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How Often Does A German Shepherd Go Into Heat

In Summation: When Does A German Shepherd Go Into Heat

A few FAQs on a German shepherd heat cycle.

Remember to observe your Shepherd. Figure out what her heat signs are and her behaviors mean. Identifying where she is at all hours during their fertile times will support you preventing an unwanted dad from mating with her.

Make sure your vet checks it out and make sure that you will go through all the activity necessary to raise Shepherd puppies carefully BEFORE you ever breed them. When you have a male and are you not interested in employing him as a stud consider having him neutered.

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Some female German Shepherds can come into estrus as early as every 4 months, while others may do so only once a year. Some canine heat cycles, just like in human females, may be shorter than average while other dogs may have longer ones .

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Why Do German Shepherds Have So Much Pain

Because GSDs are a large breed that grows fast, they often experience pain due to their rapid growth. Although the dog may experience soreness in puppyhood, the condition disappears when the dog is around a year and a half to two years old.

The first sign of dental health issues is bad breath, followed by inflamed or bleeding gums. In severe cases, the dog may drool, have difficulty eating and swallowing, and grind their teeth as a reaction to the pain.

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Accompany And Supervise Your Dog In Your Fenced Yard

Youd be surprised at the lengths male dogs will go to gain access to a female in heat. Climbing over or digging under a fence is worth the effort for them as they follow their instincts to mate.

Accompany your dog while shes outside in your fenced yard to make sure there are no unwanted visitors.

Female dogs can also feel the need to wander in search of a mate, so you want to make sure they dont decide to go on an adventure.

When My German Shepherd Is In Heat How Do I Console Her


When a female German shepherd is in heat, she is likely to change her personality. As a result, we should always be aware of our pets movements.

For your girl, while in the heat for the very first instance can be a frightening experience. Shell need more time and support.

Set down some additional space for loads of snuggles because puppies appear to get very cuddly throughout that period.

  • Try getting a lap desk because then you can function and cuddle at the same time.
  • Provide a healthy, chew-resistant toy for her to nudge. This, too, will give you a sense of safety.
  • When your dog makes a bloody mess, never scold her instead, gently comfort her as you clean this up.
  • Make sure shes getting more than enough food and water.
  • Prepare yourself for more potty trips because a bunch is happening down there now, and she will need to release herself very often.

If shes agitated, you can get her calm by playing with her, brushing her hair, or the fun things she usually enjoys that involve movement.

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Stages Of A Female Canines Reproductive Cycle

Now that When do german shepherds go into heat is answered, lets take a more in-depth look. If you are interested in breeding, heres what you need to know about dogs and their reproductive cycles:

Pro Estrus: At this stage, estrogen levels peak. Your dog will not be receptive to male dogs. However, this wont prevent them from giving unwanted attention! This stage is also accompanied by bloody vaginal discharge. 9 days is a standard for this stage. It is like other standards, quite flexible, and can be for more or less. It may even go up to 27 days or so.

Estrus: In this stage, your dog will be ready to mate. Their vulvar discharge will become less red. 9 days is also a non-rigid standard for this period. Again it could take a few less and quite a few more days.

Ditestrus: In this phase, successful fertilization results in pregnancy. It lasts for two months.

Anestrus: If no successful fertilization occurs, your dog reverts to Anestrus. The cycle begins again in about four months after this phase.

To prevent fertilization, you will have to keep your dog inside at all times. Going outside will attract some neutered and intact GSD crowd. Speaking of Male GSD attention, does a male GSD need to be in the heat too?

Taking Care Of A Labradoodle In Heat

If you have a female Labradoodle thats about to go into heat, you will soon discover that it can be a full-time job to look after her. Every male in the neighborhood can tell that she is in heat, and they will do whatever they can to mate with your dog.

Some of my friends with female dogs have told me how theyve had neighbor dogs getting themselves stuck in their fence, trying to get to their dog, only to find they couldnt get through the fence and instead end up getting stuck.

And when they tried to get the dog unstuck, he would growl and snap at them, so getting him out of the fence was quite the challenge.

Luckily they kept their female dog in a kennel with a roof on so there was no way he would be able to mount her anyway, but that certainly didnt stop him from trying.

One thing I would strongly advise that you do to protect not only your dog but also your home is to put her in a diaper for dogs.

Not only will these diapers help keep your carpet clean from blood spatters, but they can also work as a modern-day chastity belt for your pup as no male dog will be able to mate with her when the diaper is in place.

I dont have a female dog currently, but a lot of the fellow dog owners in my social circle recommend the Pet Parents Washable diapers as a product they\ve been very satisfied with.

