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What Age Can German Shepherds Have Puppies

The Difference Between Male And Female German Shepherds

How Many Puppies Can A German Shepherd Have

Male German shepherds are taller and bigger than female German shepherds. They also tend to be more emotionally stable and stronger than their female counterparts. However, female German shepherds are more affectionate, obedient, and easier to train. They are the perfect candidate for family protection, while male GSDs are best for personal protection.

How Can I Tell What Color My German Shepherd Puppy Will Be

The puppies will start to show some differences in coat color and also coat length. Most German Shepherds grow up to have a medium-length coat, but some GSDs will have a long coat. By the 10-day mark, breeders say it is often possible to tell if a GSD puppy is potentially going to grow up to have a long coat.

Can A German Shepherd Dog Have White In Their Fur

German Shepherds are typically bred to have little to no white patches in their coats. This is because they were bred to be animal herders, and only the darker dogs could intimidate the other animals into moving.;

A dark-furred German Shepherd can have white markings, but this is only an indicator of a breeding fault instead of anything more insidious. That particular German Shepherd has the recessive white gene in its DNA, passed down from one of the parents.;

If your German Shepherd has a white spot on its chest or paws, but is only a puppy, the spot will likely fade as it gets older. Even if this does not happen, as long as your dog has been registered with the American Kennel Club as purebred, having or not having a white spot does not make it any less of a purebred.;

If the white spotting is extreme, you might have what is known as a Panda German Shepherd. This is caused by a mutated KIT gene. These dogs are relatively rare because of the mutated genes probability in question, and these are still known as purebred. However, theyre not recognized by the AKC.;

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When Is Socialization Finished

Many behavioral experts agree that early socialization period is finished around 16 weeks. However, for many sensitive breeds such as German Shepherds, the socialization itself should be continued until 2 to 3 years of age.

Between 6 to 12 months of age, many German Shepherds experience a second crucial period that resembles the first 8 to 16 weeks.

During 6 to 12 months of age, any bad experience that your dog gets could have a lifelong impact on your dogs personality from then on into old age.

Thus, during this period, once again, you need to be careful to provide as many positive experiences and reinforcements as you can to make sure your dog will develop an appropriate behavior that continues until old age.

German Shepherd Teething Process What Are The Teething Stages

Baby German Shepherd Puppy Picture ... 0058

Lets start by saying that German Shepherd adults have a variety of teeth mainly fangs, incisions, molars and premolars, and a large carnassial tooth.

Puppies usually grow all of their puppy teeth by the age of6-8 weeks, and they begin the tooth process at this time, which inevitablyloses their puppy teeth and gets a full set of adult teeth.

Puppy dogs and incisions are usually in full force at the age of 6 to 8 weeks, and permanent adult dogs and incisions are up to 3 months old.

Permanent molars, premolars, and large carnassial teeth are usually 4-6 months old they can grow because puppies do not have molars.

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How To Socialize A German Shepherd Puppy

In this post, Ive included the German Shepherd socialization schedule and checklist at the end of this post that will help guide you through the process of socializing your German Shepherd puppy from newborn to 15 weeks of age.

But first, lets find out why is it so important to socialize your puppy as early as possible.

You can skip straight through the end of this post to get your puppy socialization schedule and checklist if you are in a hurry.

How Big Is A German Shepherd

Compared to a Chihuahua, a German Shepherd is more than four times in height and about fifteen times in weight. Whereas a Chihuahua is 6-9 in, a German Shepherd can be 22-26 inches in height. The approximate length of a Chihuahua is about 9.5-15 inches, whereas, a German Shepherd can be 36-42 inches in length.

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How We Build This Programme: Push Drop Stick

Heres a good resource for you to have the Push Drop Stick game. I like to use this game to see whether puppies are ready to move on in their training, or if they need to spend more practice runs.

Did we need to remind you how intelligent German Shepherds are? Make sure to keep them stimulated by progressively making their exercises more challenging. They really do need to be given a job to do rather than allowing them to be self-employedwho knows how that can end up.

What is Push, Drop, Stick?

Push, Drop, Stick, is a way of systematically raising the difficulty of an exercise or behaviour.

If exercises are always kept too easy, then dogs will keep doing them correctly because they are being rewarded . However, progress will be slower as theyll get stuck at this level.;

If lessons are too hard, then its likely that theyll give up since treats wont be coming as easy. Looks like theyd be quite good businessmen as humans.

Push Drop Stick can help avoid both scenarios by maintaining enough momentum: It will keep your puppy winning enough times to keep them interested and not quit, but not so much that they arent thinking about how to be rewarded by trying harder.

How does it work?

