A lonely, bored, or neglected German Shepherd can easily turn destructive or even aggressive, which is one of the major reasons why GSDs are relinquished to rescues such as the Missouri German Shepherd Rescue charity.

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Being In A Crate For Longer Than Usual

This can be another reason for an overall droopy pet. If your German Shepherd has to spend time in a crate longer than what they are used to, it will affect their schedule and routine. This will also add an element of uncertainty to their routine. Leaving them in a crate for too long will make them more pent up and this can make them more energetic and cause them to want to break schedule.;

Give Your Dog Access To Water And Cool Areas

Why does my German Shepherd whine or cry when I leave ...

Giving your German Shepherd water allows them to naturally cool down, stay hydrated and reduce the possibility of them getting heatstroke.

You should also ensure your dog can access an area of shade or somewhere cool when theyre hot.

Always make sure that they can do this on their own accord and never leave them outside in the heat of the day without the ability to cool off.

If youre on a walk take a break and be careful of the times you are looking to go. Be cognizant of any steep hills or challenging landscapes too.

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It Should Be Rewarded For Not Whining

Positive reinforcement training, which involves rewarding desired behaviors, can be pretty practical. For example, one way to teach your German shepherd to quit whining is to treat it when it does not whine as much as it usually does.

Furthermore, if it starts whining, you should stop providing it treats or attention until it stops whimpering. If it starts whining again, you should stop feeding it goodies or paying attention to it until it stops. This will educate it that whining will not bring it the things it desires.

Invest In A Training Program

Some of the most common problems experienced with German Shepherds can be solved with proper training, including unnecessary whining. By training your dog, you teach it how to respond in different situations.;

If your German Shepherd has been trained and still faces some behavioral problems, it is highly likely that the training was insufficient or inadequate. Getting a good training program can solve all these underlying issues. It develops your German Shepherds mentality and intelligence while sorting problematic behaviors.

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Why Does My German Shepherd Yawn So Much

If your German Shepherd has been yawning a lot you might be wondering why and what you can do about it.

This post will show you a number of reasons why it might be yawning a lot and what to do about it.

So, why does my German Shepherd yawn so much? Possible reasons are that it is frustrated, anxious, stressed, tired, copying you, there is an issue with its diet or that it needs more exercise.

There are a number of things that you can consider when trying to figure out why your GSD has been doing it. It will become easier for you to deal with it once you have a good idea of the cause.

So You Want A German Shepherd

Why Is My German Shepherd Scratching So Much: Skin Issues That Plague GSDs

I adore Shepherds, I really do. But that being said I have to admit that having a Shepherd mix has made me realize how much I underestimated their drive and energy.

I cant just come home and relax with my young Shepherd mix, she needs to doing things. If she doesnt get enough mental & physical exercise she becomes a terror. I cant go anywhere in the house without her needing to know what Im doing and investigating. I cant just sit on the couch for a few & relax without her reminding me thats its time to do something.

She is loud. Its not just normal barking either, German Shepherds make some of the strangest noises that can possibly come out of a canines mouth. She howls, whines, cries, moans, yawns loudly, etc. Shes vocal all the time. Everyday when I come home she whines and grovels. Im trying to get her out of this habit but its an ongoing process.

Laika Dont let the puppy eyes fool you

She gets into big trouble when shes not occupied. Shes gotten onto my kitchen counter tops via the bar stools to investigate all the nifty things I store up there. She steals various items and hides them under mats. Mostly she just patrols if shes bored, she is part guard dog, its her job to let me know when a bird lands on the mail box.

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Theyre Always Happy To See You

Most dogs youve formed a bond with will show excitement when seeing you after a while of being apart. German Shepherds are especially known for this.

They may jump up at you, lick your face, and run around aimlessly at your presence. They may even whine from their inability to contain their excitement. No matter the temperament of your GSD, theyll surely have their own way of telling you how happy they are to see you, even if youve only been away for a few minutes.