Check this link to find the current best price on these diapers.

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When Should I Get My Female Puppy Spayed

There are some myths when it comes to spaying your female dog.

  • You shouldnt spay your dog until she has had a litter of pups because this will make her a better pet.

This is not true. A good pet is a result of temperament and upbringing.

  • My females temperament or protection instincts will decrease after being spayed.

This is not true. A dogs temperament or primal protection instincts stem from genetics, not the capability to reproduce.

The average age to spay tends to be between four and six months of age. This will vary from Veterinary to Veterinary, so check with yours for more info.

For years it has been recommended by experts to spay your female puppy before her first heat cycle for health reasons.

However, new data and research are discovering more significant long-term health benefits in waiting for your dog to develop and mature before spaying or neutering.

Spaying and neutering early are being linked to a higher risk of cancer .

Dogs spayed or neutered at six months have a greater risk of hip dysplasia and cranial cruciate ligament injuries.

Urinary incontinence in females spayed early is also common.

Spaying and neutering is a very common procedure.

The cost for the procedure varies, but to find discounted services by a licensed veterinarian in your area.

If you purchased your female puppy for breeding, you should take this endeavor very seriously.

Dog breeding takes a lot of hard work, so you need to be sure that this is something you are willing to commit to.

Why Should I Spay My Dog

How To Care For German Shepherds in Heat

Leaving the toll aside, giving your dog litter and raising children, and allowing the number of homeless animals to be euthanized each year, will allow your dog to coexist irresponsibly.

Although many people have heard, there are health benefits to allowing litter in front of the dog. Spade, this belief has not been proven. In fact, the difficulty of giving birth and raising children can lead to premature aging and in some cases death.

It has also been shown that dogs exposed before the first heat cycle have a much lower risk of developing mammary gland tumors.

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Recovery From Neutering Or Spaying

The recovery process after you neuter or spay a German shepherd is the same as with an injury.

You avoid physical activities. You let them rest and so on.

However, there are pointers to be followed after the neutering or spaying of a German shepherd. Its important to follow this strictly to help your dog heal in the most proper way.

  • Prepare a quiet place for your dog to rest, preferably inside the house. Restrict their interactions with other dogs as it may encourage physical activity.
  • A neutered/spayed German shepherd needs at least a month of no activity. Putting physical strain during recovery may result in complications.
  • Monitor your German shepherds opening from the surgery. Check for unusual characteristics such as swelling, bruising, and more. If you notice an abnormality, ensure that you reach out to your vet.
  • German shepherds are active dogs and can sometimes be unpredictable. Prevent your dog from hurting himself/herself by giving them a cone or collar.
  • Its important to find out when to take the cone off your dog after neuter/spay so you wont be stripping your pet off their freedom. The optimal number of days before you have to remove the cone is 5-8 days. However, its recommended that you wait until the stitches are removed.
  • A German shepherd that exhibits vomiting, decreased appetite, and diarrhea has a high chance of having complications. In this case, contact your vet immediately.
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  • May 5, 2020

What About Male German Shepherds During Heat

As promised, well talk a little about caring for a male German Shepherd during another dogs heat cycle. You now know that male dogs do not go into heat.

Yet, they sure do start acting weird when someone elses female dog goes into heat. How can you help your male dog survive a heat cycle? Its surprisingly easy.

If your male German Shepherd is still intact, hes going to smell a female in heat from quite far away. However, its not that hes smelling her over that long distance.

More likely, hes tracked her from farther away. Her smell may have clung to her owner out for a walk alone, for example.

Regardless, if there is a female in heat somewhere within walking distance, your male dog is going to know it and so will you.

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How Long Is Each Cycle

Heat usually lasts between 2-4 weeks. Early in the cycle, a female dog may not be receptive to male dogs, although some are receptive through the entire cycle. It can be shorter or longer and youll know the cycle is over when all her vulva returns to its normal size and theres no more bleeding or discharge. Theres a relatively small window when your dog is most fertile during the heat cycle it may begin about nine or ten days after she goes into heat and lasts about five days. However, she can become pregnant until the end of the cycle.

Create A Safe Space For Your Dog To Rest

German Shepherd Heat Cycle And First Heat

With all the hormonal changes, she might want to seek out a quiet place to be alone. You can make this area comfortable by including a mat which can be especially useful for thick or long-coated dogs.

Playing soft musicmay comfort your dog. Plugging in a pheromone diffuser near their safe space may help her to calm down. Of course, have plenty of interactive dog toys and chews for her.