Push Go to the next level of difficulty

Drop Back to the previous level of difficulty

Stick Stay at the current level of difficulty

3 or 4 out of 5 Do another set of 5 at this difficulty He doesnt need you to drop, but he isnt quite ready to be pushed yet.

What Is Neutering Or Spaying

At What Age Will Your German Shepherd First Get Aggressive

Neutering is the removal of the reproductive organ of an animal. This can be either partially or totally to the reproductive organ.

This is commonly done to pets, especially dogs. After all, neutering is an attempt to prevent overpopulation.

While you may think that neutering is done with males, it actually involves both sexes. It can be done to male AND female animals.

However, since this misconception is a bit prevalent, spaying was introduced.

Spaying can be considered as neutering but only done with females. Technically it refers to the removal of ovaries of animals.

While it may be a common practice nowadays, you cant help but wonder the reason behind the neutering or spaying of a German shepherd.

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Why Not Bring Home A German Shepherd Puppy Earlier Than Seven Weeks

If you try to adopt orpurchase a German Shepherd puppy earlier than seven weeks, you will likelyencounter several problems. The first of these problems is like the legality ofpurchasing a dog at such a young age. Most states dont allow potential dogowners to purchase puppies any earlier than eight weeks, let alone seven. TheDistrict of Columbia is the only state or district in the country that allowspuppies to be sold at the age of six weeks.

The second problem thatyou will likely encounter if you try to buy a German Shepherd puppy earlierthan that seven-week mark is a lack of puppy socialization. The American KennelClub states that puppies begin their socialization period at the age ofsix weeks, while an article fromPsychology Today written with help from a prestigious dog breeder suggests thatsocialization begins even earlier as early as threeweeks old in some breeds.

This socialization period is important because it allows puppies to learn essential behaviors from the other puppies in their litter as well as from their mother. When puppies begin to play and bite with their siblings and their mother, they will learn that these behaviors are not okay because their family members will bite at them or bark, which will teach the puppy that those behaviors are not okay.

If your puppy is rehomedtoo young, they will miss out on these important lessons and will be disobedient.

Teach Your German Shepherd Puppy About Surfaces

Teaching your puppy to walk on different surfaces is a pretty good way of teaching them some confidence for when theyre ready to go outside.;

Exploring different surfaces exercise

  • Sit on the floor of a room they spend most of their time in.;
  • Let your puppy pace around you as they like
  • If they walk off, leave them be and wait until they come back.;
  • Theyll probably like to sniff and smell your hands. Yes, no matter where theyve been.
  • Once they are confident, you can start stroking them gently. Start off with their sides and at the base of their neck. See where your puppy likes to be stroked perhaps stay away from their face and paws for now.
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    How Big Are German Shepherd Puppies At 6 Months

    German shepherds have the ability to develop massive body weight even at the age of six months. These attributes are inherited, and they look like an adult at this stage. Many of them undergo a sudden growth spurt at the age of around two to six months. A male German Shepherd gains 53 pounds of body weight, whereas a female German Shepherd gains 46 pounds of weight on average.

    At the stage of life, around three to six months which is usually known as the juvenile period, a German Shepherd dogs developmental process begins to slow down, and the growth period starts. It is due to the fulfillment of dogs need to develop, so they start growing larger. Furthermore, you should take care of your pet dog at this growing phase if you want a healthy and diseased free loyal friend.

    How To Tell If Your Dog Is Elderly

    German Shepherd Puppies

    While greying of the hair and muzzle is a common way to tell if a dog is getting older, this observation couldnt be further from the truth.

    Much of the reason a dogs hair starts to grey lies mostly in their genetics, and the German Shepherd is no different.

    Your German Shepherd could be as young as three years old, or as old as 15 years old, when their coat begins to grey.

    It is not an accurate representation of whether or not your canine is elderly.

    However, there are other signs of telling whether or not your German Shepherd, or any dog for that matter, is elderly.

    Good ways to tell are noticing that your German Shepherd isnt as spry and energetic as they once were.

    Preferring to walk at a mid-pace instead of a run or brisk walk, and lazing around the house instead of playing.

    Stiffness and slowness to stand up or lay down is another common sign.

    Hazing or clouding of the eyes may also indicate that your dog is becoming elderly.

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    What Are The Standards For Breeding A New Gsd

    Typically before you begin breeding a new German Shepherd, there are a few things one must account for to make sure their dog is fit for breeding.

    Below is a short list for you to check off before you take your dog to be bred.

    Have you

    • Found a proper stud for your GSD?
    • Checked out your GSDs Genetic History?
    • Taken your GSD to the vet to be screened for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia?
    • Gotten your GSD titled?
    • Taken your GSD to training?

    The most important thing for you to consider when breeding your GSD is your dogs health.

    As the breeder, a person will want the healthiest puppies possible, thus they should be making sure that their dog has the best genetic traits to pass on to the next generation.