How To Train German Shepherd Dog To Stop Barking:

If, as an owner of a German shepherd dog, you feel irritated by the constant barking of your dog, here are some of the possible solutions that you can try at your furry friend-

If your dog barks at strangers who are visiting your house, make sure that you make them understand that they are not a threat. Try to be friendly with the visitors as they come. Repeatedly doing such acts will definitely control the barking behavior of your dog. You can also teach them the silent command to stop their barking at strangers or ignoring them when your dog barks.

It is also essential that you train your puppy at a young age to bark in control. You can put your dog on a leash and visit places where your dog can see other people and animals. By this, he will get a chance to meet other people and dogs. If your dog remains calm, provide him with treats. On the other hand, whenever your dog gets aggressive, ignore him. Repeat the same procedure for a few days; you will see changes in the barking habit of your dog.

Make sure that you do not use bark collars for your dog. Such things create restlessness and aggression in German shepherd dogs. It is better to teach him to stop barking naturally and with patience.;

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Make Sure They Arent Ill Or In Pain:

You will definitely want to make sure that they arent ill or in any type of pain. There could be several causes for sickness or pain. You can assess their body and look for any marks or wounds to their skin. You can also check their mouth to see if they swallowed anything funny.

Some possibilities for illness or pain:

  • Disease or underlying health issue
  • Wounded from another animal or hit by a car
  • They ingested something they shouldnt have
  • Sore from a skin allergy
  • These are just a few examples. If you feel like your German Shepherd is ill or in any pain, please take them to a veterinarian immediately.

    Are German Shepherds Used As Sniffer Dogs

    Why does my German Shepherd puppy cry so much?

    German Shepherds were naturally bred to work. Shepherds are one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Therefore, they can be trained to perform highly complex tasks, like drug or explosive sniffing, tracking and detection. GSDs are bred to keep their head, even in high-stress, chaotic situations.

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    What To Do When Your German Shepherd Is Panting

    Panting is usually nothing to worry about, but it still indicates your dog is attempting to regulate their body temperature. It usually means that they are too hot, and their trying to cool down.

    The following are practical ways that you can support your dog and help them feel more comfortable during bouts of panting.

    Some Interesting Facts About German Shepherd Dogs:

    There are many popular breeds of dogs. Some are strong; some are cute, while others are huge. Out of these breeds, the German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds. In fact, this breed of dog is the 2nd most popular dog in the US. These particular reeds of dogs rely on their nose to explore the world. You may have seen them sniffing on your windows, walls, and whatever comes near them. This is why such breeds of dogs are kept for sniffing bombs and drugs by the police force as they are best in detecting things.

    Another fact of a German shepherd dog is its smartness. It is also possible that they are far smarter than several human beings. These dogs are intelligent and are capable of learning new things easily. There are even such dogs who were not trained, but they learned the things just by looking. They also have a desire to help humans in their work. If you have or planning to keep a German Shepherd dog, make sure that they need plenty of toys and brain games to keep their mental state healthy. These dogs are confident and are not easily scared in any situation.

    This is why this breed of dog is kept as a watchdog or as a guardian in fields and houses. He can forcefully attack any intruder who tries to enter their territory. German shepherd breeds of dogs have natural protective skills, which are not common in several other breeds of dogs. All you need to do is to train them and properly socialize them and let the dog use its natural instincts to make a decision.

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    How Can I Stop My German Shepherd From Whining

    Whining can be good, if not important, in certain circumstances. But constant whining can drive any person nuts.

    If you want your German Shepherd to tone down his whining, there are some things that you can do to minimize it.

    First, consider everything wrong with your dog. Give him a check-up to the vet for any illness or injury. Maybe his whining is due to an underlying sickness.

    If nothing is wrong with your canines health, consider your lifestyle with him. Is he getting enough exercise? German Shepherds require a lot of walks and playing. They are very active dogs that need plenty of movement. You can also check in on his mental health. There might be something that is bothering your dog. A good day or two of tender, love, and care can make a pooch feel better again.