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When Do German Shepherds Go Into Heat For The First Time

In approximation, your german shepherd could go through their first heat anywhere between six to eight months of age. This, however, is not a fixed parameter. It could happen anywhere, some late bloomers could take up to a year. When do german shepherds go into heat for the first time? It depends really. Two years is not out of the question either.

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Dealing With Your Dog’s Heat Cycles

If you intend to have an unspayed bitch, it’s important to be aware of when her heat cycles will occur so you can care for her properly. One way to get an idea of how often you can expect your dog to cycle is to find out how often her own mother cycled. This trait often runs the same within family lines, although there are always exceptions. You can also use a heat cycle calculator once she’s gone into heat once to estimate her future cycles.

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Stage : When Your Dog Can Become Pregnant

Once the bleeding stops, the second stage of the dog heat cycle has begun. Many people make the mistake of thinking their dog’s estrus is done at this point, but this second stage is actually when your dog can become pregnant. “This stage, when the blood is done, is when she will accept a male,” Nielsen says. “This lasts an additional 7 to 10 days.” During this stage, the vulva will become soft and enlarged.

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When Does A German Shepherd Start Coming In The Heat

How Long Does German Shepherd Stay In Heat?

German shepherds are large dogs, which means they exhibit their first heat after a year or wait for two years. Knowing this fact, you still have to watch your German shepherd dog to closely observe these signs of heat at four months of age.

All female dogs exhibit the heat cycle once they become sexually mature at a certain age. The age of sexual maturity largely depends upon the breed and size of the dog.

Generally, most female dogs enter the estrus cycle at six months of age, but some wait until a year or even longer to begin.

The exception of the above discussed general rule occurs with the spayed females. A spayed dog will have reproductive organs removed, so she will no longer enter the estrous cycle.

Helpful fact: For a healthy German Shepherd in heat, you dont have to intervene much. Her body knows it all whats going on.

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At What Age Should I Spay My Dog

Although veterinarians used to recommend spaying your dog as young as four months old to ensure she never experienced a heat cycle to prevent mammary cancer, current research is leaning toward allowing large- and giant-breed dogs to grow before removing the hormones necessary for skeletal development. Discuss health concerns with your veterinarian before deciding what age is appropriate to spay your dog.

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Four Stages Of The German Shepherd Heat Cycle

  • Proestrus Stage
  • Diestrus Stage
  • Anestrus Stage
  • Your female German Shepherd is not fertile during the first days of the proestrus stage. However, do keep in mind that male sperm can live for several days inside of the female. It is important to watch her closely. You may want to consider buying some appropriately sized dog diapers or dog pants to protect her from mating with unwanted suitors. Unwanted pregnancies can compromise your Shepherds health and the genetics of the puppies.

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    What Should I Expect When My Dog Goes Into Heat For The First Time

    Proestrus: Proestrus is the start of the heat period where your dogs body is preparing to mate. Signs seen during this phase include a swollen vulva, blood-tinged discharge, excessive licking of the genital area, clingy behavior, and aggression toward male dogs. Your dog may also hold her tail close to her body.

    How Long Is The Pregnancy Of A German Shepherd

    When Do German Shepherds Go Into Heat

    With my own experience after breeding multiple German Shepherd litters. Most good breeders will get to confirm locks together with the female and the male. The normal gestation period in dogs is approximately 64 days from conception, although this can vary by several days from the time of the second mating.

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    How Long Does A German Shepherd Stay In Heat

    While we love our German Shepherd dogs to the core and dont want to see them suffer, watching them go through a heat duration is inevitable. Fortunately, there are various ways we can help alleviate some of the pressure from our precious pets.

    A German Shepherds heat cycle is known to last for approximately three weeks, unlike many other dogs, mainly the minuscule breeds, who might enter the heating phase for no longer than several days.

    Others go weeks beyond a German Shepherds duration. We hear about the heat all the time, but what does it mean?

  • When My German Shepherd Is In Heat, How Do I Console Her?
  • What Is The Heat Cycle

    The heat cycle, also called the estrus cycle, indicates that the female dog has reached sexual maturity. The dogs heat cycle may be confusing for some people. It is sometimes referred to as dogs menstrual cycle, similar to the females in humans.

    When a dog comes in heat, she has elevated hormone estrogen levels, which drop off quickly, producing signals for ovaries to release eggs. While you see some obvious signs indicating heat in your shepherd, your dog will be ready for breeding to produce litter during that period. But for that, you have to be well aware of the signs of heat in GSD.

    Interesting fact: A shepherd produces pheromones in heat, which have a specific smell that attracts the males for mating! Woah, the male can sense this smell from miles to MEET AND GREET the female!

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