    A breeder should also be understanding of the genes carried by their dogs potential mate making sure there will be no hazard to the health of any and all future puppies.

    Consider speaking to some experienced breeders to get their opinions on the dogs you plan to breed.

    If need be, fill out the necessary paperwork and make the proper agreements about the puppies you will be whelping if you plan to work with someone to acquire a stud for your GSD.

    Studding your GSD may take time and could require some money depending on the agreements that are made between owners.

    All in all, make sure to get the opinions of professionals such as vets and experienced breeders before taking any action in mating a German Shepherd that is new to breeding.

    How To Raise A German Shepherd Puppy

    There are fewer things in life more irresistible than a German Shepherd puppy, but you should never bring one home on impulse. This needs to be a careful decision. Bringing a puppy home is the same as bringing home a human child, except German Shepherds mature faster and are more loyal. Although German Shepherds are a big responsibility, their friendship is priceless.

    • A German Shepherd, on average, will cost about $3,000 a year in food, grooming supplies, and vet care. This is far less than your car, but it’s still something to keep in mind.
    • Because of their fast growth, German Shepherd puppies need their diets closely regulated to avoid potential health problems.
    • They will also need positive reinforcement from day one. Never train a German Shepherd puppy by force. Most dog bites are from scared dogs, not dogs that are attacking.
    • You must first research the breed so you know everything you can about German Shepherds. These dogs have an image problem; some people think they are inherently vicious when, in fact, they aren’t. They were never bred to fight other animals or human beings. They were bred to be extremely obedient and willing to please. So, if you ever read about a German Shepherd attacking a human being, it was because the dog was trained to attack, not because the dog is mean. Care and training are all-important if you want to succeed with a German Shepherd.

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    Understand That Your Dog Values Consistency

    For dogs, everything is black and white they do not understand compromise. Remember this and youll have fewer bad habits to break.;

    Change verbal commands from come to come here and keep your verbal commands consistent throughout. If youre trying to keep your pooch off the sofa, be consistent. If you allow it sometimes and other times not, youll confuse your dog and slow down the training.

    Whats The Life Expectancy Of German Shepherds

    Can German Shepherd Dogs live in an Apartment?

    An average healthy German shepherd enjoys a long life of up to 9 13 years. That being said, some may surprise by outliving their standard life expectancy.

    German Shepherds have a slow growth rate that starts to decline when they reach their adulthood. As they grow older, their height increases, but once they are fully mature , they stop growing altogether.

    Love German Shepherd? Add; and get lovely HD wallpaper images of German Shepherd every time you open a new tab.

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    The Best Time To Neuter Or Spay A German Shepherd

    There are many veterinary organizations that support neutering or spaying of German shepherds. However, they admit that there are risks in the procedure.

    Thats precisely why they try to recommend pet owners the best age to neuter or spay a German shepherd.

    Depending on the age of a German shepherd when it was neutered or spayed, they may have higher or fewer chances of developing health issues.

    German Shepherd Pregnancy: All You Need To Know

    This blog post covers everything you need to know about German Shepherd pregnancy, from when the dog breed gets pregnant to how long it remains pregnant to how many babies a German Shepherd can produce at one time, and so much more!

    German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Today, they are purchased as well as adopted as hunting dogs, service dogs, police dogs, and pets, of course. Though German Shepherds are low maintenance in the grooming department, they still require special attention, especially if they are pregnant.

    The thought of having German Shepherd puppies may catch you off guard, but if you are well prepared and informed about German Shepherd pregnancy, you can easily take care of your pregnant dog during a time when it may need your help the most. So, without any further ado, lets fill you in with everything theres to know about German Shepherd pregnancy.

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    How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy The Ultimate Guide

    Fully Qualified COAPE Behaviourist and Registered Training Instructor with The Animal Behaviour and Training Council

    In this article:

    So you have your new German Shepherd puppy at home, we see.

    Glad to hear theyre doing well puppy eyes shining bright, and tail that doesnt seem to stop wagging.;

    Weve also heard they have gained a special liking for your living room carpet as the perfect place to go for a wee. Oh, and your favourite shoessorry to hear theyve been chewed on. Apologies to your neighbour Alfred too; we heard his favourite pair of trousers were left muddy after your puppy showed such enthusiasm to say hello.;

    Wed love nothing more to see you both become a wonderful duo; one that has overcome the hiccups of starting fresh, and only see bright days of licks, treats, and cuddles ahead.;

    In this training guide, youll learn everything to tackle those first 8 weeks with your German Shepherd puppy and be as well prepared as possible.;

    Every question youve asked yourself is pretty much covered. What you do need to know is that everything will be just fine only happy days lie ahead of you.


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