    Finally, if nothing else works and your dog wont stop whining, consider professional help. You can enrol in a training program for dogs that can help improve their behaviour. You can also hire a dog whisperer who can train your dog and you.

    Try This To Solve #1 #3

    Why does my German Shepherd shed so muchð?º

    For German Shepherds that have these three issues, its really a matter of getting them used to be alone.

    Try to isolate them for short periods of time, even if its just in a separate room. Do this for longer and longer periods until your dog becomes more comfortable with separation.

    This exercise will help them realize that theyre okay in isolation and that you and other family members always come back in one piece. It also helps in making them feel safe at home and confident enough to let their guard down and rest easy.

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    German Shepherd Dog Whining Videos

    GSDs are definitely more vocal than other breeds and will tend to bark, whine, and whimper. Heres a good example of a typical German Shepherd, whining to get pampered with non-stop scratching:

    The below video is an example of a German Shepherd whining out of excitement for a car ride. I know my girl does this whine every day when its time for her walk.

    They Are Feeling Anxious

    Have you moved to a new city? Have you introduced a new family member? Or have storms been tormenting your place all day? These things can cause stress and anxiety to your pooch, so he may start whining as a coping mechanism. German Shepherds are sensitive dogs and can react to a lot of stimuli. Thus, they tend to whine when something is making them uneasy and anxious.

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    Why Does My German Shepherd Follow Me To The Bathroom

    If your German Shepherd has a habit of following you to the bathroom then it could be because it wants to protect you but it could also be due to separation anxiety. This is where it doesnt like being left alone so it follows you to the bathroom because you normally shut it out and it doesnt like it.

    Other Dog Breeds Whining Videos

    Why Do German Shepherds Whine So Much

    Other larger vocal dog breeds include the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky. Generally, they dont bark too much but they definitely try to communicate in other ways, including howling and whining.

    Heres a Malamute showing his excitement to play in a new place but also his frustration of being stuck in the car. The owner does it right by letting him settle down before letting him out. Otherwise, she would be enabling the habit of whining to get his way.

    Heres another of a Husky throwing a tantrum because he wants to play under the spray of the shower. The owner doesnt give in, which is the best thing to do to discourage excessive whining.

    Heres another of a Husky that simply looks bored out of its wits. This is the kind of situation that would probably require longer or more rigorous exercise unless, of course, its really just that Huskys personality thats to blame for this screaming.

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    Fer Of Being Serated And Anxiety

    Yur Germn Sheherd my be exeriening sertin nxiety. This is where he is left lne.

    It will be mre likely if he strts shwing signs f nxiety when yu re but t leve. ther signs f restlessness my inlude being rhythmi r disrutive when yu re gne.

    In this se, it wuld be helful nt t leve yur Germn Sheherd lne fr lng erids f time during the dy nd t hek n him eridilly, if ssible.

    t night, yu uld strt with eridi heks nd then leve it lne fr lnger erids f time.

    Why Are German Shepherds So Vocal

    This brings us to one of the reasons why your German Shepherd is very vocal; he smells people and animals from afar and barks to warn you and to keep them off. His loud voice is his weapon and it works very well to keep away intruders. It is also possible that your German Shepherd is vocalizing because he is bored.

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    Should You Ignore A Whining German Shepherd Dog

    Yes, you should ignore a whining German shepherd dog if he ONLY whines to get undeserved attention.

    You can do this by walking away from him without turning your face towards him. Grab a remote and watch your TV. Or, just fold your hands, place your legs on the table and then take a small nap.

    The aim is to make him know youre not bothered by his cry.

    It can be irritating, I know.; But have some self-control and ignore it for some days. Its for your own good, not unless if you want to reinforce the behavior and deal with the habit forever.

    Its time to hear from you:

    Why has your German shepherd been whining? Whats the strategy that works best in stopping him from whining?


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